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May 5, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Teapublicans impede nation’s recovery

On the same day that Standard & Poor’s downgraded the U.S. credit rating, the predictable Republican primary candidates started finger-pointing.

Instead of pointing at both parties for their failures over the past 11 years, it is suddenly President Barack Obama’s fault because it occurred on his watch. If that is true, then the failed policies of George W. Bush caused 9/11 because it occurred on his watch. Likewise, because the recession started under Bush, it is also his fault.

Standard & Poor’s has stated that if we had seen agreement on a quick, clean debt-ceiling increase, it is probable the downgrade would not have occurred. S&P now states that the dual problems of “no fiscal consensus” caused by the parties being “unable to bridge the political divide” are underlying causes of the downgrade.

What this decision shows is that the thoughtless, ignorant connection of the debt ceiling and the budget for future spending was wrong. The people who forced the issue by putting them together, the Teapublican Party, have shown that what they really want is a continuing stagnant economy, a stalled unemployment number, continued fiscal uncertainty (at least until the 2012 election) and anything else that would make it difficult for Obama to be re-elected, which is — to the detriment of this great country — their primary objective in 2012.

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  1. Anyone who believes that S&P would not have downgraded our credit rating if President Obama would have received a 'clean' debt limit increase from 14.5 trillion dollars to 17 trillion dollars is fooling themselves.

    It did not help that the decision was delayed until the last moment but that was caused by the R's and D's unwillingness to compromise.

    The downgraded rating is due to the size of the DEBT, the continued BORROWING and our inability to both RAISE TAXES and REDUCE SPENDING.

    If the President would have received a clean debt ceiling increase, we would have had the same impasss over budget cuts and taxes that we have now and S&P would have downgraded us anyway.

    The people we have in the Executive and Legislative branches will not compromise and do what is necessary to bring the debt down and stop running deficits every year and that has caused the DOWNGRADE.


  2. "TeaPublicans" do what they are told to do by their constituents . Imagine that! More of this in 2012. The hidebounds of both parties played chicken with S&P on the expenditure reductions, and the downgrade was the result.

  3. "Anyone who believes that S&P would not have downgraded our credit rating if President Obama would have received a 'clean' debt limit increase from 14.5 trillion dollars to 17 trillion dollars is fooling themselves."


    I believe they wouldn't have. There were those on the right who felt defaulting wasn't a problem which caused the down grade.

    If you read the report S&P played politics by stating Republicans were responsible because of their attitude towards not allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire and their general use of obstructionism.

  4. Teapublicans is one issue, the people that scare me are the Teavangelists.

  5. Vernos,

    You have to read the 'entire' text of the comments by S&P to get the true story.

    Liberal leaning media stressed the comments about the tax cuts and possible default. Conservative media stressed the comments about the amount of debt and no real plan to deal with it.

    This is what happens when we have general media that leans and reports left and Fox that leans and reports right.

    The S&P made it quite clear that the amount of debt concerns them, the inability to craft a compromise that really addresses it concerns them and that both sides were willing to go to the last second before making a poor agreement concerns them. All of thse factors led to the downgrade. We all need to accept that this is and has been a failure of our entire government.

    Too many of us are still choosing sides. The truth is that we need to 'force' both sides to compromise.


  6. I remember a non-partisan debt commission recently that recommended a combination of cuts and tax increases to balance the budget, but both parties pretty much ignored their recommendations. Now we're going to have a partisan debt commission, and people expect something to come out of it that will be good for the country? What a joke!

    The ideologues on the right are threatening the pragmatists on the right which is preventing any kind of compromise with the left. The ideologues on the right would rather burn the country down than make a single concession. There are ideologues on the left that act the same way, but at least the dems don't let them control the party.

  7. wentwent: The Republicans better come up with a candidate soon. Televangelists Perry and Bachman aren't going to cut it with intelligent republican voters. Romney and Huntsman, as good as they are, are going to have a religious problem of another type. The rest of the field is toast. The only electable candidate dropped out.

  8. If any of you care to do a little research, check out the economic data Democrats vs. Republicans since 1960. I'd post the data here but without doubt those radcals on the right would negate my comments. A hint: Ronald Reagan said his worst regret was turning us from a nation of lenders to a nation of borrowers.

    Dick Cheney, "You know, Paul, Reagan proved deficits don't matter."

    This economy was started years ago, and if McCain/Palin won, we'd still be in the toilet. The amount of debt hidden by the Bush admin is just coming to light now.

    And I'll remind you again, because you whack jobs moved so far right doesn't mean we all are liberal/commie/socialists.

  9. Why are all the TeaNuts such loud-mouthed phonies?

  10. Herr Schillmoeller

    How was the Mermaid Convention? Heard you were a HUGE hit!!

  11. T: Taxed
    E: Enough
    A: Already

    The Tea Party should not be Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or any of that. TEA should be exactly what it was meant to stand for. I don't want to be called a "teapublican" "teabagger" or any other of the loser names that I see on here. I don't have to justify my political opinions to anyone. I don't want to have to say what my political affiliation is in order to have an intelligent conversation. What I do want? I want the United States of America to be UNITED!!! What good is all this name calling and denigrating the opposite political party? A person should be able to have an opinion; whether conservative or liberal, and not feel the need to spew nastiness to another who disagrees. The parties in Washington feel no need to "compromise" or heaven forbid "agree" as long as we the people continue to act like a bunch of barbarians in our daily lives. Let's have tax reform, let the big dogs pay more, let's have some REAL cuts and let's get this country back on track. If that takes Barack Obama, Michelle Bachmann, Hilary Clinton, or Rick Perry... who cares. This is and should remain the GREATEST nation in the world. Why do you people continue to tear it down with intolerance of others? Just saying....