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May 5, 2015

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Stripper had consumed alcohol, Xanax before fatal accident, police say

Updated Monday, March 25, 2013 | 1:13 p.m.

Shauna Diane Miller

Shauna Diane Miller

Fatal accident scene

A dancer on her way home from work at a strip club told police she had consumed two beers and taken anti-anxiety medication in the hours before she was involved in a fatal traffic accident early Saturday.

Shauna Diane Miller, 26, Las Vegas, was arrested on a charge of DUI causing death after the Hummer H2 she was driving struck a Ford Escort and killed the driver, James Joseph White, 33, of Las Vegas. A 2-year-old passenger in the back seat of the Escort escaped serious injury, authorities said.

White was less than two blocks from his home, records indicate.

A Metro Police arrest report released Monday morning outlined the chain of events:

The accident occurred around 7:21 a.m. at West Spring Mountain and South Wynn roads.

Miller told police she was driving west on Spring Mountain and as she neared Wynn, the traffic signal on Spring Mountain turned from green to yellow. At that point, she saw the Escort traveling south on Wynn and turning right onto Spring Mountain. Miller said she tried to brake but was unable to avoid a collision with the car.

Investigators from Metro’s fatal crash division, however, determined the Escort had been traveling south on Wynn and had not attempted a right turn. Additionally, investigators found no indication of “pre-impact” braking by the Hummer. Investigators had not determined which vehicle ran a stoplight.

Miller told police she was coming off a shift as a dancer at the Spearmint Rhino strip club, where she had worked from 2 a.m. until 5:30 a.m. At the club, she said she had two beers, the last of which around 3 or 4 a.m. She also said she had taken a Xanax around 8 p.m. Friday.

Miller failed two of three field sobriety tests but passed a preliminary breath test on an uncalibrated Breathalyzer. Based on those tests, Miller was arrested. Two samples of her blood were taken by a nurse at the Clark County Detention Center to determine actual blood-alcohol content.

Miller, who had a temporary Nevada driver's license and a Clark County work card, remains jailed without bond.

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  1. It's like they went right down the line of stripper stereotypes....all they need to add is the illegitimate child at home and the new, abusive deadbeat boyfriend. We're almost there!

  2. The mentally ill kill more people with cars than guns, Sen. Segerblom when will you be introducing the supplemental mental health bill banning cars?

  3. Why does the Sun feel the need to point out the driver's occupation in the headline? This woman did a terrible thing, but her line of work has nothing to do with it. She could have just as easily been dancing with friends at a club, instead of a different kind of dancing.

    Shame her for the DUI, not for trying to make a living.

  4. A Ford Escort being hit by a Hummer and driven by a sober driver would have resulted in death. I wonder if they asked her these questions under duress? A person of sound mind wouldn't incriminate themselves in such a manner.

    For all we know the driver of the Escort failed to come to a complete stop before making the right turn and he died. If the Constable could fail field sobriety tests and get charges dropped so could she.

    Her chosen profession of being a stripper and her place of employment have nothing to do with the accident. This is Vegas, let's not try to act as if we didn't know people drink 2 beers before heading home and that strippers exist.

  5. Had she been a member of a local police organization and driving a $50,000 SWAT vehicle for more than a mile on a blown out, flaming tire, and it hit the Escort and erupted into flames, no sobriety test would have been given.

    Or, at the very least, it would be "unclear/uncertain" as to whether a test was administered.

    Bad luck not being a cop...

  6. Ms. Sarah Gorman said:

    "Why does the Sun feel the need to point out the driver's occupation in the headline?"

    Chunky says:

    Because it's a classic Las Vegas headline and it sells viewers the same as it would if the accused was identified as a law enforcement officer, casino mogul, DA or doctor.

    Maybe you'd be a bit more opinionated if it were your loved ones in the Escort.

    Commenter "TheKube" makes a great point about the actual details and lack of facts but either way, it appears Ms. Miller could not pass two out of three sobriety tests and that is a crime regardless of the circumstance.

    Maybe if she was sober she could have reacted quicker and avoided the collision altogether.

    That's what Chunky thinks!

  7. So she passed the breathalyzer test, it's a sad accident. So charge her with vehicler manslaughter. I also agree that if she wasn't a dancer the lynch mob wouldn't be out in force. Blood tests can't determine if someone is under the influence, only if they have something in their system!

  8. Terrible tragedy. I'll wait for the complete investigation before reacting.

    Is the headline true? Apparently. Had this woman had another occupation, would said occupation have made the headline? Possibly, but not likely.

  9. I'm with Reza...

    I'll wait for the investigation before crucifying the woman.
    Certainly if what she says is true, the blood test may exonerate her as to the DUI charge.
    2 beers hours previous and a Xanax at some point prior doesn't constitute 'DUI' from a legal standpoint; and the article says she passed a breath test.

    Why would Metro's Breathalyzers not be properly calibrated? You would think with ALL THE PROBLEMS metro has had, something simple like keeping your equipment up to standards would be a no-brainer. At least it's something you can control amongst a myriad of crap you seemingly cannot.

  10. Was that 2-12oz beers, 2-32 oz beers or 2 beer steins with a couple shots added to empower the rush? Such an empty life.

  11. As for the HEADLINE...

    It NEVER FAILS that Mr. Sun recognizes the profession TEACHER! TEACHER!! TEEEEACHER!!!! in a headline when it suits his purpose to try to sensationalize a story involving an educator, so far be it from Mr. Sun to look the gift horse of STRIPPER!!!!! in the mouth for an attention-grabber...

  12. What was the occupation of the guy who slammed his car into the people at the bus stop at Decatur and Spring Mtn a few months ago?

  13. What she needs is a very good lawyer and now. The media has already crucified her because she's a dancer, and I'd be willing to bet more than half the media in this town has a few drinks and still gets behind the wheel. Stuff like this happens and the public turns into the crowd wanting to stone the woman like back in biblical days, Let they who is with out sin cast the first stone.

  14. "and I'd be willing to bet more than half the media in this town has a few drinks and still gets behind the wheel."

    we could ask John Smith of the RJ to research that for us --- and read Sherm's column of understanding when it hit close to home. But this woman is a stripper. sooooo.

    anything for a click, right?

  15. The occupational mention does seem to sensationalize the article. Will her customers receive similar mention when they have a traffic mishap?

  16. Stripper having 2 beers and a Xanax = 4 shots and 5 pills

    I've known many of these "dancers" and they're always wasted. I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often in this town.

    My heart goes out to the family of the deceased person in the Ford Escort.

  17. Both Xanax and beer are legal in the United States. Using them at the same time and then driving...not the best decision.

    I feel bad for the family of the man who died, and I also feel sorry for the girl in the Hummer H2 who was driving home after a day at work - accidents are accidents, some are a lot worse than others.

  18. @Sinatra "Stripper having 2 beers and a Xanax = 4 shots and 5 pills"

    as much as

    "I've known many of these "dancers" = "I must pay for sex."

    Lovely thing assumptions, they can be made about anyone.

  19. @bghs1986 - what's your point? I'm just speaking the truth. Anyone who believes otherwise is not very smart about what goes on around Vegas. I've lived here long enough to understand what goes on. LMFAO

  20. What does her occupation have to do with this tragic accident?

    How is it that prostitutes and porn stars are thought more highly of then strippers?

  21. @By Sinatra71----"- what's your point?"

    My point is that to profess to know so much about strippers and addicts, you must frequent them as your only means of female companionship, taking advantage of how their desperate need to cash overrides their sense of taste.

    I'm just speaking the truth. Anyone who believes otherwise is not very smart about what goes on around Vegas.

  22. How many times have drugged out skanks killed worthwhile humans in Nevada? I can vaguely remember 4 or 5 times.

  23. Lets wait for the BA to come back. It just might surprise everyone. Does she have insurance? What if she is telling the truth?