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July 2, 2015

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Political Memo:

At rally, Angle not afraid to verbalize hypocrisy



Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle, shown last month, was interviewed Saturday in Las Vegas at a free speech event that was closed to most media.

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Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle on Saturday bashed “favor-buying pork” politicians, seemingly oblivious to the hypocrisy of her remarks given that she offered her own political “juice” as leverage in trying to persuade a third-party candidate to drop out of the race.

While talking about the health care reform bill that Congress passed this year, Angle said: “We don’t need some kind of favor-buying pork ... Harry Reid isn’t just another vote. He pushed it, he promoted it, he made the deals.”

Angle made the comment during a Las Vegas rally, billed as a free speech event intended to “clear up misconceptions,” but to which the press and supporters of other candidates were unwelcome.

I was spotted midway through the rally and was told it was a “closed event” but was allowed to remain.

Hundreds of Angle supporters crammed into the Blue Martini in Town Square — an ironic venue given Angle’s disapproval of alcohol — to hear their candidate answer questions from conservative radio host Heidi Harris, a supporter who called herself the “official defender of Sharron Angle.”

Although Angle answered more than two dozen questions about education, immigration, health care and Social Security, she was not asked about, nor did she make any reference to, a secretly-taped conversation she had with Tea Party of Nevada candidate Jon Scott Ashjian, in which she said that if he dropped out of the race and she were elected, she would use her influence for his benefit.

“Whatever juice I have, you have as well,” Angle told Ashjian. “You want to see (U.S. Sen. Jim) DeMint? I have juice with DeMint. I go to D.C., say ‘I want to see Jim DeMint,’ he’s there for me.”

Angle’s conversation with Ashjian triggered headlines across the country and dominated talk of the campaign last week. Harris didn’t ask about it.

She did ask Angle about Mormons, in response to comments Angle’s pastor made last week calling the religion “a cult.”

Angle didn’t denounce statements made by John Reed, pastor of Sonrise Church in Reno, but did say she honors the Mormon faith.

“The LDS church is stellar,” Angle said, noting that Mormons defend marriage and life, values she holds dear. “I respect their efforts.”

Angle and Harris also took several opportunities to bash the mainstream media, which Angle has snubbed throughout her campaign, favoring instead conservative pundits who ask her softball questions and allow her to solicit donations — both of which Harris, who called political reporters “little cockroaches” — did Saturday.

“We always say, ‘If the press comes knocking, don’t say anything,’” Angle said.

Angle hit other key points:

• She said she believes autism is real but mandates to cover the disorder are a Band-Aid solution.

• She reversed her position on unemployment benefits, saying that “in some ways we need that safety net” (she previously said unemployment benefits “spoiled our citizenry”).

• She called a planned high-speed train between Las Vegas and Victorville, Calif., “an express train to nowhere.”

• She said that if elected, she plans to sponsor a bill on term limits for every elected official from dogcatcher to Supreme Court justice.

Angle did not say how long those term limits would be or set a time frame for her own political career.

“No good soldier tells their exit strategy,” she said, criticizing Republicans DeMint and U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma for doing so.

CORRECTION: A quote in this story was changed from "favor-buying whore," as was initially published, to "favor-buying pork" after a spokesman for the Sharron Angle campaign contacted the reporter Sunday night and offered an audio recording of the event to set the record straight. | (October 10, 2010)

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  1. Her hypocrisy is verbalized almost every time she opens her mouth, from her decrying backroom deals while trying to push the Tea Party candidate off the ballot, to her supposed respect for the Constitution.

    Term limits for federal offices were largely left out of the Constitution because the founding fathers thought it was a bad idea. The majority decided they would not institute term limits for federal positions. I wasn't until after Roosevelt that they amended the Constitution to add limits for the presidency.

    I guess she's not a strict Constitutionalist, either.

  2. Hei' de Hei' de HO is the "Official Defender" of CraZy AngLe???
    I guess if you work for a dinky little AM radio station with zero credibility and no ratings, you can say the darndest things and NO ONE WILL HEAR IT. Media Cockroaches, INDEED!!!

    "Tonight, I repudiate EVERYTHING I'VE SAID PREVIOUSLY! In order to get elected, I'm going to say EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT I BELIEVE! (crowd boo's!) Don't worry folks, once I'm in...I'll be the same hateful, vile individual I've ALWAYS BEEN!"

    "Now, I would like to thank the Blue Martini for hosting my "misinformation campaign" tonight! Free
    JUICE for EVERYONE... it's CREME DeMINT! Don't drink too much, it's POTENT! And Don't drive juice won't help you with that! Thanks for all the "anyone but Harry" votes; I realize you
    think I'm cuckoo and won't have enough JUICE to ruin the country if elected... but mark my words, fellow NutJobs, I WILL TRY!!!" (gratuitous applause).

  3. Just for fun, I checked the ratings for Hei' de Hei' de HO's KDWN...
    26th rated station in Las Vegas... 26th! with a 1.0 share... NICE NUMBERS, Hei' de!!!
    I didn't know there were 26 stations to rate!
    Now, THAT'S what I call JUICE!!!

  4. A "Free Speech" event where only Ms. Angle is allowed to speak... I'm speechless. Or at least I would have been if I were even allowed at the event.

    Calling Sen. Reid a "favor-buying whore"... Ms. Angle sees herself in a slightly different light. She's a "favor-buying escort".

    And I would also like to give a big thanks to Ms. Harris, the AM talk radio wacko who calls herself the "official defender of Sharron Angle." Without her "help" the people of Nevada would never have seen Ms. Angle for the hypocrite she truly is. I'm sure the 8 or 9 people that listen to AM radio at 5:00 am think differently, but that pretty much goes without saying.

    Ms. Harris is the worst kind of political shill. Bashing the "Mainstream Media" shows one important fact, neither Ms. Angle or Ms. Harris belong in the mainstream or in the media.

    I don't believe in censorship (despite what Ms. Harris says about Liberals), but I'm not willing to listen to a station that's insulting to the intelligence of the listeners that keep the station on the air. I'm one of many people that now listen to things other than the station that Ms. Harris is affiliated with and I'm not afraid to tell other people how I feel.

    And that's true meaning of "Free Speech".

  5. Our worse enemy is our own amnesia and our gullibility NOT to understand these corrupted politicians are laughing at us. "Politicians" are becoming distinct; We need "Statesmen (and women) " with character. We hold the most powerful weapon to neutralize this upheaval, OUR VOTER REGISTRAION CARD.
    I'm an Independent

  6. We have term limits already. They are called elections.

  7. What a strange gal she is. Seriously wacko. If she wins, I guess she will be legislating by whatever voices she is currently hearing inside her head.

  8. Not sure how political this observation is but... That picture of Sharron Angle is creepy as hell. I think I'm traumatized for life and will surely experience nightmares tonight.

  9. I'm not exactly doing cart-wheels over Angle either however you've got your choice folks; It's either Obama's Socialist agenda and his right hand man, Reid, or Angle. I choose the latter. Sorry but I just haven't the stomach to call Obama a President or Reid a Senator.

  10. Big signal, little numbers based on the fact that Beasley Broadcasting is a political hack. A herd of cows passing gas would get better ratings than HH. She contends Reid made up the account of a car booby-trap based on what an admitted mobster says. Good souring, Heidi.

    I'm surprised the teanuts didn't require the reporter to put on a yellow LM ("liberal media") armband on.

    Did Angle have a "Shirley Temple?"

  11. A lot of Democrates are good and patriots also. They just got caught up in Obama's con game that is coming to a head now. This "Hope and Change" rhetoric was like trying to sell a Rolex watch and not knowing what the real movements were.

  12. Some "free speech" rally, where the press is "unwelcome"! Mrs. Angle, you can run but you can't hide.
    A FREE PRESS, WHICH leads to an informed populace, is essential to liberty. As Thomas Jefferson put it,
    "The basis of our government being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate for a moment to prefer the latter."

    "A free press is not a privilege but an organic necessity in a great society." WALTER LIPPMANN

  13. november-red:
    {{Sharron angle wishes to thank all you little obama/gReid wackos for your hate filled attacks on her character. Now its time for you to take your medication and go back to bed. After all you have no job to worry about going to so sleep well. We will wake you on Nov 3.}}
    She said in Mesquite, NV the other day that Sharia law has overtaken Dearborn, MI and Frankford, TX. Never mind that Frankford, Texas doesn't exist since it was annexed by Dallas in 1975, that is seriously crazy stuff she is espousing. She can be wacky doodle dandy on her own time, but not on my dime if she is elected. Repeating what she has said publicly are not hate filled attacks. I'm sorry the woman you want to be senator says nutty things all the time, but she does and then denies that she ever said such things. It's on tape and/or video for all to see.

  14. flip flopper a fish outta water heartless hateful biotch that will always serve millionaire corporations aka small business

  15. 'Angle made the comment during a Las Vegas rally, billed as a free speech event intended to "clear up misconceptions," but to which the press and supporters of other candidates were unwelcome.'

    There is definitely something very wrong with this woman.

    She can't restrict participation and still say its a "free speech" event.

    She can't expect to occupy a national office and only speak to conservative media outlets.

    That's cowardly behavior, Sharron. What are you running from? What are you afraid of?

    It's easy to complain, whine, and criticize, Sharron, but no one should vote for you if you have presented no clear solutions to our problems. I haven't heard one. You say privatize social security, but you never tell us whether our money will be underwritten by an insurance company to cover losses when the market fails, or will Wall Street be responsible for insuring that we don't lose our entire retirement savings?

    Too many complaints, too much criticism, too much demonizing of one's opponent, too, too few viable solutions.

    If Sharron runs from those whom she doesn't want to face now, how will she treat one of us if she wins the election and we approach her with a question about the reason she voted a particular way on a bill?

    My guess is that she'll blow us off just like she's blowing off the media.

    There is no "lamestream media," only the fear of cowards who want our votes but don't want to be subjected to public scrutiny.

    We already have stealth bombers that can do a lot of damage while remaining unseen, and we certainly don't need stealth candidates who refuse to reveal who they really are until they get into office and do further damage to us and our country.

  16. I don't care if someone who dislikes Barack Hussein Obama doesn't want to call him President Obama. Heads of state around the world who are definitely more powerful than you are don't mind calling him President Obama. You may have problems calling him President Obama, but they don't.

    No matter what you say/do, Barack Hussein Obama is President of the United States and the most powerful man in the world, and there's nothing you can do about it.

    My dearly departed parents used to tell us kids, "One monkey don't stop no show," and they were right.

    Just because you don't like that Obama is president, and just because you scream socialism when you can't even explain the word, changes nothing. Obama is president, will remain president until 2012, will run for president again, and be re-elected. Wait and see. Unlike some conservatives, we know what we're talking about, and we don't need a bunch of liars to tell us a fairy tale. We do our own research and reach our own conclusions.

    The greatest differences between most liberals and most conservatives is that liberals tend to look for research-based solutions as opposed to using emotions to create wacko solutions that don't work , have excellent critical thinking skills as opposed to believing whatever someone tells us about people they've never met, and we hate being sold a load of bull as opposed to some conservatives who just get on the bandwagon to attend a rally because someone on teevee with a personal agenda tells you to do this, think that, believe this, hate those folks over there, etc.

    The biggest fool is a person who will allow others to use him/her and never question their motives.

  17. I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF THE WHOLE SOCIALIST B.S. Is that really the best argument you can muster is the vague notions of the United States turning into a Socialist State?


    We have protections built into the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and our governmental structure that would make it next to impossible to turn the United States of America into a "Socialist" state without totally throwing out those documents that the country was founded on.

    So if you think giving tax breaks to everyone but the top 1% and providing health care to people that need it can only be done by burning The Bill of Rights and the Constitution, then I think you underestimate the the United States and it's people. The one thing you do have an understanding of is Free Speech and the ability to parrot the things your AM talk radio wacko masters tell you.

    I believe in the United States of America and I believe that truth will win out in the end. That's why I believe that Ms. Angle will loose in November, despite the lies, half-truths and flip-flops she's been doing the entire campaign.

    Sgt Rock, you say that Sen. Reid has stolen money from Nevada? PROVE IT OR SHUT UP! And by proof, I mean something real, not something you heard on the radio or had in a dream.

  18. Angle's confused rambling only CONFIRMS my vote for OBama!!!

    This fake socialist nonsense is just rhetoric from those who really have no idea what socialism is - meanwhile they're happy using our socialist built sidewalks, parks, police and fire dept., libraries - regulated gas stations, roads and cars, social security, medicare and vets benefits but then they close there eyes and pretend this is not socialism that they're already benefiting from.

    OBAMA NOW and in 2012!!! {:D

  19. Personally, I'm having a great time watching Sharron Angle's campaign implode. And the best part about it is that she is doing it all by herself.