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September 25, 2021

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Investing in electric bicycles would have range of benefits for Nevadans
President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better domestic investment plan packs several elements that would benefit Las Vegas, and one of them is a tax credit for electric bicycles.
Laxalt’s anti-democratic actions, rhetoric disqualify him from elected office
More than a year before the 2022 election, Adam Laxalt is sending an un-American message to Nevada voters. He’s signaling that he’ll use the courts in a bid to ...

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GOP has remade itself entirely
The Party of Lincoln should now be called the American Taliban, brought to you by the twice-impeached president with delusions of grandeur.
By William Clarke, Henderson
Debt ceiling hypocrisy again
Once again we are faced with Congress voting to raise the debt ceiling, a relic from 1917 whose purpose was to allow the Treasury Department to finance the war effort by issuing liberty bonds.
By Richard Brattain, Las Vegas
Trophy killing has no place here
Recently in another senseless slaughter reminiscent of the killing of Cecil the lion in 2015, an event that outraged the world, Mopane, another magnificent African lion, was killed for a part of his body to hang on someone’s wall.
By Linda Faso, Las Vegas
Military must be vaccinated
One of my most unforgettable memories after having joined the military is that while going through processing, it seemed to me that they gave us shots for just about everything you could think of.
By Raymond Wright, Las Vegas
Climate solution is within reach
Agriculture and tourism are income streams upon which we rely for a healthy economy. Continued drought leads to desertification, rendering land useless for almost any future endeavor.
By Susan Atkinson, Durango, Colo.
Tax structure should be simple
The Sept. 5 guest column “Taxing the ultrawealthy can help every Nevada family” was an interesting read.
By Tom Kiestead, North Las Vegas
Trump is a drag on the entire GOP
I am so sick of hearing the GOP talk about President Joe Biden’s “lies.”
By Bobbie Wilkinson, Las Vegas
Insurrectionists are not victims
I was watching an interview of one of the participants in Saturday’s rally at the Capitol and, when asked what she was protesting, she said the treatment of those who are being held by the government for their participation in the Jan. 6 insurrection.
By Neil Schwartz, Las Vegas
Trump is a drag on entire GOP
I am so sick of hearing the GOP talk about President Joe Biden’s “lies.”
By Bobbie Wilkinson, Las Vegas
Vaccine excuses hinder progress
I’ve heard so many excuses as to why a lot of people won’t get the vaccine, such as there being a computer chip in the vaccine, we’re guinea pigs, etc.
By Jim Veltri, Las Vegas

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  • The Trump-RBG Effect on Texas
    Now we know why many white evangelicals supported Donald Trump as president despite his boorish behavior.
  • Former SeaWorld ambassador working to save animals you’ve never heard of
    In her many years as director of the animal ambassador programs for SeaWorld and Busch Gardens, Julie Scardina was a favorite guest on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” and the “Today” show. The energetic animal lover brought adorable baby penguins, a blanket-wrapped baby gibbon and a free-flying Scarlet ibis to millions of homes across America.
  • Nevada has shown a comeback that’s stronger than ever
    Nevada has shown a comeback that’s stronger than ever
    The Silver State took a big hit when the pandemic kept residents and tourists at home. Now, with reopening underway, many are once again returning for business and entertainment — and Nevada has begun its recovery.
  • White evangelicals shun morality for power
    Evangelical Christians castigated Bill Clinton in wake of his “improper relationship” with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. He had sinned. He would be stoned.
  • Ignore the calls about your car warranty expiring
    Spoiler alert: That extended warranty is either nonexistent or not worth the paper it’s printed on.
  • Neglected Nevada communities need big, bold action taken on climate change
    My family, neighbors and the many people nationwide whose origin stories bear a resemblance to mine are suffering. We are unable to afford to adapt as easily to water shortages, working in increasingly hot temperatures outside, and are falling ill in outsized numbers compared with higher-income communities because there is more air pollution in our neighborhoods.
  • Broadband has become an essential need for everyone
    The infrastructure bill that recently cleared the U.S. Senate, known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, will make an historic investment in our nation’s critical infrastructure. It’s been far too long since the federal government seriously took on the structural issues that have divided our country.
  • Newsom not in line for presidency, yet
    Recently, as he bathed in the afterglow of his romping, stomping recall victory, Gov. Gavin Newsom was asked the inevitable question.
  • It’s not the left causing problems for Biden
    If President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill dies in Congress, it will be because moderate Democrats killed it.
  • ‘Death panels’ arrive — in COVID-stricken Republican Idaho
    It may be recalled that one of the chief GOP arguments against the Affordable Care Act in 2010 was that it would institute bureaucratic “death panels” to determine, in the words of former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, whether someone was “worthy of health care.”
  • Don’t let ‘Stop the Steal’ steal the show
    You cannot actually debunk Republican accusations of voter fraud. You can show they aren’t true (and they aren’t), but that has no bearing on the belief itself.
  • Cast away selfishness and embrace humanity
    In philosophy, we learn early that something cannot be both “A” and “not A.” The vaccines are a proven, scientific, factual beneficial source of better health for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear the data.
  • Womanhood is not a free pass for bad behavior
    What ever happened to the good old-fashioned art of Owning It?
  • The way of Trump is a big loser in California
    If you’re looking for the best metaphor for how the California Republican Party blew the recall attempt against Gov. Gavin Newsom, look no further than the sight of mixed martial arts legend Tito Ortiz knocked out by Anderson Silva in the first round of a boxing match Saturday.
  • Democrats continue to struggle with men of color
    The big headline is that the California recall failed. Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom gets to keep his job. He handily fought off the Republican challenge.