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April 24, 2015

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Reid working to diversify economy

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Our state has 12 percent unemployment, which is the highest in the nation. To reduce this high unemployment, every major study recommends that we diversify our economy. Following these studies, many of our leaders talk about action, but few do anything.

Sen. Harry Reid is the exception to the rule because he is doing something about our high unemployment as he works (not talks) to diversify our economy by creating clean energy production (geothermal, solar and wind) which has already created more than 3,500 jobs and $248 million in state revenue. Meanwhile, powerful old industry interests and their lobbyists are attacking Reid’s plans by arguing that things are fine just as they are, while enjoying record profits.

We have an abundance of geothermal, solar and wind energy in Nevada. So let’s follow Reid’s leadership and try to quadruple our state’s clean energy production by the year 2020. This will employ an additional 10,000 Nevadans and generate $744 million more for our state’s coffers.

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  1. The only thing Reid is working to diversify is his political support. He made this abundantly clear when he switched his support from the MagLev to The Train to Nowhere. Add in his efforts to bring Chinese solar interests here instead of US companies, coupled with his insistence that there is no illegal immigration problem in Nevada, and one has to wonder if rumors of his having a stroke might be true.

  2. Both Reid and the green energy business are dismal reflections of the policies of this current administration. The truth is that green energy is far over rated,expensive, and not job intensive. Green energy certainly has its place in the mix. Nevertheless it's a distant finisher to coal, natural gas and oil. Reid has been an utter failuare along with Obama.

  3. BChap,

    I fully agree that it is a sobering thought to realize that our President, the most powerful man in the world at the time, had Alzheimer's. But surely you will admit it was a well kept secret at the time.

    It wasn't until after he left office we heard jokes about the new IBM Presidential typewrite: it had no memory and no colon.

  4. Only diversification dirty harry is working on is his pocketbook. Long ago he sold his soul to the highest bidder to pay for his luxury Watergate condo in Washington DC. He's history. His career is over.


  5. On a more serious note, setting aside any question of Reid's ethics, he has made a number of verbal gaffes in recent years that call his state of mind into question.

    Two of the most notable is his statement that Nevada does not have a problem with illegal immigrants in the workforce (at the time) and that Ford could not have survived without the most recent government bailout (when they were the only one of the Big Three NOT to take it.)

    I sincerely wish that Reid will be replaced as the Senate Majority leader, either by another Democrat or by the Republicans winning the Senate.

    Reid simply is not doing a good job at this point and is creating as many problems with how he runs the Senate as the Republicans are with their actions in the House.

  6. Why are we (or rather, Reid) looking to China to build solar panel manufacturing plants here in Nevada when China is at the same time the worst polluter in the world (as BChap mentions)?

    If Reid (and every other Nevada politician) really gave a damn about clean energy they would raise bloody hell about Nevada Energy putting in so-called "smart meters" that still don't allow a consumer to sell power back to the grid if they have the capability and HOAs that basically forbid putting "unsightly" solar panels on rooftops.

  7. BChap,

    Unless I am mistaken, the smart meters were installed in 2010, before the election. Point the finger at Gibbons if you must, but both parties in Carson City are culpable in this.

    No, it was Reid getting in bed with Sig and the Train to Nowhere that says it all, when it comes down to it.

  8. What about the 10% of Nevada workers who are ILLEGAL invaders stealing jobs from Americans? "Nevada home to largest share of illegal workers" according to AP headlines propagated in the LVSun but NO COVERAGE and NO ACCOUNTABILITY. What about the resulting 20-40% of illegals in K-12 taxing CCSD and Nevada Citizens? Hey Harry, what about it?

    The Hispanics understand many ignorant Americans hate them and they are leaving in droves. Soon Roslenda and the rest of us will be paying 5 bucks for a tomato.

    At 8 bucks an hour the 12 million Hispanics were producing nearly $100,000,000.00 an HOUR in output. Maybe Roslenda can take one of those farm jobs. Farmers are forced to pay close to 19 an hour for work that used to get done for 50 a day.

    If Reid wanted to pad his pockets he would open a lobbying firm or powerful law firm. He would make in a week what he makes as a politician. A first year grad from a top 14 law school makes close to what he makes and the kid doesn't have to maintain multiple residences and leave his or her family.

  10. We outsource to China for the cheap abundant labor but the vast cheap labor supply to our south we attack.
    China spends ten times what we spend on alternative energy. If we don't get our heads out of our rear ends energy and food prices will explode when recession number 48 comes and goes over the next few years.

    Nevada has a sky high violent crime rates, terrible education and the highest medical costs. Families in large numbers will never move here. Kids get killed left and right. Legalize marijuana, gay marriage and prostitution and the cash will fly into the state. NY is expected to make $200 million a year off gay marriage alone. The above are multi-billion dollar businesses. Get the party started!

  11. We have been exploiting Blacks, Mexicans, Chinese and Eastern Europeans since the founding of this nation. What do you think slavery was all about???? Low cost labor. My wife's family was brought here to work in mining from Poland. Americans don't have a clue as to what hard back breaking work is all about. Most have never done it.
    There are thousands of housing units being built all over Vegas. Try to find a worker with light colored skin.

  12. zippert: are you bipolar? (Some posts have some logic and thought. Other posts are ranting defensive of PERCEIVED slights.) I've nothing against Hispanics and much of my family could pass.... I'm against law breakers. Fairly simple math explains that our economy cannot support all the illegals and all the third world without seriously degrading our standard of living. I don't want to go there. It's rather common knowledge (try a web search) that there are 14 million illegals EMPLOYED in NON-agricultural (is that word too big for you?) jobs in this country. They do not pay taxes other than some FICA which is offset by fraudulently claiming (because the tax preparers "tell them to") refunds for child tax credits. Visaed workers are not illegal and I know of no one opposed to this practice or even expanding it. Re 9:42: Would eliminating the illegals not bring down the crime rate and the attacks on OUR children? Enough violent crime against AMERICANS by illegals who want our cash. Don't you pay enough in taxes? You want to pay for K-12 for 30-40 million illegal kids? You don't want anything left to fund SS, Medicare, law enforcement?

  13. What does the Senator have to say about the Obama administration ordering federal agents to break federal law and their oath to uphold the constitution? It takes ICE agents to file suit against the illegal invaders. What are the invaders dreaming about now?

  14. diversify (d-vurs-f, d-)
    v. diversified, diversifying, diversifies
    a. To give variety to; vary: diversify a menu.
    b. To extend (business activities) into disparate fields.
    2. To distribute (investments) among different companies or securities in order to limit losses in the event of a fall in a particular market or industry.
    Just in case our politicians can't recall what it means.This is something that should have been done DECADES ago....DECADES !!

  15. Roslenda...I may be bipolar but you can't read. Read my 0925 post. Illegals come to this country to do the crap work that Americans are to fat to do or not willing to do. Because they are leaving labor shortages are popping up all over the country and costs are exploding. Billions in food is going to waste and farmers are paying up for workers when they can find them.

    I wish you all the best when food prices double and triple. You are going to need it.

    In terms of crime millions of crimes are committed every year in the USA. Crime is part of a vast underground economy.

    Illegals who commit crimes belong in a different category than the folks that build our homes, clean our homes, wash our dishes, raise our kids and provide us with affordable food. If you want to be hostile about the illegal issue blast your neighbors who hire these people. They are to lazy to cut their own lawns or mop their floors.

    Step away from your computer and talk to folks in agriculture. If they have to pay 20 an hour to bring food to market they WILL pass the cost to YOU.

  16. Bradley,

    I think you are in a small minority of people, even among Democrats, who think the Train to Nowhere is a better choice than the MagLev would have been.

    I could support a high-speed train that went all the way to L.A, and even better, to Anaheim, even if it were just steel-on-steel. But the DesertXpress route is a joke. Even if it were MagLev I would be against that route.

    I'm sure you've made the drive from L.A. to here and vice versa several if not many times. Coming from L.A., getting to Victorville is the worst part of the drive! By the time you get there it is well worth the rest of the drive if for no other reason than to stop in at Peggy Sue's Diner for some of the best food you can find in the country.

  17. Since April 2009 with dirty harry in charge of the Dem party and Senate, the US Senate has not passed a budget. 3 years! A first in US history. Thank you dirty harry.


  18. boftx,

    XpressWest is no longer the "train to nowhere". If you check the maps on the website you will see that it is a part of a network that is planned for the Southwest.

    California dropped the MagLev as well, and approved the development of their portion of the system, which connects with Victorville.
    Reagan's Alzheimer's Disease became obvious to me during his Presidency, but I know what it is and how to recognize it. I wasn't surprised when it was announced.

  19. I see the conservatives are doing their usual sterling job of dragging the conversation down to the lower levels of two digit IQ land. Roberta Anderson obviously hates people because they look and sound different. I wonder who she thinks was here in Nevada (boy that word sounds Spanish!) first?

    Meanwhile, Carmine is still completely disconnected from reality.

    The only important question is whether there are impressionable people being swayed by the nonsense politically radical conservatives post here and that is doubtful. It is a small cadre of such people posting and rarely changes except for an occasional comment by some newcomer.

  20. Bradley, there is no EVIDENCE that illegals are leaving--that's just Demo hype to pretend Mr. O is doing something. We MUST expel them so our economy has a chance. 10% of Nevada employees are illegals--just think how we could bring down our unemployment rate.

  21. "Since April 2009 with dirty harry in charge of the Dem party and Senate, the US Senate has not passed a budget. 3 years! A first in US history. Thank you dirty harry.


    Correction to my above post. I should have said 4 [FOUR] years of dity harry and no Senate passed budget. A record for the US Senate led by dirty harry.


  22. "Meanwhile, Carmine is still completely disconnected from reality."

    Mr. Schaffer:

    When the economy goes south, money is tight, jobs are non-existent, housing prices are at record lows, and people are losing their houses, guess what they become? Conservative.

    Interestingly, when Romney was on the campaign trail for the party nomination, Dems called him too moderate to lead the party. Called him a Massachusetts moderate. Now that he's won the nomination, or soon will, the Dems call him too extreme [Obama's words]. Which is it with these democrats? Can't be both moderate and extreme simultaneously lest you are disconnected from reality.


  23. Wm. F. Buckley said: "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views but are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views."

    BTW, I opine that Buckley's IQ was a power or two more than two digit.


  24. I predict dirty harry will retire before his current term expires. After the Senate goes GOP in 2012. He'll blame family obligations and commitments. He stayed as long as he did so Rory could have his place in Nevada politics and then his Senate seat when he retired. Didn't work. Nevadans saw through the ruse.

    He who laughs last laughs best.


  25. Uhhh Carmine...
    This statement:

    "When the economy goes south, money is tight, jobs are non-existent, housing prices are at record lows, and people are losing their houses, guess what they become? Conservative."

    Is directly contradicted by reality:

    Thanks for confirming your disconnection from reality.

  26. Mr. Schaffer:

    I said "conservative." Never mentioned a party affiliation. The article you posted supports my theory that voters are conservative in bad economic times. If otherwise, they would be declaring themselves as democrats rather than non-partisans, which by the way, I am and have always been.


  27. I should also say Mr. Schaffer that many democrats will not vote for Obama-Biden BECAUSE he is too left and extreme for them. ESPECIALLY in hard economic times.


  28. 11 swing states that were solidly Obama in 2008 are in a statistic dead heat now. By Nov they will be for Romney. These are the facts and reality Mr. Schaffer. Whether or not you believe them.


  29. here's a link for you on my last post. Read it and weep.


  30. Is anyone buying the nonsense Carmine is selling?

  31. Yes, Mr. Schaffer. Open your eyes and ears. The voters who will elect RomneyRyan on Nov 6. You and others like you will just have to get use to it.


  32. I see no one is bothering to come to the defense of Carmine. Carmine, no one cares what you write because almost no one reads your screeds. That you think the Examiner is a legitimate source of information shows how disconnected from reality you are.

  33. "I see no one is bothering to come to the defense of Carmine"

    Facts and truth need no defense. They are what they are and speak for themselves.