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August 17, 2019

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  • Reno police conduct operation targeting street racing
    Aug. 17, 2019
    Reno police made numerous traffic stops and issued dozens of citations during a crackdown on illegal street racing ...
  • Document: Vegas man allegedly planned to attack McDonald's
    Aug. 17, 2019
    A court document says a Las Vegas man accused of plotting to firebomb a synagogue or bar catering to LGBT customers also allegedly planned an attack on a ...
  • Forecasters: Excessive heat coming in Phoenix, Las Vegas
    Aug. 17, 2019
    Forecasters said high temperatures in metro Phoenix may reach 116 degrees while Las Vegas could hit 113 degrees ...
  • A stern view of the Grace 1 super tanker in the British territory of Gibraltar, Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019.
    Iranian tanker to leave Gibraltar soon despite US pressure
    Aug. 17, 2019
    The shipping agent for an Iranian supertanker caught in a diplomatic standoff says the vessel is ready to depart Gibraltar on Sunday or Monday, as the U.S. made a last-minute effort to ...
  • Alaska records its warmest month ever; future records likely
    Aug. 17, 2019
    Alaska has been America's canary in the coal mine for climate warming, and the yellow bird is swooning. July was Alaska's warmest month ever, according to ...
  • In this Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019, photo, Dr. Jasmine Saavedra, a pediatrician whose parents emigrated from Mexico in the 1980s, examines newborn Alondra Marquez in her clinic in Chicago. Doctors and public health experts warn of poor health outcomes and rising costs they say will come from sweeping changes that would deny green cards to many immigrants who use Medicaid, as well as food stamps and other forms of public assistance. Saavedra is convinced that if new Trump administration criteria were in effect for her parents three decades ago, she wouldn’t have become a pediatrician.
    Doctors warn of fallout from new immigration rule
    Aug. 17, 2019
    Diabetics skipping regular checkups. Young asthmatics not getting preventive care. A surge in expensive emergency room visits. Doctors and public health experts warn of poor health and rising costs they say will come from ...
  • Bryce Harper celebrates after hitting a two-run home run June 30, 2019, against the Miami Marlins.
    Vegas Play of the Day: Padres at Phillies
    Aug. 17, 2019
    Here’s the latest installment of the Play of the Day, which uses odds from the South Point. Our four sports writers started with ...
  • This March 26, 2019, photo shows the water level of the Colorado River, as seen from the Hoover Dam, Ariz.
    Climate change still threatens key U.S. river after wet winter
    Aug. 17, 2019
    Snow swamped mountains across the U.S. West last winter, leaving enough to thrill skiers into the summer, swelling rivers and streams when it melted, and largely making wildfire restrictions unnecessary. But the wet weather can ...
  • Vegas Golden Knights center Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, celebrates after left wing William Carrier (28) scored against the San Jose Sharks during the second period of an NHL hockey game Saturday, Nov. 24, 2018, in Las Vegas.
    Golden Knights’ William Carrier had a better season than you remember
    Aug. 17, 2019
    William Carrier is a bruising power forward who stumbled his way into some goals last season, but his league-leading hits-per-game and physical presence is the extent of ...
  • Debbie Reynolds performs during her 56th birthday celebration April 1, 1997, in Las Vegas. CREDIT: Brian Jones/Las Vegas News Bureau
    A campaign to save Debbie Reynolds Drive
    Aug. 17, 2019
    Our street names sometimes outlive their namesakes, and these legacy names offer a rare connection to history in a town that tends to value the shiny new thing.
  • The Dixie Valley toad and tricolored blackbird are considered potential candidates for extinction.
    Beyond the brink: A look at recent animal extinctions
    Aug. 17, 2019
    For better or worse, Homo sapiens have left their mark on the world. So much so that those in charge of our history are considering replacing Holocene—the label for our current geological period spanning the past 10,000 years—with Anthropocene, a term to describe a period where human activity has dominated the climate and environment on Earth.
  • Trump’s China policy incoherent, value-free
    Aug. 17, 2019
    A concern for human rights and democracy has often been seen as an add-on to our country’s foreign policy, an attractive veneer over the usual realpolitik. But President Donald Trump is demonstrating that a supposedly “America First” policy focused entirely on trade and divorced from a commitment to our values is incoherent.
  • A good question for the census
    Aug. 17, 2019
    Republicans want a citizenship question on the 2020 Census.
  • Trump wants to divide America
    Aug. 17, 2019
    Encouraging his supporters to chant “Lock her up!” and “Send her back!” shows how low President Donald Trump will go to divide this nation along racial lines in his effort to hang onto power.
  • Same story, different city
    Aug. 17, 2019
    Whenever there is a tragedy, it is immediately weaponized on social media to affirm previously cemented views.
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