Do No Harm: Hospital Care in Las Vegas


There’s a running joke about hospitals here: “Where do you go for great health care in Las Vegas?”

“The airport.”

The implication is everyone knows hospital care in Southern Nevada is substandard.

The reality, however is that only a small circle of hospital officials, insurance executives, regulators and politicians have had access to meaningful information about the quality of hospitals in Las Vegas. Until now.

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Health care
can hurt you

Among life’s core assumptions is that hospitals bring healing.

But sometimes they bring harm.

A hidden epidemic

Las Vegas hospital officials say they are doing enough to protect patients from becoming infected with deadly bacteria. But hospitals are failing.

Patients at risk
under the knife

The Sun analysis of 2008 and 2009 records revealed 710 accidental punctures or lacerations — more than half during elective procedures. In 38 cases, the patient died in the hospital.

Why we suffer

Mediocre hospital care in the Las Vegas Valley, evidenced by thousands of preventable injuries, infections and deaths, can be traced to a few fundamental causes.

How to put patients first

Future Las Vegas hospital patients can be protected if doctors and hospitals commit to do no harm.

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