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July 4, 2015

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Man critically injured in shooting in North Las Vegas


A man was shot several times after exchanging gunfire early Monday with another resident at a North Las Vegas apartment complex, police said.

North Las Vegas Police received reports of shots fired about 1:30 a.m. at Newport Village Apartments, 1827 W. Gowan Road, spokeswoman Officer Chrissie Coon said.

Police arrived to find a 31-year-old man in critical condition, she said. Several apartment buildings had been sprayed with stray gunfire, she said.

Preliminary investigation indicated the man had exchanged gunfire with a 42-year-old resident at the complex, Coon said.

The victim was taken to University Medical Center.

The other man was uninjured and was detained for questioning, police said. No one else was injured.

North Las Vegas Police ask anyone with information regarding the shooting to call 702-0633-9111 or to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.

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  1. How can peace and happiness be brought to the city of North Las Vegas? I think we've all heard enough of these stories. What can we do as a community to help turn the tide?

  2. TomD....the one group I never blame in areas where violence is high and poverty is up are children.

    and @ you have any facts to base your statements on? I would hate to assume that's right.

  3. Groovy!!

  4. TomD, have you ever heard of Bill Cosby's 'Pound Cake' Speech? He mentions several key points you mention as well.

    And as a single mom...I have to say I dont personally understand men and women who have child after child when they cant really afford them. People should want to give their children the best in life, not the lease.

  5. Statistics show that if you are likely to get yourself shot (war, other battles, crime, hostile personality), you usually get it taken care of by age 35 or so. So let's get more age-restricted areas for the over-40 crowd to live in some safety.

  6. Ashley 10:51, please note, we AGREE on something. TomD: Can we spread the word--I've seen many women who are so "surprised" when they are deserted by their man, men, the third time, fourth time when they have 3, 4, or 5 kids. Seems they think their (her) religion means he will stick around for all the kids she can have. So SHE thinks it's a good idea to get pregnant. What kind of a relationship can a man and woman, or any couple, have when there are kids demanding attention, meals, clothing/laundry..... Now that's not all bad but there must be give and take allowing a lot of room for your relationship to grow into a real partnership BEFORE you have kids. And girls to women need to CONSIDER that your man (or the guy you want to make your man) is a lot more interested in a SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP than in a family relationship. It's natural. If a relationship lasts a few years, you might grow closer and he may be interested in supporting you and children. Then let's allow a little room for the men who disappear so the kids can be better off without them--perhaps with a more fatherly man around--perhaps receiving welfare benefits rather than hungry, crying, wet / need a change...
    But hey, GUYS, if you're a teen now, you WILL BE ON THE HOOK for retroactive child support--that DNA will finger you as father and the feds along with County District Attorneys (child support enforcement program) are going to get you--they will pull your passport, your drivers license, your occupational licenses, your tax refunds, YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS, YOUR PAYCHECKS to get that overdue child support. So whatever sex life you want to have, it's now the Dude's responsibility to make sure CONTRACEPTION, also known as birth control, is used EVERY TIME.

  7. The EPIDEMIC: teen girls who are not aware of any option other than having kids. So many are unaware of any way to support themselves--even if they make it through high school. We must insist K-12 include mandatory classes in "Life Skills." Not just the show-up-for-work-on-time classes required by Welfare. Life Skills that explain how to find a job--being able to show attendance at school. Skills so you do NOT GO WILD when you get the first pay check--make it last until the next check. How to find a low-cost apartment or room. How to find a room mate--who will share the costs but not leave you holding the bills. How to treat your room mate so the thing works out. How to find "parenting" classes to take long BEFORE you get pregnant. Skills that allow you to consider the COSTS of pregnancy and parenthood.

  8. And how about that billboard: Poster "child" (young man with gang colors) of life in prison without parole. Caption: NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN--after he "accidentally shot and killed" a bystander.

  9. Bob, just trying to warn teen boys that they WILL pay for unprotected sex, can't just leave it up to the girl--at least those boys who have a future and are likely to have a career, own a home. Child Support Enforcement already uses dna--whenever a mom names any guy as daddy he HAS TO take the test or they can judgment his assets AS IF his dna proved it. And CSE already takes licenses, assets, income.

    And Bob, I agree with you more perhaps completely regarding "downtrodden" as a way of life is just not society's problem. If anyone chooses to live that way, we SHOULD NOT enable it.

    But that still lives irresponsible "downtrodden" boys to men who think it's macho to impregnate but not perform as daddies. So we must educate the girls to women that the guys are just not going to stick with them. Those ideas that because he impregnates you he'll be around to provide for you and the kids are just insane. Women can chose to have kids without expecting daddy to be there, but the women must plan on supporting those kids--not relying on the rest of us for a lifetime income without employment.

  10. For anyone who doubts it, we already have statutory authority for dna whenever an unsupported mother names you as the daddy, or probably the daddy. You must provide a dna sample or you can be held financially responsible for that child. The District Attorneys and State Child Support Enforcement staff probably don't want all the phone calls. Maybe we can get Sam Shad, Nevada Newsmakers, to invite Director Mike Willden to explain it (Nevada Dpt of H&HS). Mike may even have personal experience...

  11. Bob 9:28, I agree again with the concept that those who act like animals must be treated like animals. Animals must be locked up forever and ever--we'll save the costs to our cultures, society, law enforcement, potential victims, future court costs. Sure, we'll pay for prisons. Let's get a few chain gangs to make little rocks out of the big rocks and build some energy-efficient, thick walled cells on the outskirts of town. We can lease space to California and Arizona. This could be a growth industry--we have the land space for it.