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November 1, 2014

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Letters to the Editor

Vote to improve Nevada schools
Oct. 26, 2014
Question 3 is the only proposed solution to Nevada’s pathetic funding of K-12 schools. All funds generated by the Education Initiative would go to the operation of schools — not for school buildings.
Congress bailed on adding regulations
Oct. 26, 2014
The Tuesday letter “Stay out of the way, government” needs one clarification as I see it.
Midterm elections to stun Democrats
Oct. 24, 2014
With less than two weeks until the midterm elections, it’s not looking good for the home team — President Barack Obama and the Democrats. Why? The Islamic State is on the rise — strike one. Ebola is spreading — strike two. The stock market is tanking — strike three.
Cowards won’t show their faces
Oct. 24, 2014
Well, they are at it again. How exciting it must have been for the brave Hamas warriors fighting while hiding behind the women and children of Gaza.
Conservation is our water solution
Oct. 24, 2014
We have been living with drought in the Southwest for years, so long that many of us are tuning it out.
Ideology of the Dark Ages
Oct. 23, 2014
I am responding to the Oct. 11 column “Incomplete caricature of Islam” by Nicholas Kristof, a columnist for The New York Times.
Oncologists against margin tax
Oct. 23, 2014
On behalf of the Nevada Oncology Society, I want to express my concern with the statewide Ballot Question 3, referred to as “The Margin Tax Initiative” or “The Education Initiative.” Nevada Oncology Society is a nonprofit organization representing medical oncologists, surgical oncologists and other oncology specialists who provide cancer care in Nevada.
Media can best protect reporters
Oct. 22, 2014
In response to Caroline Little’s Other Voices of Oct. 10 (“It’s time to protect journalists who risk their lives to report the news”), the media themselves have the means by which to best protect journalists operating in war zones.
Who will Cegavske represent?
Oct. 22, 2014
I viewed with interest the article on the secretary of state race in the Oct. 12 issue of the Sun. One important overlooked fact is that candidate Barbara Cegavske serves on the board of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and is state chair for that organization.
Memorial walls for exposed employees
Oct. 22, 2014
After coming home tonight from a local casino with the stench of nicotine clinging to me, I have come up with an idea for casinos that refuse to change to a nonsmoking environment for the safety of their patrons and, more importantly, their employees.
Ulterior motives for blaming police
Oct. 21, 2014
I must say I found the behavior of always blaming the police and taking the side of criminals a bit curious, but finally the pattern has emerged and it has become crystal clear.
Consider a margin tax scenario
Oct. 21, 2014
The proposed 2 percent gross margin business tax will hurt Nevada greatly. Here’s how.
No reasonable alternative offered
Oct. 21, 2014
Millions of dollars are being spent to influence Nevada voters on the education initiative. Intelligent people can disagree on issues like taxes and education spending, but some things are facts.
Crime pays for Hamas terrorists
Oct. 19, 2014
Wow, $5.4 billion to a terrorist organization! If this doesn’t incentivize Hamas to continue its war on Israel, nothing will.
Let developers pay for soccer stadium
Oct. 19, 2014
If this soccer stadium that Cordish Companies and Findlay Sports want to build is such a great deal, why don’t they try to hustle one of the billionaires here in town?

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