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July 31, 2015

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Editorial: The ball is in PUC’s court for Nevada to get greener
The state Public Utilities Commission is being asked by NV Energy to approve construction of a solar panel array in North Las Vegas to serve one of the power company’s largest customers, Internet data center Switch ...
This gun control tactic is hard to shoot down
Aside from picking office holders, Nevada voters next year will have the opportunity to help keep guns out of the wrong hands. Granted, we can’t always identify “the wrong hands,” but as a society, we at least can try to weed out those people who, on the face of it, shouldn’t be allowed to carry a weapon ...

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Nuclear weapons owned but not used
Don’t those people opposed to the nuclear arms deal with Iran know Israel already has numerous nuclear weapons? So do North Korea, Pakistan, India, Russia and China. They all realize that using one would bring immediate response.
By Bob Fuller, Bullhead City, Ariz.
Nuclear weapons owned but not used
Don’t those people opposed to the nuclear arms deal with Iran know Israel already has numerous nuclear weapons? So do North Korea, Pakistan, India, Russia and China. They all realize that using one would bring immediate response.
By Bob Fuller, Bullhead City, Ariz.
Troubling environmental damage must be mitigated
As a Las Vegas Valley resident since 2003 and a visitor since 1977, I have seen the valley grow and change. I love our valley and am excited our economy seems to be improving. Yet, I am concerned about other trends that might hurt us.
By Janelle Losoff, Henderson
Let’s celebrate Medicare’s success
On July 30, Medicare celebrates its 50th birthday as a cornerstone of retirement security in America. This landmark occasion is the perfect time to examine the legacy of the program and reflect on the positive effect it has had on the lives and health of our nation’s retirees.
By Tom Bird, Wellington
A new request of those who write letters to the editor of the Sun
Letters to the editor can be an effective way of delivering a point of view on a current issue, especially if the writer is articulate and succinct. We encourage such engagement, which has a long history in America’s newspapers.
Let’s demand more of elected officials
I have areas of disagreement with the GOP, the Democratic Party and those in both parties in Congress.
By Michael Casler, Las Vegas
Celebrate renewed relations with Cuba
Why is it that some Cuban-Americans continue to insist that good relations with Cuba are not good for Cubans? A crippling, more than 50-year embargo has …
By John Esperian, Las Vegas
Clerks should honor their oath
This is an open letter to all county clerks who believe their religious beliefs are under attack in the wake of the recent marriage equality ruling. Please note: You do not work for a church; you are …
By Jim Graham, Las Vegas
Lawmakers must revamp broken education system
For more than 20 years I have been complaining about the cost associated with the administration of the Clark County School District. When former Gov. Guinn was doubling the state budget, the administration costs were half the education budget and the education budget was half the state budget. Surely legislators could find some way to cut the amount of funds being stolen by the administrators before the education of our children takes place.
By Nicholas Gartner, Henderson
Just who are the oddballs? All of us
Remember the 1960s television program “Green Acres,” starring Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor? The star character, Mr. Douglas, gives up his law practice in New York and moves to a farm in the country. He is surrounded by nuttiness. All of his neighbors are kooky beyond belief.
By Bobby Morrow, Boulder City

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  • Gay marriage took a giant leap for mankind
    The movement of same-sex marriage from a fringe notion to accepted law was one of the swiftest progressions in American social history. The female vote, racial integration, the rights of the disabled — all took decades to win. In contrast, same-sex marriage won acceptance in a relative flash.
  • Kids these days … put us older folks to shame
    The time-honored way to speak about young people is with horror. They’re wild, reckless, irresponsible, narcissistic, immoral and hopeless — and always have been.
  • Take steps to back up our wager with Iran, make the best of it
    From the minute Iran detected that the U.S. was unwilling to use its overwhelming military force to curtail Tehran’s nuclear program — and that dates back to the George W. Bush administration, which would neither accept Iran’s right to a nuclear fuel cycle nor structure a military or diplomatic option to stop it — no perfect deal overwhelmingly favorable to America and its allies was ever going to emerge from negotiations with Iran. The balance of power became too equal.
  • Officer who arrested Bland failed to do his job
    Evidence points to suicide, not homicide, as the cause of a Chicago-area woman’s death in a Texas jail cell outside Houston, officials say. Yet, the arresting officer’s dash-cam video raises serious questions as to why Sandra Bland was arrested in the first place.
  • Efficiency programs save energy and money
    A study of the energy savings from a home-weatherization program for low-income residents in Michigan has received much media attention, including from the Sun (“Study: Home efficiency upgrades fall short, don’t pay,”, June 24). The study is misleading, if not fundamentally flawed. And it has been misused to claim that all types of energy-efficiency programs are uneconomical. This is not the case.
  • Trump force-feeds GOP its own nauseating medicine
    The adults patrolling the playpen of Republican politics are appalled that we’ve become a society in which it’s OK to make fun of veterans, to call anyone who isn’t rich a loser, to cast an entire group of newly arrived strivers as rapists and shiftless criminals.
  • ‘Go Set a Watchman’ is a tale of greed, not wonder
    Called away on family business, I was afraid I’d missed the sweet spot for commentary on the Harper Lee/“To Kill a Mockingbird”/“Go Set a Watchman” controversy — that moment right after “Watchman’s” release July 14 when it was all anybody in literary circles could talk about.
  • Questions surround Sandra Bland’s arrest and apparent suicide
    I have so many questions about the case in which Sandra Bland was arrested in a small Texas town and died in police custody. These are questions that ought to be easy to answer, questions I suspect many others share. Here are just some of my areas of inquiry.
  • Food isn’t best tool to halt famine
    One gauge of the famine looming in South Sudan is that people are simply collapsing from hunger.
  • Iran deal errors carry lesson for an arrogant Obama
    It came two days after the announcement of the nuclear agreement with Iran, yet little mention was made July 16 of the 70th anniversary of the first nuclear explosion, near Alamogordo, N.M. The anniversary underscored the fact that the agreement is aimed at thwarting proliferation of technology seven decades old.
  • Gitmo exists in defiance of legal logic
    It’s becoming increasingly clear that the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, isn’t going to be closed during President Barack Obama’s administration — or beyond — despite the administration’s efforts. That raises a deep question about foreign policy and the rule of law: What if Guantanamo never closes and some of its detainees remain there for the rest of their lives?
  • Should Congress defund Planned Parenthood following video revelations?
    Planned Parenthood is back in the news after a pro-life investigative group released videos purporting to show Planned Parenthood officials haggling over the price to sell organs and other material from aborted fetuses for medical research. Conservative politicians are calling again for the federal government to defund Planned Parenthood; defenders say the videos don’t prove Planned Parenthood broke any federal law.
  • Trump is calling out GOP establishment for double standards
    The problems that bother us most are the ones we bring on ourselves. This is why Republicans are so out of sorts with Donald Trump. The party created the rough beast it is now trying to slay.
  • There will be winners and losers as pay increases
    Once upon a time there was nearly a consensus among economists that raising the minimum wage was a bad idea. The market is really good at setting prices on things, whether it is apples or labor. If you raise the price on a worker, employers will hire fewer and you’ll end up hurting the people you meant to help.
  • Basin and Range National Monument deserves bipartisan support
    As a retired Republican county commissioner who now devotes a great deal of time to wildlife and landscape photography, I travel around the West to capture its great natural beauty.