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July 22, 2014

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2008 Caucus Guide

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Chris Morris / Las Vegas Sun

For the first time, Nevada’s Democrats and Republicans will have a chance to play a stronger role in who the nominees will be for president by being among a select group of states picked to hold primaries and caucuses in January.

Caucus 101: A basic guide on how to participate. Or, read more about the logistics of Jan. 19.

By being one of the early states, Nevada’s caucuses are hoped to gain the state more national attention, bring in more presidential candidates and thus raise awareness of Western issues. More background...

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From The Politics Blog

Las Vegas voting experience: Albertson's, banana bread and a beauty queen
During early voting at Albertson's, 2011 Miss Nevada Alana Lee cast her ballot -- amid no fanfare.
Buzzfeed: Romney campaign exaggerates size of Nevada event with altered image
Oscar Goodman saddened at the death of his friend and mentor Arlen Specter
Oscar Goodman was a young law student looking for work when he met Arlen Specter in Philadelphia.
Watchdog group hounds government for files on Ensign case
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a formal complaint this week to force the DOJ to turn over files collected during its now-defunct ...
Ron Paul, Mitt Romney delegates stand at the ready
GOP chairman Reince Priebus officially gaveled open the 2012 Republican National Convention today, only to immediately close it for a day-long recess. Even though the ...
Nevada alternate delegate compares national conventions past and present
For Nevada politico Patty Cafferata, the intrigue, plotting and wariness among opposing factions at a national convention is nothing new. Cafferata has been attending conventions ...
Senate passes tax cut extension for those earning $250,000 or less
Democrats in the Senate faced down the closest thing to a legislative dare from Republican leaders Wednesday and passed a tax cut extension for those ...
Senate observes moment of silence in honor of Colorado shooting victims
Sen. Harry Reid led the Senate in a moment of silence Monday afternoon for the moviegoers who died in a horrific shooting in Aurora, Colo., ...

Politics Stories

Woman accused of using false ID to register to vote
Authorities say a Las Vegas area woman was arrested today on seven felony counts, including two involving voter-registration fraud. According to a criminal complaint ...
In a flash, Sen. Dean Heller’s relatives become the cool kids on the Internet
Being a United States Senator probably makes you the most famous person in your family, right? Not the case for ...
Photo: Congressman Joe Heck, R-Nev., smiles as someone's
How does a bill become law in Washington? Follow Joe Heck’s case study
Today, President Barack Obama is signing into law a bill modernizing the nation’s job training programs. A critical component of the bill can be traced back to Nevada’s Rep. Joe Heck ...
Key Democrat rails against Republicans, rallies women voters at Las Vegas event
The head of the Democratic National Committee bashed Republicans and rallied support for a key group of Nevada women facing tough general election opponents during a roundtable discussion with local activists at the party’s Las Vegas headquarters on Monday.
Radical right’s ‘patriot’ movement is really just anarchy
That a group of U.S. citizens took up arms against their government to defend Cliven Bundy's refusal to pay grazing fees he has owed for decades is symptomatic of a larger political and cultural shift, a new report has found. The repercussions are scary and dangerous.
Photo: Michelle Fiore has her photo taken with attendees
A true Nevada political rise
Michele Fiore came from Brooklyn, loves guns and small government, hates the PC movement, and was the only Republican in the state Assembly to vote for legalizing medical marijuana and lifting the ban on gay marriage ...
Photo: Bob Leroux pours his bottled beer into a plastic c
Las Vegas’ booze ban is cleaning up Fremont Street, but not everyone is pleased
A lump of a man in a soccer jersey with a blue medallion hanging from his neck scans a wall cooler filled with beer in a gift shop lining the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas. Above the cooler, a neon yellow sign blares a message ...
Washington Memo: Puppies, Slurpees and bipartisanship in Nevada’s delegation
Sen. Dean Heller bucked his party this week to support his colleague, Sen. Harry Reid. Heller was the only Republican ...
Photo: Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., questions General Motors
Heller cites ‘corporate incompetence’ at hearing over GM failures
Sen. Dean Heller blasted what he called “corporate incompetence” at yet another congressional hearing examining how General Motors sold cars that could lose power at any moment, a fault linked to 13 deaths and thousands of crashes. “General Motors failed to understand...
Photo: A taxi cab drives down the Strip Thursday, April 2
Why Uber has cracked the taxi market in 70 cities — but not Las Vegas
Uber is a four-letter word in Las Vegas. Just a mention of the company’s name draws gasps from Las Vegas leaders and, especially, taxicab companies ...

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