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April 27, 2015

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Celebrate our democracy

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All U.S. citizens should celebrate the presidential election results. We now have proof that democracy works.

What did we learn? One: Minorities have a vital say in elections. Voter statistics show that the president’s re-election was helped significantly by support of groups such as Hispanic, black and young voters.

Two: Money cannot buy the presidential election. Republicans spent $550 million on ads compared with the Democrats’ $381 million, according to an AP story quoting organizations that track advertising.

Three: The American dream can come true for anyone who works hard, is intelligent and is honest.

As a female, white senior citizen who through the years has adopted most political labels and worked in campaigns from Kennedy vs. Nixon to the 2012 election, I salute my fellow citizens/voters. Let’s join now in demonstrating that the democracy we cherish is alive and well and put aside any anger or disappointment. Support our philosophy of government and Constitution by supporting our president.

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  1. No, Jo Ann, we should not celebrate the election results, but that's not because President Obama was re-elected and Mitt Romney lost the election.

    The reason we should not celebrate the results of this or any recent election is because they are not resulting in our resolving our most critical issue.

    We must find a way to 'begin' matching revenue and spending. Former President Bush did not do that. President Obama hasn't done that. Congress isn't doing that.

    We can pat ourselves on the back and say how great Democracy is and what a great country we have all we want, but if we keep spending way more than comes in from taxes, our great Democracy is going to implode economically.


  2. If nothing else, just the amount of money spent spent on elections reflects how important they are.

    That said we can now turn to the "fiscal cliff". We should consider this an opportunity rather than a problem. Our deficit problem will not solve itself and pain postponed is not pain avoided. We will face a cliff again and the fall then promises be steeper and deeper. If we let ALL the Bush tax cuts expire it will probably cause at least a mild recession. But at least we'd all be doing something together for a change and sooner would be way less painful than later.

  3. We should all celebrate electing a president that wants to make the USA just like Europe: Insolvent, bankrupt, and in social and governmental turmoil. Yeah, right. Hip hip hurrah. Get real and stop believing the hype.


  4. What planet does Malkin reside on? In a country where we are supposedly free, for one candidate to get 100% of the votes in 59 precincts is unheard of in an "honest" election. And, for one candidate to get 100% of more than 19,000 votes is downright impossible without some hanky-panky going on. JFK stole the election years ago with help from Mayor Daley of Chicago (you know, dead people "voting"). Osama Obama stole this one with help of corrupt election officials in too many states to count. This election was more like the ones held in Cuba and Venezuela. That's what we have reached - 3rd world status - under the cretin the White House!

  5. Ms.Malkin,

    Very good article.If only we could convince the sore losers and cry babies to except what the majority of voter's decided on election day.The re-election of Pres.Obama.

    Gov. Romney gave a very classy concession speech the day after he lost the election to Pres.Obama.

    Rep. Paul Ryan,also stated on ABC news on tues.Nov.13th. This is his quote,"So you can imagine,It was a bit of a shock when we didn't win,but that's just the way these things go."

    Ryan said Pres.Obama deserves to be congratulated for having a fantastic ground game.He won fair and square."He got more votes and that's the way our system works.And he ought to be congratulated for that."

    If others would follow the lead of these two gentleman,(Romney,Ryan) we could move on with the issues facing our country.

  6. Mr. ReFreman,

    What period of the Bush Tax Cut do the numbers reflect? Please provide for the readers the year(s), middle class citizens experienced the benefits you posted on November 14, 2012 4:51am.

    Thank you Mr. ReFreeman.

  7. As always Mr. ReFreeman your reporting is incomplete and misleading.

    A request for clarity should not be rejected by a person who lives by the numbers.

    Again, what years of the Bush Tax Cut do the numbers reflect? A simple question. I'll make it easy for you. Do the numbers reflect any years during the Obama Administration? Simple question.

    Mr. ReFreeman, people who read numbers posted on an articles from independent commentators automatically assume the numbers are true across the board on an issue. You, Mr. ReFreeman continually post numbers you do not clarify, and when asked or challenged, you, well, you now response like your post at 8:57pm.

    We can assume the numbers you posted do not reflect the tax cuts from the Obama Administration, which are, or would be part of, and included in the number you posted at 4:51am. depending of the years you are referencing. Meaning the Bush Tax Cuts are not directly responsible for the benefits you described if your numbers overlap into the Obama Administration.

    Thank you Mr. ReFreeman.

  8. Mr. Fink I thought the same thing. But, to the best of my knowledge, no one has stepped forward from any of the questionable precincts to say that they voted for Romney. I agree that statistically it is unlikely it is not impossible. I believe that I have read that there were precincts in other areas of the country that received 100% Romney votes. Not many mind you but some.

    Now, should someone come forth and say they voted for Romney and it was not counted then I think we should investigate immediately. Agreed?

  9. Jo Ann, thank you for your excellent article on Democracy. Your points were well made and significant.

    Your contributions as a democracy activist are admirable and encouraging.

    It was heartening to see so many voters being 'activists' by exercising their citizenship through voting.

    I hope more citizens will find that activism can not only involve politics, but expand into all social issues where our country could benefit and move forward.

    Not sure what the economic comments have to do with your article on Democracy and the election.

    They are just repetitious economic opinions, or copy & paste jobs, that have been going on ad nauseam, with or without validation.

    GHM, very accurate assessment and definitions!

    There is no advantage to being stuck in the mud.

  10. ReFreeman,

    Initially, the Bush Tax Cuts helped the economy out of recession by putting more dollars into the pockets of businesses and investors, and ultimately consumers. It encouraged investment in the stock market by decreasing capital gains and dividend taxes.

    However, it hurt the economy by decreasing tax revenues. This increased each year's annual deficit, and thereby the U.S. debt. This debt put downward pressure on the value of the dollar. The Bush tax cuts should have expired in 2004, when the economy was booming. Higher taxes would have slowed spending, helping to prevent the housing boom that led to the Great Recession.

    The numbers you posted effectively did not benefit the middle class. The upward cost of goods, services and credit negated the expected gains. The balancing act of bring spending inline with revenue do not happen in 2007.

  11. jldour - "With all the free stuff promised to voters I would say that it clearly was bought."

    What free stuff? Did any of you posting get free stuff? If so let me know, I didn't get mine ... bwaahaha!

  12. We live in a constitutional republic, not a democracy. This past election is proof that corruption works, one can buy votes by promising what every special interest group wants.

  13. Didn't work for Romney and his special interests, despite millions of dollars and efforts to reduce the vote of other special interests.

    We still have to see what happens in the budget workouts. There may be something for everyone, including Republican special interests.