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June 29, 2015

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Teachers union fires back after group urges members to drop membership

A local libertarian think tank's initiative to persuade Clark County schoolteachers to drop their union membership drew the ire of union officials Thursday.

The Nevada Policy Research Institute launched a campaign this month to inform teachers of their right to opt out of the union between July 1 and 15. Nevada is a right-to-work state, which means teachers cannot be compelled to join the union as a condition of employment.

NPRI argues the two-week opt-out window is too narrow and occurs when teachers are on summer vacation. Many teachers may not know they can drop their membership, said Victor Joecks, NPRI's director of communications.

Joecks penned an article listing five reasons why teachers should consider dropping their union, including a recent Las Vegas Review-Journal article that found higher than average salaries given to union leaders in 2009.

Joecks — who was on Sun columnist Jon Ralston's "Face to Face" TV program to talk about the issue — came to Thursday's School Board meeting armed with a stack of pre-written opt-out letters and stamped envelopes. He said it was an effort to make it easier for members to exit their union.

"Teachers should have a choice about their membership in the union," Joecks said. "Unfortunately, they only have that choice between July 1 and 15."

Joecks, who was flanked by two teachers who supported NPRI's message, said he plans to return during the July 12 School Board meeting to distribute letters and envelopes.

Few union members at the meeting seem to have taken up Joecks' offer, but that didn't stop union officials from fuming about what they said was a personal attack from NPRI.

The union relies on its $768-a-year membership dues to fund its organization. The union, whose membership has been declining in the wake of the recession, also receives district funding to support its nonprofit Teachers Health Trust.

"If these guys had their way, teachers would be working minimum wage," said John Vellardita, executive director of the Clark County Education Association. "Come ask me July 16 how effective these neocons are in bashing teachers."

The union's furor extended to the School District, as well. Association President Ruben Murillo told the School Board during public comment to terminate School District spokeswoman Amanda Fulkerson's position.

Murillo argued the School District's communication department, which he said was overpaid, was encouraging teachers to drop the union by circulating NPRI's article.

"Is that collaboration?" Murillo said. "These tactics may have worked for (Fulkerson's former employer Arnold) Schwarzenegger, but they have no place here in Clark County."

School Board member Deanna Wright fired back.

"We are not encouraging teachers to drop their membership," she said. "Even though we've had our differences, we respect the (union)."

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  1. Maybe, just maybe, if unions would stick to what they were intended to do, they wouldn't have members dropping out in droves. By that I mean, unions should quit their one-sided love affair with the screwballs on the left, the illegals and perverts and work in the interest of their rank & file members. Most union members I know aren't that keen on helping illegals stay in this country while they undermine the jobs of American citizens, born here or naturalized. Working for less, mostly under the table and paying no taxes yet utilizing all of the services afforded "real" American's, illegals are a sore spot with many. Still, many union bosses side with illegals over the welfare and interests of their members. Somethings very wrong here. Unions, for the most part, also take up social issues that are foreign to their members. Agreeing with the agenda of whacko's who want to undermine the USA and endorsing lifestyles of the perverse does not score many points with their conservative members who also pay dues. WI & IN are but the beginning of a revolt by union members who are sick & tired of the leftist agenda of unions and their strong-arming of its membership. And that is a very good thing!

  2. Phoney union and phoney libertarians.

    Bring back the real unions like the IWW who wouldn't sacrifice newer workers so that others could get a small pay raise. The current union is just making the union bosses and CCSD muckety mucks richer and more powerful. What happened to good ol' fashioned solidarity?

  3. John Vellardita is right when he states that "If these guys had their way, teachers would be working minimum wage."

    NPRI is nothing less than a Union Busting propaganda operation funded by Sheldon Adelson, The Koch Bros., and the Chamber of Commerce. The only thing they and their financial backers care about is more money in their own pockets.

    NPRI has never been above lying to accomplish it's goals. They have been proven incapable of using viable research or statistics so many times that any legitimate organization would have shuttered the doors and closed shop.

    NPRI's goals translate to lower teacher wages, lower business taxes and a lower quality of life for Nevada employees. They and their donors don't give a damn about students or the quality of education.

  4. What benefit does the School District get from the Union? - The simple answer is NONE. A teacher is a licensed professional and should be employed by an individual professional services contract. Nevada State Law needs changing to end the demand for Districts to have Master Contracts with teachers.

  5. Using the current telephone book for CCSD and the Transparent Nevada salary information for CCSD for 2011, I found the salaries and benefits paid for the following people in the CCSD Communications Office.

    Chief Communications Officer, Amanda Fulkerson, 51,209 (she was only employed for part of 2011)(Salary is over 100k)

    Director, Cynthia Sell 123,290.99

    Coordinator III, Michael T. Rodriguez, 103,033.75

    Public Information Specialist, David Roddy, 98,481.06

    Public Information Specialist, Dave Sheehan, 104,389.96

    Public Information Specialist, Penny Ramos-Bennett, 70,332.10

    Public Information Specialist, Melinda Malone, no information available, probably not hired until 2012

    Communications Assistant, Anthony Springer, no information available, probably not hired until 2012

    Photographer, Michele Nelson, 69,928.21

    Graphic Artist II, position vacant

    Officer Supervisor, Loreasa Nary, 55,262.63

    Secretary III, Jacquelyn Robinson, 64,009.61

    Office Specialist II, Keely Brown, 61,177.34

    Total cost for pay and benefits for 2011 is $696,724.99 with three positions with salary data not available.

    Just as a point of comparision, the maximum pay for a teacher with a PHD and maximum experience with benefits is 93,785. There are at least 5 people in the communications office that make as much if not more that amount. How many students does that office teach?

    This is a link to the CCSD phone book.

    This is a link to Transparent Nevada.

    I was able to find the information in about 15 minutes.

  6. Some things are wrong here. I agree with blister8: teachers as licensed professionals need to act like professionals, not ranting strikers trying to gang fight anyone who doesn't lockstep into more money, more money, more money. Wonder where school bullies get their ideas, examples of who to emulate? Also agree completely with JF. We have to stop giving away our rights, wealth, treasure, values to anybody and everybody including illegals. We must prioritize OUR future by taking care of the present. WE need to be healthy, have reasonable life styles that include food, shelter, proper health care BEFORE we spend everything on law breakers, indigents, illegal invaders. We must stop taxing our economy into dysfunction. And as far as any union official not appreciating anyone else to exercise the right to free expression, here's mine "Take a hike and get out of here."

  7. According to the current CCSD phone book, these are the people who work in the Superintendent's Office. The pay data, which include benefits, came from Transparent Nevada.

    Superintendent, Dwight Jones, 396,202.83

    Secretary to the Superintendent, Elizabeth Carrero, 143,720.44

    Administrative Secretary III, Joyce Pistone, 88,633.98

    Administrative Secretary II, Debbie Eloi, 98,583.43

    Administrative Secretary I, Carmen West, 75,587.00

    Secretary III, Pamela Banaszynski, 61,262.93

    The total for these 6 people is 863,990.61. Not one is a teacher or in a classroom. The maximum pay and benefits for a teacher with a PHD and maximum years of service is 93475. There are three people working in the superintendent's office that make more than that amount.

    This is a link to the CCSD phone book.
    This is a link to Transparent Nevada.

    How does NPRI feel about these salaries?

  8. These are the people that support the CCSD school trustees. The salary and benefit information came from the current CCSD phone book and from Transparent Nevada.

    Executive Assistant, Cindy Krohn, 112,776.80

    Transcriber/recording secretary, Stephanie Gatlin, 74,265.07

    Administrative Secretary II, Lisa Chrapcynski, 70,342.62

    Administrative Secretary II, Norma Herrera, 72,881.95

    Administrative Secretary I, 61,883.33

    The total cost for this office is 392149.77. None of these 5 people is a teacher. The average pay and benefits for a teacher is around 70,000.00

    This is a link to the CCSD phone book.
    This is a link to Transparent Nevada.

    What does NPRI say about these salaries?

  9. @Roslenda. If you go back and look at the teacher salary schedules from 2008 and compare them to the current schedule they are identical. Teacher salaries have NOT changed in 4 years. The issue this year was that CCSD didn't want to honor the contract and pay the education and step increases to teachers who had earned them. Salaries are capped at 5 years for a bachelors degree and 9 years for a masters degree. That means the only way to increase pay is to get additional education.

    The current CCSD budget for 2012-2013 is just over 2 billion. In the past 5 years, the budget has been cut 500,000,000 or approximately 25%.

    No school district can function without teachers. Teachers are the people who educate your children and grandchildren. How many students does Jones teach every day? Teachers choose to have an association to provide a common voice. Imagine trying to negotiate 18000 individual contracts? How much would that cost?

  10. Tanker--get verified if you want your posts read or responded to. So teachers are the only ones who should "earn" high pay? Cut ALL compensation down to reasonable levels. Contracts are NOT valid when the unions have undue influence. Get over it and START TEACHING our kids to read.

  11. Tanker, Can you clarify whether the support staff are full time employees(2080 hours per year) or do they work the same schedule as teachers (3 months off every summer??

  12. Abused citizen, by your calculation, are you suggesting that full-time employees work 52 weeks per year (52 x 40 = 2080)? Are you also suggesting that teachers are only working their contracted hours?

  13. Joe, you are completely correct. And I too, will be forfeiting 14 years of paying into SS prior to teaching.

    Roslenda: You clearly speak on Immigration Reform which is not of the topic or in the hands of educators. And, out of 18,000 teachers, only less than a hundred were found to have an unsatisfactory evaluation. So when you say "Start teaching our children to read", you must not be noticing the fact that we have started or we would not have so many satisfactory evaluations. Or, you must think that the administration is not calling out these teachers which is a different battle, but the same battle for educators in that with out CCEA, teacher's lives would be completely left in the hands of one of those administrators. You can't have it both ways...Although you always try to.

    Classified staff work 11 months,and are not paid or have their salary spread out so they go without pay for one month.

    A point not brought out due the push that teachers are selfish for money in hard times, is that when this town was BOOMING and the state had such a surplus of funds, they gave the people all of their DMV fees back. They did not save for a rainy day nor fund education better. They did not rehabilitate schools with this money or put it towards anything that would increase the strength of our state. So history tells me that Education is not a priority whether there is money or not, even if the money was not used to catch NV teachers up to the salaries of the nation. So they got the result they set themselves up for.
    It is sad that there is such huge budgets in the district now that are towards rehabilitation of buildings, etc. when only a small portion of that budget would make this whole District financial crisis MUTE.
    It is an election year and votes should go towards LOCAL officials that would not make the same financial mistakes as that legislation did in the 2003-2006 era.

  14. @abused. Most support staff and the administrative staff work 11 months per year. I don't know about support staff, but I believe that administrators also get their salary spread over 12 months.

    The administrators salaries go from 4350 per month (47850 annually) to 13,233 monthly (145463 annually). This is without benefits. This is the link to the administrators salary schedule.

  15. @Roslenda. Why I choose not to be verified is my decision, and most people seem very comfortable with my comments.

    Let's compare basic salaries, since we don't have benefit information for one person.

    Amanda Fulkerson,Chief Communications Officer for CCSD, 1st year on the job. Base salary $130,632.

    1st Year teacher with Bachelor's degree, base salary $34,688.

    So Fulkerson's salary could fund 3.7 first year teacher's salaries. Whose work best support the mission of CCSD to "produce students ready by exit"?

  16. @Roslenda. For your consideration. This is the office that negotiates all contracts with the FOUR CCSD barginning units, Teachers, Administrators, Support Staff, and Police.

    Using the current CCSD phone book and the 2011 Transparent Nevada salary and benefits information for 2011, I was able to find the following information for Employee-Management Relations. The salary and benefits information is for 2011. The information for 2012 will not be available until the end of the year.

    Associate Superintendent, Dr. Edward Goldman, 191,266.71

    Administrative Secretary III, Nina Papazis, 86,883.08

    Director II Fran Juhasz, 139,309.47

    Coordinator IV, Don (Doc) Harris, 127,704.10

    Coordinator IV, Christopher Greathouse, 120,898.46

    Coordinator IV, Mollie Lyman, 49,805.00 (only hired for part of year)

    Coordinator IV, Darrin Puana, 128,008.70

    Coordinator IV, Denise Thistlewaite, 125,475.04

    Coordinator IV, Kim Radich, 121,220.77

    Office Supervisor, Charlene Ullyott, 58,250.08

    Secretary III, Kaylon Johnson-Vincent, 58,250.08

    Personnel Analyst, Carol Aden, 79,435.65

    Personnel Analyst, America Lomeli, 63,574.91

    Personnel Analyst, Amy Bradsahw-Kelly, 56,337.07

    Total for salary and benefits for 2011 was 1,406,419.12. Total students taught in 2011 was NONE!!!!

    Just as a point of comparison, the maximum pay and benefits for a teacher with a PHD and maximum experience is 93,785. There are at least 8 people in Employee-Management Relations that make as much if not more that amount. The average pay and benefits for a teacher is between 60K and 70K.

    This is a link to the CCSD phone book.

    This is a link to Transparent Nevada.

  17. The article states: "School Board member Deanna Wright fired back.

    "We are not encouraging teachers to drop their membership," she said. "Even though we've had our differences, we respect the (union)." "

    You personally may not be, but Amanda Fulkerson and her staff are. They have been seen shaking hands with and meeting with NPRI's Executive Director Victor Joecks- even at CCSD events. Amanda has emailed NPRI's webpage on why to drop CCEA membership to CCSD administrators. Amanda has also made statements encouraging CCEA members to drop their membership.

    So, Board Members- by allowing Amanda Fulkerson to continue, and by hiding your heads in the sand, you are supporting her. By not putting her on suspension and investigating her actions, you are supporting her through inaction and silence.

    If CCSD teachers and school staff can't use our work email for union recruitment, than CCSD communications department employees shouldn't be using our work email to encourage employees to drop the union. Sorry, she violated CCSD email policy, and is teetering on unfair labor practices.

    In addition: NPRI's claim on how much teachers pay in union dues is absurd. With 18 years and a Master's- I happily pay $30 a month (or $15 per paycheck)- not $64. Union dues (if I remember correctly) are also paid in proportion to your salary- so a first year teacher with a BA only pays $8 per paycheck.... or something like that.

    Why I expect them to report that accurately is beyond me....

  18. CCEA's FB is not locked down, I could post right this minute.

    Melissa, I love your post.

    The amount for dues is the same for every member and every person has the ability to write off that amount on their taxes. Small price to pay for the ability to defend against the obvious decisions that would have not been fought against this year such as Evaluations and their due process, refunding CCSD my salary, and losing my healthcare provider/costs. These items would other wise been just enforced, and FORCED.

    The other protection coverage providers that are supposed to be offered as an alternative to CCEA are only giving a coverage if you are personally sued as a teacher. They do not involve themselves in local school district protections or salary/benefit issues. They fail to mention this as the FACT.
    I did not see NPRI or any of the providers they speak of there at any time this year trying to work with CCSD employees for the protection of teachers and the improvement of working conditions for CCSD teachers. So, therefore one can assume that this is not a priority to them, but attacking CCEA is. If they are the hot ticket, they should SHOW US WHAT THEY HAVE DONE to increase anything regarding education and the profession of teaching!
    Please read the following link:

    So NPRI is for teachers? Education? No, they are anti-collective bargaining and want teacher support after assassinating them all over their website all year long.


  19. Too bad an education does not teach common sense. We have a lot of good people (teachers) that depend on a Union to speak for them, when in truth, if they spoke for themselves they would be a lot better off. Show me a Pied Piper and I will show you a Union Leader.....that says give me, give me and the follower yelling yeah, yeah all the way to the unemployment line.

  20. Thanks Lisa. I can post on CCEA's Facebook page too.

    I also love how NPRI assumes that teachers don't know we can opt out of CCEA during this time, and that's it's their job to tell us.

    Uh, I know I got the notice from CCEA reminding me of the opt out and in time!! It's not like it's a secret and when we join CCEA we're unaware that there is an opt-out time.

    I for one would never join AAE as NPRI suggests teachers do. For the exact reasons you state, among others.

  21. After a teacher wrote an open letter to teachers about the new state superintendent, Dr. James Guthrie, expressing concerns about statements made by Dr. Guthrie in two articles in the LVRJ, he was attacked in print by Victor Joecks. This is a link to the NPRI article.

    This is a link to the open letter sent by the teacher to CCEA and posted on the CCEA website.

    In one of the articles he wrote, Dr. Guthrie made a statement that advanced degrees by teachers had no impact on student achievement. In the same article, he said the Nationally Certified teachers had little impact. He also said in the article that there is no difference between traditional teacher training programs and alternative programs like Teach for America.

    NPRI had been loud and vocal about "bad teacher's" and privatizing education. I have yet to hear anybody, even Mr. Joecks, from NPRI define what a "bad teacher" is.

    Yet, the silence from NPRI about the salaries given to administrators in CCSD has been deafening. It appears that NPRI is only concerned about waste and excessive salaries when it comes to teachers. The 700k in salaries and benefits to Amanda Fulkerson's office is ok. The 800K spent in salary and benefits to the Superintendent's office is ok, and the 1.4 million to Employee-Management office to negotiate contracts is ok as well.

    I wonder which salary NPRI is most ok with.

    CCSD Communications office.

    Photographer, Michele Nelson, 69,928.21

    Or from the CCSD salary and benefits for 2011-2012.

    Teacher with Bachelor's degree and 5 years service, 57,563

    Teachers with Bachelor's degree +32 credits, 9 years service, 69,566

    Teacher with Master's degree, 9 years service, 68,263

    This is the link.

    I wonder what Mr. Joecks would say about that comparison?

  22. So what has the teachers union done over the last 2 years for the teachers in the district, other than getting 400+ of them laid off. The union bossed get to drive nice luxury cars (I was in the operating engineers union until I found out what my dues were really going for. BMRs and Benzes for all, nice houses, while the union members were lucky to pick up even 20 hours a week, unless you were on the A list AND had additional pull. In industries where health and safety abuses run rampant, the union somewhat protects their members and provides a service....for teachers and other white collar workers, is just a sucking sound coming from the wallet every year.

  23. @Xtlman.

    Only problem with your comments about the "union bosses drivng BMRS and Benses" is that it isn't true. The current executive director's salary is less than 150k. The union president and vice president are on buyouts from CCSD. What that means is that the union pays their salary and benefits, but they are guaranteed a job with CCSD when their term of office ends. Those salaries are capped as well in the union by-laws. All other union officers are full-time teachers and do their union duties on non-teaching or buy out time.

  24. And, the CCEA "union bosses" are actually on the salary schedule just THE SAME as teachers, they just work more days a year.

    Tanker, great citing.

    And I encourage anyone that sees that NPRI and the CCSD Communications Dept. collaboration being a blatantly inappropriate and political relationship, to please call on the district and the school board with an email expressing so.

    And the 400 teachers laid off, why don't you go to the school board meeting and ask how we hired way more than that throughout this year? Even in March, as we were being threatened of lay offs, there were new teacher orientations being held!

    I have noticed over the year that the community is more aware of the truth.

  25. Why is NPRI urging teachers to leave CCEA? The short answer is that they are afraid of the change in CCEA to the organizaning model. They have seen the constant presence of union members at Trustee meetings. They have seen the growing political influence of CCEA.

    If you have any doubts, look at the Trustee primary election for District A. Kevinn Donovan beat Deanna Wright by almost 2000 votes. Wright finished ahead of Mary Ella Holloway by less than 200 votes. For an incubent school board member that is a significant defeat. It will also be much harder to get an endorsement for any political office from CCEA. Based on the past legislative session, there are many hard questions about support for education and past records that may be difficult to defend.

  26. NPRI is concerned that the "education reforms" enacted in the last legislature in regard to teacher seniority and layoffs are not being used by CCSD in the present round of layoffs. The other "education reform" that is important to NPRI is the change in the evalution system for teachers and administrators. The Teacher's Leader Council appointed by the Governor are struggling with developing a system that can be used state-wide and how to evaluate teachers who don't teach math, science and ELA.

    Yet NPRI has said nothing about education reforms that would have a significant impact on student learning. Why does almost every other G20 county have a longer school year than the US, and why do we give our students 3 months off during the summer? That schedule was appropriate during the 1850's, not during the 21st Century. Oh yeah, that would cost more money, and that, according to NPRI, is a BAD thing. Too bad, because it is a simple thing to do to improve education.

    The other quick fix is to lengthen the school day. Why do we only teach students for approximately 7 hours a day. Most other G20 countries have a longer school day. Opps, more money again.

    Now which things are real education reform and will impact student performance in the classroom?

    NPRI wants to get rid of "bad teachers", but has yet to define what a bad teacher is. In the recent round of lay-offs, only 37 teachers were laid off for disciplinary reasons. That's 37 out of approximately 18000 teachers. That's two tenths of one percent.

  27. The CCEA is just another bully of those who favor education over pay and benefit. In Sacramento the teacher of the year was given a pink slip, why, the union, she only had two years of service. Unions are just raping their members of their hard earned cash. The SEUI in Sacramento were docking members for a fee for political purposes, beside their monthly dues. If union workers would just look over the years they pay dues, they would realize that its just wasted money that goes to union executives, managers and political campaign. I never jointed the union because of their attitude toward the cit and elected official, the disrespect was a direct slap in the face to the voters. Unions and taxpayers do not mix and never should of been allowed. Public service is not a right, its a privilege.

  28. @express445. How does what happened in Scramento mean anything in Las Vegas? Dues paid to CCEA are ONLY used to fund operations. Members have a choice to make additional contributions to support other programs.

    For more information about "union bosses" see my post of 9:34pm. Dues for CCEA members are less than 750 per year.

  29. Express445: "The CCEA is just another bully of those who favor education over pay and benefit."

    So education should not include expenses? Well then you should be screaming for free college for all Americans in this format.

    Aaronboy: "Too bad an education does not teach common sense. We have a lot of good people (teachers) that depend on a Union to speak for them, when in truth, if they spoke for themselves they would be a lot better off."

    Our union is ALL teachers elected into positions other than 1 executive and a few staff. If you think you can speak so much better than the representation that is doing so now, you have no reason not to step up to the plate and do so, run for the position yourself. If you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem. If you have some great ideas which I do not deny you might, then where is your leadership in this crisis? Judging the current leadership is a dog chasing its tail...step up and share rather than deny our profession its best asset, teachers for teachers.

  30. According to an admittance over Twitter Ms. Fulkerson WAS sending out NPRI's stuff.

    @BuzzIzarownd: F2F made it sound like CCSD & NPRI were working together on it.

    @LauraKMM: CCSD's @OfficialAmandaF was circulating NPRI's letter

    **amanda fulkerson @OfficialAmandaF: Never sent a "press rls" that was exaggerated - absolutely did send the link 2 a few peeps.

    @Surfzoned: CCSD colluded w/ NPRI, spends $ on TFA & Edison (stats show neither work). Makes CCSD look bought.

    @Surfzoned: Define a "few people". I have a few contacts (1000s). Less rhetoric, more detailed #s plz.

    **amanda fulkerson @OfficialAmandaF: Clearly it was one too many. Ha

  31. What is so wrong with having a union?

    Unions are created for the common benefit of its members. There are far worse situations that could have happened if it were not for the Unions.

    If there wasn't a union, would you people who are opposed to it provide assurances that employers will operate at its highest unquestionable, highly fair, and efficient best? Can you?

    Checks and balances are necessary to prevent abuse of power. Without the Union, forget about due process, fairness, and justice. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It corrupts both - administrations and unions.

    You may not like the system, but that is what we have and it has served us well. It is not the concept of unions that is the problem. It is the people who are running it, negotiating with it, and colluding with it that are. The union per se is not at fault. Those are not enough reasons to abolish it. Get rid of the people who are running and colluding with it, not the concept of unionization. Just think about yourself being poor and harassed. What would you do, alone?

    The senate and congress are abusing their power and there is not a whole darn thing we can do about it.

    Election? HA! As soon as they get elected, they forget about you who elected them.

    Is there anything else you can do about it? Not a whole lot, is there?

  32. NPRI is a Koch Brother/Billionaire hyper conservative crazy lunatic group. Sheldon Addelson and others believe they can influence and buy anti-public education propaganda non-stop. This is not good for Nevada. It's not good for women who teach kids to read, like me. And it's not good for students, especially students like many of mine from at-risk areas, on free and reduced lunch.

    There is no possible reason that anyone in my school district should talk to or make an alliance with - NPRI. There has NEVER been one positive article that has come from that institution about public schools.

    I do NOT appreciate being contacted by INTERNAL school district e-mail by this anti-public education group. It's harassing. I think NPRI has overstepped their bounds by sending through CCSD's channels any information that leads to their hate filled website.

    I would really NOT appreciate receiving anything in the postal mail from anyone - about dropping my union. I have the right to organize. I have a right to my address and contact information being private.

    I find NPRI foul. I find them unscrupulous. I do not trust anyone employed with that group. I do not want them invading my workplace with their spew and puke.

  33. This is why I have serious problems with NPRI:

    It is simply NOT cool for a public school district employee to be forming any alliances with the heavily anti-public-education group. NOT COOL AT ALL!

  34. Angie: "I do NOT appreciate being contacted by INTERNAL school district e-mail by this anti-public education group. It's harassing. I think NPRI has overstepped their bounds by sending through CCSD's channels any information that leads to their hate filled website."


    I emailed the union my complaint as well!!