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October 9, 2015

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New law holds doctors more accountable for prescriptions
Oct. 4, 2015
Making it mandatory for physicians to check a statewide database is a common-sense reform that could cut down on illegal sales of narcotics.
It’s time for NV Energy, PUC to embrace future in innovative ways
Sept. 27, 2015
The Nevada Public Utilities Commission is dealing with an issue that was nowhere near its radar just a few years ago: How much should customers with rooftop solar systems pay NV Energy for use of its power-distribution grid? But that issue is small potatoes compared with …
It’s time to embrace the vision of ‘One Nevada’
Sept. 27, 2015
A lot feels right about the state working with Faraday Future, not the least being that Southern Nevada deserves this, especially after North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee and other Southern Nevada officials publicly supported the state’s deal with Tesla, up north, a year ago.
Confront school bullies, even if they’re your own kids
Sept. 21, 2015
With alert teachers and staff trained in how to spot campus bullying, and with the easy reporting system and the promise of a quick response and resolution, there is greater hope that bullying can be reduced.
Hearings were last gasps of Yucca Mountain road show
Sept. 20, 2015
The federal government’s long-winded campaign to mollify the nuclear power industry by adopting Yucca Mountain as the burial grounds for spent, highly radioactive fuel rods is running on fumes. And the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s hearings last week in Southern Nevada were farcical, the dying gasps of misguided efforts, extended by a judge’s order when just about everyone except nuclear power plant operators is finally willing to put Yucca in the rearview mirror.
Team helping pull children out of darkness
Sept. 14, 2015
A team of four little-known state employees is doing yeoman’s work in getting mentally ill Nevada youths the treatment they need ...
Firefighters’ stellar performance shows value of preparation, comforts all of us
Sept. 13, 2015
The passengers aboard the taxiing British Airways Flight 2276 had just heard from the flight attendants — maybe for the umpteenth time in their flying experience — what to do in the event of an emergency, and those sitting in the emergency exit rows promised to be up to the task of helping people evacuate, if necessary. And of course, it rarely is. At the airport’s fire station, near Terminal One’s C gates and near where both pairs of parallel runways intersect, 10 specially trained firefighters were ...
It’s Southern Nevada’s turn to build business swagger
Sept. 6, 2015
Is it worth offering financial enticements to trigger another economic bonanza for Nevada? And the answer is yes, of course ...
It doesn’t take a consultant to see where education dollars are wasted
Sept. 6, 2015
It’s a standard response whenever a public agency talks about budget cuts. People are sure to say, “Why don’t you start at the top?”
Why NV Energy needs to step up its solar-power game
Aug. 30, 2015
Nevada has an opportunity for a sea change in its approach to meeting energy needs, and the utility should embrace it ...
First came Tesla; now North Las Vegas awaits its moment
Aug. 16, 2015
State legislators have a chance to give Southern Nevada’s economy — and the state’s — a significant boost, building on the momentum begun with the giant battery factory being built in the North.
New plan for solar users needs careful, expert review
Aug. 9, 2015
NV Energy has come up with a proposal, which it submitted to the Public Utilities Commission, to charge new solar customers a monthly fee that in principle makes sense. But the details are puzzling.
Editorial: Download an app to report issues to City Hall
Aug. 2, 2015
North Las Vegas is trying to make it easier to notify City Hall when something needs attention. Henderson and Las Vegas figured out a few years ago how to help residents conquer bureaucracy and get action. The solution: a smartphone app ...
In editing report, chancellor interferes with regents, lawmakers
Aug. 2, 2015
The chairman of the Board of Regents, which governs the Nevada System of Higher Education, has hired an attorney at a cost of $595 an hour, up to a $50,000 max, to ...
Editorial: The ball is in PUC’s court for Nevada to get greener
July 26, 2015
The state Public Utilities Commission is being asked by NV Energy to approve construction of a solar panel array in North Las Vegas to serve one of the power company’s largest customers, Internet data center Switch ...

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GOP healed nation, Dems are distressing
Three Democratic social programs are celebrated by the writer of the letter “Democrats represent ‘we the people,’” (Las Vegas Sun, Sept. 16). I want to concentrate on the No. 1 sacred cow …
By Richard Pulsifer, Henderson
Let’s record acts of Congress members
We should require congressmen and congresswomen to wear body cameras when conducting the people’s business that record …
By David Baker, Las Vegas
Utility should look out for customers
Regarding “It’s time for NV Energy, PUC to embrace future in innovative ways” (Las Vegas Sun, Sept. 27): In your excellent editorial, you ask how much rooftop-solar customers should pay for the use of NV Energy’s distribution grid.
By Gary Musser, Las Vegas
Bernie Sanders can address our nation’s pressing issues
Brian Greenspun’s column “Moving beyond email servers to what really matters” (Las Vegas Sun, Sept. 13) was right to conclude with “It is time for the American voters to get serious, too. Enough with the emails and apologies.”
By Nat Lerner, Las Vegas
GOP chooses poorly in deciding which rights to defend
The GOP is defending Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who spent five days in jail because she refused to follow the Constitution concerning giving gay couples a marriage license. She says it violated God’s law. Maybe she should also refuse to issue licenses to divorced people seeking to get remarried. After all, divorce is also against God’s law. Wait a minute. I forgot she has been divorced three times and is in her fourth marriage.
By Robert Blanner, North Las Vegas
Carson is the master of one science: ignorance
In many ways, it would be advantageous to elect a president with a working knowledge of science. After all, we have not had one with such expertise since Thomas Jefferson. One potential candidate for that position might have been Dr. Ben Carson, but his statements show he does not fit the criteria.
By Wallace Henkelman, Henderson
GOP is squeezing voters in red states
Ever since Justice John Roberts and the Republican Supreme Court overturned the amendment to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the red states have gone nuts with new voter-suppression laws. The red state laws differ from one another but have the same goal, to suppress voting rights for the poor, the elderly and minorities (the typical non-Republican voters).
By Dave Starr, Las Vegas
Co-op was a bold move; why didn’t it work?
I would first like to appreciate the relatively more professional tone of Jackie Valley’s piece in comparison to other reports of the Nevada Health Co-Op closing. It offered a dignified salute to a bold public health move. Nevada embraced the option of running a health insurance exchange, and although it wasn’t a mandatory component of the Affordable Care Act, this decision demonstrated a commitment to expanding health services to locals. It is disheartening to think of the people left uninsured at the year’s end.
By Megan Flaviano, Henderson