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November 29, 2015

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Giving thanks for our Las Vegas blessings
Nov. 23, 2015
This holiday season, Southern Nevada has plenty of reasons to be thankful.
Naming of med school dean augurs bright future for UNLV, Southern Nevada
Nov. 15, 2015
Dr. Barbara Atkinson has made significant strides in 18 months on the job. The community is fortunate to have her ...
If we love our dogs and cats, we can do better showing it
Nov. 9, 2015
The entire community must work together to reduce Southern Nevada's population of needy animals ...
The glass is mostly full, but the right says it’s empty
Nov. 1, 2015
Critics of solar power are grasping at straws to find anything to complain about regarding the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System.
For your own sake, it’s time to enroll in Obamacare
Oct. 25, 2015
Entering its third enrollment period, and having cleared some growing pains, the Affordable Care Act has had a positive impact in Nevada and the nation.
Hopeful visions of reorganized Clark County School District
Oct. 19, 2015
Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky’s plan to break the school district into seven precincts will create accountability.
Deciding on a vision for downtown Las Vegas
Oct. 12, 2015
Some urban planners and passers-by alike will celebrate the mish-mash that is downtown. But it’s time, says the Las Vegas City Council, to finally formalize a vision for downtown’s future ...
Tuesday’s debaters would do well to land on right side of these issues
Oct. 11, 2015
Tuesday evening the five major Democratic candidates for president will meet at the Wynn Las Vegas resort for their first debate. Nevada’s early position in the lineup of caucuses and primary elections, and our swing-state status, means …
New law holds doctors more accountable for prescriptions
Oct. 4, 2015
Making it mandatory for physicians to check a statewide database is a common-sense reform that could cut down on illegal sales of narcotics.
It’s time for NV Energy, PUC to embrace future in innovative ways
Sept. 27, 2015
The Nevada Public Utilities Commission is dealing with an issue that was nowhere near its radar just a few years ago: How much should customers with rooftop solar systems pay NV Energy for use of its power-distribution grid? But that issue is small potatoes compared with …
It’s time to embrace the vision of ‘One Nevada’
Sept. 27, 2015
A lot feels right about the state working with Faraday Future, not the least being that Southern Nevada deserves this, especially after North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee and other Southern Nevada officials publicly supported the state’s deal with Tesla, up north, a year ago.
Confront school bullies, even if they’re your own kids
Sept. 21, 2015
With alert teachers and staff trained in how to spot campus bullying, and with the easy reporting system and the promise of a quick response and resolution, there is greater hope that bullying can be reduced.
Hearings were last gasps of Yucca Mountain road show
Sept. 20, 2015
The federal government’s long-winded campaign to mollify the nuclear power industry by adopting Yucca Mountain as the burial grounds for spent, highly radioactive fuel rods is running on fumes. And the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s hearings last week in Southern Nevada were farcical, the dying gasps of misguided efforts, extended by a judge’s order when just about everyone except nuclear power plant operators is finally willing to put Yucca in the rearview mirror.
Team helping pull children out of darkness
Sept. 14, 2015
A team of four little-known state employees is doing yeoman’s work in getting mentally ill Nevada youths the treatment they need ...
Firefighters’ stellar performance shows value of preparation, comforts all of us
Sept. 13, 2015
The passengers aboard the taxiing British Airways Flight 2276 had just heard from the flight attendants — maybe for the umpteenth time in their flying experience — what to do in the event of an emergency, and those sitting in the emergency exit rows promised to be up to the task of helping people evacuate, if necessary. And of course, it rarely is. At the airport’s fire station, near Terminal One’s C gates and near where both pairs of parallel runways intersect, 10 specially trained firefighters were ...

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Natural gas is a waste of our time; let’s focus on solar
For Pete’s sake! Why would we build a new fossil fuel plant when Nevada’s home-grown renewables are competitive with gas? Competitive already — right now!
By Jane Feldman, Las Vegas
Trump’s childish rhetoric prevents GOP from evolving
Following the 2012 presidential election the GOP did an autopsy. Republican found, among other things, that they needed to improve their image among women, the young, Latinos and African-Americans.
By Robert Blanner, North Las Vegas
Join the fight against pancreatic cancer
Pancreatic cancer is one of the nation’s deadliest cancers, with a five-year survival rate of just 7 percent. It is time to wage hope against this disease!
By Joy Mueller, Henderson
GOP flip-flops on value of presidential candidates’ experience
During the campaign of 2008, I heard many comments, from Fox News to Facebook, about the lack of experience of Barack Obama. He was a one-term senator who was not prepared for the presidency.
By John Pauli, Las Vegas
How can we keep teachers? It’s easy
I just read your article about how our Legislature is putting together a huge task force to figure out how to ensure we have qualified teachers in every classroom.
By Scott Dakus, Henderson
Weak Iran policy now will hurt us later
Back on 9/11 the existence of a war with radical Islamic terrorism was never more obvious. Now the radical left and misguided liberals believe we can slow-roll the advance of peace by appeasement and delay while these same radical Islamic elements strike us in our homeland and gain strength abroad.
By Bob Jack, North Las Vegas
GDP isn’t accurate measure of nation’s value
The letter “Do we really want to emulate Denmark?” (Las Vegas Sun, Oct. 30) argues that Denmark is a poor role model for the United States for several reasons, among them the fact that Denmark’s yearly average GDP growth rate for the past 23 years is an anemic 0.36 percent.
By Michael Henderson, Las Vegas
Limbaugh and Trump cut from same crooked cloth
Lately I’ve found Rush Limbaugh speaking glowingly of Donald Trump. He’s all bombast and braggadocio. He’s shallow, simplistic and vulgar. His worldview is childlike, without nuance and sketchy. He’s long-winded. The verbiage hides mountains of misinformation.