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August 24, 2016

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Letters to the Editor

Exercise rights women fought for
Aug. 23, 2016
America’s freedom fighters were publicly humiliated and beaten, unlawfully detained and tortured for over a century to gain the freedom of speech and the right to vote. And Aug. 18, we celebrated the …
GOP hinders the right to vote
Aug. 21, 2016
Has the irony been lost on the GOP’s flag bearer? As Donald Trump complains about the election being rigged against him, Republicans in a number of states have …
For sake of nation's prosperity, elect a Democrat
Aug. 20, 2016
Lying Donald continually lies by omission and exaggeration. He is quick to point out numbers such as America’s trade deficit in only one category, never mentioning our very significant offsetting trade surpluses. Unlike the Clintons and every …
Trump doesn’t seem to want to be president
Aug. 20, 2016
Is it possible Donald Trump never wanted to be president and was just as surprised he beat out 16 others as everyone else was? He opened with …
Trump may drop out of race
Aug. 16, 2016
I can just picture Donald Trump’s devious smile. Would there be mass political chaos, celebrations or both? Trump is now sure he has no chance to win the general election against Clinton. And there is also no doubt that Trump intends to punish both America and the Republican Party for, as he sees it, politically “stabbing him in the back.”
Get Trump a dictionary
Aug. 16, 2016
The Republican presidential nominee has claimed he can be the Secretary of Keeping All the Jobs in the U.S. He has a close friend who is building the eighth wonder of the world in Mexico. He never tells us who, what and how, only that he knows this great man. He is going to charge carriers 35 percent to bring products into the U.S. He has no idea …
Gold Butte needs our protection
Aug. 13, 2016
My father, George Potter, would have been 114 years old on July 27. He was a miner, a hunter and an explorer and had a great love …
Trump only acts to help himself
Aug. 13, 2016
In recent news, Khizr Khan, father of fallen Muslim American Capt. Humayun Khan, stated that Donald Trump “sacrificed nothing and no one.” In response, Trump stated that he sacrificed by creating “thousands” and “tens of thousands of jobs” — a theme similar to …
Workshops for those with disabilities can preserve dignity
Aug. 11, 2016
Regarding the letter to the editor “Not all can have regular diploma” (Las Vegas Sun, Aug. 5): I admire the writer’s candor. Too often, opinions are set forth in print that lack depth in understanding the challenges …
Report cases of animal abuse; you can do so anonymously
Aug. 11, 2016
Hats off to Clark County Animal Control, Metro Police and especially the newly formed Metro Animal Cruelty …
Trump gives veterans obvious reasons to vote against him
Aug. 7, 2016
I’m a retired master chief petty officer of the Navy who spent 30 years on continuous active duty. I’m a combat veteran of the Vietnam War, where I served in the Mekong Delta as a machine gunner aboard the gunboats of …
Loser Trump sets the stage to deny November defeat's legitimacy
Aug. 7, 2016
Donald Trump has told voters in Ohio, a crucial swing state, that “I’m afraid the election’s going to be rigged.” He went on to …
Trump is an affront to the GOP's days of Reagan
Aug. 6, 2016
I had my problems with Ronald Reagan, the “patron saint” and “savior” of the modern Republican Party. Reagan’s cut-and-run strategy following the terrorist bombing of the Marine Corps barracks …
Concealed-carry permit holders can protect others at businesses
Aug. 6, 2016
I applaud the writer who exercised his First Amendment rights to his opinion in the letter “Do your part to fight NRA, GOP” (Las Vegas Sun, July 29).
Students shouldn't all receive a regular diploma
Aug. 5, 2016
I wish that when editorials were written such as a recent one from the Reno Gazette-Journal (“Adjusted diplomas cheat our students,” Las Vegas Sun, July 30), the person writing it knew what he or she was …

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