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June 27, 2016

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally Saturday, June 18, 2016, in Phoenix.
GOP candidates who support Trump must explain why — in detail
June 26, 2016
The most important and telling litmus test of all is one that we put to the Republican candidates, and which will speak volumes about their character. The question requires a simple yes-or-no answer, no equivocating, no waffling, no shrugging it off. Do want Donald Trump to be ...
Health board’s priority should be patient care, not money
June 26, 2016
There are times when government identifies smart ways to operate as efficiently as possible. Witness how city halls have trimmed their days of business back to four a week, or various …
The blood that’s shed when intolerance is perpetuated
June 19, 2016
An unbalanced person might be seduced by terrorists, but it is within our own country that he may be emboldened by the irresponsible remarks of a politician spewing thoughtless rhetoric, or the ready availability of the assault weapons adored by the National Rifle Association.
Trump’s reaction to shootings: criticism of Obama, self-praise
June 15, 2016
First, and unbearably, there are the dead. Forty-nine young men and women at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., doing what young men and women everywhere do on a …
What happens when educators think outside the box
June 13, 2016
A terrific instructor can teach 30 kids a year, or help groom 20 new instructors to be terrific teachers for 30 kids a year. One experienced mentor influencing the education of 600 students in one year — and many thousands more as new teachers are successively mentored over coming years — is far-and-away the better formula.
Business leaders effectively deliver Nevada’s message to D.C.
June 6, 2016
This is the 11th year the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce has organized a trip to the nation's capital, and members have become so accomplished at meeting and influencing the right people that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranks the Las Vegas group as one of the most politically effective chambers in the country in campaigning for bills that benefit the folks back home.
Commission owes it to residents and visitors to consider light rail
June 5, 2016
A fundamental task of municipal government leadership is providing vision for, and execution of, proper urban planning. Defining appropriate land uses and anticipating …
In June voting, be aware of those who undercut our children
May 30, 2016
When you head to the voting booth June 14 — or earlier if you so choose — bear in mind which politicians are on the record for opposing adequate funding for education.
Long-range plan to improve schools demands wide support
May 23, 2016
We tip our hat to the organization Nevada Succeeds, made up of civic and business leaders of all stripes, and the business-recruiting organization Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance. Both have a passionate stake in the future of Nevada, which comes down to the success of our education system.
Too limiting: Why Nevada needs legislative sessions every year
May 16, 2016
Granted, the cynics among us, and famously Mark Twain, would think our elected representatives already are making too many laws. But the fact is, lawmakers should not be restricted in the number of bills they are …
With Klaich gone, it’s time for regents to take charge
May 15, 2016
We appreciate Dan Klaich for doing the right thing by resigning Thursday as chancellor of our public institutions of higher education. Klaich now admits he erred when he asked …
Why light rail trumps an elevated airport expressway
Why light rail trumps an elevated airport expressway
May 9, 2016
A proposed solution to Las Vegas’ traffic snarl would help get people to the Strip, but would do little to ease congestion once they got there. The fix, one that is being welcomingly received by many transportation experts, would be the construction of a light-rail system that would ...
Editorial: Unlike expressway, light rail isn’t a potential road to ruin
Editorial: Unlike expressway, light rail isn’t a potential road to ruin
May 1, 2016
The two-pronged challenge of getting visitors from McCarran International Airport to the Strip more quickly while not worsening the already-crowded boulevard can be easily, speedily and affordably solved. The answer is …
Time for lawmakers to look over NSHE’s shoulder
May 1, 2016
At some point over the past dozen years, the regents who were elected to oversee Nevada’s public colleges and universities began falling …
A new vision for the area around Cashman Center
April 25, 2016
What could be a more appropriate venue for new soccer fields than alongside a stadium that hosts a professional team?

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Light rail good for valley’s future
Regarding the editorial “Commission owes it to residents and visitors to consider light …
By Paul Thornquist, Henderson
At least Trump can collaborate
It is interesting when people play the “what-if game.” Many people are wondering what a Donald Trump presidency would look like. They would be better served wondering what a Ted Cruz presidency would …
By Robert Blanner, North Las Vegas
Gun owners need insurance
vThere appears to be a good case for federal legislation requiring high-dollar liability coverage protecting “anyone wrongfully injured” by discharge of a rapid-fire weapon. Anyone in …
By Steven Haver, Las Vegas
NRA is avoiding a slippery slope
The National Rifle Association fights all changes in gun control even though some changes are reasonable and needed. We don’t need semi-automatic, 30-round magazine, war-type assault rifles ...
By Terry Puckett, Las Vegas
Assault weapons ban is nonsensical
The shooting at Pulse in Orlando, Fla., was a horrific tragedy, but not an assault weapon issue. There are more than 9 million assault weapons owned by civilians in the U.S., and those types of weapons are responsible for less than a few hundred deaths every year. The only time anyone pays attention is when someone goes off the deep end every couple of years ...
By Dan Ward, Las Vegas
Efforts of Las Vegans praised
The residents of Las Vegas, employees of the Yellow Checker Star cab company, police and security personnel saved an old couple’s day. They are to be commended, saluted …
By Richard Selzer, Rockwall, Texas
Obama should act on monument
I was happy to see that the Sun carried two articles about President Barack Obama’s visit to Yosemite National …
By Jane Feldman, Las Vegas
Hail, the Las Vegas Warriors!
A greater Las Vegas is coming! A National Hockey League team franchise has been approved for Las Vegas. Accordingly, praise to businessman Bill Foley, MGM and AEG, whose commitment, actions and money …
By Clyde Dinkins, Las Vegas