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June 30, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Watching military expansion in China

Regarding the letter “China navy a threat to America”:

The letter writer is on the money about China’s military expansion. China has been increasing its military spending by 12 percent each year for the past 10 years and could surpass America’s defense budget in the next 20 years. Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and others in the region are shaking in their boots. Why? Because if China were to have this much military hardware in place in these areas, the United States might not be able to stop China from taking over. These countries look to America as their security. If China were to take over this region, what next? China is not to be taken lightly.

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  1. Here comes the cold war again.

    Here comes our further decline.

  2. You're right Mr. Pizzo. While all parts of the globe are reeling from the effects of the economic and natural tsunamis China is building up militarily. If allowed to go unchecked, as it is has so far, it will be unstoppable.


  3. China is well on its way towards being a World power, both economically and militarily. China possesses a gigantic population base.

    Presently, China has the USA by the short hairs economically. Not only that, they have stolen intellectual property, violated patents, are also gaining a foothold within the nuclear technology industry. China is fast becoming solid with the basics of food, clothing, and shelter, and has expanded into every market in existence.

    Yes, the USA and us should be not only "watching" China, but become prepared to meet them at every aggressive advance.

    Blessings and Peace,

  4. If you right wing clowns are worried about communist China's military might, why do you insist American companies should outsource their work to China? Where the hell do you think they get there money from? Profit margins at any cost will cost the United States in the long run and the lack of common sense is allowing it to happen. This is an issue even Future, as hard as he might try, can't lay on Obama. It's American corporaions at the root of this problem.

    We've lost parts of our freedoms to the Patriot Act and now part of our democracy to restrictive voting regulations and Citizens United, good luck in trying to get corporations on the straight and narrow.

  5. VernosB,
    "If you right wing clowns are worried about communist China's military might. Why do you insist American Companies should outsource their work to China."

    First off you can get your point across without calling out names.Second what gives you the idea that I'm for American companies sending jobs to China.My post about China's military threat has nothing to do with that.I am dead set against any U.S. companies doing business on such a large scale as we have seen with China.

  6. The Chinese navy???? Do you have any idea how many Chinese work for American companies? Apple alone manufactures nearly 50 million devices a month China.
    The US and China are Siamese twins.
    China has to create millions of jobs a month to keep the roof from blowing off. They spend on projects including the military to keep people working. They learned that from us. China is following the US model.
    In the US defense spending keeps entire cities in business. In China millions work for the military.

    Brad... I don't know what you're smoking this morning but boy do I want some of it.

    Given the fact that America spends almost 5 times as much on defense as China and they have five times the population that we do it's logical for growing superpower to spend more on defense.

    America has an aging population and needs to concern itself with the structural problems occurring here. Wasting time worrying about the Chinese Navy is hardly fruitful. We can't even get Syria to do what we want much less a country that has almost 1 1/2 billion people. If China wants to be the new superpower, fantastic! They can experience the headaches that are involved in protecting the world.

  8. Brad... The Chinese Navy has one aircraft carrier. When it starts heading for Vegas let me know. My selfish core values are America's selfish core values. We love $10 Walmart pants and $100 phones. It all comes from China. Next time you walk into Walmart check where their tens of thousands of items are made.

    Countries don't go to war with their business partners. That's why Hitler never attacked Switzerland. The Swiss were the bankers for the Third Reich. The Chinese and Americans have an unbelievably strong business relationship. Soon General Motors will be doing more business in China than they do in the United States.

  9. There needs to be another addition to the Chinese equation, Africa. Communist China is heavily investing in African nations. I remember at the height of the Cold War both Cuba and the Soviets did the same. What will we do as a counter measure? The same we did with the CIA backed Iranian coup or backed the mujahideen who turned into Al Qaeda?

    Our foresight in most cases is horrendous. Instead of looking for profits from American imperialism we should at times invest in our political future by treating others fairly.

  10. I've seen this country stick its nose into almost everybody's business for all of my 56 years. More often than not it turns into a complete fiasco. Let these countries deal with their own problems. They don't care what we have to say to begin with. Why waste the wind.

    This country has engaged in an orgy of military and healthcare spending over the last 50 years. It has done nothing more than get us involved in wars that we couldn't win and massive healthcare costs that we can't contain. Not to mention the special interest groups in Washington that represent healthcare in the military control big chunk of the policy decisions that go on in this country.

    The same is happening in China. The military keeps lobbying for more money and the government keeps giving it to them. In the next 50 years China will have as bloated military-industrial complex as we do and the headaches that go along with it.

  11. zippert1 - "I've seen this country stick its nose into almost everybody's business for all of my 56 years."

    I do not remember a time when we weren't engaged in a police action, squirmish or some sort of military conflict. I've often argued with other liberals who insist we wage war for oil. I believe we wage war because it's extremely profitable manufacturing war weapons and armaments. We presently manufacture weapons our military no longer wants, needs or requires because it keeps special interest groups busy. Hence some of our politicians will sell us out to keep themselves in office because of legalized bribery known as donations.

  12. Brad.. The Swiss did the banking for the Nazi regime. Switzerland was never invaded during World War II and not one single city was ever destroyed. Although a couple of outlying cities were hit by Allied bombs by mistake.

    My entire family lived in Nazi Germany at the time. They did enjoy going to Switzerland to ski. But an invasion, never happened.

    In terms of the Chinese Navy attacking the United States with their one aircraft carrier. I wouldn't hold your breath.

  13. By Alexanderh, My name is Pizzo, Not Pizza.

  14. Excuse me for being old, but, being old, I've heard this all before -- several times. First, the Russians were going to be THE world military and economic power. Then, it was Japan. Then, the Asian Tigers like South Korea. Then Europe. Now it is China. Five years from now, it will be Brazil, or India.

    The problems seem to be that high growth rates can occur when the base is small, but sustaining the high growth rate becomes difficult when the base expands. Also the things that drive growth in one stage of an economy can fade or even reverse at another point.

    And then there is a little matter of technology changing. Back in the Day, a big navy was really valuable, but in the age of airpower, not so much (The U.S. Navy has known of these problems since its' war games in the mid-1930s. They were manifest at Okinawa in 1945). We are well into the age of drones and moving towards an age of (relatively) cheap missiles that think. A naval vessel is a big, slow, expensive target which is (so far) fairly easy to locate, track, and destroy at low cost. I wouldn't build a whole lot of them until their stealth and survivability improved significantly. No nation ever won or deterred a war by building targets.

  15. America is paying China for about 65% of that 12.7% increase in their defense spending.

    That 65% is the $60 billion/year we pay them for interest on the US Savings Bonds ($1 trillion) they bought so we could fight the war in Iraq without raising taxes. The 12.7% increase represents $91.5 billion US dollars so $60 billion represents 65% of that total.

    It is America that is contributing most of cash to the Chinese for their defense increases.

    If we raise taxes and buy back those bonds, the Chinese will have to foot the entire bill - but the wealthy won't allow that, so why worry?

    We have patriotic GOP and TEA PARTY fighting to keep taxes down so that we can pay the Chinese to build up their military. Thank you Tea Party for helping to enlarge the Chinese military!

    Maybe Sam, you should write to Karl Rove instead. I don't worry at all.

  16. by B Chap, Thank you for your response,If I might add I think all who post comments here also love their country as much as the next.We are all so different and see things in a another way. I do enjoy your posts along with most of our other commenters.What ever each of us has chosen to write should be respected by all, as that persons view and nothing more.

  17. "A naval vessel is a big, slow, expensive target which is (so far) fairly easy to locate, track, and destroy at low cost."

    Mr. Goodman:

    You're looking at the naval fleet as strictly wartime. It's not. Look at the mission of the 7th Fleet. During the Japanese tsunami in March 2011, it was the US 7th Fleet that was the first, I repeat, the first to bring food and medical emergency assistance to the victims. The first! USA Navy. Put a Chinese military naval fleet in those waters and cordon off the free sail water way zones, and those Japanese would have been dead in the water. No pun intended.


  18. Recall too that Iran threatened to close the Straight of Hormuz to oil vessals carrying oil to Europe. Iran didn't. Why? It was the presence of the US Naval Fleet in those waters that prevented them from doing so.


  19. Gas is now $3.50 a gallon and going down. Do you think the fact that Iran thought twice about its threat to close the Strait of Hormuz has something to do with the lower prices?


  20. China may be considering invading or defending their economic interests in parts of Africa They are going to need much more of the natural resources available there and they already have a strong presence on the continent. Enough to warrant some governments to advocate an expansion in the teaching of Mandarin.

  21. I've heard all this before, and I'm still here. The imminent loss of freedom didn't arrive.

    Any freedom we have lost has come through both of the parties in our own government, not a foreign entity, or at the behest of a foreign entity.

    However, thinking of the Red Scare will give people a high without the use of street drugs.

  22. "Lack of health care is a bigger threat to
    Americans than a Chinese boat."


    And ObamaCare with the individual mandate is not the solution. It violates Constitutional Law. The supposed genius Constitutional Law professor should have known that as well as all the Dems like Pelosi and Reid who bought into it and passed it. Recall Pelosi said health care is a Constitutional right guaraneed to all! And we have to pass the Health Care Bill to see what's in it. She's brilliant, alright. Like a vast dark wilderness.


  23. El-Lobo,
    "Sorry but the letter writer,Sam Pizzo is completely lost when it comes to his belief that China is a major threat to us on the high seas:.
    I suggest that you re-read my post,the Asian countries that i mentiomed in it are most concerned about their fate as China increases it's military size.They have expressed their concern more than once about China's threats and expansion.No one has said that China would attack the U.S.first. While China adds 12% a year to it's military budget it could out spend the U.S. in 20 years.Lastly China gets a better bang for the buck in spending for military hardware then we do in the U.S.

  24. "Carmine....Carmine....

    Are you saying that Obama did the right thing with the way he handled the threat by Iran to close the Strait of Horumz?"

    If you were paying attention I said the President was correct to issue an Executive Order increasing the margin percentage on oil speculation trades to 50 percent. Of course both Sarah Palin and Eric Holder advised him to do the same for months before he finally did. And within days they both did on national TV before the President signed the EO.

    Even President Obama has his sources.


  25. "Hey Carmine....

    Why don't you get back to the topic that is covered on this thread? Why should we be so concerned about the Chinese building one single aircraft carrier?"

    El Lobo:

    If you were paying attention to current events and President Obama's recent support for a US Navy pact with the Australian Navy, you'd know he is concerned about the Chinese Navy buildup too.


  26. El Lobo:

    I forgot you don't read and listen to FOX news. Well, here's the link. Expand your perspective and learn something about current events and the President's thinking on China military buildup.


  27. "Naw....."clueless George" wouldn't have done that....after all, George NEVER started wars that we couldn't afford......right?"

    BTW, El Lobo I was against sending American troops to Iraq and Afghanistan for many reasons on many levels.


  28. "You should be more concerned about the number of American jobs (millions & millions) that have ended up in China than one single aircraft carrier......"

    El Lobo:

    You're not paying attention again. I abhor Chinese outsourcing. It's slave labor without the guilt.


  29. Carmine, Very good response,keep them coming.

  30. China doesn't have to depend on it's military or ship to step on an ant.

    That is what we will be sooner or later. Some call it karma.

    China is working on our long cherished source of income and resources, Latin America.

    The have set up a $10 billion credit line to support infrastructure projects in the resource rich region.

    Proposed a free trade pact between China and South America, Mercosur, which already includes Argentina, Brazil, Paraguy, and Uruguay. They want increased trade in the region.

    US and European markets are declining and China needs to find other avenues.

    They have the manpower and technical expertise for such large infrastructure projects.

    China wants to double trade with South America over the next 5 years to $400 billion. They are working on combating trade protectionism, opening and expanding markets and easing trade barriers.

    Add to that currency swaps with Central Banks allowing for trade in their currency rather than dollars.

    They have similar agreements with Japan, Australia, and Hong Kong.

    What is one ship compared to all that?

  31. If they really depend on us for their military security, maybe they should start paying part of our military budget.

  32. Yes El Lobo, I passed the old math with flying colors. You learn the new math. It's called make it up as you go along.

    Good luck with that.

    You're math is the same 12 percent amount every year. Should be, if you read the link and understood it correctly, 12 percent per year each year on top of the previous 12 percent per year and continuing for 20 years. It's called the power of compounding.


  33. Start watching China's industrial capability, it's going into the boost phase. Within 20 years, they will be building their own airliners, cars, ships and just about any type of technology.

    They will drive the economy here into the dust. They will bankrupt the US is by inciting paranoia and driving up Defense Spending until it obliterates all other Government outlays.

    Instead of education and training, America will be building vast military machines that wait and spend lots of money while they are waiting. Keep waiting will be the new theme, have Faith in the military as judgement day is just around the corner. Isn't Armageddon the ultimate goal? A world engulfed in fire?

  34. "Tension Mounts Between Vietnam, China" from Voice of America.

    The law recently passed states Vietnam's sovereignty claims of the Spratly and Paracel islands, territory believed to be rich in oil and minerals, and also claimed by its larger neighbor. Beijing says the law is illegal and called in Vietnamese ambassador Nguyen Van Tho to protest.

    What has America to do with this? Are we going to supply intelligence data to North Vietnam? Are they now our allies...just to incite China?

    Taking sides in this affair is a bottomless pit and we should stay as far away as possible. Leave the Chinese Navy alone. Leave them all alone.

  35. Yes it will [China outspend the US] El Lobo, if you take into account the automatic sequestrations that go into effect in 2013 for defense and for the out years of the budget. It guts the US spending and takes it down in half.