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May 22, 2018

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Trump’s demolition crew leaves students vulnerable to lender abuse
After facing accusations that he treated the students in his so-called university as prey, Donald Trump made a move last week that could make it easier for lenders to do the same thing to the millions of Americans with student loans.
Nevadans must remain vigilant to protect women’s health rights
With the administration’s newest assault on Planned Parenthood, President Donald Trump and the far right have further demonstrated their discrimination against women and disregard for their well-being.

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Like it or not, future is nuclear
The Sun readers are stuck in the past; nuclear energy is the way of the future. Nothing can stop the forward advance of human progress — not the Las Vegas Sun, not hundreds of its readers, not the …
By Carmine DiFazio, North Las Vegas
The meaning of religion
The May 8 column “Hypocrisy and the flight from religion” asks the question, “Do you wonder why the proportion of Americans declaring themselves unaffiliated with organized religion has skyrocketed in recent decades?” First, let me say…
By Robert Nycek, Boulder City
Cabinet member needs to go
Since taking office, President Donald Trump and his Cabinet have been plagued with scandals, with one of the most recent being that of …
By Beth Putinta, Las Vegas
Transparency is lacking
Transparency in government at all levels leaves a lot to be desired. Nevada receives an extremely low grade by various watchdog groups that keep data on such a thing.
By Joan Miller, Las Vegas
Get it right the first time
Time after time, we are told that some person put in a position to investigate or prosecute possible wrongdoing is experienced, widely respected and admired, and oozing integrity.
By James Moldenhauer, North Las Vegas
Teacher abuse continues
The Clark County School District says it is $68 million short, so principals have to cut $47 million from 2018-19 school budgets.
By Walter Goldstein, Henderson
Trump makes us untrustworthy
We now are alone, because the president yanked the United States from another multinational pact, the Iran deal.
By Bob Hartman, Las Vegas
We can stop animal cruelty
After seeing the video of a baby duck being brutally killed by students at one of our schools, I feel compelled to raise an important issue.
By Linda Faso, Las Vegas
Did the founders get it right?
Our Constitution has been successful since its inception, but will it continue to hold up?
By Ricky Kendall, Las Vegas
Move toward clean energy
The Renewable Portfolio Standard initiative is a modest step toward a crucial goal: protecting our health and pocketbooks by getting more of our electricity from clean resources rather than polluting and price-volatile fossil fuels.
By Amanda Ecret, North Las Vegas

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  • Battling campus oppression of the freedom of expression
    On election night 2016, Mark Schlissel, the University of Michigan’s president, addressed more than 1,000 students, declaring that the 90 percent of them who had favored the losing candidate had rejected “hate.” He thereby effectively made those who disagreed with him and with the campus majority eligible to be targets of the university’s “bias response teams.” That his announced contempt for them made him a suitable target of the thought police is …
  • Media must hold itself to a higher standard
    When Donald Trump takes his swipes at the “disgusting and corrupt media” and tens of millions of Americans agree, it’s not as if they …
  • At last, prohibition on sports betting has been lifted
    Repeal of Prohibition in 1933 instantly reduced crime by reducing the number of criminalized activities, including some that millions of Americans considered victimless activities and none of the government’s business. Now, America is going to become more law abiding, the Supreme Court having said that the federal government cannot prohibit states from legalizing what Americans have been doing anyway with at least 150 billion of their dollars annually. This large figure (almost five times the combined revenues of MLB, the NFL, NBA and NHL; 14 times the movie industry’s domestic ticket sales) is a guess and might be much less ...
  • Nuclear waste in Nevada? Not on my watch
    While I understand that the publisher may be blinded by his own political bias, which is clear based on both his monetary and in-kind contributions, I would like to take the opportunity to provide the complete history of my successful efforts to stop Yucca Mountain. As the late Paul Harvey would say, here is “the rest of the story.”
  • Did China bribe our president?
    Did the president of the United States just betray the nation’s security in return for a bribe from the Chinese government?
  • On Election Day, we can restore US morals
    President Donald Trump’s approval rating is rising. The Democratic advantage on survey questions about party preference for control of Congress is vanishing. Liberal anxiety about the fate of the midterms — and I would venture, the country itself — is rising.
  • Let’s talk peace in the Middle East
    This past week marked two distinct celebrations of the state of Israel’s 70th birthday. One was the official opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem. The other was an acknowledgment in Washington, D.C., by Israel of 70 Americans who have contributed to …
  • Politicians aren’t as dumb as we think
    Let’s posit three rules of political analysis. First, data are better than presuppositions. Second, actual votes cast can tell us more than the polls. Third, even when we carefully examine the facts, we’re all vulnerable to seeking confirmation of what we believed in the first place.
  • GOP’s spending must be reined in
    Politicians’ addiction to overspending has long been bound by no political affiliation.
  • Clean car standards should be a ‘no brainer’
    It’s easy to say clean air is a basic right and to assume our congressional representatives will do everything in their power to protect this right.
  • Art of the Deal: ‘It’s my way or up a blind alley’
    Trump, by taking a hard line on Iran, drew some needed attention to Iran’s bad behavior and created an opportunity to improve the nuclear deal. But to do so would have required Trump to admit that there was merit in the deal Obama had forged and to be content with limited, but valuable, fixes that our European allies likely would have embraced.
  • Trump should embrace NAFTA
    President Donald Trump will soon announce his intentions regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement. The possible outcomes, including U.S. withdrawal, would jeopardize the United States’ energy trade with Mexico, which totaled nearly $40 billion last year, or more than $100 million every day.
  • Thinking about America after Trump
    In the imaginations of his hopeful defenders, Donald Trump was supposed to transcend left and right. He’d break the Republican Party from the shibboleths of the Reagan Era and create a new ideology mindful of the interests of …
  • Just saying yes to drug companies
    Last week, we learned that Novartis, the Swiss drug company, had paid Michael Cohen — Donald Trump’s personal lawyer — $1.2 million for what ended up being a single meeting. Then, on Friday, Trump announced a “plan” to …
  • Withdrawing from Iran deal isolates US
    President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran deal places the United States, not Iran, in violation of the agreement, undermines the United States’ global leadership position and diplomatic power, and puts …