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July 6, 2015

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Smithereens Cartoon Caption Contest:

What do you say to a UNLV Rebels fan?


Mike Smith

What is the wife of this UNLV Rebels fan saying? You get to fill in the blank in the Smithereens Cartoon Caption Contest.

It's time once again for the Smithereens Cartoon Caption Contest, where you get to try writing your own cartoon caption.

This month's contest features a UNLV Rebels fan wearing a football helmet to bed. You get to tell us what his wife is saying.

The rules of the competition are simple: Mike Smith provides a cartoon with a blank word bubble. You tell us what it should say by leaving a comment below.

Submissions are open until 5 p.m. Oct. 17. We'll pick our five favorites, and you can vote for the winner from Oct. 22-26. We'll announce the results Oct. 30.

You can see last month's contest winner here.

Good luck!

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  1. Dont worry Honey Basketball Season is almost here.

  2. I know they should put you in. Whats the worst that will happen, They lose?

  3. I didn't mean that kind of protection.

  4. i guess it could be worse you could be a cub fan

  5. I'm sorry I missed your pass, but your time management was horrible.

  6. At least they're good at rodeo...that's a sport, right?

  7. Will they win again well a blind squirrel finds a acorn eventually

  8. Even you get better penetration than they do.

  9. "You're still my favorite Homer!"

  10. If you keep practicing I'm sure you'll score when it counts...

  11. I don't understand why they call it "UNLV Now", no wonder they can't win they think "Now" means 10 years from now.

  12. Hope you were able to get some money on UNR -10 bet. Reno will probably win by 20 or more.

  13. What? No F.S.U.?

  14. Hey, you could switch to Ole Miss and still keep most of this stuff!

  15. Someday the South will rise again. Southern Nevada that is.

  16. No, I absolutely refuse to call you Hey Reb in bed.

  17. Honey, did I ever tell you I went to UNR?

  18. I know, I can't believe they lost to Rancho either.

  19. "You didn't tell me you were running the two minute drill"!

  20. "I'll never let that cheerleader babysit ever again"!

  21. "My girl friends all warned me". "Alice they said, he'll never cover the spread"......

  22. You're taking this Halloween costume to all new levels this year hunny .

  23. Why does our alarm clock have to play the UNLV fight song?

  24. Remember what Coach Hauck said about not "peaking" to early.

  25. Get Cialis and you won't be as impotent as the football team.

  26. "You haven't shot your cannon in 8 years!"

  27. "No you can't name our daughter Stacey Augmon Sims."

  28. I said it was time for TROJAN man!

  29. At least you're a Rebel with a cause.

  30. Can we skip the tackling drills?

  31. Don't forget to take out your mouth guard.

  32. Can we skip the instant replay?

  33. You're not going to score either!

  34. Hey Reb, get your stuff and get out of here quick. Just heard the garage door Wolfie is home.

  35. Bobby, please just turn the lights off.

  36. That's not a c-pap!

  37. NO! The safe word will not be REBELS!

  38. This role playing has gone too far!

  39. I'm making you an appoinment with a psychiatrist!

  40. Your off your meds again aren't you.

  41. Just wondering did you ahhh suffer a head injury back in the day?

  42. I know sometimes I get carried away but I don't get that rough.

  43. The helmet is OK but put that Sherry jersey on and I am good to go!

  44. Should I shake my Pom Poms?

  45. Is it time for kickoff?

  46. Not another incomplete pass.

  47. Can we have an instant replay?

  48. Was that excessive celebration?

  49. Next time, give me a two minute warning.

  50. I'm not buying that your performance is directly related to their performance!

  51. I guess love really is blind. Good thing for you.

  52. You want me to do what to get you season tickets?

  53. I won't embarass you about losing to two FCS schools in two years.

  54. That was good but I am still not making a donation to the Rebel Athletic Fund.

  55. You can not turn this house into the Rebel brothel to raise funds for a new stadium!

  56. You'd better try that "Viva Las Vegas" stuff.

  57. It's true, a Rebel always gets the girl.

  58. Sorry Bobby, Mike Sanford was better in bed too.

  59. At least you're not a UNR fan!

  60. No way. I am not going to dance for you like a Rebel Girl.

  61. What? You just cut me?

  62. Next you are going to want to trade me for a wife to be named later.

  63. Let me guess. The Christmas bonus came in early at work.

  64. Guess you can buy most of this stuff for pennies on the dollar now, right?

  65. You better be wearing your nut cup too there Bozo.

  66. Look on the Bright Side, UNLV is still the second best team in Vegas.

  67. OMG, you're NOT wearing THAT again are you? I'll show you your rebel, buddy!

  68. If you call me your "Tight end" one more time I'm going to drop kick you into the bleachers!

  69. So you're telling me that's the same helmet Greg Anthony wore when he broke his jaw in 1990?!

  70. No! 4-play is not the quarterback sneak.

  71. rearrange the letters UNLV and it spells LUV'N and I need some

  72. Judge, the truth must be known, you are in contempt of court and the fine is 24 hours of diversion with your mule.

  73. I just don't understand why you get performance anxiety every time we play UNR

  74. You're not gonna make the NFL with a performance like that...

  75. At least turn the lights off.

  76. omg! you're trying osmosis with that helmet to be one with the rebels...?!

  77. Is this your idea of afternoon delight?

  78. Remember it was your idea.Only when the Rebels win!

  79. Honey, I can deal with the helmet, but you chanting RREEBBEELLSS!! ruins the mood for me.

  80. Honey, You haven't even noticed my tattoo.

  81. OK Coach Hauck my dear, you can take off that silly helmet they can fire you whether you hide or not...!!

  82. What do you mean this is a non-smoking stadium?

  83. So you fumbled-big deal.

  84. No, I won't move the chains.

  85. Another quarterback sneak?

  86. I really wish you would take sex this seriously.

  87. The helmets fine, But the Cleats Have gotta go...

  88. "I don't mean that kind of protection, dear."

  89. You have about the same odds as UNLV ever winning that cannon back.

  90. Is this a bad time to tell you that I went to UNR?

  91. Would I get your attention if I changed my name to fourth and long?

  92. O.K. you say you placed your two season tickets on your desk at work hoping someone would steal them and when you got back from lunch all this stuff was piled on top of your desk along with 12 more tickets ?