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May 3, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Pollution fight is worth the effort

As a doctor practicing family medicine, I see the unfortunate results of exposure to airborne pollution, including carbon pollution.

While there may be many factors behind the growth in the number of children with respiratory illness, exposure to carbon pollution like that produced by coal plants is a significant contributor.

I was very pleased to see Assemblyman Tick Segerblom’s recent guest column, “Court decision, rules help state all around,” that noted the successes Nevada has had in developing a clean energy economy and supporting the ability of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to regulate carbon emissions. It is very important to the health of children and our communities that the government have a role in controlling industrial carbon pollution.

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  1. Another liberal hiding behind children and her medical degree to defend a bankrupt energy policy which undermines America's independence and economic strength.

  2. Houston we have a problem- no energy policy !

  3. Earth to Houston : there's no such thing as clean coal and carbon dioxide absorbs and emits infrared light.

  4. Energy policy right now just like W's all the money goes to Houston !

  5. Dennis the dipstick. Happy to begin your day with some enlightened wisdom. Read Brad's comment. You need some updating . Get in step with reality. Green energy has its place, but is no panacea as you wish it were. Obama and his failed energy policy are damaging America. Not only is he off base,he is corrupting the spirit of American policy and undermining our future.

  6. Earth to Houston there is no energy policy !

  7. Renew the Renewable energy subsidies; kill the ones for oil and coal.

  8. "Another liberal hiding behind children and her medical degree to defend a bankrupt energy policy which undermines America's independence and economic strength."

    Statements like that above are typical of the conservative playbook. That requires the rejection of new knowledge and science by immediately labeling it a "liberal" conspiracy.

    Ignore the rising occurrence of asthma in children. That couldn't possibly be caused by the benevolent providers of "cheap" energy. That energy is cheap provided, of course, that you ignore the cost of treating astthma and related diseases. And how dare someone with a medical degree even raise this issue!

    The biggest threat to "America's independence and economic strength" may just be the negative knee-jerk reaction to real science and new information.

  9. Comment removed by moderator. Personal Attack

  10. Dipstick...

    Thanks for starting my day with a HOOT!

    Hey FINK...
    Of all your many, many diatribes that defy logic, your 5:50am post stands as a testament to your subjective reasoning.
    *(plural of crisis is crises, jer, but thanks for the funny).

    Joe Lamy for Energy Secretary.

  11. Environmental policies are out of control and they're not working. What the layman fails to understand is the permit process and the cost related to the permits. Permits are given when all said and done, it's how much is given to some liberal group when it's said and done.

    If the permit process was real and not for sale then I for one would believe in the liberal agenda on this subject and would support the process. Sad to say, it's about lining their pocketbooks, nothing more, and nothing less.

    In reality, it's about the money, not the environment. They just don't speak of this aspect, it's their dirty little secret that is accepted and widely practiced.

  12. Joe Lamy I'm not an engineer and I'm not sure the transmission line loss' are as great as you say. I think Steven Chu should remain at the Energy department and think he ought to take over treasury too !

  13. Many of the comments here expose the flawed logic of the Flat Planet Society which is based on ignorance. A medical doctor, dealing with children who are ill because they were exposed to carbon dioxide, is literally told to go back to school. The basic ideology of the radical right is to deny facts and reality regardless of the source. The idea of possibly being incorrect or wrong doesn't exist in their Bizarro world.

  14. "Here's is a couple of website and an article that reveals that the whole global warming subject/data is made up by a bunch of environmental loons."

    Just say for arguments sake, what if they aren't wrong? What then? Will science be able to reverse the process, or will it be too late?

    If anything we should have learned, propaganda can alter any subject matter. The Earth was the center of the universe at one time and if you thought other wise you could be burned at the stake. I'd rather trust in science and scientists than some mealy mouthed talking head. Which brings us back to the Flat Planet Society comment I made earlier. Pretending there isn't a problem doesn't make it vanish.

  15. My grandfather died from black lung disease due to working in the coal mines of Pennsylvania. He was in his mid-40s.

    The Chinese have to bring bottled water to 120 million people a day because of the mess they're making due to industrialization and coal-fired power plants.

    The Chinese have allocated $5 trillion to build hospitals and clinics all over the country to deal with the myriad of diseases and cancer clusters that are popping up all over the place.

    My son has severe asthma and the $332.00 a month he pays for Singulair and Asthmanex is no joke. I could fund his retirement with that kind of money.

  16. This issue is one of the reasons I think that intelligence may be an evolutionary dead end.

    Climate change happens. And some of the most drastic changes have been brought about by life itself (think about why we have such a large percentage of oxygen around now.) Without getting into the debate over how much effect mankind has, it might well be the case that we as a species are simply playing a natural role in the process.

    If one grants that we do have a controlling effect, then the only real solution to reducing that effect to a non-harmful level is going to be another Black Death that wipes out at least a third of the human population on the planet.

    Look at the population growth in the last 200 years and then look at what it will be in just 20 years.

  17. Joe,

    The current number is about 7 billion people with a growth rate of a little of 1%. The total population is projected to double in about 61 years at that rate. We simply can't support that many people and avoid harm to the planet. We can't support what we have without harm.

    It doesn't matter if developed countries have a stable population growth or not. It is the raw number of bodies on the planet that matter.

    I will agree that sooner or later fresh water will be a limiting factor.

    And now for a "pie-in-the-sky" moment. Imagine using a "space tether" to support what would effectively be a chimney so all exhaust gases from power plants and other industry could be spewed directly into space beyond the atmosphere.

    At the same time the tether could support transmission lines to bring power down from orbiting solar collectors or nuclear plants.

    Science fiction? Maybe, but no reason not to dream big.

  18. Many know that methane is much worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Joe has mentioned the many benefits of recycling methane produced by livestock.

    With that in mind, this story that just came across the AP wire falls into the "You Can't Make This Up" category:

  19. Current liberal energy plans fast forward to a future time frame in which our society fails to exist. To survive we must use today's energy technologies and resources. Green technologies are in the future except for an important but minor fringe component which operates in the present. The near term is the critical time frame for our society which
    draws life from hydrocarbon based energy which is the vital resource that fuels the present day needs of society .. Both our predominant energy resources and the infrastructure that supports it are hydrocarbon in nature and are the basis for meeting our energy needs and our national security. Regardless of how we would prefer it, this is the realism that we are confronted with today.

  20. boftx - "This issue is one of the reasons I think that intelligence may be an evolutionary dead end."

    I'm inclined to agree. Back in the days of the space race scientific advances expanded by leaps and bounds, but since the resistance of conservative groups (I use the term loosely) towards discoveries, it appears we as a nation went brain dead. We've fallen behind what were once third world countries such as China, India, Brazil, etc. Each of those nations has invested in their infrastructure while we engage in huge expenses on warfare in lieu of our infrastructure.

  21. Vernos,

    You completely missed my point with that statement.

    To put it bluntly, we, as a species, have used our intelligence to create many ways of destroying our species. We have created an environment that has placed tremendous evolutionary pressure on not only our own species but almost every other to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

    It is an open question as to whether or not we be able to survive our "advances." We simply lack the wisdom needed to apply our intelligence over the long term.

  22. To put it another way, think of Mankind as being the ultimate example of the Peter Principle.

  23. What's next from these radical leftists? Smoking causes lung cancer? Stoopid sientists, derp!

  24. EARTH TO HOUSTON : lets just keep riding horses them trains are just too fast and God would be against it. besides; daddy owns the pony monopoly !