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July 3, 2015

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Washoe County voter registrar inundated by faulty voter registration forms

Updated Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012 | 4:20 p.m.

Washoe County Registrar Dan Burk said today his office has been inundated by hundreds of faulty voter registration forms with errors ranging from an illegible name to the listing of fake or non-existent addresses.

Burk estimated his office has 1,000 voter registration forms pending with problems that prevent his staff from entering them into the system.

“We have applications that are so badly done that some can’t be processed and others that we have processed but the voters can’t be considered registered because they had no address or signature on the form,” Burk said.

Burk said faulty forms come in every cycle, but the number this year has become “overwhelming.”

“This is more than I can remember in any of the years I’ve been here,” Burk said.

He’s been Washoe County Registrar since the 2000 election. Washoe County is considered a swing county in the presidential and senate elections this year and has been the focus of intense attention by both political parties.

Burk said the irregular forms are coming in from “both parties, both presidential campaigns” and that he can’t pinpoint one firm that is responsible for the bulk of the bad forms.

The Republican National Committee today announced it is cutting ties with the voter registration firm it hired to operate in five battleground states, including Nevada, according to NBC News.

The RNC fired the firm after election officials in Palm Beach, Fla., discovered 108 fraudulent voter registration forms submitted by the Republican firm, Strategic Allied Consulting.

Darren Littel, the RNC's Nevada spokesman, said they've encountered no problems with the vendor in Nevada.

"We have zero tolerance for any threat to the integrity of the election," Littel said. "When informed of an alleged incident in Florida we cut all ties to the company."

Burk said he has not yet asked the secretary of state to investigate any of the irregularities his office has discovered. Burk’s priority now is to send letters to the affected voters to determine if they are legitimate or not.

“We need to reach those voters who are qualified voters,” he said.

Secretary of State Ross Miller said it is his office’s practice to neither confirm nor deny the existence of ongoing investigations.

Assistant Clark County Registrar Donna Cardinelli said her office has not noticed anything “abnormal.”

“With the volume we are doing, we are getting our share of addresses that are not legible, things like that,” she said. “But not anything out of the norm.”

Burk said at this point he’s chalking the irregular forms up to the “economic incentive” voter registration firms have for gathering forms and not any intentional fraud. State law allows parties and campaigns to pay vendors to register voters.

“But, yes, sometimes we get something suspicious,” Burk said. “Like two or three applications with exactly the same handwriting on it.

“Obviously, if we see a pattern, it is going to take us a little while to look into it, and we’ll work with the secretary of state.”

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  1. When you pay folks essentially by the registration what would one expect? Although voting is right for citizens it should not be shoved down their throat nor require extraordinary measures and expenditures to get them to register or vote.

    Every citizen has more than ample opportunity to register and vote if they want, it's not like it's a new right. We should not waste tax payer monies to spoon feed those who otherwise wouldn't bother despite the false and trumped up reasons why they can't without special treatment.

    If they register they do. If they vote, they do. If they don't they don't. Folks who have to be cajoled, massaged and almost paid to vote likely aren't able to make decisions in the best interest of the country anyway. Too many of todays citizens think voting is about their personal best interest, regardless of what it means for t he future of the US and all citizens.

    I saw a clip of a young woman stating she was having trouble deciding if she should vote her pocketbook or her principles. Sounds like her integrity and principles need some work. This country is in trouble if we have too many who think voting is about their personal financial circumstances. If that's the case, the union is doomed and it's almost too late.

  2. If you ask me, this witch hunt by the Tea/Republican Party is going to incredible lengths to try to prove there is some kind of voter fraud going on somewhere.

    And I notice from some of the commenters that it's already point fingers at the Democratic Party as the culprit.

    I know for a fact this is wrong.

    Because the Democrats actually campaign the traditional way. Boots on the pavement. Man the phones. Get out there, talk to people. Register people to vote. Explain the position.

    Believe it or not, in Nevada, there is an INCREDIBLE game plan for the Democratic Party.

    But the Tea/Republicans? Nah. It's easier to complain and point fingers as if to say look, they're cheating, they registered Donald Duck, VOTER FRAUD!

    Go ahead with that course of action, Tea/Republicans. Because it don't amount to a hill of beans to get people to vote for your flawed and inferior candidates. Candidates that are only in it for themselves...and not the people of Nevada.

    I get the impression that everytime you want to get someone to vote Tea/Republican, they automatically have to wear hip waders to get to the voting booth. Because you sure sling it out there savagely, relentlessly and constantly.

    Obama/Biden 2012! AND a Democratic Party majority in the House and the Senate!

    Romney/Ryan 1040s please! Cough 'em up. Everything Senator Reid has said has NEVER, to this day, been disproven. Romney is hiding something that is so horrible that it will render him unelectable.

  3. Republicans trying to make it looks like there are "fraudulent voter applications/process."

    What a bunch of Anti-Democratic fascist.

    Republican were warned about their philandering with Teabaggers and right-wing extremist - warned that they were relegating themselves to a regional influence if they continued that path.

    Good riddance!

  4. What I have observed lately are groups that clearly support the Democrats (hats, buttons, stickers, etc.) asking people entering grocery stores if they are registered. What is revealing is that in at least two cases I watched as they appeared to be profiling who they would approach. I saw a few cases where they would approach a young woman with children, minorities, and an apparent gay couple but would let middle-aged childless couples pass by.

    If nothing else, I think the practice of clearly identifying with a candidate or party while conducting a registration drive should be frowned upon.

  5. tbvegas states: "You should need an ID to vote - period. I don't know why everyone calls disenfranchisement."

    In Nevada, you register to vote, they send you a voter ID card in the mail.

    I have one.

    Not sure if you meant it like that or not, but it came across as if there aren't any voter ID cards in Nevada.

    There are.

    Just trying to clarify things.

  6. Collin,

    Why is Obama and the Democrats suing to prevent our military from being able to vote? This is very dissapointing to see what levels the democrats are sinking to.

    Please cut and paste this in your browser. What a low blow by the Dems. It's disgusting