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March 26, 2019

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Border wall money grab would hurt Nevada, imperil national security
The military funding in question serves the purpose of protecting Americans from authentic threats. Meanwhile, the premise behind Trump’s emergency declaration — the so-called “invasion” from the south — was so bogus that …
Bush’s immigration message strikes the right tone for national discussion
Today, we offer a break from the nation’s toxic rhetoric on immigration by presenting excerpts of a speech that provides a glimpse of hope that Americans can find a way forward on the issue.

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Regard for our nation in decline
I believe that many people in the United States and people around the world are spelling America with …
By Susan Crump, Las Vegas
Real Trump win is hard to find
In the March 14 letter “Liberals digging their own graves,” the writer stated that the Democrats are spending too much time attempting to destroy President Donald Trump, “a successful president in the midst of great achievements in both the domestic and foreign arenas.” This reminds me of the late Sen. Patrick Moynihan’s quote: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own …
By Tom Harper, Las Vegas
Show of disdain divides America
Is it possible that we actually witnessed President Bone Spur reach into the grave to criticize a true …
By Stan Olson, Las Vegas
Country needs a moderate leader
I’m a former Republican now turned Independent. Who or what would be responsible for changing my political and social views? Well, he’s sitting in the White House (except on weekends). I ran out of adjectives several years ago to describe this president. Suffice it to say I will not …
By Anthony Kain, Oxford, Miss.
New Zealand shows leadership
Only two days after the worst kind of evil visited the normally tranquil country of New Zealand, its prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, proclaimed that new gun laws would be enacted.
By Bob Ory, Chicago
Gambling, live sports don’t mix
You may claim, in your March 17 editorial “Right to abuse the players is not built into the price of a game ticket,” that buying a ticket to a sports event doesn’t entitle fans to commit verbal assault against a player. But what will happen when fans start losing a lot of money at that event as well?
By Reid Grosky, Las Vegas
Trump support not complicated
The writer of the March 15 letter “Puzzled by Trump fans” does not understand President Donald Trump’s supporters. It is not hard.
By Dirk Dahlgren, Las Vegas
Time coming for electric air travel
Electric aviation is the future but when will it become reality instead of an idea or a test?
By Clarion Springer, Las Vegas
Simple formula for education
Like everything else in Las Vegas, the Clark County School District has to have a known brand. I’d suggest this one: B x C x D = E(Behavior x Composition x Dress=Education).
By Ardelle Bellman, Las Vegas
Sheriffs can’t enforce gun bill
Your March 14 editorial, “Rural sheriffs side with criminals in defiance of background check law,” was well-intended but unrealistic.
By Jerry Gordon, Henderson

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  • It’s bigger than Trump
    The Mueller Report has landed ... with a thud. According to summary findings released by Attorney General William Barr, special counsel Robert Mueller’s nearly two-year-long investigation found no conspiracy between Donald Trump and his associates and Russia. The report seems to support Trump’s mantra: No collusion. Trump will no doubt use these findings as a …
  • Our chess champion has a home
    Tanitoluwa Adewumi, age 8, skidded around the empty apartment, laughing excitedly, then leapt onto his dad’s back. “I have a home!” he said in wonderment. “I have a home!” A week ago, the boy was homeless, studying chess moves while lying on the floor of a shelter in Manhattan. Now Tani, as he is known, has a home, a six-figure bank account, scholarship offers from three elite private schools and an invitation to …
  • Six takeaways from Barr’s letter about the Mueller probe
    That special counsel Robert Mueller has not resolved all the issues surrounding President Donald Trump is disappointing to many of his foes, but it’s not surprising. Mueller is an honorable man. He is not a bomb thrower. He always defined his role narrowly. All of Trump’s attacks on Mueller (and he continued assailing the probe Sunday night) distracted from the fact that Mueller was not nearly as aggressive as he might have been — for example, by …
  • Test your knowledge of the war in Vietnam
    National Vietnam War Veterans Day officially is observed March 29, which is the date in 1973 when the last of American combat troops were withdrawn from Vietnam.
  • Holy voodoo economics, Batman!
    The 2019 Economic Report of the President is out, and everyone is having fun with the bit at the end that acknowledges the help of student interns — a list that includes Peter Parker, Aunt May, Bruce Wayne and Jabba the Hutt.
  • For energy security, think electric vehicles
    Notwithstanding newly won status as the world’s largest global oil producer, America’s sway over the global oil market remains incomplete and weak. Worse, it’s reactive, driven above all by politically touchy pump prices. In energy security, the focus continues to be on oil, yet a switch to electric propulsion offers a way out.
  • Column: Unrealistic promises may haunt Trump
    When General Motors idled its auto plant in Lordstown, Ohio, this month, President Donald Trump adopted a familiar strategy: He issued a nasty string of tweets blaming other people and promised, in effect, that he would restore the past.
  • Column: Americans not served by silence or dishonesty
    White House press secretary Sarah Sanders’ disinclination, with approval from President Donald Trump, to hold daily press briefings represents a serious setback of the public’s right to know. The briefings aren’t enshrined in the Constitution and she isn’t violating it — except in its broad regard for freedom of the press.
  • Rebellion in North Korea unlikely
    The Demilitarized Zone that’s divided North Korea from South Korea since the Korean War evokes images of the Berlin Wall that divided East Berlin from West Berlin from 1961 to 1991, but it shows no signs of going down after the second summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
  • Single-payer health care is a worthy goal for the US — eventually
    Although I’m a college student who has led a healthy and active lifestyle, I’ve had a significant amount of experience with the health care system.
  • White supremacy marches on through Western world
    The Oklahoma City National Memorial consists of two stark structures connected by a reflecting pool, intended as monuments to the strength and resiliency of the city. It’s also a contemplative space, where visitors can reflect on and honor the 168 people who died in the April 1995 bombing, carried out by a white power terrorist with ties to a network of like-minded extremists.
  • Who do Jared and Ivanka think they are?
    Many high achievers, particularly women and people of color, suffer from impostor syndrome, the fear that they don’t belong in the rarefied realm to which they’ve ascended and that they will soon be found out. Even Michelle Obama, who is, according to a Gallup poll conducted in December, the most admired woman in America, has said that she feels it.
  • Public R1 universities undervalued as elitists clamber for acceptance
    The news of a national scandal surrounding admissions procedures at top research universities in the U.S. is both disappointing and unsurprising. Families with incomes that would be the envy of most Americans are able to make donations — or offer bribes — to ensure their children’s enrollment at elite universities.
  • This novel will have you pining for the days of W
    Nostalgia is what Thomas Mallon is counting on to help draw readers to his new novel, “Landfall,” which takes them on a long stroll down memory lane, back to the golden days of ... President George W. Bush’s second term. Really. So, if Mallon’s wonderfully entertaining romp attracts the attention it deserves, it will be partly because, considered in the light of current conditions, it was, comparatively speaking, a golden age when:
  • Booker finds his moment
    How do you answer hatred? How should you respond when your political opponents assault you with insult, stereotype and contempt? That’s the moral question we all have to answer during this election campaign.