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April 21, 2015

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Sarah Palin kicks off national tea party tour in Nevada; Harry Reid responds


AP Photo/Scott Sady

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin speaks to the crowd during the kickoff of the nationwide Tea Party Express bus tour in Reno on Monday, Oct. 18, 2010.

Updated Monday, Oct. 18, 2010 | 2:53 p.m.

Sarah Palin in Reno

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin speaks to the crowd during the kickoff of the nationwide Tea Party Express bus tour in Reno on Monday, Oct. 18, 2010. Launch slideshow »

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RENO -- Kicking off the Tea Party Express’s final nationwide tour of the campaign season, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin urged a Reno crowd to help conservatives retake Congress in November.

“Tea Party Americans, you’re winning,” Palin shouted to a crowd of more than 1,000 cheering supporters upon taking the stage in the parking lot of a vacant shopping mall.

But despite the Tea Party Express naming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as its “top target,” Palin spent less than two minutes of her 25-minute stump speech encouraging the crowd to go out and vote for his Republican opponent, Sharron Angle.

Indeed, when asking for the crowd to support Angle, she included her in a list of other conservative candidates the Tea Party Express has backed so far this cycle.

“We need people like Sharron Angle, Joe Miller, Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul,” she shouted.

Palin thanked the crowd for being “so bold in your support of Sharron Angle,” noting that Reid has spent months attacking her.

“Yet she’s still standing,” she said.

Palin hammered Reid throughout her speech.

“Unemployment here is 14.4 percent,” she said. “The highest in the nation. It’s Harry Reid who is calling the shots, making the policies that so adversely affect you, why the heck wouldn’t you fire him?”

She also unleashed her vitriol on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and the “mainstream media.”

In a possible foreshadowing of her own 2012 plans, Palin issued this warning: “Mr. Obama, you’re next, because now we can see 2012 from our house.”

Angle did not appear at the Tea Party Express rally. That organization and its sister political action committee Our County Deserves Better are running an independent expenditure campaign against Reid.

Angle’s spokesman said she couldn’t attend their events.

Campaigning in Las Vegas, Reid issued a humorous rejoinder to Palin’s repeated call for voters to use common sense to elect conservative candidates.

“I agree with Sarah Palin, for once in my life,” he said. “I hope the people in the state of Nevada do use common sense.”

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  1. When ever Palin chimes in on any topic, Common Sense is no where to be found.

  2. Just finished voting early -- for ALL the Democrats on the ballot.

    In 2008, McCann lost my vote for picking "Dingbat" as his running mate. When Republicans start owning up to causing the largest deficit by going to two wars without a means to pay for them, I'll start listing to them again.

    (At least Bush/Paulson put a pay-back method in the 2008 Bank bail-out.)

    And Obama has a pay-back method in his Stimulus and Healthcare plans.

    "Dingbat" is well schooled at sound bites. And I can't stand her shrill of a voice.

  3. Sarah Palin......knowing her, she probably had COMMON SENSE and ENDANGERED SPECIES written on the inside of her palm!!!! When you look in the Dictionary, there is a Picture of her with that "Simpleton Smile" right beside the WORD IDIOT!!!!!

  4. Common Sense and Sarah Palin go together about as well as a Priest and an Altar Boy.

  5. The Republicans are great at coming up with nice-sounding words and slogans, while lacking any substance other than making sure the rich get richer. And Palin has certainly done a good job making herself richer.

  6. Just the mention of the name "Sarah Palin" makes those on the far right froth at the mouth and paw the ground...

  7. Sarah Palin now works for Charles and David Koch, and must do what ever they tell her to do. Tea Party Express, Sarah Palin. and Glen Beck are in bed with the Koch's

    Now we have David Koch and his brother Charles, who have been lifelong libertarians and recently started pouring over one hundred million dollars to right-wing causes. Now we do not believe this country is being bought? Of course it is. The Koch brothers operate oil refineries in Alaska, Texas and Minnesota, and control some four thousand miles of pipeline. Koch Industries own Brawny paper towels company, Dixie cups, Georgia-Pacific lumber, Stainmaster carpet and Lycra, just to name a few, they own many more products as well. David and Charles Koch are among the richest men in America, and their fortunes are rivaled only by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

    The Koch brothers are long time libertarians who, of course believe in drastically lower personal and corporate taxes, minimal social services to the needy and much less oversight of industry, especially environmental regulations (owning so much oil and pipeline of course they do). Koch Industries has been named as one of the top ten polluters in America, need I say more? From 2005 to 2008 Koch industries outdid Exon Mobile in giving money to legislation to fight relating to climate change. Pretty much, the Tea Party people are puppets and the Koch Industries are controlling the puppet strings. so if you think the Tea Party is a grassroots, you best guess again folks.

    Americans For Prosperity Foundation has been pouring money into the Tea Party Organization at an alarming rate. They claim to be 'taking back America' which, of course they pretty much own a huge

  8. Just the mention of the name "Sarah Palin" makes those on the far right froth at the mouth and paw the ground...

    Unfortunately for her rabid supporters, she doesn't even crest 35% in a match-up against Obama in a poll done just days ago:

    "Barack Obama would rout Sarah Palin in a theoretical matchup in the 2012 presidential election, according to a Bloomberg National Poll released Tuesday. "

    "The Democratic president led the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee by 16 percentage points, 51 percent to 35 percent, the poll found."

    I'm sure her upcoming reality tee-vee show will help! It shows her waiving "Hello!" at inanimate objects, like airplanes!

    Thank goodness she quit her job as Governor to be able to cash in and become a reality tee-vee starlet!

    Might I suggest 'Rock of Love' or 'Bad Girls Club,' Ms. Half-Term?

  9. What has Sarah Palin brought Nevada?

    She is campaigning essentially to ruin Nevada's voice in the Senate and set the state back 30 years.

    Sarah Palin will destroy our educational system, health care, roads and government...and we won't see her until the next election when she comes to tell us how to vote!

    Bush score: $7 trillion national debt (for nothing), $1 trillion in US Savings Bonds held by Communist China (to finance Iraq), 320 failed banks thus far, mortgage industry a fiasco, Iraq a fiasco---what does Sarah say for that? Vote Republican !!! Yeah Man!

  10. Mike Johns: "We can no longer compete in the world. It is time to destroy this educational system and start a new one."

    Today, the great financial geniuses, the American Titans of Industry today need the financial support of Communist China, thanks to George Bush. Tell us, what did we get for a $7 Trillion Debt? Sarah Palin?

    If China didn't loan us money many of our businesses and banks would be closed today. China doesn't turn their financial system over to self interested GREEDY executives to milk the country blind, ask for Government assistance and then throw us some LOOSE CHANGE as a tip.

    It's not the educational system that runs Wall Street Mike, wake the heck up! If you want to fix America, then make the financial system work for America and not a few GREEDY executives.

  11. "We graduate 47% in Nevada and all the engineering/physical science students are from Asia. We can no longer compete in the world. "

    We can no longer compete in the world, that's why the world comes here to get educated!

    Wait, WHUT?

    Remember back when Sarah Palin was governor and mayor, when she personally travelled to Washington to beg for earmarks?

    Yup, Queen of the TeaParty regularly begged Washington for cash!


  12. Palin and the Tea Party cult simply want to throw America under the bus. A vote for them or any Republican,...the same loons who created the financial mess and economy is simply insane. If you want to go backwards,...if you want to live on the streets and eat from a dumpster, Republican

  13. "a crowd of more than 1,000"

    Well, the picture certainly says a thousand words, and they all begin with "white."

  14. Palin LOST the election for McCain. How soon you all forget. So do you Tea Party slugs REALLY believe she has anything good to say? So you REALLY believe that her and Angle have enough brains between the two of them to do ANYTHING for the good of the country??? Keep drinking your Blue Kool Aid.

    Just remember: John McCain would have been President (and the country would STILL be in the mess it is) if Palin was NOT his running mate. She brought down the validity and respect that the Republican party should have. But I guess so many of you are too stupid to realize that; it's easier to blame Obama for EVERYTHING.