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September 5, 2015

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Why NV Energy needs to step up its solar-power game
Nevada has an opportunity for a sea change in its approach to meeting energy needs, and the utility should embrace it ...
First came Tesla; now North Las Vegas awaits its moment
State legislators have a chance to give Southern Nevada’s economy — and the state’s — a significant boost, building on the momentum begun with the giant battery factory being built in the North.
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Catholic Church is a leader on science; look it up
Catherine Snow’s negative stance on “Should Americans heed the pope’s warning about climate change?” (Aug. 11) concludes: “Remember, when it comes to science, the church does not have the best track record. Turns out, Galileo was right. The Earth does revolve around the sun.”
By Grant Couch, North Las Vegas
Trump winner in race to the bottom
I kept thinking Donald Trump wouldn’t run for president. Then, I thought he blew it with John McCain, and then with Megyn Kelly. No matter what Trump says or does, the Republican base …
By Denise Kugler, Las Vegas
Teacher shortage shouldn’t be a shock
While reading Ian Whitaker’s story on the Clark County School District teacher shortage, I have to laugh. Did no one in the district see this …
By Wendy Gelbart, Las Vegas
GOP candidates’ boasts are frightful
Watching the GOP debate I couldn’t help but cringe in fear. They boasted proudly of bringing down unions, overhauling Social Security and eliminating Obamacare.
By Gloria Gonzalez, Las Vegas
County quickly fixed storm damage
In mid-June a storm caused damage to a portion of Twain Avenue at Edmond Street. The damage was virtually invisible from the road, so I sent an email to the Clark County Public Works folks with photos of a dangerous situation in which another storm would collapse the sidewalk and start undermining the street. The email address was
By James Geffert, Las Vegas
Banning abortion would only increase dangers
I couldn’t tell if George Will’s column “Planned Parenthood shows nation’s barbarity” (Las Vegas Sun, Aug. 6) was a movie review:
By Dale Quale, Las Vegas
Simple steps can prevent drownings
Nothing is more heartbreaking to me than a child’s death. As a parent of young children, I am deeply saddened to learn that 2-year-old Israel Hall died in a drowning at his northwest Las Vegas home (“Toddler’s death in Las Vegas apartment hot tub probed as drowning,”, Aug. 4). Within the past few weeks, there have also been two near-drownings in neighboring communities, leaving one toddler in critical condition (“Toddler in critical condition after being pulled from pool,”, Aug. 5).
By Elliot Kaye, Bethesda, Md.
Trump, like Cheney and Romney, is an elitist draft dodger
As a World War II veteran, it is always irritating to me that most rich people can avoid military service. I’m thinking about Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney and now Donald Trump, who were able to avoid the draft for the Vietnam War.
By George Haushahn, Las Vegas
Net-metering system is fair the way it is
Say this to yourself three times: Solar roofs are not wholesalers to NV Energy; they are for homes. The current net-metering program is fair for all. Currently, when installed, solar roofs are limited to 100 percent of the kilowatt-hours the homeowner used the previous year. Doesn’t that sound like the program is devoted to each home and not a wholesaler for NV Energy?
By Gary Musser, Las Vegas
Jeb Bush mixes messages about Iraq ‘victory’
Jeb Bush, GOP presidential candidate, has said American and allied forces won a hard-fought military victory in Iraq during the 2007-08 surge. He also claimed Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state at that time, stood by as the military victory was thrown away. The military offensive better known as the surge (2007-08) is a deeply flawed statement, claiming the war had been won by President George W. Bush, and that Barack Obama was the president who lost the war. Another big lie.
By Sam Pizzo, Henderson

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  • Nature is our last, best bastion of equality
    The other day, my teenage daughter and I were idly browsing real estate porn, a monument to U.S. inequality: a private island in the Bahamas selling for $17.9 million; a 900-acre retreat in Washington state for $11 million; and an 83-acre estate in Colorado for a cool $100 million.
  • To stop perverted ‘holy’ atrocities, we must figure out what fuels them
    Revelations that the Islamic State has concocted a theological rationalization of the systematic, institutionalized rape of Yazidi, Christian and other women are appalling. We had been aware that it and its ally Boko Haram were particularly brutal toward women, but elevating these acts to religious duties is the most grotesque distortion.
  • With support plummeting, New Hampshire could be ‘live free or die’ for Bush’s candidacy
    From the onset of the Republican presidential race, one assumption has been that his name, his heritage and his money would make Jeb Bush the establishment wing’s top candidate.
  • Building a wall at Canada border among Republicans’ ridiculous ideas
    It was a matter of time before one of the keen-eyed Republican candidates for president spotted the menace that looms over this country, threatening our national security with blasts of Arctic air and proof that socialized medicine works: Canada.
  • New Hampshire a challenge for Clinton and Bush
    Stroll through the ancient halls of the dowager hotel here and history fairly screams at you. So does the burden of history that plays a quiet, subtle role in the presidential election that is unfolding here.
  • Emmett Till’s 1955 slaying an early ‘Black Lives Matter’ story
    Friday was the 60th anniversary of the savage killing of Emmett Till. Till was a black 14-year-old Chicago boy who was visiting his great-uncle in Mississippi during the summer of 1955.
  • GOP hopefuls woefully unprepared for an economic crisis; just ask them
    Will China’s stock crash trigger another global financial crisis? Probably not. Still, the big market swings of the past week have been a reminder that the next president may well have to deal with some of the same problems that faced George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Financial instability abides.
  • We regulate pools and cars; how can guns be off-limits?
    The slaying of two journalists Aug. 26 as they broadcast live to a television audience in Virginia is still seared on our screens and in our minds, but it’s a moment not only to mourn but also to learn lessons from.
  • Spot at debate’s main stage may be more risk than reward for Fiorina
    There is a strong desire in Republican circles for Carly Fiorina to be on the main stage in the next presidential debate.
  • Good riddance to patronizing MDA telethon
    As a person with muscular dystrophy, I’m relieved to know this will be the first Labor Day weekend of my adult life without a muscular dystrophy telethon.
  • Sacks helped many cope with mental illness
    America’s mental health community lost one of our best friends Sunday. Dr. Oliver Sacks, an acclaimed neurologist, professor and author of best-selling books on the brain including “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat” and “Awakenings,” which became a 1990 movie starring Robin Williams, died from cancer in New York. He was 82.
  • Dignity exists both in battling death and choosing it
    Brittany Maynard was soon to die. The question was whether she could do so on her own terms, as a last act of autonomy. Dr. Lynette Cederquist, who regrets that Maynard had to move to Oregon to do so, is working with others to change California law to allow physician assistance in dying.
  • World War II veterans offer pearls of wisdom
    Today marks the 70th anniversary of the end of War World II, which serves as a reminder that our days of gleaning wisdom directly from the Greatest Generation are numbered.
  • Islamic State poses moral, political threat that can no longer be ignored
    The Islamic State atrocities have descended like distant nightmares upon the numbed conscious of the world. The first beheadings of Americans had the power to shock, but since then there has been a steady barrage of inhumanity: mass executions of Christians and others, throwing gay men from rooftops, the destruction of ancient archaeological treasures, the routine use of poison gas.
  • Republicans’ denial won’t defeat Trump
    I know you haven’t heard enough about Donald Trump recently, so here’s more: At this point, anyone who says he can’t win the Republican nomination is in deep denial.