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May 1, 2016

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Unlike expressway, light rail isn’t a potential road to ruin
May 1, 2016
The two-pronged challenge of getting visitors from McCarran International Airport to the Strip more quickly while not worsening the already-crowded boulevard can be easily, speedily and affordably solved. The answer …
Time for lawmakers to look over NSHE’s shoulder
May 1, 2016
At some point over the past dozen years, the regents who were elected to oversee Nevada’s public colleges and universities began falling …
A new vision for the area around Cashman Center
April 25, 2016
What could be a more appropriate venue for new soccer fields than alongside a stadium that hosts a professional team?
Recognize and celebrate the classiness of our Strip
April 17, 2016
Locals and visitors can see how much Las Vegas has evolved through the years, even if its reputation is slower to change.
Finding a place in the Legislature’s shark tank
April 10, 2016
We’re a state with such easy access to lawmakers, a person in Clark County can come in off the street and sit down with three or four legislators between sessions to propose a new law or ask for money for one cause or another.
One thing all Nevadans can agree on: Caucuses must go
April 10, 2016
In a society gorging on technology and consumed by new interactive ways to share information and promote points of view, it is befuddling that political scrums known as caucuses, with roots dating to the 1700s, are still conducted …
The infant UNLV School of Medicine is growing strong
April 4, 2016
Several exciting hires are poised to make the fledgling institution a success.
Police don’t need to ‘secure’ our Muslim neighborhoods
April 3, 2016
Comments by Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz that “we need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized” have …
Editorial: Figuring out the energy needs of Nevada: Take 2
March 28, 2016
With technological advancements making solar power more practical, there’s no reason for our state to fall behind the times in harnessing energy from the sun. It’s all too obvious that Nevada’s efforts to allow homeowners to generate their own electricity with photovoltaic solar cells have been less than graceful ...
On Tuesday, Nevada can start determining its energy future
March 20, 2016
Nevada lawmakers were wondering last month whether to kill Gov. Brian Sandoval’s 5-year-old New Energy Industry Task Force, and we are certainly grateful that his office said, Hey, not …
An assignment for parents: Read to your young child
March 14, 2016
Enjoy this bonding time with your children. It will enrich your relationship and build a foundation for their educational success.
We can’t let companies use our water as a tool for profit
March 13, 2016
Of all the natural resources associated with the West — including gold, silver, timber, natural gas, oil and coal — none is more precious than water, which sustains …
Let’s applaud the good stuff happening in our schools
March 7, 2016
The Clark County School District has its share of success stories that deserve recognition.
Senate obligated to consider Supreme Court nominee
Feb. 29, 2016
Any suggestion that Obama should walk away prematurely from the job he was elected to perform — or any part of it, including meeting his constitutional obligation to appoint a Supreme Court justice — could be conjured only by his political enemies, the leadership and presidential candidates in the Republican Party.
Weak GOP field’s least odious candidate is still bad for Nevada
Feb. 21, 2016
Republican voters have some sorting out to do among their presidential candidates, and they need to ask themselves some tough, basic questions before participating in their party’s Nevada caucuses Tuesday. It is exceedingly …

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Caucus system is unfair to Nevada
Your editorial “One thing all Nevadans can agree on: Caucuses must go” (Las Vegas Sun, April 10) was right on. I worked the first one in 2008 for Mrs. Clinton. It was so confusing that when I was called to work this year, I replied that I …
By Eleanor Vail, Las Vegas
Hell hath no fury like a Trump scorned
All of us know what kind of election period this has been, is and will be until the Republican National Convention in July. If Trump does not get the delegates needed to be his party’s nominee, I see a most unusual …
By Sam Chinkes, Las Vegas
Letter: Energy monopoly is an affront to voters
I sent the following email to Sen. Harry Reid: Senator, as a 25-year resident and lifelong …
By Elizabeth Jones, Las Vegas
GOP misguided on repealing tax for education
Recent news reports chronicle an absurd discussion about education funding within the Nevada Republican …
By Vinny Spotleson, Las Vegas
Heck is no friend of the environment
The letter “Heck’s energy efforts are crucial” (Las Vegas Sun, April 5) gives Congressman Joe Heck a whole of lot of credit for joining a new energy and environment working group in the …
By Sara Chieffo, Washington, D.C.
State initiative could save lives
We have an opportunity to be part of Nevadans for Background Checks, an organization that stands for gun safety and closing the loopholes in our Background Check System. We give them our full, unconditional support, and we very much hope that
By Jenny and Bert Heyman, Carson City
Paying for no crime is silly
Paying people not to commit crimes is by far one of the most ludicrous schemes …
By Ron Moers, Henderson
Money isn’t necessarily indication of ‘serious contender’
The quarterly candidate expenditures reported by Megan Messerly in the article “Money Matters” (Las Vegas Sun, April 22) were presented with inappropriate and misleading information ...
By Kerry Bowers, Henderson