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July 7, 2015

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Editorial: Zeroing in on Washington to bring our money back home
July 5, 2015
Nevada is awful at the science and art of grantsmanship. In this government cash giveaway, we stand idly with our hands in our pockets. In fact, for eight of the past 10 years, Nevada has ranked 50th of 50 states for snagging federal money and putting it to use back home. The other two years, we were 49th ...
NALEO president Hon. Alex Padilla gives a welcome hug to Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as she arrives on stage to speak at the NALEO conference on Thursday, June 18, 2015.
Editorial: As GOP candidates huddle with far right, Clinton deals with reality
June 28, 2015
To appreciate how high a priority is placed on Latino issues by Republican presidential candidates, just look at how many of them attended a recent national Latino leadership convention in Las Vegas ...
Editorial: We see a different Las Vegas than how the city is perceived
June 21, 2015
Among the 150 most populous cities in the United States, Las Vegas ranked 131, making it more worse than better for being conducive to a healthy and happy family life. These rankings make no sense to us ...
Editorial: Wondering whether Metro police show restraint?
June 14, 2015
A new video that brings us some comfort. It shows Metro Police dealing with a crowd issue on Tomiyasu Lane, which includes some of the most palatial estates in Clark County. What does this video show? Cops doing all the right things, peacefully and efficiently ...
Addressing needs of Southern Nevada, lawmakers did us proud
June 7, 2015
The 2015 Legislature will be distinguished by the gutsy leadership of Gov. Brian Sandoval in daring politicians to deal with reality and the needs of Southern Nevada. Responsible and politically selfless Democrats and Republicans heard ...
Editorial: Our suggestion for the best summer trips imaginable
May 31, 2015
With Memorial Day behind us and summer break beginning, conversations for many turn to trips filled with adventure to destinations both comfortable and unknown. The best trips of all, however — the most exciting, most important and most affordable — can be enjoyed by any and all of us because they occur in our own homes ...
Parents’ homework is to complete survey about Clark County schools
May 31, 2015
Most big businesses have customer service desks or toll-free numbers where you can complain about product quality or inquire about ordering merchandise. Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Sears, Home Depot, Michaels, they all do.
Editorial: Las Vegas as a moviemaking town: Lights! Camera! Tax credits!
May 24, 2015
“Mall Cop 2” is the first movie to be awarded a certificate of eligibility for credits. Once its expenses are audited and the qualifying expenditures are confirmed, the production could receive as much as $4.3 million in tax credits, according to Kim Spurgeon, an analyst at the Nevada Film Office. The four-year pilot program, operated by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, offers the transferable tax credit to productions that, among other things, have budgets greater than $500,000 and will shoot at least 60 percent of their footage in the state ...
Team Highrollers of Las Vegas, Nevada, ready their robot in the pit area for their next match at the FIRST Robotics Competition at the Cashman Center on Friday, March, 27, 2015.
Editorial: What can happen when Clark County schools are properly funded
May 17, 2015
Statistics and rankings don’t always show are the enormity of the challenges the CCSD faces. Here are a few recent examples of success stories ...
Editorial: When the politics of lawmaking gets in the way of transparency
May 17, 2015
Politics may be great sport, but most Nevadans don’t understand how it’s played and have little opportunity to observe it. Nevada’s Legislature meets only once every two years, during a madcap four-month session that starts with all of the excitement of sap dripping from a maple tree and ends with the high-speed churning of a food blender.
Editorial: Scaling back Clark County School District worth studying
May 10, 2015
Today, the Clark County School District is the fifth-largest in the nation with 320,000 students and, as we’re often reminded, generally abysmal academic performance. State lawmakers are pondering whether the district has gotten too big to deliver a quality product — or even just an average product — and stay connected with its patrons. Republican state Assemblyman David Gardner, a contract lawyer who represents the west side of our valley, thinks he may have an answer. He suggests the district be subdivided into five or more “precincts,” which would remain under the umbrella of the Clark County School District but ...
Guest column: Ethics education has a place, even in Sin City
May 3, 2015
Business ethics simply is the application of ethics to business situations. When most people think of Las Vegas, they think of hospitality, or more specifically, gaming. Those who work in the hospitality industry interact constantly with other people. Therefore, the study of values in dealing with others, and the ways these values affect behavior, is very much relevant ...
There’s no reason we can’t have better schools and health care
May 3, 2015
The kinds of fixes needed in Nevada for education and health care are beyond the reach of any individual. Unfortunately, our elected officials in the past chose not to step up and raise revenue. That is why we are grateful Gov. Brian Sandoval in January had the courage to present an ambitious proposal to generate an additional $880 million for education. He since has given assurances that another $22 million would be allocated to the UNLV medical school so the school could open in 2017 with its first 60 students ...
This land is our land, but Republicans see it differently
April 27, 2015
Republicans in the Nevada Legislature, clinging to the sagebrush rebellion, recently tried to pass a bill to unilaterally seize land controlled by the Bureau of Land Management. The bill was deemed unconstitutional at the get-go. But we didn’t anticipate what Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska, was up to when she took over leadership of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee ...
Guest column: Focus on education will keep Las Vegas fresh
April 26, 2015
The backbone of our attraction and retention of young talent lies in our higher education institutions. For example, it is crucial that the UNLV medical school obtain full initial funding from the state to attract well-educated, highly motivated professionals to our community. The med school is a good first step to begin to address one of our biggest needs: expanded and enhanced health care ...

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Bundy’s cattle suffer in the heat
While we talk a lot about Cliven Bundy and the errors of his ways, do you ever think about the cattle he leaves to roam Gold Butte in all this heat? No food, water is sparse at best, and …
By Terri Robertson, Las Vegas
Socialism will not solve our problems
You recently ran a political cartoon of a man looking over the beautiful city of Paris toward the graceful Eiffel Tower. The cartoon said, in essence, how wonderful …
By Dave Newton, Las Vegas
Columnist on point on assisted suicide
I say a big “bravo” regarding John Crisp’s column about doctor-assisted suicide (“Alternatives to physician-assisted suicide often worse,” Las Vegas Sun, June 25). We need …
By Charles Hopson, Las Vegas
How to campaign against guns
To start a campaign against guns, I think everyone should …
By Robert Smith, Las Vegas
GOP candidates’ job-creation records greatly exaggerated
Is it my imagination, or are half the governors in the country running for president?
By Gail Collins
Nevada Legislature fought for veterans
It was with great interest that we read the column “Don’t forget about female veterans” (Las Vegas Sun, June 23). We couldn’t agree more that veterans, particularly female veterans, deserve our respect and attention, and we wanted to highlight some of the ways we fought for them during the 2015 legislative session.
By state Sens. Joyce Woodhouse, D-Henderson, and Pat Spearman, D-North Las Vegas
Poor education is the source of problems
We’ve all heard how important education is, but I’ve been convinced of how true that is by personal experience. I’ve prepared bankruptcy petitions for people who cannot afford an attorney for 15 years.
By Michael Casler, Las Vegas
Vet’s spouse feels Clinton’s support
My struggles have been getting my husband decent health care and getting people to listen. Recently, I found someone willing to listen: Hillary Clinton. It all started when …
By Kelly Smith, Las Vegas