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April 27, 2015

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Can’t compromise with GOP bullies

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In a mean-spirited way, the GOP refused to vote for a bill that was mostly symbolic relating to disabled people all over the world. This is nothing new for them.

The bill was supported by former Sen. Bob Dole, one of their own. It would not have changed any laws in the U.S., nor would it have cost us any money. These are the kind of mean-spirited people President Barack Obama has to try to compromise with about policies that can have a major effect on people’s real lives.

I hope Obama is paying attention. We all know Obama will cave in at the drop of a hat. However, now is not the time to concede any ground to these people; it will only embolden them to continue their destructive ways. There was an election; they lost. Let’s act like we won for a change.

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  1. We should not cede power to well-meaning, but faceless and distant United Nations bureaucrats. Parents and caregivers care most deeply and are best equipped to care for the disabled, not international bureaucrats. The U.N. overreached yet again.

  2. The treaty vote was just another example of insaniTEA in Congress.

  3. Those who oppose the Rebublican vote on this matter miss the point about allowing a lame United Nations be in any position where it can dictate to America what its policies will be. We have the American Disability Act which protects the disabled in this nation. That act is a significant voice piece and example for other separate nations in the world to follow.

  4. The good news is Obama won. The bad news is time is running out for him to solve the economic problems the country and people face. Second terms are perilous for Presidents. They usually are based on the President's stewardship over the economy. Think Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Except insert President Obama.


  5. There is what I think is a legitimate disagreement over this issue.

    Those who think more protection for the disabled is a good thing.... and see nothing wrong with the United Nations as a whole and placing us under their control in another area support this legislation.

    Those that think if more protection is needed for the disabled, that protection should be set up by the United States and controlled by the United States do not support this legislation.


  6. This is one of the main reasons, of many reasons, why I absolutely detest the modern day Tea/Republican Party.

    They have this disturbing habit of targeting people who have the least say in Government and just pounding them into dust.

    There are a whole host of other people they love to focus on for abuse. Such as Latino Americans, other minorities, women, Social Security recipients, elderly Americans, unemployed and heaven forbid if you collect food are a target for their relentless and savage wrath.

    This time it's the disabled. Just because of some kind of perceived misinformation about the United Nations taking over America and black helicopters landing on front lawns with marauding bands of disabled people rolling off ramps in wheelchairs with crew served weapons, bent on the total destruction of all parents who homeschool their children.

    Just another reason why I'm committed to destroy the Tea/Republican Party with my votes. Might take a couple more election cycles, but they ARE going to face my wrath at the voting booth. And I'm not taking hostages. I just want them gone from Government. Especially, after this dumbness, and their intention to shoot down other bills like this. Just because they hate the President. Tired of the silly games that leave America mired in misery, suffering and without any chance of economic recovery.

  7. That UN bill is another example of a party lossing their sanity. The US will not give away a damn thing protecting the weaker among us, but GOP/TEA Party paranoia has people believing in a UN Boogey Man.

    Then we have Mitch Mc Connell who brings a bill to the floor and filibusters his own bill.

    Are these the type of people you prefer to have run our economy and national defense?

  8. Colin,

    Do you like the UN? Do you think we should be the primary country that 'funds' a majority of the UN's costs? Do you think the UN is effective? Do you agree with a majority of the UN's policies?


  9. Question back at you: Why do you hate the United Nations? They serve a purpose. A place where the entire world can come to try to solve problems.

    But in answer to all your self-serving questions, I got one answer.

    The United States of America cannot do this stuff all by itself.

    You do away with the United Nations, whether there are flaws in its composition or not, America, nor any other nation it and of itself, is unable to step up and cure all the ills of the world. Impossible. And if they do, it will drain all our military and economic resourches. FAST.

    The United Nations serves a purpose.

    Tea/Republicans have this nasty habit of wanting America to be in charge of the entire United Nations. Not set up like that. And it can't happen. We don't have the money to do that. Nor is it any of our business to get involved with every little thing in the world. Especially militarily.

    But to tie it in with disabled people and homeschooling and other nonsensical stuff is an incredibly dumb stretch of the imagination for an entire American political party to somehow someway draw some linkage and use as an excuse to dump a bill. A bill that should have been signed into law. Not because they should have. But because it was the right thing to do. But you can't explain that to Tea/ entire worthless political party that only survives off of debacle...especially when they are not in power.

    Because Tea/Republicans only exist and are compelled to do things politically, and not serve this country, is one of the main reasons why that brand is going to die off...not only now...but for a few generations.

  10. In the UN General Assembly, the USA is just one of 193 countries. Some of the most repressive regimes on Earth - Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, etc - are "equal" to the USA; some of whom actually sit on "Human Rights" committies and you're OK with that? Especially when you see how anti-American the vast majority are, especially the "Third Worlders?" They have little and, like many American parasites, they want everything and they don't want to pay for it. On paper, the UN, like Communism, looks great. In reality, it stinks and should be shown the door. We need visits to our shores by guys like Amininutjob as much as we need brain cancer. Move the UN to Cairo or Havana or Mecca. Let's quit funding it.

  11. James Witherspoon,

    I enjoy reading your comments now, and from your past articles posts on the Sun. Your connected with the realities the President is facing from the unreasonable opposition. Plus you understand one must stand-up to bullies and people you use code words and special interest money to suppress the rights of Women and Minorities and people of color.

    James, the big picture the White is after is raising the debt ceiling and Tax Reform. All relevant information to date points to these two items as being top priority. This President has learned from the past behavior of House Republican. A strategy has been in the making in early 2012 to address raising the debt ceiling with Tax Reform part of the plan.

    Raising Taxes on the wealthy 2% will start the process to Tax Reform. You cannot get to Tax Reform without having the wealthy 2% Leading the way. You get them to lead the way by getting their attention. Letting the Bush Tax Cut expire on the wealthy 2% will always get their attention and get their involvement. This is the right strategy for the White House in getting the Tax Reform discussion on the floor of the House of Representatives.

    Tax Reform is the single most important factor in giving certainty to the US economy. In essence, Tax Reform will come with the help of House Republicans. Not only will the President lead the House Republicans to the water, but he will persuade them to drink, and drink they will. Wealthy Americans and Special Interest will drive the issue of Tax Reform to counter the pending affects from of the expiring Bush Tax Cuts.

    The House Republicans will be in for very big surprise if they try, again, to stop the United States government from paying the bills. Look for the White House to be assertive in using options, such as Executive Privilege, to resolve raising the debt ceiling.

    The President will do what it takes to pay our bills. The debt ceiling will be raised. And Tax Reform will be in making early on in 2013. This President is smart. This is chess, not checkers.

  12. Colin,

    I don't hate the United Nations. It does some good work. I would not abolish it, unless it refused to change.

    We have global and instant communications now. I think nations could speak to one another and decide to organize for a cause without the UN. Don't you?

    The UN is incredibly more expensive that is required; we pay a large % of the bill and like many other things, we cannot afford to do that anymore. Other nations need to contribute much more.

    You and I agree that America cannot and should not try to resolve all problems everywhere but neither should the UN. Whether our troops are under American or UN command, when I watch 'Wounded Warrior' commercials, I am sad to realize that we put human beings life on the lines to try to 'fix' what is wrong in other nations. Those precious lives should not be risked in nation building. If we are attacked, then the military is the proper response. Otherwise, they should stay safe and at home. Soldiers should be able to opt out of any mission that isn't a military response to an attack.

    I don't want a world body making decisions (in any area) for the United States. That should not happen.

    Let's restrict the UN to a smaller role. They can decide what rolls they want to try to play once we reduce our contribution to a reasonable level that we can reasonably afford.


  13. The treaty was voted down 61 - 38, with nine (9) Republicans voting in favor of it. This means that 13 Democrats voted against it along with the rest of the Republicans (I didn't see who abstained from the vote.) Yet I have yet to read any comments railing against those 13 Democrats who voted "Nay", or praising the 9 Republicans (including McCain) who voted "Aye."

    That was a solid, bi-partisan defeat.


  14. @ColinFromLasVegas,

    I can sum up your post at 6:59 with a very simple equation:

    Tea Party = John Birch Society

  15. Michael wrote,

    "Those that think if more protection is needed for the disabled, that protection should be set up by the United States and controlled by the United States do not support this legislation." (Michael Casler)

    "Do you like the UN? Do you think we should be the primary country that 'funds' a majority of the UN's costs? Do you think the UN is effective? Do you agree with a majority of the UN's policies?" (Michael Casler)

    Michael, do you believe in the reasoning why Rick Santorum opposed the Bill?

  16. Boftx, your information is not correct.

    The Disabilities Treaty needed 66 votes to past for ratification by the Senate.

    All 51 Democrat Senators voted in favor of the Treaty. Eight (8) Republicans voted in favor of the Treaty. Plus 2 independent Senators. The total was 61 votes in favor, and 38 votes against. All votes "not" in favor of the Treaty were Republican votes. Five (5) votes short of passing.

    So, there was bi-partisan support. Support in favor of the Treaty, not against the Treaty.

  17. Longtimevegan,

    That is why I posted the source link. You are correct, I misinterpreted that result the way it was stated.

    Kindly ignore my earlier post.

  18. Boftx, no problem. In our efforts to get out information, something it comes out not as we intended.

    Your one of the very few who will said a correction. This is huge with me. Thanks for the link.


  19. Longtimevegan,

    I really wish your post of 9:41 AM was true. We do need income tax reform but it cannot do much to resolve our fiscal problems unless taxes are raised on the middle class and the poor. Do you really think either party or the President will do that?

    Yes, President Obama will see to it that the bills are paid, by borrowing and printing more money.

    We need both President Obama and the Democrats and Republicans in Congress to do some serious work on both taxes and spending. So far, I am very disappointed.


  20. Michael,

    All information and the recent actions by the President points in this direction. It' actually a very good strategy. You get two serious items into discussion for both parties to resolve.

    Tax Reform is crucial! This is single most item for economic certainty! No other group can drive Tax Reform, except wealthy Americans. Wealthy American are content with the Bush Tax Cuts. When the Bush Tax Cuts expire, the wealthy will come off the sidelines and into the game, start the discussion.

    This is huge. Tax Reform, driven by the people that are affected the most. A great of strategy. This President is smart. Chess, not checker.

  21. Michael wrote,

    "Yes, President Obama will see to it that the bills are paid, by borrowing and printing more money." (Michael Casler)

    No Michael, the President will not print more money. Do your homework. This is a no brainer.

  22. wtplv - "We do need income tax reform but it cannot do much to resolve our fiscal problems unless taxes are raised on the middle class and the poor. Do you really think either party or the President will do that?"


    They would be insane to do so. Those working poor on food stamps work in companies such as Walmart who pay just enough to have their employees get by with government assistance. How can anyone suggest taxing people who have nothing? "Squeezing blood from a stone" would be the general train of thought from rational thinkers, it's just not possible.

    This is not directed at you Micheal, but why aren't you others understanding this poverty issue began in the Reagan years? The foundation for corporate greed was laid, especially in banking. The middle class wasn't reduced to poverty levels over night while the top 2% sucked the wealth out of our economy. Why didn't they get hit up for TARP? After all they made personal fortunes in the billions hedging and minipulating their bets on Wall St., which also affected the global market. But my words based on common sense are ignored because some of you care not to see it that way. One day those elites will do it again, they can't help themselves, and I wonder if you people will ever wake up to the real problems we have, not the ones meant for sidestepping, misdirection and distraction.

  23. Vernos,

    The entire middle class is not broke. My two daughters are part of the middle class and both do quite well. The middle class can absorb a tax increase and if anyone is serious about handling our deficits and debts, the middle class must be included. To say we can right our financial ship with just spending cuts is just wrong. The problem is too big.

    It will take spending cuts and tax increases (on many Americans) to get us where we need to be. Neither party wants to admit that, but math and the facts say otherwise.


  24. The entire middle class may not be broke, but we are working on it. These tables should scare everyone even more than the federal debt/deficit should:

    Both the Democrats and the Republicans had better take a serious look at trade policies. Both are responsible for thinking "Free Trade" can exist across national boundaries. That is a myth.

  25. I'm going to stick my neck out now that I've read a few opinions (elsewhere) of what impact the UN treaty would have on us.

    I say the following as the father of a child who was born deaf, who also suffered a disabling stroke that took away the use of her left side 2 years ago on Dec 3. She will be 12 years old in another few days.

    With that out of the way, I would have voted against this treaty.

    My youngest daughter has received special needs care from the schools since the day she started. She requires even more since her stroke. I, and my wife, have always been not only pleased, but surprised at the level of support she has received. So far as I know our daughter has not received any more than what any other child with special needs would.

    The ADA set a very high bar for others to copy, let alone exceed. In truth, I can not say that our country has any need to submit to oversight by the UN. I honestly feel that the UN is overstepping its mandate when attempting to bind nations in this fashion. The UN should be concerned with maintaining civil behavior among the international community, and not trying to legislate morality as it were. (And I say the exact same thing about any legislative body in general, especially ours.)

    Our nation's independence is very dear and has been bought at a terrible price. It is not something that we should let go of in the name of someone's ideals. We already hold ourselves to a very high standard and have no need to subject ourselves to another.

    And for the record, both my wife and I are not Christians, we are agnostic (though she might be more Theist to some extent.) We do NOT consider our child's misfortune to be a "blessing from God" in any way, shape or form. We are highly offended when we hear people refer to it as such. Those who oppose this treaty on religious dogma ground (i.e. it can be construed to permit abortion) are as misguided, in my opinion, as those who think we should submit to outside authority simply because it happens to agree with us *at this point in time*.

  26. To put it another way, the UN does not have the right to export Morality any more than we have one to export Democracy. There is no difference in principle.

  27. RefNV - "The day of the high-spending middle class American is over Vernos. Many in the middle class have been unwise spenders, investors and savers."

    I will agree with that comment, but many of our jobs have been outsourced, never to return. Throughout the Bush admin to this present day, well over 150,000 manufacturing plants have shut down.

  28. Can some Obama-noid please explain to me how raising the debt ceiling, adding more spending and creating more government programs, will actually decrease the debt or even balance the budget Obama has yet to send to the Senate, per his Constitutional duties??

  29. I am so ashamed of the actions taken on this issue. This is not a political issue, it is a human issue. The action we took is a major embarrassment.

    The US has enjoyed much advancement in the rights of the disabled since the ADA. We are an example. It was an opportunity for the US to show some world leadership in something other than war.

    Many in our world don't have the same human rights that our disabled have. The UN was trying to help those people.

    The political right wing has been propagating fear of the UN since my time in the John Birch Society in the 60's. It is pure paranoid meme. It is utterly ridiculous!

    I have utilized UN resources for my work, on human rights issues, for global environmental education, to learn of problems between countries, including the results of the UN inspection team indicating there were no WMD's, etc. in Iraq, BEFORE we invaded them, as well as many other things. In my lifetime, I have never experienced anything detrimental that came from the UN.

    It is a valid and useful entity for the people of the world, diplomats and everyday citizen's who get involved in issues that many people face.

    I am not saying that we shouldn't reject things that have serious consequences to our people, but the disabled's human rights is not one of those times.

    Our action on this is another example of the moral crisis in our nation.

    Pride goes before the Fall!