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April 20, 2019

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  • This undated photo provided by the Philmont Scout Ranch shows members of the Philmont Recovery Corps moving a log into place for a new contour along a charred slope. The historic ranch near Cimarron, New Mexico, is rebuilding following a devastating wildfire that burned nearly 44 square miles in 2018. Backcountry trails were wiped out along with trail camps.
    Boy Scout ranch focuses on wildfire recovery as season nears
    April 20, 2019
    Tucked away in the foothills of the southern Rockies, the Philmont Scout Ranch has become a holy grail, its stretches of untamed wilderness and challenging backcountry treks drawing more than 1 million Boy Scouts and other adventurers from across the United States over the past 80 years...
  • In this Aug. 1, 2018, file photo, Rudy Giuliani, an attorney for President Donald Trump, addresses a gathering during a campaign event in Portsmouth, N.H.
    Trump's legal team breathes a sigh, takes a victory lap
    April 20, 2019
    First they cooperated. Then they stonewalled. Their television interviews were scattershot and ridiculed, their client mercurial and unreliable...
  • Take the electric-vehicle tax credit off the road
    April 20, 2019
    Some government foolishness has an educational value that compensates for its considerable cost. Consider the multibillion-dollar federal electric-vehicle tax credit, which efficiently illustrates how government can, with one act, diminish its already-negligible prestige while subtracting from America’s fairness. Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., and Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo., hope to repeal the tax credit, which probably will survive because it does something that government enjoys doing: It transfers wealth upward by subsidizing affluent individuals and large economic entities.
  • Britain sets sail for the past — old glories and new realities
    April 20, 2019
    Confused about Brexit? Then let me tell you about my father. He was born when the British Empire was still in bloom and being British was to inherit a divine state of grace. It was an exceptionalism. You carried the long and varied history of Britain with you. It was your honor and your obligation.
  • Discovery Children’s Museum (File)
    Discovery Children’s Museum opens new makerspace
    April 20, 2019
    Sometimes the best way to learn is by doing.
  • Gary Thompson
    Gary Thompson, former Sun editor and Caesars spokesman, dies at 73
    April 20, 2019
    Of the many honors and awards former Las Vegas Sun Managing Editor Gary Thompson received, none, he said, was more meaningful than when former Nevada Gov. Mike O’Callaghan declared, “I’d share a foxhole with that man.”
  • Charleston closing near downtown Las Vegas for roadwork
    April 20, 2019
    Upcoming roadwork on Project Neon will shut down Charleston Boulevard near downtown Las Vegas for more than a week. A stretch of Charleston between Commerce Street and ...
  • Mueller’s report is the beginning, not the end
    April 20, 2019
    The report from special counsel Robert Mueller provides a devastating portrait of President Donald Trump’s behavior that may invite the beginning of an impeachment inquiry and a constitutional confrontation. A collision of some kind between the president (along with his attorney general) and Democrats who control the House of Representatives is now inevitable.
  • Bill Snihur, left, and wife, May Cain, center, embrace both Christian and Jewish high holidays of Easter and Passover. The pair gather Easter and Passover items with their twin children — Ariel and Alexander, 25.
    Interfaith families twice blessed this year
    April 20, 2019
    The delicate act of balancing two faiths reaches its apex in years like this one, when Good Friday and the first night of Passover coincide.
  • Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., talks about his presidential campaign during a speech to about 100 people on Friday, April 19, 2019, at the Douglas County Democratic headquarters in Minden. Booker became the first candidate running for president in 2020 to make a campaign stop in a rural part of the early caucus state.
    Rural Nevada creating a virtual presidential campaign trail
    April 20, 2019
    Democrat Kimi Cole is tired of excuses from presidential candidates who say it's too expensive and time-consuming to visit areas of rural Nevada like her town of ...
  • See benefits of vacation rentals
    April 20, 2019
    Short-term rentals provide a much desired alternative form of tourist accommodations. There are so many people, like myself, living in these neighborhoods who want the opportunity to rent out an extra room or their whole home from time to time.
  • Why Trump won’t stop talking about Ilhan Omar
    April 20, 2019
    It’s still common to hear analysts speak of the “Trumpification” of the Republican Party — the extent to which it has adopted the attitude and ethos of the sitting president.
  • Echoes of WWII at the border
    April 20, 2019
    I cannot understand how any Jew can support President Donald Trump.
  • Southern ploy is rising again
    April 20, 2019
    I am young enough to remember when some of the folks in the South were sending poor children of color up to Hyannis Port, Mass., to the Kennedy compound to integrate their schools.
  • President Donald Trump reaches out to greet supporters on the tarmac upon his arrival at Palm Beach International Airport, Thursday, April 18, 2019, in West Palm Beach, Fla. Trump traveled to Florida to spend the Easter weekend as his Mar-a-Lago estate.
    Fake news? Mueller isn't buying it
    April 19, 2019
    President Donald Trump and his team love to deride unfavorable stories as "fake news," but it's clear from Robert Mueller's report that the special counsel isn't buying it ...
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