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February 7, 2016

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  • Hut fire kills all 10 family member on Pakistani island
    Feb. 7, 2016
    A Pakistani police official says fire has killed all 10 members of a fisherman's family on an ...
  • Israeli leader calls on world to condemn arson of synagogue
    Feb. 7, 2016
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday called on the world to condemn a suspected arson attack against a makeshift synagogue in the West Bank where Jewish Torah scrolls were ...
  • Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., answers a question as Republican presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump listens during a Republican presidential primary debate hosted by ABC News at St. Anselm College on Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016, in Manchester, N.H.
    Rubio comes under withering criticism in Republican debate
    Feb. 7, 2016
    Marco Rubio faced withering criticism of his readiness to be president and his policy depth in the last Republican debate before Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and ...
  • What N. Korea rocket launch may mean for region and world
    Feb. 7, 2016
    North Korea launched a long-range rocket Sunday, the first day of its announced eight-day launch window and about a month after the country's fourth nuclear test led to international condemnation. Already, world leaders are lining up to ...
  • N. Korea praises rocket; others view as covert missile test
    Feb. 7, 2016
    For North Korea's propaganda machine, the long-range rocket launch Sunday carved a glorious trail of "fascinating vapor" through the clear blue sky. For South Korea's president, and other world leaders, it was ...
  • How to celebrate love in Las Vegas
    How to celebrate love in Las Vegas
    Feb. 7, 2016
    Thirteen well-known Las Vegas personalities share their favorite Valentine’s Day experiences.
  • Recipe: Porter-braised beef stew
    Recipe: Porter-braised beef stew
    Feb. 7, 2016
    Learn how to make a family favorite for a cold night ...
  • Ask an Attorney: What is debt settlement?
    Ask an Attorney: What is debt settlement?
    Feb. 7, 2016
    Debt settlement is one of the three major forms of personal-debt relief. The other two are debt consolidation and bankruptcy. Debt settlement is when a debtor and a creditor agree on a reduced amount to negotiate the original amount owed.
  • Marios Ignadiou, head of the costume shop at “Jubilee!”  at Bally’s, holds up a headpiece from the disco number Tuesday, June 11, 2013, at the long-running show.
    What’s to come of the brightest stars of ‘Jubilee’?
    Feb. 7, 2016
    To the millions who have seen “Jubilee” over its 34-year history, the costumes have been as much a part of the show as the performers. They are stars unto themselves, these grand garments, which boast such nicknames as Mohawk and Swirl. ...
  • Vadim Bolotsky hangs out with his chickens in the backyard of his home in Pahrump November 11, 2010.
    Want to own a pet chicken?
    Feb. 7, 2016
    You don’t have to be a farmer to raise chickens. Local ordinances allow for ownership of poultry either as pets or to raise them to provide food for your family. In five minutes, we’ll make you an expert on which breeds to buy to suit your needs, as well as the time and costs of caring for the birds.
  • The inner workings of an emergency room
    The inner workings of an emergency room
    Feb. 7, 2016
    For most of us who have been patients at the emergency room, our focus has been on receiving quick, quality care so we can leave as soon as possible. Most people don’t focus on the complicated, high-stakes world of emergency medicine.
  • Casino promotions: Feb. 7-13
    Feb. 7, 2016
    Feeling lucky? Gaming establishments throughout Southern Nevada offer deals and promotions for gamers ...
  • New Year's fireworks quieter in Chinese capital
    Feb. 6, 2016
    Much of China's population can expect sub-standard sleep after the country starts ringing in the Year of the Monkey. The rat-a-tat snaps of firecrackers, whistling rockets and mortar-like fireworks with possibly enough gunpowder to down a small aircraft will make sure of that.
  • Ex-aircraft company executive killed in crash
    Feb. 6, 2016
    A former president of a major aircraft manufacturer was one of the two people killed after their World War II-era plane crashed and burned near the town of Maricopa.
  • Sanders appears on 'SNL' with Larry David
    Feb. 6, 2016
    Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has made a cameo appearance on "Saturday Night Live" with Larry David, the comic who has done a dead-on impersonation …
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