Police: UNLV’s Tre’Von Willis choked woman after argument


Sam Morris

UNLV guards Tre’Von Willis and Kendall Wallace walk off the court after their Mountain West Conference championship game Saturday, March 13, 2010, against San Diego State University.

Tre'Von Willis' booking photo after his arrest by Henderson Police.

Tre'Von Willis' booking photo after his arrest by Henderson Police.

UNLV men's basketball player Tre'Von Willis was angry a female acquaintance wasn't spending time with him, then choked her when she laughed after he couldn't find her car keys, according to an arrest report released Wednesday.

Willis, 22, is charged in connection with felony counts of domestic battery by strangulation and grand larceny, and one misdemeanor count of coercion. He was booked into the Henderson Detention Center but has posted bail of $18,637 and denied any physical altercation, according to the report.

Henderson Police spokesman Todd Rasmussen said a woman, identified as 28-year-old Skye Sanders, reported the alleged attack about 3 a.m. at the Wild Horse Apartments, 2338 N. Green Valley Parkway.

Sanders told officers she had been involved in a dating relationship with Willis for a year and a half, the report said. She said they often argued about her not devoting enough attention to him, which allegedly spurred the dispute Tuesday morning, police said in the report.

Authorities said the two began arguing because Sanders was sending text messages to her friends instead of spending time with Willis. According to the report, Willis said he was going to leave and go out, and Sanders said she also was going to go out.

Willis then allegedly grabbed Sanders' purse and emptied its contents in an attempt to find her car keys, the report said. She began laughing at Willis because her keys weren't in the purse, and he allegedly grabbed her around the throat, police said.

Sanders told officers Willis placed both of his hands around her throat and began choking her on top of a bed. She said she couldn't breathe and was fearful of Willis because he had never acted this way, the report said.

Investigators said Sanders tried to maneuver away from Willis by kicking him in the legs and stomach with her feet. The Rebels' 6-foot-4 senior guard then allegedly placed his entire body onto her so she couldn't move, police said in the report.

Sanders said she begged Willis to stop and he released her neck, but placed his right forearm across her throat to choke her, the report said. She began to cry and Willis removed his forearm, police said.

Willis got off Sanders, grabbed his car keys and started to leave the apartment when she told him she was going to call police. Willis then took her cell phone and left, the report said.

Sanders used her roommate's phone to call police. The roommate told police Sanders rushed into her room and was coughing, choking, crying and was out of breath. She said she noticed Sanders' neck was swollen and red and her eyes were bloodshot, the report said.

Authorities said Sanders' voice sounded normal and not raspy. Officers did notice slight redness around the front of her neck above her collarbone. She was treated at the scene by paramedics.

Police made numerous attempts to contact Willis by phone and in person. Rasmussen said officers arrested Willis at his apartment in the 4200 block of Spencer Street about 10:30 a.m. that morning.

Willis made a voluntary statement to police that he had been at the apartment with Sanders and they had a verbal argument, not a physical altercation.

A court spokesman Wednesday morning said Willis will appear in Henderson Municipal Court on the misdemeanor charge July 21. He has an August court date in Henderson Justice Court on the felony charges.

Willis, a Fresno, Calif., native, was a first-team all-Mountain West performer last season after averaging 17.2 points, 3.9 rebounds and 3.5 assists for the Rebels.

He struggled to click with teammates early in his UNLV career after transferring from Memphis following the 2006-07 season, but Willis showed signs of maturation last year and was publicly praised several times for such growth by Kruger. He emerged as the team's unquestioned leader and is expected to fill the same role as a senior.

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  1. Thug? Yeah, thought so. Tough guy physically beating up a woman.

  2. Just another goon athlete with no brains! But, she should have higher standards than to hang with this creep, and needs to get a huge order of R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!! What are you thinkin' girl???

  3. So let me get this straight...cliffnotes:

    Willis grabbed her purse looking for HER keys cause he wants to leave. (why?)

    "Investigators said Sanders tried to maneuver away from Willis by kicking him in the legs and stomach with her feet." So were there bruises on him?

    "Authorities said Sanders' voice sounded normal and not raspy." Experiment time, choke yourself and I guarantee you will sound raspy (even after crying probably).

    "Willis got off Sanders, grabbed his car keys and started to leave..." HIS car keys? Why was he getting hers at first?

    "Sanders used her roommate's phone to call police. The roommate told police Sanders rushed into her room and was coughing, choking, crying and was out of breath." So the roommate didn't hear anything in AN APARTMENT? SENSE NO MAKE!

    This story, like the assistant football coach's story just does not add up.

  4. Sounds like he grabbed her keys because he didn't want her to leave (she probably threatened to go see another dude just to prove a point).

  5. I've learned all I need to know about the accuser from her own websites.

    Please UNLV Runnin Rebel players, please .... kick this groupie to the curb.

  6. If you did it Tre you are done as a Rebel basketball player

  7. yeah the story doesnt seem to add up much. if he did it hes screwed, if he didnt sadly he is screwed also because the courts will take her word against hers and the womans voice is trusted nine times out of ten

  8. Tre's not in terrible shape.

    He just needs a good attorney.

    Her story doesn't add up, and there is a history with this woman and drama with other UNLV Athletes.

    I would think that if he was using his arm to crush her neck, she'd have more than redness that was treated at the scene.

    A good attorney will get this knocked down or dismissed with the condition of completing couseling and community service.

    At worst this is a first offense for an otherwise upstanding young man with zero history of anything remotely close.

    ...the wild card is Kruger.

    My guess is he will let Tre play. He will get a short suspension to start the season. Maybe lose his starting roll like he did for a few games when he slept in and missed practice.

    It will be proportionalte to the slap on the wrist he gets from the legal system.

  9. Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either. So she tells him she is going to call the police, he grabs her phone, then she runs into the roommates room, the roommate says she is out of breath and crying. Why would she be talking to him if she is out of breath and crying. I picture someone out of breath, down on one knee trying to catch their breath. Just me though.

  10. Skye Sanders is not Tre's girlfriend, it is sad that a 28 year old woman will make a story up like this just to get her name in the newspaper. I go to school with Tre and he is a great guy that keeps to himself. I feel sorry for his real girlfriend Erica who has to read about this. Skye Sanders is looking for attention and that is what she is getting! Tre I believe you, hang in there buddy. My prayers go out to both familys of Tre and Erica.

  11. As a fan and a person, I hope that this story is not true. If he is accused for any portion of this story involving the physical altercation, Tre is done at UNLV for sure. Even the negative attention in just a verbal argument could be grounds for some type of suspension. Just another example of athletes needing to be careful of the people they associate with. Good luck Tre..Please, say it ain't so.

  12. I can already tell the woman is lying. 9 out of 10 times the woman always lies in this scenario. I agree that the evidence doesn't look credible.

  13. she is doing this all for attention? please people lets really think about this one for a second!?! she is coming forward with allegations on a well known well loved star athlete. she is not receiving positive attention nor is having her name smeared & past brought up a way to "get your name in the newspaper". lets be honest,the alleged victim is an attractive girl.. im sure there are more positive ways for here to achieve attention if she was in it for that reason. lets face it, the relationship between the two went on for over a year, therefore our star athlete felt she is worth keeping around.

    also, plz keep in mind that we are not dealing with an NBA player, she will not be receiving a large pay off so the theory of "in it for money" is quite funny as well.

    the news articles are bits an pieces of the police report thrown together, it IS NOT the actual police report in it entirety so it is understandably confusing.

    if you ask me this sounds like a case of two people in some type of ongoing relationship who's argument went to far an the details are yet unknown. just like most women in domestic violence cases, she has maybe even attempted to drop the charges in order not to hurt him an his career. which in domestic violence cases it is not always possible being that the DA picks up the case an can prosecute with or without the victim.

    just a few things for all of us to consider.

  14. I know the female victim very well and have seen them together on numerous occasions. Not only did she love Tre, she did a lot for him. And if you know them, you have seen Skye driving Tre and picking him up from his numerous morning lifts and afternoon open gym sessions. I've never seen anything but positive contributions to Tre'Vons education, career and well being from her end... unfortunately we cannot control what inevitably came from his.

  15. by no means was skye and tre's relationship hidden. and because the MEDIA twisted things and referred to Tre being Skye's boyfriend instead of that the two were just involved in a relationship, now everyone wants to throw in the other girl he is dating which is Erica..yes DATING. Tre does not refer to Erica nor Skye as his girlfriend. He states himself as single, and anyone that knows him knows that. another shocker? ok, both erica and skye were well aware of one another.but trust me i am laughing at the whole tre not getting enough attention as well! that Is definitely not true an just sounds rediculous. :/

  16. Look, folks,

    I am not judging anyone here, but made some similar experiences decades ago when I was about having two girl friends at a time who then got to know about each other. So that in the end, guess what: I got none of them, both left me.

    No drama, no dom vio, no hurtings took place.
    Those were just experiences made and not repeated by me. Guess what:

    In some years Tre'Von, then happily married to a different girl he does not even know yet, he will laugh about the whole story he is currently experiencing and will "Get Over It":



  17. WTF!?... For lack of better words. There are some people on this board who have never been here before, making obviously conflicting arguments. I don't know what some people may know here(apparently) but all I know is a real Rebels fan probably does not want to hear it. Multiple posts of the same comments rephrased? Are you kidding me? The comments of Sureshot and Butterfly seem oddly revealing, and totally unfounded from the information given to us. Are they based on facts, experience, or rumors? The media has reported what has been heard from police reports and witness testimony. Not from biased opinions and fantasy. These are real charges against real people in real situations. I hope they are not true allegations, but with due process hopefully we will find the REAL TRUTH.

  18. Its this simple for Tre and the Rebels. If this case drags out and does not get resolved in a timely manner then I think Kruger has no choice but to boot him from the team. You cant keep a guy on the team when he is pending a case where he got physical with a female friend. It will be a tough call for the athletic department, but domestic violence is a very touchy subject in our society right now.

  19. Maybe he should have went Chris Brown on her butt. Ask yourself, why is a 28 year old woman with a 22 year old punk? All that I can say is "looks like the Ole Tark criminal days are coming back to UNLV". I never liked the Rebels.

  20. The text messages between both of them will set the scene and tell the story. The police cannot make an arrest without probable cause. The text messages prior to the event gave them probable cause. The rest will have to "play-out" in court.

  21. I have no use for punks who think because they are athletes they can get away with anything, but this whole deal smells realllllly fishy. This chick has all the makings of a dirt bag and a loser.

  22. Yes, Sig, let's judge him on the way he looks. That's ignorance at it's finest people. You are a sad excuse for a human.

  23. Sig: Never heard of any other instances with this guy- he is not Lawrence Phillips. I think we should let this play out- my guess is that it will turn out to be a lot less than is being played up right now.

  24. The sad thing about this story is that Tre is being judged prior to all the information coming out. This 28 yo woman does appear to be a a groupie who just hangs out with young college sports "stars" to get attention. I am certainly not saying that Tre is innocent nor am I saying that he is guilty. What I will say is that it is too bad, and shows immaturity, that he has put himself in this position. I am a Rebel fan and will not stop being one even when the haters come out and slam Tark and the past Rebel greats. I hope that I do see Tre this year on the court but, if not, the Rebel Nation will continue, grow and be supportive to all our student-athletes whether on the court, field, diamond or pool.

  25. OH, btw, sigtwenty your post colors you a racist so crawl back under your rock or drive back over the hump. Las Vegas is a better place without people like you!

  26. "little punk looks like he grew up around bonanza and nellis or compton"

    sigtwenty - Your statements in your post are ignorant in so many ways. Let's just start judging everyone on where they live, what the look like or, in your case, what they say. I'm going to guess you grew up somewhere in the Arkansas/Alabama/Mississippi area? Dad was the proud owner of a plantation and 14 teeth total? Based on your ignorance and the blatant racism implied in your statement, that's what I gather of your upbringing.

    Let's not even get into the fact that you put the Nellis/Bonanza area on the same level as Compton. Coincidentally, I grew up in the Nellis/Bonanza area and haven't been to jail, haven't been arrested and have 2 college degrees. Bet that just blew your mind. I'm white too! Did your head explode? Go ahead and crawl back into your trailer out there in Hendertucky and unplug your computer so you can plug your bug-zapper back in... sad, sad, sad.

  27. Nice post Mike. So true. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Just another woman looking or media attention. That in itself should be a crime.

  28. @ MikeLange, You are just feeding the beast, and described an area which I grew up, and just stereotyped the entire south yourself. I can attest that people are NOT like any of that.

  29. @ Sofaking. I was doing that to make the point that you cannot stereotype people simply by where they live. It was meant to be sarcastic based on the ignorance of his statements. Perhaps I wasn't clear of the intention. My bad.

    As lobo69 said, the main issue here is that he is innocent until proven guilty. It's as simple as that. Something may have happened, something may not have happened. If this all turns out to be true, Tre deserves to be booted off the team. I won't say he is completely innocent of all charges, but I will say that some things in the "victim's" story don't add up. The UNLV fan in me hopes this is all untrue, but I'll reserve judgement until the people who are paid to investigate these things figure it all out.

  30. since when did i pick on him for being black? i picked on him for looking like a half cleaned up gangbanger.

    seems like the people accusing me or being racist are the ones thinking race was involved in my comments. for shame the reading skills.

    and look at his mug shot. he seems to have very little to no sympathy or shame. almost smug.

  31. Tiffany? Could you please post the police report for everyone to read? KVBC, KLAS, The Sun, and other news outlets are stating that they have this public document, but no one has posted it for the public to read. Thank you.

  32. @ sig, would it be better if he was smiling happily for you?

  33. sigtwenty - what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty???? If he is innocent then of course he's not going to look sympathetic. He's probably pissed cause this girl lied about everything. How did this girls roommate not hear anything thru the paper thin walls of their apartment??? Girls like this will call the cops and make stuff up all the time especialy if you threaten to break up with them. I know because i was involved with a crazy girl too and when i tried to break up with her she attacked me, scratched my face, neck, chest, back and even my legs as she tried to cling onto me as i tried to get the h3ll out of their. i left without laying a hand on her. Next thing you know i get something in the mail for a courtdate on charges of domestic battery. She supposedly had a "red mark" on the side of her neck. I fought this all the way. I produced photo's in court showing me with scrathes all over my body that were bleeding and bruising on my arms from blocking this violent girls punches. Once they actually heard my side of things the case was immediatly dismissed. Even after they got the facts they wouldnt press charges on her. The system favors these crazy women way to much and if the men dont stand up for themselves and demand EQUALITY in the justice system then we will continue to get screwed royaly by any crazy girl that wants to get back at you.

  34. im reading all of your comments stating she did it for "media attention" and its so irritating i had to comment. i can almost guarantee you this girl is not going to do not one interview nor give a statemnt about the incident to any of the, im sure plenty, reporters that have assumably contacted her asking for one. and im confused as to how you feel this is a positive media attention that one seeks? i dont know about you, but i was shocked when they released the alleged victims name and residence and im sure she was as well! so please tell me how any of this is positive or beneficial? she's probably scared to go home and wishing for all of this to be over. you guys claim innocent till proven guilty yet have found her guilty of being a groupie and crazy? there are reports of an on going relationship between the two, reports that the two of them where seen Friday prior to the incident together at the Hard Rock Casino hanging out, midnight bowling together Monday night at Southpoint Casino, and that Willis frequents the home of Sanders quite a bit. sounds like normal, not crazy relationship stuff to me. all of these things are coming forward and to light due to how high profile of a case this has become. i doubt our star athlete would spend this much time with a girl that is any of the above things you guys hope to claim.

  35. Hopefully this does not lead to an O.J. Simpson type of episode of violence and murder down the road.

    Let the courts decide, and if he is guilty, then if so, he needs to hit the highway for good. Not just suspension but expulsion from university level athletics because he would not be a good example for anyone at any other school. Until this is resolved in court he should be suspended from the team, practices, etc until final legal determination is made. That is the only fair way; it sends a message to all other athletes, get in a mess and you are out until proven legally innocent. UNLV does not need this type of Jerry Tarkanian, Harvey Hyde type of publicity blazed across American newpapers.

  36. Vsestini, please enlighten us on the conclusion of the Tarkanian verdict in regards to UNLV athletics. I'd love to hear exactly how that worked out for the NCAA and their sanctions on damaging the university program and a man who has done nothing but promote UNLV athletics.

  37. This is becoming ever so clear. Our leaders will not properly fund the university for curriculum and professors that can turn out a highly educated workforce that will attract high-tech companies that will create a sustainable economy.

    But, they will support programs of trash talking, witless wonders, and felons? It's time for Rebels to get out of the UNLV system and become a pro basketball team removed from ANYTHING to do with academics. THE BASKETBALL TEAM IS NOT AN ACADEMIC PROGRAM!!! This has been going on for years, and it continues to embarrass the rest of us who graduated from UNLV and had to attend classes with these goons and their tutors!

  38. Let's Define a groupie. A female that would just give money, and or favors to be around a star player. Tre' might have been stupid for getting set up by a groupie. The time not spent with him?? How can he have time to spend with this
    skye groupie only after 1am. Sounds like a groupie 2 me. Tre lives with his girlfriend erica and they have a child on the way. Again no one knows them and this girl has done so much damage already. Let's take the word of a girl that knew all this info about tre, she knew should would never be in a relationship with tre. It will all come out in the end. Tre you have so much support!!

  39. @ mamabear.
    Who said that UNLV basketball was an academic program? You are dripping with ignorance. Big time athletics are an extremely important part of a University, especially a state school. Sports are large revenue generators, revenue that helps pay professors, build buildings, create labs etc. UNLV basketball is a top 20 program in terms of revenue generation.
    Also Kruger has an excellent graduation rate with his players. I don't have the numbers, but I would bet that his players graduate at a higher rate than the average incoming student.
    Oh by the way, if it wasn't for sports, specifically this UNLV basketball program, 90% of the country would have no idea what UNLV was.

  40. A groupie in my opinion that is trying to be seen with a star athlete is one who is going to all the games, around the team, and so forth and so on. all of which is said to not be done by the victim. Call me crazy, but there is no paparazzi nor reporters following Willis around snappin pics for her to be "seen with a star athlete". furthermore, to my knowledge Tre and Skye were involved since the beginning of 2009. Although Tre has always been a major contributor to his team, it is not until the start of the 2009-2010 season beginning in November 2009 that Tre stepped up taking a leadership role and became the "star" break out player that began to come out on the covers of local magazines. My point: THEY WERE INVOLVED BEFORE TRE BECAME KNOWN AS OUR STAR ATHLETE. We can judge a woman on her stupidity in matters of the heart all day, we can bring to light that Tre was involved in multiple relationships, and we can bring to light that he got one of those girls pregnant, but the fact still remains that Tre was at Skye's apartment that night and something occured.
    Now lets be logical here, this so called groupie is going to date a star athlete for a year and a half that is on his last year before going Pro and is going to decide one night at 3am to make a frantic 911 call accusing him of choking her?? why not ride the relationship out till he goes Pro? Makes absolutely no sense to bring false allegations on your cash cow. Think about it.
    Bringing out Tre's personal life is only adding fuel to the fire and making other parties involved look stupid. Claiming that he lives with someone else now leaves the question "well how is it that this man was able to spend so much time away from home, out in public, and overnight frequent stays with the victim for over a year if he has a girlfriend that he lives with?" Your also giving the people that want to believe Tre is just a ghetto thug with no sense of morals propable cause in believing so.
    I would be more comfortable in knowing that Tre indeed had a relationship with the victim and an argument went too far due to emotions being too high, rather than thinking that Tre has no morals and is a cocky individual that felt that if he is smart enough to get away with things in his personal life relationship wise, that putting his hands on a woman would also be just one of those things he'd get away with as well.
    Unfortunately you so called supporters are doing more harm than good.

  41. A groupie in my opinion that is trying to be seen with a star athlete is one who is going to all the games, around the team, and so forth and so on. all of which is said to not be done by the victim. Call me crazy, but there is no paparazzi nor reporters following Willis around snappin pics for her to be "seen with a star athlete". furthermore, to my knowledge Tre and Skye were involved since the beginning of 2009.. although Tre has always been a major contributor to his team, it is not until the start of the 2009-2010 season beginning in November 2009 that Tre stepped up taking a leadership role and became the "star" break out player that began to come out on the covers of local magazines. My point: THEY WERE INVOLVED BEFORE TRE BECAME KNOWN AS OUR STAR ATHLETE. We can judge a woman on her stupidity in matters of the heart all day, we can bring to light that Tre was involved in multiple relationships, and we can bring to light that he got one of those girls pregnant, but the fact still remains that Tre was at Skye's apartment that night and something occured.

    Now lets be logical here, this so called groupie is going to date a star athlete for a year and a half that is on his last year before going Pro and is going to decide one night at 3am to make a frantic 911 call accusing him of choking her?? why not ride the relationship out till he goes Pro? Makes absolutely no sense to bring false allegations on your cash cow. Think about it.

    Bringing out Tre's personal life is only adding fuel to the fire and making other parties involved look stupid. Claiming that he lives with someone else now leaves the question "well how is it that this man was able to spend so much time away from home, out in public, and overnight frequent stays with the victim for over a year if he has a girlfriend that he lives with?" Your also giving the people that want to believe Tre is just a ghetto thug with no sense of morals propable cause in believing so.

    I would be more comfortable in knowing that Tre indeed had a relationship with the victim and an argument went too far due to emotions being too high, rather than thinking that Tre has no morals and is a cocky individual that felt that if he is smart enough to get away with things in his personal life relationship wise, that putting his hands on a woman would also be just one of those things he'd get away with as well.

    Unfortunately you so called supporters are doing more harm than good.

  42. This will be an excellent opportunity to test out the new Nevada Choking Law implemented earlier this year making it a Felony to choke someone. My guess is Willis never got around to reading it. Let's see how DA Roger Rabbit applies it in this example.

  43. this girl had very strong feelings for him and would never have done anything to harm him or his career unless what happened that night crossd the lines. i have seen this girl 1st hand get home from a graveyard shift and only 30 mins n2 sleep Tre'Von call her sayin he needs a ride to school and Skye jump up tired and zombie like to take him so he wasnt late or miss. you wanna paint this picture of her but are actually so far off of the very lowkey sweet girl that is actually quite private. you can text her on a fri or sat night when most r out partyin and ask her what she's doin tonight and her response most of the time bein " watchin red box movies wit Tre :) ". ill be the 1st one to admit that she was dumb n love with him and should have left him a long time ago after all the things he's done to her. im sad to say that best believe it would have takin somethin so horrible like this and her getting choked out by him for her to finally leave.

  44. Psych, was she really out of breath when she ran across the apartment to your room?

  45. Get this POS out of here!!!!

    Stop defending him because he averages 17 a game! Get some good character guys in here.

    Lon Kruger,

    The city is looking at you.

  46. Ignorance huh? Well, I graduated from UNLV WITHOUT a tutor!! Many of the ghetto boys a.k.a. basketball players cannot say that. UNLV doesn't need to be affiliated with these felons, gangsters and gangbangers.

  47. Re: Mamabear,
    Maybe you should have gotten a tutor, because though you graduated, it sure doesn't sound like you learned anything.

  48. I dont know if Tre is guilty but he is guilty of horrible judgment. This is just a thought if someone is choking you with both hands how can you repeatedly ask them to stop choking you? You can make a person unconscious in 4-5 seconds with a choke hold and you definately cannot speak due to the force of the choke. Why should he be suspended if he is innocent? Why should he be suspended during the legal process? He should continue with the team until this is settled in the courts. Why punish a man beofre his time if he is innocent? The legal (judicial) system is favored towards women the second they cry foul the man is automatically guilty with or without evidence, not right..

  49. this "girl" is a 28 year old woman who has been involved with other players.

    and her face book page (which is public) makes her seem not so private........or sweet.

    the story does not add up.

    if tre (who is a 6'4" all conference athlete) was really choking and crushing her neck with his arm for three minutes, it is reasonable to expect more severe injuries than slight redness that did not warrant a trip to the hospital. sorry but the evidence doesn't suggest anyone got 'choked out.'

    tre is not the monster many are trying to make him out to be.

    but for missing one practice, he's never been in any trouble.

    innocent until proven guilty!


  50. VERY TRUE! TF.

  51. @ TRUE FAN
    lmfao!!!! her Facebook is publc so she must not be sweet or private or a good person? again, hahaha! wow thank god u are not apart of his defense team or he'd b in serious trouble! passing judgement based on a public facebook (which i was unaware you can even make your fb public but ok) would be as silly as me sitting here looking at your profile and assuming you have nothing better to do with your time than to post 237 comments on every article on the las vegas sun. lets not judge a book by its cover, rite?

    now let me get this straight, she deserved to be choked because...

    she is 28 yrs old? because she's dated other ppl? or because of her public facebook? sorry just tryin to see exactly where your going with this. And best believe Tre'Von knew of any and all ex's of hers before pursuing his relationship with her that has lasted over a year. How would you feel if he did indeed cause some type of physical harm to her an allegations are true? or does that not matter because she deserved it due to that public facebook..?

  52. when domestic violence occurs almost 80% of the time the man is not trying to kill the woman in that exact instance but is trying to dominate, control, and scare the woman. no one feels he was trying to kill her and end her life that night because due to his size and strength he more than likely could have. nor did i get that perception of her feeling that way either after reading the police report. this sounds more of a case where the young man has anger issues and lost control and the grabbing of the neck and holding her down by the neck was a way of controlling her and telling her to shut up. all of which is unacceptable. that is why the victim is able to talk while being choked. crying and begging someone to let you go because you cant breathe should be enough for someone to let go. the big picture is, if this young man does not get help to fix his problem then there may be a future incident where he does put all of his weight down crushing someones air ways and the story ends much much differently than this one.

    In his statement he admitted being at the apartment and that an arguement occurred. there was evidence on the victim that showed something occurred... now does it really matter exactly how much she could or couldnt breathe or how much force was put on her when someone repeatedly tells you to get off they cant breathe? imagine this being your mother or daughter or sister, the least of your concerns would be how come you they weren't more injured or died.. your main objective would be that no physical violence should have occurred to begin with.

  53. she didn't deserve it because maybe she may not have been choked! If it's your homegirl you won't get much satisfaction coming to the Sun page to defend her honor. No one knows which side is guilty.

  54. I am amazed at the stupidity of some Rebel fans. The only way they will accept the fact Willis did what he did is if the girl were killed. If this was thier sister they would be singing a different tune.

    Nit wits like Monster Jam assume if a woman is not a saint then she is a tramp and deserves a beating. What a clown.

  55. Never said she deserved to be choked. Never once stated that.

    The fact that you have to put words in my mouth and attack those instead of the statements I actualluy made shows that I have valid points which you cannot refute.

    Me and others assuming Tre is innocent is no more outrageous than you and the regular UNLV bashers who troll this forum assuming he is guilty. There are TWO sides to this story.

    Forget about me on the defense team. If YOU made the laws WE WOULD ALL be in trouble. If we threw people in jail based SOLELY on allegations, there would be a lot of innocent people behind bars right now.

    There have been instances of one party bringing false allegations against another in order to use the police and legal system as a means of revenge. I know that is shocking to some.

    This is the United States of America. We are all afforded the right of due process and are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Maybe you will someday experience accusations that make you thankful we don't just lock people up without proving their guilt.

    Tre is not the monster many making him out to be. He has never been in trouble with the law and has zero history of violence.

    But I guess I should just ignore that fact, *assume* the worst, not worry about a silly little thing like proof, and grab my torch and pitch fork like the rest of you angry villagers.

    Innocent until proven guilty!


  56. True fan,

    You should change your name to "True groupie" because that's what you are. You are nothing more than a male groupie who defends the honor of Willis based on nothing more than a facebook page. LMAO.

    If this was your mom or your daughter involved, would you care that Willis is the best player on the team? If you do, you are more pathetic than I thought.

    If you're going to judge people on their facebook page, then you are a joke. There are people who put anything and everything on there. Why don't you tell me what your email address is or your real name so I can go on your facebook? You POS.
    You are pathetic.

  57. @ TRUE FAN
    listen to your own words.."you are attacking a person instead of the statement". hmmm... funny because when i click and read all your comments posted on this case you repeatedly attack the victim. you have repeatedly stated that she has "dated other athletes" and "has a public facebook which shows she's not sweet nor private". your attempting to attack her character and pass judgement saying those 2 reasons alone show the victim cant be trusted. again, if you were apart of his defense he'd be going down! your failing to see the big picture as to why you sound absurd. it doesnt matter who shes dated or rather her fb is private or not because none of this has to do with the allegations brought upon willis and the evidence that follows.
    also, when i referred to her as "girl" you quickly responded saying this "this GIRL is a 28 yr old woman". um ok we get that she is 28 and he is 22. Tre's mother and Step Father are the same age difference as Skye and Tre, his mother being older and i can assure you there is no choking nor false allegations going on there due to that age difference. smh...so ridiculous.

  58. I just find it too hard to believe that Tre would throw away his collegiate career and possibly his professional career doing something so stupid. I really doubt that he would do that. Granted if he is guilty then he should receive the same punishment that the rest of us would get but on the flip side there are too many holes already and I just dont see enough evidence to convict Tre at this point. As long as there is still reasonable doubt how can he be found guilty? Either way this case goes it is not good for UNLV. Put the basketball aside for a minute these are real people who will be affected by this for many years to come and that is the important thing.

  59. Is Wayne Brady gunna have to choke a b***h?

  60. true groupie, huh? Kinda catchy, I'll give it a try. LOL

    Intersting choice of words. No irony there.

    The stuff at the end is not necessary. Not being able to make your point without resorting to vulgarity and name calling demonstrates low intelligence.

    I just think there is too much piling on Willis.

    Look at the first few comments. The first word in these comments. It's fine to label Willis every stereotype in the book (thug, another brainless athlete, etc...)? But no one is allowed to hold out hope for a college kid who's never been in trouble before? Especially when the evidence (or lack there of) suggests that the story could be way overblown?

    It's like anyone who doesn't swiflty strike down their personal gavel, and move right to sentencing immediately makes the leap to being an advocate for violence against women.

    We can all rest assured that if Willis is convicted of a felony, he will be kicked off the team. I can easily see him being kicked off the team for a misdemeanor.

    I am proud of the fact that UNLV has a coach that doesn't put up with any bs. Kruger takes a conservative approach.

    Whatever the ruling, Willis will not have the coach and athletic department bending over backward to keep him in the program. With Kruger here, you will not see a Devendorf/Syracuse type situation.

    But the case is not to that point yet.

  61. I'm glad that we have many people to support tre, and I know that he will be back on the court soon! I also wanted to say that Im glad that Erica is staying by his side in his time of need. If we want to say all this about the vic, lets talk about the + side.Tre you have strong people behind you and you will make it.

    By the way, it wont matter what this vic writes here on the blog, it's funny every time someone writes about her, she has soemthing to say back.

    It will all play out in court, her story doesn't add up!!! And all of this will look so childish!
    GoodLuck, because the only person that you will have to answer to in the end is GOD.

  62. I've been reading all these comments for the past week and it all is pretty ridiculous. In America it is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. So nobody should be so critical of either person yet. I truly hope it is a misunderstanding and Tre is innocent, and if not then that is only bad for the team. I'm not gonna sit here and say that he is innocent or that Ms. Sanders made it up. How about we all just let the justice system handle this case.

  63. @rebfan101
    actually i do know the victim which ive made clear time & time again, no secret there. i came on here 1st stating facts being that i do know both of them & have been around them & when false judgement is being placed on her i feel its right to state the facts, as u are attempting to do for Tre.

    u are the only one here on these comments that has attacked her personally besides TRUE FAN & you are THE ONLY one (plz click on rebfan101's name to view HER comments) that is bringin up this Erica Helms as being Tre's girlfriend & the private details that not even anyone at our school knew about. so it is clear what relationship U have to Tre & how u are repeatedly trying to get your name mentioned & out there as supposedly being his girlfriend. funny because just like me, no one had any idea who u were nor that you existed being that Tre refers to himself as single not having a girlfriend. i didnt even know he got someone pregnant! u yourself released these personal details. again, i read your comments & read through all the comments by other people & u are THE ONLY one releasing this info! same person that contacted the lvrj? now u've clearly mentioned that u are pregnant by Tre & are one of the females he is dating, yet he was at the victims house & being accused of domestic violence???? u should be very proud.

    on a lighter note, i am glad Tre has ppl supporting him in his time of need just like the victim has me and the ton of supporters that plead for her to cooperate with the DA and for her to not drop the charges just because he is an athlete, because her privacy has been takin away or because she just wants all of this to go away. please dont forget that the victims name and address were put out there in front of millions & she can no longer even live in her home. yet your claiming she sits on the internet defending herself? that is clearly a very uneducated accusation. this is a high profile case & if the victim is worried about defending herself all she has to do is an interview or put out a statement & have millions hear her! going to the comments on the las vegas sun??? lmao again. im sure the least of her concerns at this point is any newspaper comments being said about her!

    statements like "im glad Erica is staying by his side at his time of need" goes to show this is very personal to the writer & uncovers your identity. there is not one comment mentioning your name but YOUR OWN 3 comments. you are not married nor have anything to do with the allegations so plz stop making yourself sound like a attention seeking fool.

    so rebfan101 aka Erica Helms, if you would like to direct message me you & i can exchange names & identities & maybe even say hi at school. unfortunately im sure i WILL NOT be hearing from you anytime soon. you can go ahead and continue mentioning your own name again & again. hope you get the attention YOU are looking for but in all actuality if i were you i would be highly embarrassed not proud

  64. rebfan101 aka Erica Helms?? Facts?? No, I know both vics in this case, and tre very well. Any one in tre's family would know that. I know for a fact Erica would not even look on the blogs. Erica called the news paper??? You seem to think you know alot about her things that are not true.You have a wild strech from the truth.
    Tre again has alot of support and the news paper has written, her statments sound crazy. Do your homework before you blog again. Google it!

    Go Rebs!

    Tre we need you on the court this year!

  65. well THAT is an interesting revelation.

    the alleged victim is considering dropping the charges and not cooperating with the DA?

    i like how that outcome is preemptivly being spun as the alleged victim just wanting everything to go away.

    no chance if the case is dropped, it is because willis is innocent?

    that is to be considered outside the realm of possibilities?

    forget innocent until proven guilty. now it's guilty either way.

  66. BREAKING NEWS: according to rebfan101 there are "tw0" victims instead of one, and we are all apart of a "blog"...? lmao.

    i am no longer going to entertain that ignorance!

    you have proven everything i have stated.

    goodluck with gettin your name out there Ms Helms.

  67. like TRUE FAN many people in NV are unaware that in domestic Violence cases there is a NO Drop Law which prohibits the victim from dropping any charges. the law is there due to the amount of women who have clearly been beatin but drop all charges later to save the spouse. all charges are assessed by the police there at the crime scene. The DA picks up the case and moves further in prosecuting the defendant with or without the victim. the only way a victim can interfere, to my knowledge, is by not being willing to testify. this doesnt get the case dropped, just most likely gets the defendant a lesser charge... depends on the judge. if the victim doesnt testify i am pretty sure they go off of the victims police report and photos.

    no new revelations, so lets not get too excited. there are many people unfamiliar with NV law but the supporters main objective is please dont just let this get swept under the rug.

    and i would like to make something clear as well, please note that the only way the DA even picks up a case and moves forward is if they feel they have enough evidence to prosecute. this is all without even speaking to the victim and or witnesses. just a lil FYI.

  68. psychmajor - you auditioning to be a character witness? you don't do your friend any help arguing with people on the comment section. Your 15 minutes of fame never existed, shut up and go away.

  69. Can someone pass the popcorn already?

  70. If we think about this logically, this woman has absolutely nothing to gain by lying. Her identity has been revealed, her address and facebook page and everything else has as well. Everyone knows who she is and I'm sure more that a few people who would defend Willis if he murdered someone have sent her hate mail already. This isn't a case where the man is an NBA superstar like Kobe making 20 million a year. She will get no money from this, in fact, the only thing she's getting is public ridicule and embarrassment.

    I am nobody to judge what did and did not happen but if I had to guess, there was probably a physical altercation. Do I think he choked her for 3 minutes? Not necessarily. Do I believe he didn't even touch her? No.

    The most likely scenario is that he did somehow put his hands on her, maybe not to the extent being talked about though. But I do think it is very likely that he did hit her. It is a shame.

  71. rebfan101,

    You might not realize it but you are embarrassing yourself, Erica (probably you) and Tre even more by your posts. Saying things like you're glad Erica is staying with him is comical. So now you've brought to light that Tre has a pregnant girlfriend whom he has been cheating on. That's nobody's business and few people really care about that but you just made him look like a piece of trash. And by saying Erica will stay by his side, you're making her look like an idot for staying wiht a man who would put her through this.

    I know you're trying to help, but you're seriously making it worse. Or are you that dumb that you would claim that he wasn't cheating either? LOL

    I don't think Tre gives a damn about you, Erica, Skye or anyone else but himself and his basketball career at this moment, so stop defending him for no reason. This guy won't even recognize you as his girlfriend in a public way but yet you humiliate yourself by posting on the Las Vegas Sun defending him. Typical lol.

  72. Ok, lets get a few facts out there.
    Erica is pregnat by Tre.
    Erica and Tre live together and have for over a year now.
    Now lets get to the stupid stuff that is being posted on here. I will bet that Skye and Erica are both on here posting stuff and trying to act like they are Rebel fans, because there is stuff on here that only someone close to Tre and Erica could possibly know. I have spoke with both of them a couple times after games and they are both super nice and very polite. I have never seen Skye, except at games. Also, there r RUMORS that Skye has slept with at least 2 players from the sweet 16 team. Don't know how true, but I'm sure cant be 2 hard 2 find out. So, y don't we just wait and c what happens through our judicial system. Being involved in the court system myself, there are a lot of wholes in Skye's story, and i mean alot. As with Tre's story, he hasnt said much, so its hard to pick through his story. But I will say that if a 210 pound man chokes a girl for 3 minutes, she won't be able 2 run 2 her roomates room and talk and ask for them 2 call the cops. and as far as the redness around her neck, if he did choke her, than her neck would have been bruised and red all over. she also can rub her neck for a few minutes and it would get red. so the cops should have took her to the hospital and they should have had tests ran to see the damage to her neck.
    By no means am I saying Tre is innocent or guilty and I am not saying Skye made this up. All I'm saying is there are holes in the story. And if Tre did do it, then he will pay the price. And if Skye is making this up, she will pay the price. Both are young and this could ruin there lives.
    Innocent until proven guilty. Time will come when they have to be in court and the truth will be revealed!!!!!

    Oh yah, look at when some of the people posting started there accounts, all after the story came out. As did I, I started it 2day. I am just sick reading all the comments that people are making.

  73. sorry but i agree with the above statement because you are making yourself look pretty sad. I have a class with Tre and he has never claimed you as his girlfriend. In fact I have heard more about him being with the victim then anything about you until your own postings on here claiming you are. From a mans perspective it takes feelings involved for a man to even argue with someone. I dont know about you but im not about to engage in any type of argument with a female that i could care less about so its clear he had strong feelings towards this woman Skye.
    Im also confused about you bosting about sticking by a mans side that is accused of DV. 9 times out of 10 its not the mans first offense so it leaves the question if it has already happened to you or possibly will. You have to question what type of morals you have and self respect being that you are a woman and the allegations may be true. You seem so eager to get your name out there so im left wondering if something like this happened to you would you leave it un-reported because your thinking bout that future NBA child support from baby's daddy.
    If you were ever a respectable UNLV bball player Miss Helms you no longer are and there is no one else to blame but yourself and your postings.

  74. i appreciate how MR702 came out there with his facts and didnt attack just one side. that was very nice of you. now if you dont mind i would like to clarify for you and for everyone else who is curious about the rumors as to Skye dating another athlete..

    She was in a relationship for 4 years which led to a proposal and was engaged, after her split she did indeed date a player from the sweet 16 team for a short period of time, she then met Tre a while after that and he was interested in her and she told him from the jump that she use to date a former player on his team. he decided to pursue his relationship with her anyway, but not without consequences in a sense... that was very much so alot of why the 2 of them started off arguing alot. Everytime he was caught doin something or she found out something that hurt her he would always resort back to the fact that she use to be with someone from his team. Tre knew everything about Skye and its clear he felt she was worth it regardless... this is fact not rumor being that they were still together over a yr later. as far as any other rumors those are very false.

  75. This is better than reality tv now.

  76. still don't understand how this has anything to do with the allegations. None of this will even come up in court what is the defense gona say that she dated another athlete so she lied about having an altercation? If that was the case everyone convicted of a crime by a woman would be free because this is Vegas and its small and everyone has dated everyone! The only way the defense can go after the victim's character is by uncovering a past of her making false accusations on people and them turning out not to be true. But there is no past of her doing any of the above things. If all we have to go on is her dating another athlete then this doesn"t sound too good for the defendant. I read in the LVRJ that she had legal problems in the past, i looked it up and it was a traffic ticket that turned into a warrant LOL. So she too has a spotless record otherwise.

  77. erica helms dated a UNLV football player right before hooking up with tre, skye dated a UNLV basketball player from the sweet 16 team before meeting tre. Maybe he just likes girls who date other athletes hah.

  78. ok, I think we can all agree that Tre and Erica live togehter right? And that she is pregnant right? YES & YES.
    Now, I have a real hard time believing that Skye could be picking up Tre & dropping him off at the apartment that he and Erica share. Call me crazy, but i can't see her sitting in the apartment parking lot waiting for him. I could b wrong, but sounds a little strange 2 me.
    Also, butterflyeffectz, u know quite a bit about Skye. which either tells me u r her or a really good friend of hers, trying to make Erica look bad. Don't know, but seems a little strange. Also, u cant look up warrants online, u have to go to the courthouse and the person with the warrant will have to show an ID and see if they have one. It's not posted online, good try, but that can't happen. u can go to the metro website, it will tell you how to find out.
    another thing,, i really hope Erica and Skye are not the ones posting stuff on here. This isn't High School. This is about to be the real deal, court isnt where you can have your mommy and daddy hold your hands and everything will be OK. The principal isn't gonna call your parents, the Judge runs this and doesnt need permission from your parents. So a word of advice is, keep your mouth shut and whatever is gonna happen, is gonna happen. They can find out who and where each of our e-mails are coming from.
    Tre- u r innocent until proven guilty.
    Skye- i really hope u arent doing this for attention.
    Erica- u need to relax and worry about having a healthy baby, u dont need the stress.

  79. oh MR702 please go somewhere! 1st i agreed with you and the fact you werent taking sides but as soon as someone defended the victim you immediately claimed they must be the victim herself or a friend. its clear you kno Tre on a personal level rather than just met him at games. so quit accusing everyone else when it is you that just opened your account today!

    by saying you find it hard to believe that he was runnin around and in multiple relationships all the while living with a female sounds plain outright stupid. are you forgetting the facts and that willis admitted to being at skyes apartment and admitted to having an argument?? please come join us in reality buddy!

    trust me Tre nor Skye would have any reason to be on the comments on the las vegas sun with everything thats going on. im sure neither one of them feel the need to defend themselves to a bunch of peoples whos opinions and accusations mean absolutely nothing to them nor means anything in the court of law where they are headed. if you knew tre or skye's personality you would know that they are both very somewhat arrogant people that could care less what any fool has to say about them. why would the victim need to make this erica character look bad when her own postings, media, and allegations on a man she wants to call a boyfriend have already done that. it only makes sense for ms helms to be on here writing comments. if you lived with and got pregnant by a man whos all over every news channel with the heading "trevon willis accused of choking girlfriend", and that girlfriend not being her, wouldnt you feel absolutely embarrassed too?

    i came on here to state facts being that i know them both personally and very well. some people that are following this case im sure appreciated hearing facts from both sides. but it is clowns like this that come out of nowhere and add absolutely nothing informative nor positive. i have said all i need to say, you can go ahead and turn it into a circus if you want to but at the end of the day NONE of our opinions matter because the truth will come out in the court room.

  80. 1st of all i have never seen tre outside of Thomas and Mack, or better yet off campus. 2nd of all, I said i opened my account the other day, never denied that, just like the majority of us on here posting. I mean u joined July 2nd, along Ithoughtso, and Butterflyeffectz on July 1st. And u and butterflyeffectz seem to be co-signing for Ms Sanders. so u can stop with the "u just joined stuff" sounds like u could be the same person as butterflyeffectz or maybe even Skye. lol
    3rd of all, u say Erica is posting on here, but not Skye, seriously? Skye wouldnt post on here? Get out of here. If u know them both personally, it seems u are very one sided in this whole thing. I never said he wasnt in multiple relationships, I said i find it hard 2 believe that Skye would be picking him up and dropping him off at there ( his & erica's) apartment and waiting in the parking lot.
    I also stated that whats gonna happen is gonna happen, meaning when it gets to court. So read all my post, not just what u wanna read.
    i also said if he did do this, he will pay the price and that if Skye is making this up, she will pay the price. So who's side am i choosing? We both agree the truth will eventually come out.

  81. Why don't all you punks try using normal grammar instead of your text messaging lingo? Do you know how ignorant that makes you look?

  82. Skye used to date Wink... She's the girl that only goes for the star player.

  83. Why do you think their were rumors of Tre and Wink arguing in the locker room and that their was tension between the 2?

  84. The other rumor is she was messing around with another player on that sweet 16 team. not sure if he wants his name out there. could be a bad move for the program. like i said it's a rumor from a person with strong ties 2 the program. He has been around for the last 25 years and knows quite a bit.

  85. Comment removed by moderator. Language.

  86. Comment removed by moderator. Language.

  87. No judge is going to care who she dated in the past or that 2 bball players were fightin over her. To be honest with you 2 guys fightin over the same chick doesn't look bad on her period, thats on them. its evident they had tension that spilled on and off the court.
    when people are so eager to spread rumors and fact and evidence means nothin to em, you have to question their motive. I feel this 'mr702' is actually a female and you keep saying and defending a person's name who has nothing to do with the case and allegations. If you did feel skye was reading these comments then your just adding fuel to the fire and in a case like this you don't want to do that. Tre if these are your people on here writing they are causing more damage.

  88. When Tre was arrested he was charged with Felony domestic battery by strangulation, Felony Larceny and a misdameanor count of coercion. And today's RJ said he is being charged with a felony charge of battery/ domestic violence-strangulation. So 2 charges have already been dropped. It also says " A henderson Police report accused Willis of TRYING to choke Skye Sanders". So how can you get charged with strangulation, when the police report stated he was trying to choke her?
    Josh- I am most def not defending Erica, what I said was I find it hard to believe that they keep saying she is posting comments on here and Skye absolutly wouldnt do that, come on, sounds a little fishy to me. I mean seriously? I am also not defending Tre, I am just saying what happened to innocent until proven guilty? Also, I agree, who she slept with in the past is not important, but I will guarantee it will be brought up in the court. And a judge will listen to that, its called character.
    Plus, why don't you think the University hasn't disciplined Tre yet? There are holes in her story. Don't get me wrong, with Tre on the team, we are way better than with him off the team. But Coach Kruger and the new AD have alot riding on this, Coach Kruger's job could be on the line. With Matt Shaw getting kicked off and now this, he has to be going crazy. And the new AD, he can't sit back and act like nothing happened, he has to step up and do something, because the backlash will be horrible from the community and Alumni and from me and you, if he is found guilty and didnt do anything until school starts. I think we can agree on that.
    And to let you know, I am 100% man, with 2 kids. Not close to Tre(my son got his autograph a couple times) or Sky( which by the way is a beautiful lady) and only met Erica when I took the kids to a couple of the Lady Rebel games, which by the way were horrible!!!! lol
    Like i said previously, if TRE is guilty, then so be it, do the crime-do the time. And if Skye is guilty of making this up, then the same for her.


  90. Yep!!! they've been friends for a long time, they met a little bit before Wink left for Turkey.

  91. @LasVegasSun Staff

    Why hasn't this discussion board been locked yet?

    Most of these post have little relevance to the original news story. Sounds like nothing but unfounded gossip and speculation to me.

  92. OK... lets cut through all of this BS and get down to it.

    Does it really matter if Skye dated other players in the past? No. It also doesn't matter if she is still friends with those players or their significant others. Next subject.

    Are both Skye and Erica posting on this forum? Who knows. I wouldn't say either is more likely than the other to be since this site and discussion board is frequented by Rebel supporters and haters alike.

    Is the judge going to be trolling the message boards looking for dirt on Tre or Skye? Let's hope not.

    So it all boils down to this. Was Tre at Skye's apartment that night and did they have an argument? Yes, he has said as much as well. Tre may or may not be dating Erica and she may or may not be pregnant. The popular sentiment on this board seems to be that those statements are true, but they started as mere rumors and are now being stated as hard facts, so I'll reserve judgment on that.

    Are there holes in Skye's story. Yes. Some things don't exactly add up. Does that mean it is all a lie? Of course not. Tre admitted to being there and having an argument with her. That simple fact alone means that this COULD have happened. The only thing to do is sit back and wait for the results of the investigation. UNLV and Kruger will not take any action to discipline Tre until any of that happens. If it turns out Tre is guilty, I suspect he will be dismissed rather swiftly, and rightly so.

    And to be clear, I do not know any of the people involved and am just going on REAL facts.

  93. I see a herd of drama llamas has been camping out here.

    Regarding the situation, it's a sad one no matter who's guilty and who's innocent. But people are people and inherently flawed in their own ways. Everyone involved will get over this in time, no matter how it eventually plays out.

    By the way, mamabear, I think you have a real lack of understanding as to how Division I athletics works. It is quite customary for athletes to have tutors, study hall, etc. because of how full their schedule is, between practices, games, community appearances, classes, etc. Athletes, particularly in the money sports of football and basketball, are also under a lot of pressure and a lot of potential distractions.

    Furthermore, did you ever go to the writing center or anything like that for help on a paper or with a math class or something? Then guess what? You used a tutor, and if you didn't, then a good number of your classmates did.

    I'd suggest getting off your high horse and coming down from Holier-Than-Thou Mountain.

  94. can any of you that know her confirm that she has had a restraining order filed against her in a past relationship?

    and if so, why?

    i agree that hearsay about past involvement with other players might not have any impact on a jury trial, but a restraining order being granted sure would.

    i don't think the person who told me that would pull that statement out of thin air. and since her friends are on here spilling their guts about every other little detail of her past...what was the deal with the restraining order?

    probably a mute point. i don't think this goes to a jury trial.

    one other question for anyone that might know. if this does go all the way to a jury trial, how long are we looking at?

    it seems to me that this could drag on well beyond tre's time at UNLV.

  95. No the victim has never filed a restraining order on anyone and has never had one filed on her. And there has never been any past repoerts or incidents with her an domestic violence. Indeed that was pulled out of thin air in hopes of some dirt on the victim but unfortunately that's not gonna happen. However, the victims mother was a victim of domestic violence and resulted in her mother's death...Skye's father killed her mother when she was 4yrs old. That is why domestic violence will not be tolerated or takin lightly. A lot of her life has been uncovered due to this incident and its very unfortunate but I feel a lot of details were necessary to give ppl a better understanding as to why this case is so serious. I don't know how Skye would feel if she ever came on here and read her personal life being laid out as a book, but hopefully she understands it was all with good intentions.

  96. Well, I for one will be rocking my Tre jersey until there is substantial proof he is guilty. Isnt it amazing how courts in America work? Innocent until proven guilty? I understand if you were a friend of the victim you would be inclined to believe her, but that hardly makes you qualified to pass jugdement. Whos gonna decide you or the justice system? It doesnt matter what any of us think.

  97. you're not stating facts. it's useless BS anytime you relate "facts" about someones personal life on an anonymous forum. Shut up already. The judge won't be looking on here, but you can bet the lawyers for both sides will be. If you want to be a character witness go talk to your friends lawyer already.

    The only loser in this is Tre. Why? If he's quilty, he goes to jail. If he's innocent nothing happens to her. Period. Seen it happen to a friend under much worse circumstances.