Las Vegas Sun

November 25, 2015

Where I Stand

Well boss, I guess you had better come home.

We got along surprisingly well without you, but something has happened that qualifies as an emergency. You see, the building burned down yesterday morning and your office is in a helluva mess.

Those pictures of you and General Ike and of you and Premier David Ben-Gurion and of your son Brian when he was Bar Mitzvahed are all soaked and covered with soot.

And you will need some new cards for your gin rummy games because there is smoke and water damage to the files that had all your super secrets in them.

Otherwise, everything is under control with the help of some friends at the Review Journal who have done everything humanly possible to ensure continued publication of the SUN.

We came out today, boss, and we will come out tomorrow and until hell freezes over because newspaper people are wonderful, no matter where they work.

It's too bad you weren't here yesterday to see your staff in action, too, because they are troupers and you know what troupers always say and do.

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