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August 30, 2016

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For the first time, Nevada’s Democrats and Republicans will have a chance to play a stronger role in who the nominees will be for president by being among a select group of states picked to hold primaries and caucuses in January.

Caucus 101: A basic guide on how to participate. Or, read more about the logistics of Jan. 19.

By being one of the early states, Nevada’s caucuses are hoped to gain the state more national attention, bring in more presidential candidates and thus raise awareness of Western issues. More background...

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Las Vegas voting experience: Albertson's, banana bread and a beauty queen
During early voting at Albertson's, 2011 Miss Nevada Alana Lee cast her ballot -- amid no fanfare.
Buzzfeed: Romney campaign exaggerates size of Nevada event with altered image
Oscar Goodman saddened at the death of his friend and mentor Arlen Specter
Oscar Goodman was a young law student looking for work when he met Arlen Specter in Philadelphia.
Watchdog group hounds government for files on Ensign case
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a formal complaint this week to force the DOJ to turn over files collected during its now-defunct ...
Ron Paul, Mitt Romney delegates stand at the ready
GOP chairman Reince Priebus officially gaveled open the 2012 Republican National Convention today, only to immediately close it for a day-long recess. Even though the ...
Nevada alternate delegate compares national conventions past and present
For Nevada politico Patty Cafferata, the intrigue, plotting and wariness among opposing factions at a national convention is nothing new. Cafferata has been attending conventions ...
Senate passes tax cut extension for those earning $250,000 or less
Democrats in the Senate faced down the closest thing to a legislative dare from Republican leaders Wednesday and passed a tax cut extension for those ...
Senate observes moment of silence in honor of Colorado shooting victims
Sen. Harry Reid led the Senate in a moment of silence Monday afternoon for the moviegoers who died in a horrific shooting in Aurora, Colo., ...

Politics Stories

Primary features Rubio, Wasserman Schultz
Florida voters cast ballots in a primary Tuesday featuring two politicians hoping to hold onto their seats after this year's bruising presidential contest, Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Debbie …
McCain, sheriff's races top Arizona primary
Primary challenges to two of the state's longest-serving Republicans are drawing attention as Arizona voters head to the polls …
Photo: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump point
Video: 'Women Know Better' ad against Trump to run first in Nevada
The super PAC American Bridge 21st Century and the pro-choice group EMILY’s List’s independent expenditure arm are partnering to release a new digital ad in Nevada today, painting Donald Trump as an anti-woman …
Photo: Huma Abedin waves to supporters as an aide to Demo
Longtime aide Huma Abedin like 'second daughter' to Clinton
Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin has won plaudits for her campaign instincts, her deep-rooted loyalty and her glamorous personal style. But she has been thrust into the spotlight for another attribute — as ...
Photo: A Culinary Union member holds up a sign during a r
Trump and Clinton place their bets in Nevada
Politically, Nevada is the anti-California. The GOP runs both houses of the Legislature. Brian Sandoval, the state’s popular governor, is a Republican. Just like California, one party holds every state constitutional office, only in Nevada, it’s the GOP that ran the table. And in Nevada, there’s also an actual ...
Photo: Republican Rep. Cresent Hardy speaks at the Asian
Cresent Hardy is hospitalized after heart attack
The Republican congressman underwent a routine medical procedure after the attack and remains under observation from doctors while he recovers ...
Photo: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton
Clinton says she doesn't know 'which' Trump will appear at debates
Hillary Clinton is telling supporters that she doesn't know "which Donald Trump" will show up at the presidential debates. She called this year "the most unpredictable electoral season" she had ever seen ...
Photo: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump lea
Video: New Trump ad paints a stark portrait of America if Clinton elected
Trump’s new ad, called “Two Americas: Economy,” paints a stark portrait of America under the presidency of Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton, saying she would bring “more of the same, but worse.” Under a Trump presidency, the ad suggests, middle-class families will receive tax relief, new jobs will be created, and ...
Photo: Former New York congressman Anthony Weiner glances
Clinton aide Abedin dumps husband Weiner over new sexting scandal
Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin is done playing the good wife to Anthony Weiner, announcing Monday she is leaving the serially sexting ex-congressman after ...
Photo: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arr
Trump plans detailed immigration talk as questions remain
Donald Trump says he'll deliver a detailed speech Wednesday on his proposal to crack down on illegal immigration — but it's anyone's guess what he will say ...

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