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July 5, 2015

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Nevada lawmaker to introduce bill legalizing marijuana


Ted S. Warren / AP

Jake Dimmock, co-owner of the Northwest Patient Resource Center medical marijuana dispensary, waters plants Oct. 10, 2012, in Seattle.

Assemblyman Joe Hogan, D-Las Vegas, said his measure to legalize marijuana possession will be introduced in the Assembly on Friday, making Nevada the sixth state to consider decriminalizing pot.

"We've wasted a tremendous amount of money spoiling teen-agers lives, chasing them around until we can arrest them for something," Hogan said. "And marijuana is not just a harmless plant. The medical benefits are remarkable."

Hogan, a retired naval officer and Department of Defense employee, said he does not smoke pot.

"Maybe 45 years ago someone gifted me a few puffs, but I have not been a user at all," Hogan said.

Rather, he is more concerned with the societal benefits of legalizing marijuana, he said.

Hogan is working with a Las Vegas doctor who has been pushing the issue. Dr. Stephen Frye, who calls himself Dr. Pot, has been pushing marijuana legalization.

Voters in two states, Colorado and Washington, decriminalized marijuana possession in November. Lawmakers in Oregon, Hawaii and New Mexico are considering pot legalization measures.

Nevada already allows for medical marijuana use. But patients who have a medical marijuana card have no legal way to obtain it. Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, has sponsored legislation to create a dispensary system in Nevada.

Segerblom said Thursday he is not cosponsoring Hogan's measure.

"I'm sticking to medical marijuana," he said.

Hogan said Assemblymen Andrew Martin and Paul Aizley are cosponsoring the measure. He's also hoping for some Republican support.

"I'm really hopeful" it will pass, Hogan said. "It would benefit a lot of people."

Andrew Doughman contributed to this story.

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  1. And tax the s**t outta it, marijuana could really help the Las Vegas budget..

  2. Prohibition didn't work. Making Marijuana illegal has not, does not and WILL NOT WORK!

    What part of that do these big heads don't understand?

    Pot is more easily obtained than alcohol. And you have dimwits who accuse people of being "drug addicts" despite the OBVIOUS FACTS?

    What world are these blind people living in?

    Legalize it, tax it and regulate it! The marijuana drug war has failed miserably.

    Driving will intoxicated is illegal now and will be illegal even if marijuana is legalized.

    The fact that someone decides to drive intoxicated has little to do with the fact that marijuana is legal or not since it is already illegal to drive while intoxicated!

    Reason help these dimwits!

  3. Finally a politician with some common sense.

  4. I applaud this measure. Sadly, democracy has failed the citizenry in Nevada. Medical marijuana patients have been forced into the streets to actively participate in black market, illegal activity. All thanks to our courts and the legislature. We the people voted for medical marijuana not once, but twice. You can see how much these people care for their constituents.

  5. "Nevada already allows for medical marijuana use. But patients who have a medical marijuana card have no legal way to obtain it. Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, has sponsored legislation to create a dispensary system in Nevada."

    Damon -- you should have done your homework. Nevada voters first changed our Constitution for this in 1998. The legislature deserves nothing positive said about this 15 years later.

    "Medical marijuana patients have been forced into the streets to actively participate in black market, illegal activity. All thanks to our courts and the legislature. We the people voted for medical marijuana not once, but twice."

    EasyAndy -- so glad to see someone else paying attention to this! Ever hear of the LaGuardia Report?

    The profound stupidity of anti-marijuana laws is proven by hemp being criminalized with them. Nature's #1 botanical gift to this planet outlawed so government can plunder its people and their property.

    "Tobacco, hemp, flax and cotton, are staple commodities." -- from Thomas Jefferson "The Works," vol. 3 (Notes on Virginia I, Correspondence 1780-1782), "A Notice Of The Mines And Other Subterraneous Riches; Its Trees, Plants, Fruits, &C."

  6. This needs to pass! It should have been done years ago. Not only is it the right thing to do, it will be a tremendous boost to our economy.

    If we are going to be "sin city" then by all means embrace it and run full speed with it!

  7. Joe,

    I believe I have mentioned in the past that I am pragmatic. That includes being a bit of a mercenary. Or is that all just part of being an old-fashioned Classical Liberal? :)

  8. The Swiss Guard that protects the Pope are mercenaries. Are they liberals?

  9. SunJon,

    Depending upon what aspect you wish to address, yes. :)

  10. I'm against it in large part that marijuana advocates refuse to attribute any negatives to it's use. And unless you are on chemo treatments or a real medical problem medical marijuana is a farce. They put marijuana on the same plate as aspirin. Which to any sane person is ridiculous. Medical marijuana is a red herring, studies have proven that. It's just an excuse to smoke pot.

    The other farce is that kids won't get marijuana if it's legalized. They get pot now, how would legalizing it stop that? At least with booze it's a little harder hiding a 750ml and then there is the suffering that comes afterward.

    Personally if you are an adult and you smoke pot at home, I really don't have a problem with it. But if it is legalized, it needs to be restricted to someone's domicile not out in public.

    Also it would adversely affect tourism. We would lose convention business. Amsterdam is actually a lovely canal city but that is overridden by pot and prostitution.

  11. We had another "noble experiment" with alcohol prohibition last century and all it did was give rise to organized crime and gangsterism. Any similarity to our experience with marijuana prohibition is more than just coincidental.

  12. Assemblyman Joe Hogan will certainly get my support in the future.

  13. No one is forced to use marijuana. Those opposed are voting to restrict the access of others. The prospect of taxing sales to adults is not insignificant, whereas money lost pursuing adult recreational users is a waste to taxpayers. It is time to reassess policy.

  14. About time. There is probably more grass consumed in Vegas than any city in the world of comparable size. I was a narcotics investigator for years and know what I am talking about.
    Prostitution should be next. It's a party town. We shouldn't pretend otherwise.

  15. Mr. Hess is correct. It is wrong to compare cannabis to aspirin or alcohol. Aspirin kills 52 people per year. Alcohol kills 24,518 per year. Cannabis kills 0 per year. Who is beliving the hype.

  16. Mr. Hess....the bulk of tourists come from California. Californians consume grass by the ton. We would lose convention business??? The party atmosphere is why we have convention business to begin with. Why do you think they come here? Intellectual stimulation. The conventions are why we have thousands of hookers. Whores and grass go together like soup and sandwich.
    All part of a well balanced convention.

  17. Liz... In the interest of full disclosure are you one of the employee owners of Home-Gro?

    I want the state to see some tax revenue. Growing at home takes away from that.

  18. Wow, I might be able to get off my prescribed Hydrocodone pain pills...great! I don't take them as often as I should and just deal with the pain because I don't want to get addicted to them.Now if this becomes legal I won't have to put off medication.

  19. Legal medical marijuana use would be a medical necessity and should have a tax abatement. All other use should be taxed.

  20. Prohibition did NOT work. Just decriminalize, legalize, regulate, and TAX marijuana.

    Seems like now is the time, especially with an aging society in need of alternatives for pain relief, and, as other Commenters have well explained, the use of it is so wide spread, it might as well be legalized. While we're at it, get those gridlocked politicians in Washington, D.C. to decriminalize it as well.

    Green Blessings and Peace,