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April 27, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

We only have Romney’s word

It’s strange, but Sen. Harry Reid is under strong attack for suggesting that Gov. Mitt Romney did not pay taxes for 10 years. After all, we only have Romney’s word that he did pay his income taxes. All Romney has to do is release his tax returns, as all presidential candidates have done. His father, George Romney, when running for the presidency, released 12 years of tax returns.

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  1. Is taking Romney's word any different than taking Reids? See what Politifact has to say about it:

  2. boftx...

    I don't think anyone should take anybody's word for anything...

    Mitt should show his tax returns, and put an end to this whole silly charade!

    Say what you want about ol' Harry's gambit...
    it's WORKING!

  3. Why should we have to take anyone's word for it? It isn't a question of who's right and who's wrong. It is a question of what is true. That is easily settled by releasing the tax returns. Otherwise we can wonder what Romney is hiding and doesn't want us to know.

  4. It is 'sad' to note that Mr. Mundy and so many other Americans on both sides will not 'call a spade a spade' when necessary.

    I too would like to see Mitt Romney release more tax returns but he is under no legal obligation I know of to do so.

    Harry Reid did not 'suggest' that Mitt Romney did not pay taxes for 10 years. He 'accused' Mitt Romney of not paying taxes for 10 years, based upon what he says someone close to Romney told him. He either will not or cannot tell us anything about the source so his accusation can be vetted by the media.

    I am quite confident that if this had been done to President Obama, Mr. Mundy would have no trouble at all, 'calling a spade a spade'.

    We all need to call people out who do what Harry Reid has done, regardless of whether we support or don't support the perpetrator or the victim.


  5. How about Bernie Goldberg's word?

    Harry is a dirty liar. A disgrace to Nevada. Congress will pass a parliamentary rule to preempt its members from engaging in character assassinations in their chambers. It will be called the Reid Rule in his ignominious honor. It will be the Majority Leader's legacy to the Senate.
    As well it should. He has the honor too of leading the only Senate in history not to pass a budget in 3 years.


  6. No more returns. This man was vetted for the 2008 election. Has turned in additional returns for 2010 and 2011( the latter to be completed when he finalizes his 2011 return). Harry Reid is a liar who is doing the Liar in Chief's bidding in attempting to deflect attention from Obama's ugly economic record over the last three and a half years. Give the left no more--nothing. We have enough in the way of tax returns from Mitt Romney.

  7. Mr. Jack:

    I agreed with the chorus that Romney should release more returns. But, no longer. Now, I'm of the opinion 2 years is more than enough. Mitt is not George his father and IF anyone has the right to ignore the tradition Mitt, the son, does.


  8. Actually that "pants on fire" rating may be inaccurate. We don't really know if Harry is lieing, it could be he does have a inside source.

    What we do know is many very prominent Republicans said Romney should release his tax forms. I'm inclined to believe Romney has something to hide. We have no idea how he made part of his fortune in overseas and offshore accounts. His refusal and stubbornness only deepens the issue.

  9. Mr. Branco:

    Bull. Dirty Harry has no sources except the president and his staff. Shame on them.

    Two years is enough. Take it or leave it and let's move on.


  10. It does not matter whether anyone thinks Romney has something to hide. The man has been vetted. Live with it. If you don't like that ,too bad. We are all moving on to expose the Obama presidency and twisted ideals for what they are--an utter failure and a political pollution.

  11. Those commenters accusing Harry Reid of being a liar really have no more credibility than Harry. They don't know what's in the missing tax returns either.

  12. So Sarah Palin was chosen over Willard Mittens Romney in 2008 by John McCain... I wonder what the vetting by those people found? We don't know.

  13. What Mark Schaffer says is true but we also don't know IF Romney's tax returns had anything at all to do with that decision.


  14. Politifact has no way of determining if Reid is lying, so wouldn't their conclusion be the same as Reid's? Only Romney can prove Reid right or wrong by releasing his tax returns. The FACT is Romney refuses to honor his father's tradition and release 12 years of tax returns. Does Romney believe in honor thy father?

    I realize the whining Republicans don't like the narrative of the campaign shifting to Romney. If you don't like that, too bad. Poll after poll has shown the majority of Americans want to know. More importantly the lion's share of Independents want to know. 1/3 of Republicans want to know. This will only go away when Romney stops hiding.

  15. Mikhael...

    You are SUCH a nasty troll!

    You do realize the man you so disparage, your Commander in Chief, will remain so until Jan. 2017?


  16. I'm laughing my a$$ off at the repugnants crying foul. They have such short memories. How about the Swift boat lies about Sen. Kerry, just to name one. The repugs lie about everything. The Obama camp technically had nothing to do with this ad, it was done by a PAC, just like the lieing Koch Bros. ads. As far as mitten's taxes go I want to know about them. I don't care if he paid taxes or didn't pay taxes. As a Voter it will tell me about the man himself,and how he might run this Country. As for Harry, keep up the good work. The repugs have been laying it on the Dems for so long with no rebuttal, that they don't know how to react when we play their game of stretch the truth politics.
    Mr Soptic may have had Ins when his wife passed, however, this is about the time in between, when he didn't have Ins. and couldn't pay for the tests to catch the cancer, and maybe save his wife's life. By the time the Soptic's got their new Ins it was way too late.

  17. From USA Today: "Mitt Romney is defending his decision not to release more than two years of tax information, saying he's "not a business."

    "I'm not a business," Romney said. "We have a process in this country, which was established by law, which provides for the transparency which candidates are required to meet. I have met with that requirement with full financial disclosure of all my investments."

    Does that mean Corporations are NOT People? The consensus is that Corporations are businesses; Romney's opinion is that corporations are also people. Thus, people are businesses, or are they?

    All you have is Romney's word, for the moment. Decode that word.

  18. "Romney will eventually submit his taxes for the past dozen or so years a week before the election. Thus giving the Obama camp little time to chew it over and use it against him."

    Press: You may very well be right. This is Romney's trump card. It nullifies the only argument that Obama and his campaign have.


  19. CarmineD - "Bull. Dirty Harry has no sources except the president and his staff. Shame on them."

    And you know that for a fact because .........

  20. LastThroes says "Etch a Sketch pays a 13.9% tax rate, which is lower than the guy who trains his dancing horse."

    Sorry, but I call BS on that. Romney's 13.9% is AFTER deductions, etc. So i challenge us what percentage YOU paid in income tax after deductions, credits, etc. Release YOUR return and show us how Romney is paying less than most. Kepp in mind before you do that 49% of wage earners in the US have a final effective tax rate of 0% or less (meaning that they got back more than they put in)

    So everyone thinks Romney as part of the 1% is payign a lower rate than the 99% are huh?

    Effective US Income tax Rates paid 2009:
    Bottom 50%: 1.8%
    25% - 50%: 5.5%
    10% - 25%: 8.2%
    5% - 10%: 11.4%
    So now we've covered the bottom 95% in the US and haven't hit an average effective tax rate higher than Romney's yet.

    Average effective US Income Tax rate for ALL payers (including the top 1%): 11.06%

    Average effective US Income Tax rate for bottom 99% of payers (excluding the top 1%): 8.4%

    The whole "the rich pay a lower rate" claim was bogus from day one because it relied on comparing the EFFECTIVE rate (after deductions and credits) for the rich against the BASE rate (before deductions and credits) for everyone else.

    So stop whining about Romney ONLY paying 13.9%. I can pretty much guarantee that's more than anyone here paid.

  21. SunJon - "Does that mean Corporations are NOT People? The consensus is that Corporations are businesses; Romney's opinion is that corporations are also people. Thus, people are businesses, or are they?"

    Thank you! When I read that article that's exactly what crossed my mind. Is he or is he not a "people" because he's involved in business?

  22. "And you know that for a fact because ........."

    To quote dirty Harry exactly: "An extremely credible source told me so."


  23. CarmineD - "To quote dirty Harry exactly: "An extremely credible source told me so."

    You know for a fact Harry is lying and that is your evidence? You are in the process of confusing not only us, but yourself as well.

    When Woodward and Bernstein investigated the corruption within the Nixon White House many believed "Deep Throat" was a fictious character.

  24. Mr. Branco:

    Why can dirty Harry use that verbiage and satisfy you and I can't? You have a double standard. One for those you agree with and one for those you don't. Doesn't work that way.


  25. "Carmine is married to one of Romney's sons. So I am told by an extremely credible source."

    Like dirty Harry, imaginary friends don't count.


  26. I see two solutions....either EVERY candidate is required to release 10 years of tax returns BY LAW.......or just deal with the fact that he complied with the current law on the books. No exceptions to be made because of the millionaire Reid's call for it. In fact, how does a politician become a millionaire in office.....Mr. Reid??? Let's see YOUR tax returns Harry......

  27. ohhh I remember how......Senators and Congressmen get insider trading information legally.....

  28. As an independent, I listen to these arguments and find myself wondering about the True Believer nature of many of them. If political parties did not exist, would people's expressions on this subject be the same or would they be different?

    Let's say I tell you that I have a $5 Bill in my front left pants pocket. True or False? How do you KNOW the answer? You might think that I have $5, you might think that I have more or less than $5, or you might think that I have the $5 but in bills or coins totaling $5, or that I have a $5 Bill in another pocket. How do you KNOW?

    And if you don't KNOW, how do you go about deciding whether my statement is True or False?

    Well, wouldn't you look? Or ask me to empty my pockets? That way you would know for sure.

    Or, you might try to figure out if I was a liar or truthful by looking at my past statements under oath and see whether I had, in fact, made false statements while under penalty of perjury. Just 'cause I lied before doesn't mean that I'm lying now -- but you would be far more skeptical about my current claim if you knew for sure that I had perjured myself in the past. Well, wouldn't you? Of course you would.

    We don't KNOW Reid is lying. We don't KNOW Mr. Romney is telling the truth. It seems reasonable to ASSUME that someone running for President would have paid taxes, but life -- and people -- can be surprisingly strange. What is done as a private matter can become a problem when public office is involved. The higher the office, the greater the scrutiny.

    I think it is reasonable to expect that Mr. Romney is buying time to file Amended Income and Gift Tax returns. It is his privilege to do so if he chooses. That way he can make public the Amended Returns and we need not concern ourselves with how or why the original returns may have differed from the Amended ones.

  29. Candidate Romney should follow former pres Reagan motto

    TRust. But. Verify

    Where are your tax returns You want us to trust you however you don't want us to verify that what you say you is true

    Do you really thinks that without verification we will trust you?
    Think again

  30. renorobert says "Romney's stand is analogous to a judge saying that a defendant accused of murder must be released immediately because he said, in open court, that he didn't kill anybody even though he refuses to provide correspondence with a third party that would conclusively prove this claim."

    Close, but not quite.

    Reid has accused Romney of a crime, but provided no evidence other than claiming he heard it from "a reputable source" and then demands that Romney prove his innocence.

    The correct analogy would be that if I said that "a reputable source" told me that you murdered someone, should you be held in jail and required to PROVE your innocence before you can be released?

  31. "Funny how Reid made his statement on the Senate floor where he is protected from law suits."

    Chuck: I understand dirty harry actually made the comments days earlier in a public forum. But the limited press on hand, chalked it off to dirty Harry being dirty Harry. So dirty lying Harry elevated the venue to the Senate floor. A new low even for him.

    Look for a parliamentary rule coming from Congress to prevent these character assasinations in the future. And appropiately named the Reid Rule.


  32. It's amazing and sad that we spend time on Romney's taxes and his time at Bain Capital, instead of looking at our financial situation.

    Obama has proposed a fiscal plan that won't balance the budget or make a dent in our 16 trillion dollar debt for years, if ever. Paul Ryan has proposed a budget that is little better. Romney's plan is also woefully short in the areas of the real actions required.

    We are headed toward financial armegeddon and NOBODY has proposed a decent financial plan. We should all be very angry and many of us are, but we still foolishly and strangely believe that one side or the other actually will lead us to the promised land. GOD HELP US ALL...


  33. President Reagan who I believe was a Republican believed that you

    Trust but verify.

    That's. Good advice for all voters

    Mr Romney. All we ask is that you verify. Show us your tax returns

  34. Reagan was an FDR democrat who became a republican.

    George Romney established the tradition of releasing more tax returns in 1968 when he ran for the presidency. If anyone has the right to break it, it's his son Mitt. And I hope he does. There are many qualified rich people who would make outstanding presidents and don't bother to run. Why? They spend millions, like this current president does, to keep their tax returns and business information personal and private. Then they have to release them all to be a candidate for the presidency. It's insane. Break the tradition Mitt.


  35. Teamster, I tell you over and over, the only poll that counts is the one taken Nov 6. Perhaps on Nov 7, if you are still around, you'll believe me.

    If Romney is good enough for Clint Eastwood, he's good enough for America.


  36. Sick: "maybe someone who is, and also feels MY ANALOGY WORTH MULLING will repost/paste it so it doesnt self destruct in 2 days"

    Nope, because it is complete incorrect. You say things like "defendant is put in jail awaiting his defending his innocence w evidence"

    WRONG! The burden of proof in on the prosecution. If they provide no evidence of guilt, then no defense is required.

    Reid has accused Romney of a crime. Let him provide some evidence of that crime, otherwise no defense is needed.

  37. Sorry Sick, but you have a warped and incorrect understanding of the justice system in the US.

    Perhaps you should try a community college extension course in the basics of the US legal system or a GED prep course in civics.

    Here's s link to CSN's catalog to get you started.

  38. Comment removed by moderator. Personal Attack

  39. Again Sick, the defendant only has to provide that AFTER, to use your quote, "the DA must produce the evidence they set the charges with"

    Since Reid has produced *NO* evidence whatsoever of wrongdoing, only an unsubstantiated hearsay allegation, there is *NO* need for a defense, alibi, or anything else.

    If you accuse me of something (burglary, murder, etc.) but have no evidence other than "someone else who I won't name told me he was guilty" the police won't even bother asking me for an alibi, they'll tell you to stop wasting their time until you can provide some kind of evidence that a crime occurred.

  40. Sorry, but your claims of legal experience are definitely BS (actually you only claimed "training" not that you ever used that training or even passed the class)

    And you battery must be low, or your reading comprehension skills weak since I already completely rebuffed your new "ALIBI" theory.

    You said that the defendant has to provide an alibi AFTER "the DA must produce the evidence they set the charges with". In this case *NO* evidence of a crime has been provided and therefore no ALIBI is needed.

    When Reid can "produce the evidence" (YOUR words) then and only then will Romney have any need of an ALIBI.

  41. "If the (mystery)evidence is produced TO A JUDGE, the WARRANT to pick up the accused goes forward"

    And if it is NOT then NOTHING goes forward. Reid has produced NOTHING but hearsay accusations.

    If the DA tells the Judge "All I have is an accusation from an anonymous source that I consider trustworthy, but which I will not reveal" the judge is going to refuse the WARRANT.

    So where exactly in your analogy would Romney "be in jail"?

    And as to your "never call me a BSer", how about an exact quote from an earlier post of yours back in April:

    "As a disabled, retired teacher, professor & counselor..."

    Odd that you left "trained paralegal" out of that list. Or maybe you did that training in the last 4 months?

  42. If the latest news is correct it appears the dirty harry source on Romney's zero taxes paid for 10 years is none other than one of dirty harry's own aids. And the aid is walking back every detail of the story although dirty harry isn't.

    We need a Reid Rule in Congress to prevent future unfounded/unnamed sources' character assasinations in the chambers of Congress. Hopefully this incident will initiate action to adopt one.


  43. Online comments to Gold Star Widow Janet Snyder's 8/6 letter are an indication of the misunderstandings that can be "assumed" when folks don't know what they're talking about. The following may be helpful.

    Sen Rubio wants to make Olympic awards tax free. Mrs Snyder asked, "Who should receive tax exempt income, athletes or the real Heroes who bled or died for our Country?"

    Her Husband, and other wounded warriors, paid income tax on their retirement pay until their too-early-Service-related deaths. And we Military Widows(ers) pay income tax. So, I repeat, "Who are the REAL Heroes?"

    There used to be a cliche that said, "She also serves who stands and waits." However, we didn't just stand! While we waited in fear that the Chaplain would ring the doorbell, we reared our Warriors' children, handled homelife responsibilities, and some spent many years soothing his nightmares when their Warrior came home.

    Gold Star Widows(ers) receive a "compensation" from the VA for loss of their spouses' lives. However, an "annuity" bought through the Military is offset dollar-for-dollar by the compensation!

    While active duty personnel receive the "annuity" premium free, if they are killed in combat, their widows(ers) suffer the same offset as the retirees' spouses.

    Year after year, legislation is introduced in Congress to repeal the offset law, but it's always dropped because of "lack of funds".

    Yet, Sen Rubio, who is not (repeat, NOT) a co-sponsor of the offset-repeal legislation, can find funds to make Olympic awards tax free?!?

    Mrs Bill Merrill, Gold Star Widow
    Colorado Springs

  44. Wow, what a long list of what you've done in your life Sick, but you still don't show where your claimed "trained paralegal" ever happened?

    Bottom line is that you know nothing about legal procedures here in the US. Repeatedly misstating them doesn't actually make them change.

    You keep insisting that the analogy is that Reid has show the evidence to the judge, but can't say what evidence that supposedly is. Even Reid admits that he has not shown or disclosed any evidence (including the identity of his supposed "source") to anyone.

    So in your scenario the judge is going to issue a warrant to arrest and hold a suspect just because the DA who has no evidence asks him to? Sorry, does NOT work that way.

    But hey, we're rapidly coming up on the 48 hour limit where all of your comments will blow away like dust, so....*poof*

  45. You knew the rules, OR SHOULD HAVE, before you started. Didn't like them, then don't sign on. Simple. End of story. Don't make your problem, my problem. It's not.