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April 27, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

America’s demise vastly overstated

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Malcolm Telloian, whose letter “Fall of the American empire” ran Wednesday, should take a few deep breaths and relax; the U.S. is not Rome and nothing is falling save the price of gas here and there.

Mr. Telloian, a follower of Fox News and the Tea Party, should be grateful that there is indeed one shining light that shone brightly in this recent election, and that is that the election could not be bought — by the high-caliber super PACs of Karl Rove and Sheldon Adelson, which spent millions to unseat the president.

Finally, rather than meditate on ancient history, Mr. Telloian might look into the reasons why the Republican presidential and vice presidential candidates, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, could not carry their own states, Massachusetts and Wisconsin — where there are too few left-wing minorities to blame for each of the losses. If Mr. Telloian doesn’t like the direction in which the country is going, I suggest he get a new compass.

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  1. In my opinion, the letter writer is incorrect. America is in trouble. We are not addressing the deficits or the debt through enough increased taxes and enough 'real' spending cuts to stop the bleeding.

    I think there are many Americans who know this. Those who voted had to vote for someone and the election was relatively close. Unfortunately, the plan Mitt Romney has was overly optimistic and mathematically challenged. The same can be said of President Obama's proposal and anything that has come out of Congress so far.

    Our elected representatives and our President have failed us and are still failing us. To say we are not Greece does not address our problems.


  2. America is in trouble. Over $16 T in debt,trillion dollar deficits annually, 23 million unemployed, 100 million on welfare,countless millions of illegal immigrants to care for, and the greater Middle East boiling over in Islamic revolution and nuclear threats, and internal political gridlock in DC, one might reasonably conclude the state of the nation is not all that well. Americans are slow learners it seems. While we are not down and out for the count, we are certainly in a declining posture with no solutions in the works. And with the election of Obama it is clear that our leadership options are very limited indeed.

  3. "why the Republican presidential and vice presidential candidates, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, could not carry their own states, Massachusetts and Wisconsin"

    To answer your question, which I pondered too, is not easy. I recall Al Gore lost the endorsement of his own home town newspaper in Tennessee to Bush2 in 2000. And by all accounts, the Gore family, father and son, were fixtures and famous in Tennessee local and state politics.

    I recall the verse from the Bible WRT Jesus and being a prophet when the residents of his own town ran him out. Perhaps there is much truth in that and it holds the answer.


  4. Enough of this crap already! The majority know they have the edge. The minority know they do not. It's time for the people that were elected to quit campaigning and start governing.

  5. This thread has morphed so totally that it is hard to recognize the original point that was being made. For me the lesson learned was that money in and of itself did not and could not win a national election. It is far more important HOW the money is spent. All of us in Nevada, until recently thought of as a swing state, know how awful it was in the last year+ of the campaign. As a registered republican living with a registered democrat we, like so many I know, had to literally unplug the phone during the day. The multiple daily appeals by POTUS for another 5 bucks to save the world were pretty pitiful. But, at least the Dems spent the money more wisely in paying for their get out the vote campaign.
    We can only hope the 2 parties agree on one thing, and start a constitutional amendment process to make the PACS reveal their contributors identities. That won't stop them all, but at least we will know which huge contributors are enjoying themselves at the public trough after the election.

  6. John Esperian, of Las Vegas, Nevada,

    You have given a full description of a person living in the Bubble. Also known as, a Bubble Citizen. You must forgive Malcolm Telloian, for he does not know what he is doing.

    The Bubble Masters, Foxnews, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Michael Savage, the Drudge Report, are in business to sell "Fear" to create "Uncertainty" for viewers and listeners, and business' in America. The Bubble Masters dishes out Fear and Uncertainty daily to the Bubble Citizens, like an addiction. If you take away the Fear and Uncertainty from a Bubble Citizen, who know what will happen. Maybe, just maybe, they would return to reality..maybe. But, the Bubble Master will not have it, will not allow any type of real message into the Bubble. Why? That would run the Bubble Master out of business. A real message, is the Bubble Master's Kryptonite.

    Seriously, one has to wonder why so many voting Americans are stuck on Stupid!

    Access to information, whether it be true or not, escalates the incubation period of a person's thought process. This process is called learning, or better known as indoctrination when a hard ideology is in play. Stuck on Stupid would equate to not viewing or listening to different sources of information on a specific subject or item. Like not changing the channel. Self-indoctrination is a better description. After all, we have the power of choice in American. We can choose to view or listen to what we want, or need.

    One problem with the power of choice,...bad decisions have consequences. Bad decisions, like not changing the channel.

  7. The plot has made another change, to evaluating the various news sources. CNN and the networks will tell you, off the record, that they believe "Fox News" is an oxymoron, wholey owned by the RNC. They like to delude themselves into believing that they are the only fair and true voices of fact. But they are for-profit entities. Profits come from viewership. And viewers only view news, they don't need to watch certainties. Who would watch an hour of political news if the outcome of an election was a virtual certainty?

    So, the commercial news broadcasters invariably shade the news toward suspense. Almost all year they would tell us that the President was leading by 3% or 5% in 7 of 8 swing states BUT THAT IS WELL WITHIN THE MARGIN OF ERROR SO IT IS STILL A TOSSUP. Do you remember an election since Dukakis when they weren't saying the same thing? They do not know what margin of error even means. It is based on possible sampling error, but when you get 10 polls in a row showing the same result, the sample is 10 times greater, and the margin of error becomes negligible.

    My point is that FOX was telling you that they had it wrapped up because the demos had bought the pollsters, and the rest of them were telling you to "stay tuned in, this is a cliffhanger". If you want unbiased news, better tune in BBC.

  8. ODNelson,

    It's called "Changing the Channel."

  9. Kudos to Mr. John Esperian!

    He is right about us failing as a nation, it just won't happen. There have been times when we've hit rock bottom on social, labor and economic issues and bounced back. It took dangerous events to have rational people represent the electorate on The Hill. There was always a section of the country that moved forward while others wanted to hem and haw keeping the status quo. Our great nation as a whole now leans left and is no longer fairly conservative. It's called progress and sooner or later all will stabilize.

  10. @JefffromVegas: I am still laughing over your "spraying everyone like a cornered skunk this morning!" So perfect--will have to remember that one!

  11. "They only report from the left while at least FOX News reports the good and bad on both sides"

    That comment is a joke. Fox was manufactured by Roger Ailes to represent the Republican party on television. He noted that in a memo to Richard Nixon back in 1970.

    "A Plan For Putting the GOP on TV News"

    "Today television news is watched more often than people read newspapers, than people listen to the radio, than people read or gather any other form of communication. The reason: People are lazy. With television you just sit--watch--listen. The thinking is done for you."

    "This is a plan that places news of importance to localities (Senators and representatives are newsmakers of importance to their localities) on local television news programs while it is still news. It avoids the censorship, the priorities, and the prejudices of network news selectors and disseminators."

  12. Jeff,

    "The folks that are still in shock over the assertion of goodness by the American people are spraying everyone like a cornered skunk this morning."

    Yup! Good stuff. Good stuff. Now, back to football.

  13. John: while we're not falling apart like ancient Rome, we sure as heck are in a deep pile of ka-ka. Perhaps you believe your own brand of fairy tales, like the government can keep playing with money they don't have forever or we can support 150 million people on the public dole forever. What about our so-called budget? 16 trillion already in debt and adding another trillion to that every year. Over 20 million people still out of work. Corporations still outsourcing jobs and manufacturing. Housing still weak, and we're going to dump 30 million more people into an overtaxed health care system (I had to see 45-50 patients a day to stay afloat). Who do you think will take care of them? You call out the "other side" a lot, but your own brand of absurdity is just as bad as the bubble gang.

  14. Written like a true lib. Ignorant. No idea the ramifications of our debt, open borders, coming higher taxes, on liberty and freedom. He thinks the gov can just continue to print worthless fiat money to the end of time. Sad thing is that they allow low IQ like this guy to vote, that's the real reason this country will cease to be free someday.

  15. "Anyone can answer that - these are deep blue states that live off the dependancy model and will not give up the golden pig trough. These are heavy Union states and Obama implement his "KILL" Romney (murderer and racist and felon) bad faith ressentiment character assassination and vilification" @Future

    The solutions are too hard for people to accept. Not unlike the so called friends and neighbors when Jesus said to them: You must pick up your cross and follow me. It was easier to run him out of town and impugn him as a prophet than accept their crosses and follow him.