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September 30, 2014

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Nevada students, teachers need our support
Nevada’s chronic struggles to create a robust education system reflect not just an unwillingness to adequately fund our schools as a public policy priority, but also ...
How Tesla, UNLV supercomputer are reshaping Nevada
Critics of the $1.3 billion tax abatement granted to Tesla Motors by the state may not be looking at the big picture ...

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So this is justice?
Judge Steven Jones gets still another break. This judge and friends knowingly stole over $1 million from various people, committing ongoing …
By Bradley Kuhns, Las Vegas
Lauding Nevada for landing Tesla
Jobs build the tax base, they don’t deplete it. Your guest columnist, Richard Florida, actually makes the false claim that …
By Will Edwards, Las Vegas
Toughen up for terror fight
The fight against the Middle East terrorists will never get anywhere until politicians and the American people wise up and …
By Bill Wilson, Henderson
Politicians, money and environment
I am truly dismayed by the mostly Republican House of Representatives, which recently approved a bill that enables the pollution of rivers, streams and wetlands by business and other interests.
By Susan Fong, Las Vegas
Bad decisions at lion ranch
In response to the Sept. 18 article, “Keith Evans, who ran MGM Grand Lion Habitat, working to keep his lion ranch alive,” I have seen articles in which Evans states he is having financial problems and struggles to feed all his lions, yet he continues to breed them and create more mouths to feed.
By Joanne Brunelle, Las Vegas
Still getting paid isn’t punishment
NFL teams really know how to crack down on players who commit domestic violence.
By Carl Heck, Aspen, Colo.
No good options for U.S. on radicals
Radical Islam is spreading and becoming more powerful, not just in Iraq and Syria, but in many other places as well. Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, which are at risk from radical Islam, are not willing to fight it openly for fear of becoming targets of it.
By Michael K. Casler, Las Vegas
Passenger trains could benefit city
Our busy Rep. Dina Titus has ripped the lid off the canned Desert Wind train by floating her plan to restore service through conventional Amtrak.
By Richard E. Law, Las Vegas
The problem with arming rebels
I have a simple question for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who favors training and arming Syrian rebels.
By M. Kaplar, Boulder City
A bad deal for Southern Nevada
The Nevada Legislature unanimously passed the Tesla deal.
By Fredrick Wilkening, Las Vegas

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  • Holder’s legacy: Strong on civil rights, not so much on civil liberties
    Holder’s legacy: Strong on civil rights, not so much on civil liberties
    Departing Attorney General Eric Holder deserves cheers for his stance on civil rights, in my view, but bemused jeers for his assaults on …
  • Edward Snowden: traitor or patriot?
    Edward Snowden: traitor or patriot?
    Edward Snowden appears this month on the cover of Wired magazine from his hideout in Russia, clutching an American flag. It’s an image bound to …
  • Wrong tactics to deal with homeless
    Wrong tactics to deal with homeless
    Is sleeping in public a crime? It can be in Fort Lauderdale, which this month passed a law aimed at …
  • Latest Ebola outbreak begs the question: Are cities hazardous to our health?
    Latest Ebola outbreak begs the question: Are cities hazardous to our health?
    In August of 1976, a teacher in a remote region of what was then called Zaire went touring in the forest with his friends. On the way home, he bought a dead monkey, bush meat he thought his family would …
  • Better late than never on marriage
    During the past year, lower federal court judges have removed most of the suspense from the questions of whether and when the Supreme Court might rule marriage equality to be a federal constitutional right. In case after case, in red states and blue, judges have ruled that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional. This makes it likely the Supreme Court will grant review in such a case this year, and even more likely, assuming it does, that it will rule the Constitution requires states to extend marriage equality to gay couples.
  • New Afghan government; same old problems
    President Barack Obama called Kabul on Sept. 21 to congratulate Afghan presidential contenders Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah for finally accepting a power-sharing deal to resolve a months-long dispute about who won in an election deeply marred by fraud. “Signing this political agreement,” said White House spokesman Josh Earnest, “helps bring closure to Afghanistan’s political crisis and restores confidence in a way forward.”
  • Viva Las Vegas film credits
    Fifty years ago, MGM Studios released “Viva Las Vegas,” featuring two of the biggest stars of the 1960s — Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret. There was a third star, too — Las Vegas itself. “Viva Las Vegas,” with its hit song of the same name, showed our emerging metropolis at its fun-filled best. It was an 85-minute commercial for Southern Nevada — from Lake Mead to Mount Charleston.
  • Seeing a civilization in distress
    There is a tension at the heart of President Barack Obama’s campaign to confront the Islamic State, and it explains a lot about why he has so much trouble articulating and applying his strategy. Quite simply, it is the tension between two vital goals — promoting the “soul-searching” the Islamic State’s emergence has triggered in the Arab-Muslim world and “searching and destroying” the extremist group in its strongholds in Syria and Iraq.
  • Arab powers join battle for hearts, minds of Muslims
    President Barack Obama’s Arab coalition may succeed in the one battle America cannot win.
  • Learning to read the Book of Life
    This past week, Jews around the world celebrated the new year. According to the Hebrew calendar, the Jewish people have been recording history for 5,775 years, which makes their perspective on issues and events a position that cannot be
  • How to keep your small business on the right track
    With the Great Recession at last fading in the rearview mirror, what are the most important things a small-business owner must remember to ...
  • Bottomless fund, permanent war
    Last week, Barack Obama became the third president of our past four to announce sustained military action in Iraq. The sense of deja vu can be numbing. Everything is not the same, of course, yet even some of the differences this time around contain elements of similarity.
  • Oil litigation has greasy turns
    “I am the target of what is probably the most well-funded corporate retaliation campaign in U.S. history,” Steven Donziger emailed me early Monday afternoon.
  • Obama’s new racial reality
    Whatever happened to “Obamamania?” Recent polls suggest race relations have gotten worse since President Barack Obama’s 2008 election — or, at least, more of us Americans think they have.
  • Don’t be so negative about America
    I’ve been living in or visiting New York for almost a half-century. One thought occurs as I walk around these days: The city has never been better.