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April 26, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Long past time to compromise

War is commonly defined as victory at all costs and no compromise. Governing should be defined as the art of compromise. Our two parties, if viewed honestly, are conducting a war instead of governing, and we are all suffering as a result.

Regardless of how we each feel about certain issues, we should all demand that the war stops and compromise begins. When it doesn’t, and it most likely won’t, we should start punishing both parties at the polls.

We are going to need more revenue, and tax increases on everyone are going to have to be part of any solution. Democrats have part of that correct but are unwilling to raise taxes on everyone. Defense and entitlements are each a large part of the budget. Both Democrats and Republicans are reluctant to find real cuts in the defense budget, and Democrats won’t budge on doing something about entitlement spending, even for new participants.

I have to vote for one of our two main parties or support a third party — even though I know that due to our two main parties, third parties are effectively locked out of any real chance to compete.

It stuns me that here, in my country, all of the above is now the reality.

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  1. Michael,

    The only reason third parties don't become a substantial factor is because too many people (including you) don't support them because of the perception that there can only be two major parties.

    Yes, it might take time, but if enough people broke away from the mindset that there can *only* be two parties then the changes you desire could take place.

    I don't mean to be harsh, especially since we know each other personally, but it is time for independents to "put up or shut up" and start supporting whatever party, "third" or not, that represents how they feel and change the current political environment.

  2. "The pot calling the kettle black." That's what this BS about Non-partisanship is all about. Dumbocrats, when holding the reins of power, can't help but whine about things the Republicrats do to stop them from their merry spend & tax ways, yet, when the shoe is on the other foot, I never hear a word about "working" together from them and that's not a bad thing. It's the way the framers of our Constitution planned it. They knew, more than most of us today, that too much government was not the answer, it was the problem, and they intentionally worked to limit it in size & scope. But, over the years, the political parties, all of them, with the help of a squeamish and compliant "Supreme" Court, eroded the limits on their ability to control us. Would any of the Founders have thought some jackass of a politican would act so dictatorial as to limit the size of a soft drink we could buy? It's simply mind-boggling the things elected & unelected bureaucratic drones think they can mandate. Maybe it's too late to reverse course, but we'd better try or we can kiss our freedoms goodby with creepy-crawlers like Michael Bloomberg (and his clones) being selected to run over us.

  3. Mr. Casler:

    You knew when this letter was published I would write back and say this to you. And I won't disappoint you. I am not as much a proponent of compromise as you. The rule in politics is this: If it's a matter of fad, go along. If it's a matter of principle, stand firm.


  4. Isn't it great to live in Absurdistan?

  5. "For example, Carmine and I just had a marathon debate that was heated, and at times insulting to the other"

    Mr. Chapline:

    I believe it was President Reagan who said: You don't see the light until you feel the heat.


  6. I will say this in response to my fellow commenters:

    The Roman empire ceased to 'run' at some point, even though it seemed like that could never happen.

    Government has become gigantic and is involved in everything. Congress is the most powerful entity in America and to be a member is one of the most powerful positions in America. We pay 10 times more attention to the Presidential election than we do any Congressional election.

    Anyone or any entity that wants to be and stay rich and powerful lobbies Congress. The parties and the people in Congress know that without money the employers of the lobbyists provide, they cannot gain and keep power, so they pass legislation the wealthy and powerful want (both Liberal and Conservative legislation). To keep the voters (us) at bay, the parties and those in Congress continually do 3 things, regardless of party: 1) enlarge government. 2) pander to groups, factions, etc with rheteroic and legislation and 3) pit voters (us) against each other, so we don't open our eyes and see what's going on.

    Again, it's not a conspiracy. It's just people trying to get what they can get, then get more, and working as they can in a corrupted system.

    Even that system worked, to a degree, until one more element was added: Congress and both parties, by trial and error really, discovered that the American public would allow them to spend money without raising taxes to pay for what was spent! Once they knew this, we turned onto the road of financial ruin.

    We can 'stick to our positions', 'enjoy life', 'stand by our party', 'not compromise', 'stand on principal', 'just ignore everything' etc. all we want, and while we do, Congress will just keep dividing, borrowing, printing, and deficit spending... as long as we 'meekly' and or 'blindly' go along.

    This will continue and our way of life will slowly decline until we reach a tipping point, a point at which enough people will be living a life they never thought they'd live in America, that our social fabric will come apart. I hope I am dead before then.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, that is my view. Agree or disagree as you like. I could be wrong and hope I am, but I think I am right.

    The MOST IMPORTANT thing we need to do to change course is to start insisting, that whoever we place in office, at any level, return to matching tax revenue to government expenditures. The genie is out of the bottle and if we don't force the genie back in, we ....... insert any negative word you like.


  7. Without compromise, imbalances in government and problems they create will continue to persist. The 'PERFECT SOLUTION" will not be found which is probably best since no one really knows what it is. The only way to improvement is through compromise where no one is completely satisfied but progress is made.

    Unless you're an adherent of voodoo arithmetic, you'll realize two facts. Government spending must be reduced and taxes must be increased. Period! End of story.

  8. If any of you are interested in seeing our possible future, read Generation Squeezed by Robert Samuelson and Toward a More Dependent Nation by Byron York in todays Opinion section of the RJ. Both write much more eloquently than I do.

    Mr. York's commentary points our how much more dependent Americans are on government than ever before, blaming Obama when the real blame belongs to Bush, Obama and Congress. I'd be fine with more dependence, if it was all paid for in higher taxes... because I know those higher taxes would make Americans 'reconsider' what all the dependency is costing.

    Mr. York's commentary is part of why I worry about the country and my grandchildren. We spend more every year and have fewer people to fund the spending. That can mean only one thing... more borrowing and printing of money, since Congress seems to have forgotten how to raise taxes on all Americans to pay for what government spends. It cannot continue forever.


  9. Stop "fighting" for us and get something done. Let's compromise on the welfare programs by retaining programs for disabled and ending programs for able-bodied, including parents of young kids. We can keep basic support such as food stamps until they learn to live on their own means.

  10. Michael: you do know that Mitt Romney wants to increase the Defense budget by an additional $1 trillion over what it is now but can't say where the money will come from.

    He says we have a 'moral obligation' to support Israel in a war on Iran while implying a second moral and religious obligation to end planned parenthood, Dept of Education, Urban Development etc. Now that the terrorist threat has been lowered, he says it's time to 'stand up' to China and Russia. Where is the money coming from to stand up?

    What brought the Roman Empire down was that could not pay for it's military so the Legions that remained were recalled to defend the homeland.

    At the end of the Empire, there was no middle class. Only the super wealthy in their villas who did not fight and the masses struggling to feed themselves. Such a struggling person could make more money dismantling and sacking their own cities then fighting for the Roman elite in their armies.

    Removing stones from existing buildings was outlawed but it had no effect. Governing and library structures were taken apart, brick by brick and the documents burned for heat. What remained in the darkness and grew strong was religion. Rationality was defeated and myths were used to govern.

    You have two choices: continued preparation for massive world wars or building the quality of life in America.

  11. Boy oh boy, Bradley, do you have an inaccurate opinion of me. An attorney charges between $ 1300 and $ 2500 to prepare and file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for people who need one... and often cannot afford that fee. My office charges $ 199 plus the client has to pay the court $ 306.00 to file. We also help them get a waiver of the filing fee and or go on a payment plan. We have helped thousands of people and are one of the only offices in Las Vegas to offer these services as well as other low cost legal services. Oh yeah, I am really a 'low life' guy.

    Sun Jon,

    Of course I know Romney wants to increase the defense budget. I don't agree with that. And you're correct to criticize him and the R's for not saying where the money to do that will come from. I see the issues.

    President Obama and the D's also want to spend more money in many areas and except for taxing the wealthy more and raising business and investment taxes, also don't say where the money will come from. Each party wants to do more but different things and each has NO plan, except to borrow and print more money to pay for most of it.

    I don't want us to be the world's policeman nor a dependent society, but if we are to be either one or a combination of both, I want our government to pay for what it spends.

    Unless we start demanding that they do, they won't and we will go broke like the Roman Empire.

    I am not what you and Bradley think I am. We have differing views about what America should be but I am flexible as to what that should be, as long as it is all paid for with fair taxes on everyone.

    Let's face it Sun Jon, if all Americans were made to paid a fair share of all taxes required to provide payment for what government spends, neither of what Conservative R's or Liberal D's want would be possible. That's what I want to see. Then we can really decide how militaristic we want to be and how much we really want to spend for a safety net that covers many people who simply really don't need or deserve the assistance.


  12. Bradley,

    You've already stepped in it. Stop, before you sink in further. I run a private business. I don't get government assistance. There are NO fees other than what I stated. The client doesn't pay more and I don't receive more. My wife and I are not rich because you don't get that way offering Bankruptcies for $ 199 and Divorces for $ 350. I am proud of what my wife and I do.

    It's fine to disagree with me but stop using backward logic by deciding you want to criticize me and then just deciding that whatever I do has to be 'bad' and somehow 'nefarious'. This is just the kind of twisted logic that prevents people from moving off their position.


  13. Michael,

    You are correct about the two parties not seeing eye to eye, but you must admit, the far right is completely unwilling to negotiate. We've all heard some of them say their idea of compromise is having Democrats agree with them without them budging an inch. Record setting filibusters and the infighting amongst the GOP indicates just how serious a problem its become.

    When John Boehner negotiated a deal with Obama about the debt ceiling, he was back stabbed by Eric Cantor and the tea nut caucus. It resulted in the wealthiest country in the world to be downgraded, losing our triple A rating.

    Republicans have done everything possible to fulfill, "My main objective is to have him be a one term president" and "I hope he fails!" regardless of the damage done to our country. That Republican mantra "Country First" has turned to "Kiss my arse!"

    Voters will remember how the radical right has damaged the credibilty of the GOP come this November.

  14. TEA - ""Compromise" is what got this country into this mess."

    What a load of nonsensical crap! When the GOP controlled the White House and Congress they had little trouble pushing their agenda through that added to the mess we now face. This economy didn't happen over night or with the election of Obama, it started long before that. It's time to pull your head out of that dark place and join the rest of us in reality, Bizarro World is hazardous to your mental health.

  15. Mark and Vernos,

    If I had to bet today, my bet is that President Obama is re-elected, R's keep the House and D's keep the Senate. And worst of all is that America will keep spending money we don't raise in taxes.

    Mark... I agree that Liberals will spend, but so do Conservatives, just on different priorities. The problem we have today is that both parties want to spend to stay in power and Don't want to tax everyone to pay for the spending. You can argue which is worse, but both will lead to financial ruin if allowed to continue. You have to admit, Bush and the R's ran up big debts when they should not have.

    Vernos... yes the R's want Obama out and want power back but D's wanted Bush out and their power back too. Both parties obstruct but that not the biggest problem we have. To be honest, when Bush and R's were spending and not raising taxes to cover that expense, D's should have obstructed. When Obama and D's spend and don't cover the expense with higher taxes on everyone that bring in enough revenue to cover the expense, I want R's to obstruct.

    We need to demand that D's compromise on cutting spending and R's compromise on additional taxes on everyone.


  16. Bradley,

    I understand your skepticism, for Las Vegas businesses and frankly businesses everywhere. I've been told by successful business people that I'll never be real successful because I am too honest and give away too much information. I know they are right, but I just can't do business by ripping people off and look myself in the mirror, so I will be what I am. There are fly by night businesses here but I've been here 11 years, doing the same thing. Don't believe me? OK, I have to live with that.

    Have a nice Sunday and keep contributing...


  17. wtplv - "Vernos... yes the R's want Obama out and want power back but D's wanted Bush out and their power back too."


    How many filibusters did the Dems use to stall Bush policies? That question puts to rest the arguement that Dems treated Repubs as unfairly as being treated now. It is also true under the Clinton administration Repubs froze the government, closed down operations costing billions of dollars. You aren't being fair trying to distribute equal blame.

    I truly believe that the Tea Party will be the demise of the GOP because they've chased the moderates from the party. In other words, the loonies have taken control of the asylum.

  18. Michael,"War is commonly defined as victory at all costs and no compromise.Governing should be defined as the art of compromise".

    We haven't won a war since world war two,the last couple of wars we just picked up and left.

    We are currently in a war with each other Democrats against the Republicans.Once the presidential election is over, who ever wins the losing side will just pick up and leave,until the next war,(with each other).

  19. Regarding bankruptcy: It's a right. (We don't have debtor prisons....) And as long as we keep encouraging those who can't or won't pay their bills to use credit, excessive credit, we're going to collectively pay for their bankruptcies, receiverships, judgements.... Few people have the stamina to ALWAYS pay their bills when it means going without, perhaps going without a house, a car, new clothes..... Therefore, of those who usually pay their bills, many get in over their heads. And WE LET THEM. Credit worthiness needs to be realistic.

  20. Mr. Casler:

    WRT your comments on being too honest to be in business, I suggest you read, if you haven't and it sounds like you didn't, Jon M. Huntsman's book, "Winners Never Cheat." Recognize the name? He's a self-made billionaire, business man, and father of the unlikely GOP presidential candidate.


  21. By Kepi,Well said, and you are a fine person.Most of us do appreciate what you write and say.Have a good day.

  22. kepi: Do those who insult think they're convincing anyone with their wit and wisdom? Or maybe they're just doing something macho and condescending to even speak to us?

  23. Teamster:

    As I told you during thr Superbowl, Clint Eastwood endorsed Mitt Romney. It's half time and we're coming back.