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May 28, 2015

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Columns by Brian Greenspun

A pair of no-brainers for stagnant Congress
Aug. 10, 2014
A do-nothing Congress finally did something. In fact, two somethings. I am sure I am not alone when I express a very high degree of frustration with Congress, which has managed to maintain the lowest ratings of public approval in recorded history ...
Seeing the facts in a world of death
July 27, 2014
At some point, Americans let the facts get in the way of a bad argument. Unlike the difficulty we are experiencing in Washington, D.C., where it is abundantly clear that facts have nothing to do with the arguments of the far right — and, yes, for a few on the other end of the scale, too — it is apparent that the facts, as they are unfolding in the fight between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, actually do carry weight among most Americans.
Dad would have wanted to save the Sun
July 13, 2014
Hank Greenspun had a chance to sell his newspaper to Howard Hughes and live comfortably for the rest of his life. He didn’t do that, in part because his son wanted to the Las Vegas Sun to be part of his life. So when it came time to decide whether to invest in the future of the newspaper, there was only one responsible choice.
Setting the gold standard — one statesman at a time
June 29, 2014
This past Thursday I had the great honor of being able to attend the Congressional Gold Medal ceremony for Israeli President Shimon Peres in the beautiful Rotunda of the United States Capitol. It was a most prestigious event, in part because the medal, along with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, is the highest civilian award in the United States. Another part is that it takes an actual act of Congress to get one of these things done!
A time of worry in the world
June 22, 2014
This world has big problems. There are economic challenges around the globe that affect everyone because our world has become interdependent to such a degree that a financial crisis in the United States creates distress for Asia, Europe and practically everywhere. Sure, it appears we are recovering, albeit slowly, from the Great Recession, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods just yet.
We fathers have a commitment to our children
June 15, 2014
What is a father to do? Not much of anything, unless he wants to. That’s because on Father’s Day, the people the kids call Dad are entitled to do whatever they want — as long as it meets the approval of the women who got to celebrate Mother’s Day a month earlier!
Eager to get started on the next 20-year plan
May 18, 2014
All my life I have been part of a 20-year plan. As far back as I can remember, the early 1950s for example, my father and his friends like Wilbur Clark, Jerry Mack and Parry Thomas would talk about the future of Las Vegas. And they did it in 20-year increments. They were relatively young men at the time; I was just young.
One of our own inspires the nation through dance
May 18, 2014
Las Vegas should get behind Amy Purdy, an inspiration on “Dancing with the Stars.”
Mother’s Day through the eyes of Eastern Europe
May 11, 2014
I took the mother of my beautiful Amy on what I billed a second honeymoon two weeks ago. The trip through Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic was a huge success, although I’m not sure Myra will agree that the honeymoon part lived up to its billing.
It’s great to see construction cranes taking roost
May 7, 2014
Las Vegas is going to be OK. Let me rephrase, Las Vegas is OK and is going to keep getting better. There is no one project or piece of good news that shows...
Preserving my marriage
April 20, 2014
Communication was key when deciding to try to break into medical marijuana business ...
Hearing from the Greatest Generation
April 13, 2014
I have spent a lifetime reading the comments of readers of the Las Vegas Sun and, more recently, our new weekly publication, The Sunday. For the most part, those who comment on stories and columns are thoughtful and sincere. It matters not whether I agree with what they say, only that they are respectful and considerate of the ideas of others.
It seems like our republic is moving backward
April 6, 2014
Votes matter. No matter how many times we have heard that – or I and others in the media business have said that – the truth remains that our votes do matter. But after all this time, I don’t think the majority of voters get it.
How many more chances will we get for peace?
April 6, 2014
Strangely enough, Iran gives us hope for peace in the Middle East.
Commemorating the day Vegas came together
March 30, 2014
Last Wednesday was Moulin Rouge Agreement Day. What a day it was.

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Societal parenting does children no favors
I couldn’t agree more with George Will’s column “In childhood, risk is inherent — and many are stuck in it” (Las Vegas Sun, May 18), wherein he reflects upon and laments the state of contemporary child-rearing and the bureaucratic interference when Maryland children, who were walking home from school by themselves with their parents’ permission, were whisked off the street by police and turned over to Child Protective Services for their safety.
Ian Gecker, Las Vegas
Desalination could have averted crisis
The old axiom “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” could have been a better title for Brian Greenspun’s column “How about some power to the people?” (Las Vegas Sun, May 17).
Sandra Miner, Las Vegas
Jeb Bush’s mistake mirrors his father’s
Ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has backtracked on his Iraq remarks made May 10 in an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. Bush said he would have authorized the 2003 invasion of Iraq, as his brother and then-President George W. Bush did.
Sam Pizzo, Henderson
Don’t let Buffett kill solar progress
Regarding solar, Brian Greenspun said in the column “How about some power to the people?” (Las Vegas Sun, May 17), “I know the answer. It is money.”
Gary Musser, Las Vegas
American Lung Association is oddly silent on legal marijuana
Legalizing recreational marijuana is on the horizon in Nevada, and the American Lung Association is MIA.
Alan Stoy, Fallon
Eliminate jealousy as basis for taxation
The IRS has the unenviable job of collecting taxes according to an obsolete tax code.
John D’Aura, Henderson
Bullies are obscuring the net metering issue
In criticizing the correct letter to the editor on net metering (“NV Energy should embrace roof solar,” Las Vegas Sun, April 21), another letter writer clouds the issue.
Scott Fields, Las Vegas
GOP again blocks progress in America
The Party of No is now the Party of No Good for America! Just this week, they blocked bills on train safety and defense authorization.
Carl Heck, Aspen, Colo.