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June 26, 2019

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Oregon walkout is latest GOP scheme to subvert the will of voters
The Republican Party has employed yet another underhanded tactic in its coast-to-coast assault on democracy. This time it’s happening in Oregon, where GOP state lawmakers have …
We’ve been warned: Nevada is no place for nation’s radioactive waste
When a train derailed Wednesday near the small town of Wells in northeast Nevada, it set off a scare as authorities reported that it was carrying military explosives and investigated whether it contained hazardous materials and reported that cars containing military explosives were within close proximity to the accident site. Officials shut down Interstate 80 as a plume of white powdery substance wafted from one of the cars.

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Media coverage enables Trump
It’s astonishing that the media has not learned anything from the 2016 presidential campaign, as CNN, MSNBC and many newspapers follow President Donald Trump around …
By Marnin Spigelman, Henderson
Will anyone take the torch?
I thoroughly enjoyed your June 23 article “World War II planes can still fly, but who will keep them flying?” The people who can keep them flying are still out there, ready and willing to …
By Robert Mann, Pahrump
Mind your pets during fireworks
Animal shelters get the most turn-ins from dogs running loose from jumping their enclosures upon …
By Ardelle Bellman, Las Vegas
Build a wall, but not that one
The Secret Service announced the construction of a new 13-foot fence around the White House. I suggest it be …
By Gil Eisner, Las Vegas
GOP can still save itself
I am amazed that Republicans in Congress have not begun impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. These politicians have abandoned their sworn oaths to …
By Charles Goshow, Las Vegas
Drugs are bigger than the border
We can add one more huge lie to the more than 10,000 issued by our “stable genius.” It was reported that 33,000 pounds of cocaine were confiscated …
By Bob Hartman, Las Vegas
Demand is our drug problem
I read with amazement a recent article about the discovery of about $1 billon worth of cocaine at the port of Philadelphia.
By Rich Inman, Las Vegas
Those who work reap the rewards
When I watch ABC, CNN and CBS, I have noticed that they are always trying to scare the American people.
By Verne Stewart, Boulder City
Deans are a vital part of CCSD
Jesus Jara has difficult job, and the community was so excited when he decided to come and guide the Clark County School District. Many good things have happened since he became our superintendent.
By Sharon Newby, Boulder City
The cost of an economic boom
As a person who receives information coming out of Washington, D.C., and the presidential administration only from local newspapers, I am often amazed at the one-sided opinions.
By Helga Lott, Las Vegs

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  • The cartoon who will be prime minister
    Boris Johnson — as journalists like to say among themselves — wasn’t one to let the facts stand in the way of a good story. His Brussels colleagues named him as the proprietor of the “mendacious smirk.” He had a way of looking to the side and down, sniggering away …
  • Biden’s history is both his Thor’s hammer and his Achilles’ heel
    get what Joe Biden was trying to say, but I’ll never understand how he tried — and utterly failed — to say it. Yes, there was a time when the Senate was a chummy men’s club whose members, on some issues, put collegiality ahead of ideology. Yes, I see how the Democratic front-runner might want to hold out the hope, however slim, of a return to …
  • Blowhard on the brink
    s shocking as it is to write this sentence, it must be said: President Donald Trump did something right. He finally noticed the abyss once he was right on top of it, calling off a retaliatory strike on Iran after belatedly learning, he said, that …
  • What’s next, the moon or Mars?
    NASA scientists and engineers are smart, dedicated people, but part of NASA’s problem is politics. It has space centers strategically placed to maximize political support rather than science and exploration. Florida, Texas, California and the other states hosting centers have 197 votes in Congress, enough at least to keep NASA comfortably funded. But NASA is always subject to changes in programs and direction depending on the whims of …
  • First debate pivotal for Biden, Sanders
    This week’s two-day Democratic debatefest is so sprawling that it looks more like a New England town meeting than a confrontation among presidential candidates. But don’t count on its being …
  • Like it or not, we now have concentration camps
    I have often wondered why good people of good conscience don’t respond to things like slavery or the Holocaust or human rights abuse. Maybe they simply became numb to the horrific way we now rarely think about or discuss the men still being held at Guantánamo Bay without charge or trial, and who may as well die there. Maybe people grow weary of …
  • Bernie Sanders is FDR’s unimaginative echo
    Quickly, before Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign sinks beneath the foaming brine, consider his struggle to convince Americans that socialism deserves to be the wave of their future.
  • Are HOAs stunting the growth of American tech?
    Suppose you have a small satellite dish installed in your property, similar to the millions found on the homes of satellite TV subscribers across America. A local zoning official knocks on your door and gives you a copy of an ordinance requiring that you pay a fee and receive a permit to have the dish. Further, you’re told that you need to remove it immediately or be fined $250 for each day that it remains up.
  • Pete and Chasten Buttigieg are a traditional wonder
    Pete and Chasten Buttigieg celebrated their first wedding anniversary last week. You know this if you’re among Pete’s roughly 1.1 million Twitter followers or Chasten’s 340,000, because they traded sweetly effusive missives, as they frequently do.
  • After 69 years, still waiting for an apology
    The 69th anniversary of the North Korean invasion of the South on June 25, 1950, conjures bitter memories and ridiculous controversy. The war resulted in the deaths of at least 2 million people, more than half of them civilians. And pro-North scholars, propagandists and activists persist in claiming that South Korea and the United States provoked North Korea.
  • Moderate Democrats are owning their mistakes
    Former Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., argued that Democrats need to pay far more attention to rural America if they ever want to take back the Senate. Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., urged his party to be more open to people of faith. Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., spoke for new members of Congress from swing districts in insisting that “the loudest voices” are not representative of voters “working two or three jobs.”
  • On climate change: Do something right now before we can’t do anything, ever!
    Climate change is more than a looming disaster predicted to doom future generations. We are seeing the effects of climate change now, even here in Nevada, and have only a brief moment to make the changes that will …
  • Trump’s idea of foreign policy is just to one-up Obama
    Donald Trump was sure that this foreign policy thing was going to be both easy and obvious. For him, it was obvious that Barack Obama did not have what it takes to push back Iran and North Korea, and Trump would show everyone how it’s done.
  • Sarah Sanders wants you to know that she was not impressed
    Gail Collins and Bret Stephens discuss current events from different sides of the political spectrum.
  • A lesson for Harvard: Wisdom comes from mistakes
    Over the past year and a half, students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., have handled themselves with a fervor and commitment that has, most of the time, inspired the nation.