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November 30, 2015

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Columns by Brian Greenspun

Ricky Palenik of Liberty High School makes his point during the 2015 Las Vegas Sun Youth Forum at the Las Vegas Convention Center Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015.
Youth Forum participants provide hope for the future
Nov. 29, 2015
This is a time for thanksgiving. We all have something in our lives for which to be thankful, some far more than others. Happy and healthy families and friends should be foremost among those blessings. In that regard I am a very …
Brian Greenspun
Where I Stand: Giving thanks for what we have; wishing we had more
Nov. 22, 2015
This week is my favorite time of year: Thanksgiving. Those able to celebrate with their families are the lucky ones, and they know it, because so many others don’t have the luxury of family and good friends. I was …
Fremont school, at 60 years old, still performing its mission
Nov. 15, 2015
John C. Fremont the pioneer explorer has been dead for a long time, but John C. Fremont Middle School, named after the man for whom our most famous street is also named, is just 60 years old …
Bernie Yuman
Where I Stand: Leave it to Bernie to get a winner on Broadway
Nov. 8, 2015
Twelve years ago, when Siegfried and Roy’s career ended with a terrible onstage accident at the Mirage, the man behind the scenes but in front of all the action, Bernie Yuman, saw ...
Author’s note offers more than just an inspiring message
Nov. 1, 2015
My precious, brilliant and beautiful little granddaughter Julia told her mother she wanted to write to Judy Blume to thank her for …
St. Louis joins in waste worries once reserved for Nevada
Oct. 25, 2015
Where there is fire, there is a good chance there is nuclear waste. As if we really need to be reminded that nuclear waste, however it is disposed …
Ken Rubeli
Boys & Girls Clubs secure great future for Sun campers
Oct. 18, 2015
We are put on this earth to advance the cause of humanity. We do that one generation at a time. That theme came through loud and clear at this past week’s Democratic debate in Las Vegas. Those seeking the presidency …
Right’s Benghazi ploy is exposed, costing McCarthy the speakership
Oct. 11, 2015
You can be blinded by the right, but you shouldn’t refuse to see in the cold light of day. Or, put another way, what does David Brock’s latest book have to do with the debate …
Frank Schreck
Honor for gaming lawyer Frank Schreck is well-deserved
Oct. 4, 2015
Nevada owes a debt of gratitude to Frank Schreck. And Frank owes some thanks to Howard Hughes. For reasons that will become apparent in a few …
Moving beyond email servers to what really matters
Sept. 13, 2015
Movies are about art imitating life, so let’s go to one of my favorites, “You’ve Got Mail.” Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks were masterly in this “chick flick” about emails and anonymity. It was released in 1998, so no one knew about smartphones or ...
The Iran nuke deal would be OK if …
Aug. 31, 2015
Today I find myself in a similar position to that which caused my dad to knowingly and unflinchingly violate the laws of the United States in the ...
Tesla, Faraday can be electrifying for Nevada‘s future
July 26, 2015
Tesla, Faraday. There is a pattern coming together, and it looks like Nevada could be the pot into which the future of electric travel and electric power is melded. We all know about the incredible all-electric car ...
Stakes are high in Iran deal; let’s not rush to judgment
July 19, 2015
A week after the United States announced it and the other negotiating nations had reached a deal regarding the nuclear ambitions of the terrorist state Iran, every country and every leader and every person has rendered an opinion. So ...
Time to get to the bottom of sordid workplace story
July 12, 2015
Let’s create the setting for this in the headquarters of the Nevada System for Higher Education. I may have picked that one because it is where Chancellor Dan Klaich holds sway over Nevada’s public universities and community colleges. He has been under a little fire lately ...
Ignoring high court rulings is anarchy, not conservatism
July 5, 2015
Here is the news flash: There is nothing conservative about calling for the disbanding of the Supreme Court, demanding that the order …

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Natural gas is a waste of our time; let’s focus on solar
For Pete’s sake! Why would we build a new fossil fuel plant when Nevada’s home-grown renewables are competitive with gas? Competitive already — right now!
By Jane Feldman, Las Vegas
Trump’s childish rhetoric prevents GOP from evolving
Following the 2012 presidential election the GOP did an autopsy. Republican found, among other things, that they needed to improve their image among women, the young, Latinos and African-Americans.
By Robert Blanner, North Las Vegas
Join the fight against pancreatic cancer
Pancreatic cancer is one of the nation’s deadliest cancers, with a five-year survival rate of just 7 percent. It is time to wage hope against this disease!
By Joy Mueller, Henderson
GOP flip-flops on value of presidential candidates’ experience
During the campaign of 2008, I heard many comments, from Fox News to Facebook, about the lack of experience of Barack Obama. He was a one-term senator who was not prepared for the presidency.
By John Pauli, Las Vegas
How can we keep teachers? It’s easy
I just read your article about how our Legislature is putting together a huge task force to figure out how to ensure we have qualified teachers in every classroom.
By Scott Dakus, Henderson
Weak Iran policy now will hurt us later
Back on 9/11 the existence of a war with radical Islamic terrorism was never more obvious. Now the radical left and misguided liberals believe we can slow-roll the advance of peace by appeasement and delay while these same radical Islamic elements strike us in our homeland and gain strength abroad.
By Bob Jack, North Las Vegas
GDP isn’t accurate measure of nation’s value
The letter “Do we really want to emulate Denmark?” (Las Vegas Sun, Oct. 30) argues that Denmark is a poor role model for the United States for several reasons, among them the fact that Denmark’s yearly average GDP growth rate for the past 23 years is an anemic 0.36 percent.
By Michael Henderson, Las Vegas
Limbaugh and Trump cut from same crooked cloth
Lately I’ve found Rush Limbaugh speaking glowingly of Donald Trump. He’s all bombast and braggadocio. He’s shallow, simplistic and vulgar. His worldview is childlike, without nuance and sketchy. He’s long-winded. The verbiage hides mountains of misinformation.