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July 25, 2014

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Letters to the Editor

Support DOD study of Parkinson’s
July 18, 2014
I would like to ask all Nevadans to reach out to their elected officials in Congress and ask them to support the Department of Defense Parkinson’s Research Program.
The problem of organized religion
July 18, 2014
That deadly mess in the Middle East threatening the entire world with bedlam is the fault of organized religion.
It’s time for solutions
July 17, 2014
So our border patrol guards are changing diapers and making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the youngsters who decided to cross our border, or maybe it was the decision of their parents to have them cross the border.
Many battles to be fought
July 17, 2014
Public enemies — let’s get rid of them:
Wal-Mart offers opportunities
July 17, 2014
I was disappointed to see that the Las Vegas Sun posted “The Corporate Daddy,” written by Timothy Egan and published in The New York Times June 19.
It’s really a war on marijuana
July 16, 2014
Regarding Erin Ryan’s July 7 column, “A child of the ’80s grapples with the failures of the ‘war on drugs,’” the drug war is largely a war on marijuana consumers.
Packaged liquor isn’t the problem
July 16, 2014
The recent decision by the Las Vegas City Council to restrict package liquor sales in an effort to clean up the Fremont district is akin to placing a Band-Aid on a sucking chest wound.
The Sun offers honesty and ethics
July 16, 2014
Honesty, ethics and, yes, responsibility! It’s what the Las Vegas Sun has provided.
Obamacare is affordable
July 15, 2014
The July 3 letter titled “A conservative’s view of the issues” is blatantly filled with falsehoods and distortions.
Shame on those who air Limbaugh
July 15, 2014
Rush Limbaugh is a shock jock who has said more dumb things about women’s rights than anyone in the media.
Punish instigators of ‘war on drugs’
July 15, 2014
Thank you for publishing the July 7 column
Buy your own birth control
July 14, 2014
In response to the Wednesday letter “Hobby Lobby decision all wrong,” family-owned Hobby Lobby doesn’t want to go against its religious beliefs. Why should it or the government have to pay for women’s and men’s birth control, sexual enhancements or drugs to increase sexual pleasures?
Know truth about Hobby Lobby case
July 14, 2014
The writer of the Wednesday letter “Hobby Lobby decision all wrong” clearly demonstrates a lack of understanding about the issue.
Who’s ready to join the Prudent Party?
July 14, 2014
Here are several things that the people of America will never be able to stop and a few that couldn’t be stopped with a vote: the proliferation of marijuana, guns, same-sex marriage, gambling, body piercing, tattoos and saggy pants.
Once-trusted GM needs new leaders
July 13, 2014
Maybe it’s time to throw out all the executives of General Motors and plant supervisors of GM. It appears someone or more than one person is not doing their job correctly.

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