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July 3, 2015

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Casinos, Wal-Mart, mining big beneficiaries if taxes sunset

Klaich calls companies ‘exemplary corporate citizens’ for asking that taxes be extended

Chancellor Dan Klaich

Chancellor Dan Klaich

Major casinos, Wal-Mart and gold mining companies would get millions of dollars in tax cuts if the Legislature doesn’t extend taxes passed in 2009, according to a list presented to the Legislature today.

Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor Dan Klaich gave the list to the Assembly Ways and Means Committee as it considered a bill to extend the $626 million in taxes.

He noted that just about every company on the list of top 50 beneficiaries testified Wednesday in favor of extending the taxes that will otherwise sunset on June 30.

“Everyone came here and said, ‘Please don’t reduce my taxes,’ ” Klaich said. “I wonder who we’re serving by not allowing sunsets to go forward.”

Under a list compiled through the Employment, Training and Rehab Department, Wynn Resorts would be the biggest beneficiary in the state with the payroll tax reverting to pre-2009 levels. That would save the company $3 million a year.

Wal-Mart was No. 2 with a $2 million annual benefit. That was followed by MGM Grand and the Bellagio, the Venetian, Aria and Newmont Mining.

Hospitals, Southwest Airlines and NV Energy were also in the top 25.

Gov. Brian Sandoval promised during his campaign not to support increased taxes and said he would veto taxes passed by the 2009 Legislature. Assembly Republicans have said they’re willing to negotiate for long-term government reforms, but Senate Republicans have stood firm with Sandoval. The session ends June 7 at 1 a.m.

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  1. Oh no, companies might be able to keep some of the money they earn.

    Something must be done about this!

  2. Insanity.
    Complete, utter insanity.

    "He noted that just about every company on the list of top 50 beneficiaries testified Wednesday in favor of extending the taxes that will otherwise sunset on June 30.

    "Everyone came here and said, 'Please don't reduce my taxes,' " Klaich said. "I wonder who we're serving by not allowing sunsets to go forward."

    "No, no. WE INSIST! NO TAXUS in Nevader, my friend! You don't owe us a DIME! It's really just a pleasure having you around. Hey, give it to YOUR CEO! An extra million or 2 in his stocking ought to get this economy MOVING AGAIN! He's bound to spend it on SOMETHING... SOMEWHERE... well, it all goes somewhere, is what we're saying... just not in OUR COFFERS, NO MAN! We're not like that here in Nevader. We don't like TAXUS. They're evil. The Devil's work. We're God fearing Christians, my friend. No, give it to the Big Guy, and let him stick it in his Bahamian account or somesuch."


    Brian Sandoval

  3. The 50 companies paying these taxes testified that they wanted to keep paying the taxes to help out the people of the State of Nevada.

    Mr. Sandoval tells them we don't want your money.

    Headline should read:

    "Mr. Sandoval pulls plug on the State of Nevada while big business offered to help save it."

    This is what happens when you elect a person that refuses to provide a detailed plan, or any real plan at all to fix the problems facing our State/County/City.

    People let emotions instead of common sense get in the way of making rational decisions.

    Never hire a person that can not provide you with a plan to fix the problems.

  4. Please Sandoval don't let these taxes expire. You have the businesses who pay them even saying that they don't think it's a good idea to let them expire. They are not new taxes when we have been living with them for 2 years now and even you have stated that the economy is back on its feet. Why take more out of education and give it to big businesses?

  5. If 1800 teachers are laid off, there will be about 1400 houses that go back to the bank for a total around $200 million in real estate property. Cars and boats and motorcycles will also go back to the bank.

    $200 million, to a population of 2 million tax payers is a monthly payment of $8/month each for ONE YEAR ONLY. So to save Nevada tax payers $8/month for ONE YEAR ONLY, 1800 teachers will be laid off, classroom sizes will increase over 40 and education will become a travesty.

    Brian Sandoval is an ideologue. That means he will pursue his political philosophy no matter how much damage is done to people, because he is "working for Nevada". I hope those cactii and lizards appreciate how hard Brian is working for them.

    Bin Laden's dream the destruction of education, science and public medical care is still coming true, even in death. That's what 9/11 was about, the destruction of the economy and millions of peoples lives without firing another shot.

    Ten years after, the dreams and goals of bin Laden are succeeding and gaining strength. Bin Laden is, for all practical purposes, could be the Patron Saint of the Republican Party, as they share the same goals.

  6. It would be one thing if there was strong public support of allowing the taxes to sunset, but given how the entities who pay these taxes are opposed to allowing them to sunset, I think Sandoval should listen to the people of this state and re-evaluate his position.

    Yes, many appreciate his fiscal stance in general, but on this issue he can safely make an exception in the name of serving the people of Nevada.

  7. There is nothing preventing these companies from voluntarily submitting the same amount that they would pay if the tax was in place. I wonder if they really feel obliged to keep paying it or are they just blowing smoke. Rescind the tax and see if they pay up. I think that everyone here knows the answer, not one penny will be voluntarily paid.

    Rescind the tax and take the pressure off the small business man who is seeing his profits shrink from a back door income tax. Let the jobs come back faster.

  8. Great point made, Anthony!

    If those "on the list of top 50 beneficiaries testified Wednesday in favor of extending the taxes that will otherwise sunset on June 30," really felt bad and they feel it's their citizen duty to help Nevada in this economic crisis, then they SHOULD VOLUNTEER TO PAY TAXES!

    Yes, they don't enjoy the bad PR of late, goes to show what is being said about them is being read, heard, and taken to heart. But alas, these are empty words to deflect the rage citizens have and are developing towards them. Blowing smoke, yep, big time.

  9. Please note the assumption in every lefties comment that the money a company (or person) earns somehow belongs to government and, out of the goodness of its heart, the government will "allow" a portion of it to be retained. Wynn will "save" $3 million, my foot! They and every other NV company have had their earnings confiscated by the tax & spend crowd in Carson City for 2 years and now, surprise, the parasitic class wants to make it permanent. What else could we expect of a parasitic class that lives off the hard work and ingenuity of others?

  10. Every person who commented on here to support taxes should voluntarily pay more taxes. If you personally are not willing to pay more taxes, then don't ask/demand companies (who produce tax paying jobs) to pay more.

  11. Corporations only promise is to make more profit for shareholders. They testified to keep taxing them because it is good for the corporations bottom line. It puts a better light on them.Makes them look sympathetic.

  12. Maybe the State of Nevada shouldn't tax all these corporation, they should just buy their stocks and call it and collect the profits.