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April 18, 2015

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There must be a better way to protect people at bus stops
April 12, 2015
Several years ago, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada began moving bus benches and shelters farther from the street, driven by studies showing 80 percent of all roadway crashes nationwide are contained to within four feet of the road. RTC officials suggest little more can be done to protect the lives of people who need a bus to get to work or go shopping. We’re not so sure ...
The incorrigible Michele Fiore’s would-be land grab
April 5, 2015
There's a downside to state legislators thinking outside the box ...
Via satellite from Washington D.C., Sen. Harry Reid addresses representatives from the Department of Energy during the DoE's public hearing on the proposed Yucca Mountain Repository Sept. 5, 2001.
Thank you, Harry
March 29, 2015
Nothing better epitomizes retiring U.S. Sen. Harry Reid's courage and commitment to Nevada than his ability to thwart the politically immoral effort to force lethal fuel rods from out-of-state nuclear power generators down our throats and into …
Congressmen’s willingness to cash in on Yucca Mountain endangers Nevadans
March 29, 2015
Two of our congressmen, who are the least experienced in our Capitol Hill delegation, have much to learn when it comes to watching out for the safety, welfare and economic security of Nevadans.
With three cities in strong recovery, don’t mess with what works
March 22, 2015
Our society is filled with critics. We yell at our TV sets when our favorite quarterback overthrows his receivers three times in a row. We growl at our food server if it takes too long to have our iced tea refilled. We grumble at the sales clerk for chatting with another customer while we restlessly tap our feet, waiting for our turn. But we still root for our quarterback because overall he’s a winner, we still eat at the same restaurant for its predictably good food and service, and we still shop at that store because the clerks there are ...
Who should lead our cities? There’s a simple answer
March 22, 2015
When The Sunday looks at how our cities have suffered because of the economy’s punch to the gut, how each is recovering today and how bright their futures are, we reach one conclusion. Our elected city leaders are serving us tirelessly and, with good overall decisions and smart strategies, are moving our cities forward with our best interests at heart. There are other good candidates, but we think it is best to stick with the tried and proven ...
Time to license, audit court-appointed guardians
March 15, 2015
When people in Nevada are no longer capable of handling their own financial affairs and have no family to help, the court makes them wards of the state and they are assigned guardians. But what if their guardians are con men, stealing from those they were hired to protect? The state needs regulations to prevent such crimes.
Zombie nuclear waste dump project needs to die
March 8, 2015
It’s bad science and bad politics, but for some reason, the Yucca Mountain proposal keeps coming back.
Sandoval has a chance to make a major investment
March 1, 2015
If Gov. Brian Sandoval really wants to make an economic impact on the state, he’ll make room in his budget for a UNLV medical school.
Nevada state treasurer’s budget calls into question his seriousness
Feb. 22, 2015
Dan Schwartz is using his position to take political swipes at Gov. Brian Sandoval ...
Voter ID laws are a solution in search of a problem
Feb. 15, 2015
State and local officials already have a series of tools to help prevent and detect voter fraud, and they appear to work ...
Sun editorial: Without required resources, police can do only so much
Feb. 9, 2015
As reported in last week’s edition of The Sunday, Metro Police made more than 7,700 DUI arrests in 2012. A year later, the number fell to about 5,800, and in 2014, it was fewer than 4,750. But that doesn’t mean fewer drinkers are getting behind the wheel. Sheriff Joe Lombardo attributed the drop to fewer ...
Recalls aren’t meant to be used for political bullying
Feb. 1, 2015
As state lawmakers prepare for the start of their regular session Monday, there has been a stir in the Assembly about the potential recall of several Republicans.
Is this lawsuit good for Nevada, or just for Laxalt?
Feb. 1, 2015
The state’s new attorney general is wasting taxpayer money needlessly fighting the president’s immigration policy.
Resolve is needed in war of ideas; right to self-expression must prevail
Jan. 25, 2015
A few weeks removed from the terrorist attacks in Paris, we are still struck by the tragedy and how the world has responded. There is a clear division between those who support the basic human right of freedom of expression and those who don’t.

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A chance for women to show strength
When Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic Party nomination for president of the United States and wins the election to be our first female president in 2016, I hope and pray this will be …
By John Tominsky, Las Vegas
It’s about money, not the middle class
Why does Warren Buffett not put a rooftop system on every house in America, charge a small fee every month and skip to the bank with the profits? Because even though …
By Nicholas Gartner, Henderson
Change directions on climate change
Whether you’re a Pacific Islander preparing for a super typhoon bearing down on you, a Floridian contemplating a rising sea level exacerbating a contentious battle between your fresh water supply and the sea, or a Westerner suffering through a long Lake Mead draining drought, you realize …
By Dwayne Morton, Las Vegas
Eliminate cap on solar net metering
As a rooftop solar power owner/leaser in Las Vegas, I’m happy to be saving money on my power bills, exercising choice as to where I get my electricity and supporting the growth of a booming industry in our state. That’s why I’m so concerned that the state’s growth in this area could …
By Pam Stuckey, Las Vegas
Why Cruz opted to use Obamacare
Once Ted Cruz’s wife left her job to join her husband on the presidential campaign trail and had to give up her health insurance (that Ted Cruz was on), Cruz had to find health insurance for …
By Bruce Kotzky, Las Vegas
Why not offer Volvo a deal?
If Nevada offered a tax deal to Tesla to build batteries, why not …
By Gil Eisner, Las Vegas
Urge legislators to ban coyote killings
Sadly, we just read that the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners has rejected the ban. What a terrible message to …
By Don Anderson and Nancy Anderson, Las Vegas
Use trash bins in our parks
People almost demand a beautiful park to have their picnics and peaceful walks in but neglect to realize that the inhabitants of their park, the wildlife, are
By Elizabeth Poole, Las Vegas