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May 3, 2015

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Immigration idea likely to last

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Regarding the immigration program that was initiated by President Barack Obama’s executive order in mid-June: It appears to be a reasonably good approach to the problems faced by people brought here as children of illegal immigrants. Congress could have taken serious actions to express disapproval and/or prevent implementation, but no such action was taken.

It appears that Congress has, in effect, allowed this program to become law by default. Obama will remain in office at least through Jan. 19; it seems improbable that any relevant legislation will be seriously considered before then.

Mitt Romney has explicitly promised that already-granted work permits would be honored. It would seem only consistent that already-filed applications be processed per current procedures. This would in no way require Romney to continue to accept new applications; hopefully, the new Congress would pass some form of legislation on the matter.

I do wish that Romney would make an explicit promise concerning still-pending applications; even so, as a practical matter, it seems probable that he would allow processing of these to continue.

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  1. You want Romney to be explicit? Where have you been? He has a tax reform plan that has no explicit details but will perform miracles because Romney's folks have done the calculations based on the the explicit details that don't exist. He has a reform plan on immigration too, but he won't tell us what it is before the election.

    In both cases Romney will, if elected, pander to whatever group happens to be important to him at the time. That's been his modus operamdi in the past. Why should being Panderer-in-Chief change anything?

  2. Give us a break, Weber. If anyone panders, it's the guy with the "Cheshire Cat" grin. In his ignominious attempt at reelection, Osama Obama plays Santa Claus with our tax dollars as he comes bearing gifts for everyone. Everyone, that is, except those that actually pay the bills by being productive. He, and his fellow travelers, use slander, race and class warfare to further their leftist agenda as they lie their way through the election cycle. He champions parasites, perverts and criminals in his flailing attempt to stay in office. One thing is for certain, in his race to the bottom, that of beating the peanut farmer as the worst president in my lifetime, he is narrowing the gap rapidly.

  3. The problem with relying on words spoken by Mitt Romney,...You can't!

    With Mitt Romney saying he will honor something, that's a lie! The America public does not know what Mitt Romney stands for! So, to hear Mitt Romney say anything about policy, or what he would do, you cannot trust anything he says base on his past and current changing positions.

    Immigration in the past had support from all sides. Now, immigration is a dirty word in Republican world and with candidate Mitt Romney (Mitt Romeny's position depends on the crowd he is talking to)

    American strength and foundation is built on immigration. A new congress is needed, a reasonable congress is needed, to get back to these basic and true fundamentals.

    The majority of Americans are extremely hopeful the President in the second term will past a comprehensive immigration bill.

  4. @Future,

    "Romney has repeatedly stated that we need a LAW to permanently give hope to those that want a legal status." (Future)

    That's Romney speak. Which is a lie. The America people know Mitt Romney. We know he is a liar.

    Laws are designed to give rights and protections. Hope is something you don't have, but have optimism you will have.

    Future, Congress has the power to immigration reform. The President makes it official by signing a bills pass by Congress. Congress has not pass an immigration bill.

  5. Future says,

    "Romney has repeatedly stated that we need a LAW to permanently give hope to those that want a legal status." (Future)

    So, your saying Romney prefers to past a LAW of Hope? Instead of passing a Law for rights and protections?

    Congress has not acted to pass an immigration bill. Congress, not the President. Congress.

    It is clear that the House will change after November 6, 2012. The American People can expect an immigration bill to come before the House for discussion to work out the differences.

    Not only is this extremely hopeful, this will happen in 2013.

    A friendly reminder,
    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  6. SgtRock says,

    "The only way for Immigration reform to be passed is if it is led by a Republican President."

    There is no truth, or based in fact, in what you stated. Mitt Romney will not be president. But let's look at the other side, say if Mitt Romney were president.

    Where is the support for Mitt Romney to past anything on immigration?

    The reality, the numbers are not there from either the House or the Senate to support a Mitt Romney agenda. The numbers aren't there my friend. It all about the math. Numbers don't lie.

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  7. At one time, the United States of America had ENFORCED its immigration laws. What happened, was immigration became the secret political pawn in the dark backrooms of career politicians gaming the People of the United States, and those who desired to move to the USA for a better life.

    This has been going on for DECADES, it is not anything new. It is a fact that the immigration laws have NOT been adequately enforced, that such immigration laws on the books for decades, have been selectively enforced, at best. Now WHO are you going to blame?

    Commenter Longtimevegan framed the situation in the light of the historic and orginal intent of USA immigration policy and law, "American strength and foundation is built on immigration. A new congress is needed, a reasonable congress is needed, to get back to these basic and true fundamentals."

    The Executive Order by President Obama simply put immigration back on the radar for our American Lawmakers to address. All of them will be forced to take a position and do something. That's a start. There is no doubt that the current immigration system needs to streamline the application process, for example.

    I think we all can agree that the USA should have an effective immigration policy in place and that it needs to be ENFORCED. Hopefully, when our US Lawmakers meet again, they will seriously address the very needed reform in our immigration laws.

    Blessings and Peace,

  8. staralioflundnv,

    The expectations, next year we will address two majority issues that will affect the USA long term, and are in need of immediate attention in order for Americans to move forward in any direction, any direction!

    Immigration and Climate changed. These are long term issues that are affecting America across a wide spectrum of the population.

    I am extremely hopeful we will see a new congress after November 6, 2012. A new congress will address these issues with the leadership of an re-elected Barack Obama.

    People better tread very lightly on the immigration issue. The main reason United States has experienced a growth that has over the last 70 years is because our population has nearly doubled. We currently have the lowest birthrate in recorded history and there has been an endless attack on immigrants.

    People born in this country created very few jobs. Massive job creation comes from immigrants. The food sector is being decimated by the lack of farm labor. It's costing us billions and billions of dollars.

  10. The above should read "the main reason we have experienced the growth rate we have over the last 70 years is because our population has nearly doubled".
    It takes a combination of workers and machines to create economic growth. Places like Japan and Germany have lousy immigration policies. They have also had very low birth rates. With millions of people retiring in those countries and no young people to pay into the system they are paying women tens of thousands of dollars to have more children. It's still not working. The Japanese people are going extinct. In this country people can't afford to have babies anymore. A simple childbirth cost thousands. It's a very dangerous trend.

  11. Author, it is NOT a good approach. As a matter of fact, an executive order can't order that. It is illegal.

    Here's a good approach and a common sense one:

    If you are in this country illegally, leave immediately. If you are to found to be in this country illegally, you will be detained and deported and you will permanently lose any opportunity to immigrate to this country legally in the future.

  12. If illegal immigrants leave immediately we won't have any food to eat. Americans will lose lots of weight and the obesity epidemic will be over.

  13. Every proposal says the illegals must prove that they have accepted NO WELFARE, no crimes committed, no dependence on others, no unemployment compensation. In other words, GO HOME. Stop bankrupting our food banks, non profits and churches. More and more Americans are ending donations because American seniors are turned away while illegals are fed--as they drive up in their new Escalades.

  14. It is interesting to do a Thomas search on Immigration.

    There are a large number of bills pertaining to immigration that were introduced and which have been sitting in House Committees since Feb. 2011.

    Why no action in the House since then? Who was in control?

  15. This land is God's land and everybody has a natural right to be here.


  16. How beautifully expressed by CarmineD, "This land is God's land and everybody has a natural right to be here." Let's say that God views the world (we see our maps and world globes with border lines on them, in comparison) without borders. Each person dwells on the planet doing the best in life they can with what they have.

    For the good of humanity, society and individuals, we have rules/laws that detail the "territory" of responsibility. For example, we have doors with locks, and one doesn't enter without the consent of the "owner" of the door with the lock on it. To enter without consent would not only be disrespectful, but criminal. Such are the borders of countries.

    We have the border as our door and immigration laws and policies as the lock. Too many people have entered the USA without our consent, using our infrastructure, affecting our daily lives. For too long, American immigration laws have not been enforced, or they were/are selectively enforced, affecting the lives of legal citizens who have ownership or the right to be here.

    It is time for those elected to serve us in Washington, D.C., to quit the political bickering and gridlock and get down to business with revisiting USA immigration laws and policies and updating and streamlining them. If they can't do that, let's ELECT someone who CAN!!! The People of the United States of America have labored both long and hard to preserve their homeland and should be RESPECTED by those outside our borders and those who are elected with our trust and confidence to act on our concerns. Our country can no longer delay the issue.

    Blessings and Peace,

  17. Bless you Carmine!

  18. @peacelily,

    "Why no action in the House since then? Who was in control?" (Peacelily)

    Your last sentence stating, "Who was in control." says much of what is to come, and says much of what has already happen, but not yet revealed.

    Subconsciously, you wrote a reality.

  19. To many riders to have any meaningful laws passed today, there needs to be a change of heart and stop the capricious attitude that many of our elected officials hold.

  20. Bradley 11:34: SCOTUS has NOT ruled that birth - rite citizenship applies to those born here when their mother is here ILLEGALLY--almost every other nation on the planet says NO. Further the 14th amendment allows the federal government to REGULATE immigration--perhaps we need to REGULATE the pregnant women who ER giving birth in San Diego area. There have been proposals in Congress to restrict / bar children of illegals from Welfare--but it hasn't been done yet. California adopted millions of illegals--and see how California economy has tanked. What do you expect? Take in another million or two each year and you think ANY economy can survive?

  21. Joan 10:05. Nix the deportation process. Just EXPEL illegals who cannot decisively show they ENTERED the country legally. Save the time and money and get them OUT OF HERE.

  22. Carmine: illegals do not have a "natural" right to be supported by our tax dollars nor to steal jobs from Americans, to destroy our economy, our schools, our programs. They have no right to enter this country.

  23. "Carmine: illegals do not have a "natural" right.. "

    Natural right is not the same as legal right. God bestows the former, the government the latter.