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April 26, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Petraeus and the meaning of honor

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There is much hue and cry from politicians and pundits that David Petraeus has done the “honorable” thing by resigning. That characterization flies in the face of the concept of honor.

Even Petraeus taught subordinates that honor and integrity are characterized by what one does when no one is looking. He failed to walk his walk. When no one was looking, he cheated on his wife and owned up to it only when it was destined to become public.

He did the right thing by resigning. However, doing the right thing is not equivalent to doing the honorable thing.

The honorable thing would have been to not have an affair in the first place. It would have been to resign when he started the affair. Certainly he is a smart, capable, outstanding commander and should continue to get credit and our appreciation for that. But honor? No. The affair is without honor.

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  1. We like to think of our heros as perfect people incapable of errors in judgement or disappointing us in any way. Alas, even our heros are human and we may just have to abandon the belief that there are comic book superheros living amongst us.

  2. Honorable or not, certainly imperfect, Petraeus did take the correct action in what seems to be a timely fashion. I find no fault in that, especially when we consider all the similar incidents in recent memory.

  3. Petraeus betrayed us. Plain and simple. If, and it may have been, he conducted the affair while in the military he should be reduced in rank and pay, permanently. He compromised himself and his position, perosnally, professionally and militarily. Shame on him. And the Obama minnows who kept the information about Petraeus from the President, if they did.

    Let's not forget 4 real American heroes were murdered in Benghazi Libya on 9-11. Why? What happened? Who was asleep at the helm? State Dept? CIA? Defense? President? Some/all? Americans deserve the truth. Now.


  4. It's a damn shame General Petraeus allowed himself to be seduced. He is and will go down in history as one of the great military minds but tainted by an affair.

    CarmineD - "And the Obama minnows who kept the information about Petraeus from the President, if they did."

    The rant by Future and Carmine is typical of the right wing flipping out again. The evidence isn't complete and laying this at Obama's feet in pure BS. Eric Cantor knew a month before the President found out, why aren't you condemning Cantor?

    Don't your brains hurt after being sucked into your paranoid and delusional theories?

  5. VernosB,

    An argument can be made that the Republicans could have used the information about Patreaus for political gain before the election. If in fact Cantor knew about this as early as it seems, then he should be commended for respecting the supposed national security interests (presumably that is what the FBI was saying) instead of using the information as a political club.

    You can't have it both ways.

  6. Comment removed by moderator. Personal Attack

  7. BTW, Eric Cantor contacted the FBI with the info when he learned about it. Cantor said so and so did the FBI.


  8. Oh good grief!

    Just come right out and say that the White House knew all about Patreaus' problems but promised him not to do anything if he would keep his mouth shut until after the election about how the White House knew in advance about the Libya attack plans but did nothing.

    Remind me to buy more Alcoa stock.

  9. "Just come right out and say that the White House knew all about Petreaus'"

    First rule: Always keep your boss informed. Always. BTW, did I say always. FBI works for the Justice Department. Justice Department works for the President.


  10. I agree with what you said in your letter, Mr. Daniel. But I carry it even further.

    Since Petreaus, and now subsequently another General, both with ties to our current war in Afghanistan, have been involved in shenanigans, I contend unbelievable harm has been done to our military and its effectiveness.

    I can guarantee you that right now, our American troops at the tip of the spear fighting on the frontlines in Afghanistan, the ones in the trenches, the ones trying to do their best to wage war in that country, the ones representing America the best they can....are all shaking their heads in utter confusion...and absolute disgust.

    You have a disgraceful General who seems to have sent 30,000 e-mails to a woman, all while he is supposed to be conducting war in Afghanistan.

    The troops see this.

    They basically are saying right now to themselves, why are we fighting this thing when our General could care less if we live or die...because his interests are more directed elsewhere than what we're supposed to be doing over here?

    Those troops right now are only over there fighting to protect other troops. They are only interested in protecting themselves and their buddies.

    Why? Because their Generals do not give a flying crap about them. They have proven it in word and deed.

    I guess what I'm saying is these so called honorable Generals and their stupidity have just caused damage to our fighting troops.

    We are now in a situation over there that is much akin to what happened to our troops in Vietnam.

    Way to go, Generals. You just blew it.

    Get us out of Afghanistan, Mr. President. Faster than 2014. It's a total waste now. The morale of our troops over there has been busted apart and cannot be fixed. Don't matter if a new battalion of Generals is sent over there. It's over with. Time to go, Mr. President. To stay there is not serving American interests anymore. And it's only spilling blood unnecessarily.

    With these recent infidelities and inappropriateness from the people supposedly in charge revealed to the full light of day, it really don't set an example for the enlisted men. I can guarantee you they don't care about anything other than their own survival on the front lines right now. These Generals have let them down. And they know it.

  11. It's obvious, at least to me, that the minnows in and around the President's inner circle are denying telling him about Petraeus until after the election. This gives President Obama the excuse of plausible deniability. Don't think for an instant Obama didn't know about Petraeus in the beginning of October if not sooner.


  12. "Romney and his maggots are still grumbling over his recent loss to the only real man in the race for the White House." antigov

    What kind of a man/let alone president puts a naive woman [who by his own admission didn't know anything about Bengahzi] in front of all the Sunday talk shows to take the heat for the lies and scandal surrounding Benghazi, Libya and 4 murders?


  13. You people claiming that the White House knew of Petraeus's affair forget the FBI has a long history of keeping information to themselves, and not dealing fairly with the CIA. And yes boftx, it is a fact Cantor knew in October about the affair because he was alerted by another congressman who got inside info from an FBI agent.

    CarmineD - "What kind of a man/let alone president puts a naive woman [who by his own admission didn't know anything about Bengahzi] in front of all the Sunday talk shows to take the heat for the lies and scandal surrounding Benghazi, Libya and 4 murders?"

    Have you forgotten Condoleeza and Powell who were used as frontmen to misinform the public? As a matter of fact when a CIA agent, Valerie Plame, tried to correct their errors she was outed by the NeoCon slime operating behind the White House.

    You hypocrites with short term memory crack me up. Throughout our history the FBI or CIA had intentionally or not, misinformed politicians who openly based statements on what information they were given. Condoleeza, Powell, and Susan Rice are all examples of those failures not of their own choosing. It didn't take long for Colin Powell to quit when he found he was lied to.

  14. Honor? I hear they pulled Paula's security clearance. Will she resign or be drummed out of the Reserves? We're paying taxes so socialites can "rub elbows" with Generals? We're paying taxes so Paula can write a book on company time?

  15. Vernos 11:27 you have a point about misinforming, but outright denial when he knew all about it? And if he didn't know, we're in more trouble. Malfeasance, criminal negligence, incapable and unacceptable as Commander in Chief. And to your point about misinformation, that's one of the reasons President GWB was not always popular. Obama prides himself that he is popular. Think that's gonna last?

  16. The sexual affair only has a tertiary significance in that the head of the CIA made himself vulnerable to someone accessing security information on the US.

    If not this woman, he is still clearly vulnerable to other individuals, and therefore he is not able to hold the office.

    I can imagine the struggle he went through with his conscience on many levels.

    The top security positions in our government are of utmost importance to the nation's security.

    The only issue is one of National security interests.

    If David Petraeus recognized a potential threat through his actions, and decided to resign, he made the right decision, and a responsible one.

  17. "Carmine,
    Where do your facts come from?" @antigov

    "Have you forgotten Condoleeza and Powell who were used as frontmen to misinform the public?" @VBrancos

    Rice is the UN AMB and supposedly in line for Secretary of State. Obama's charade of chivalry on her behalf is a farce. A poor attempt to detract from Obama's incompetance, malfeasance, and ineptitude of putting her out to dry on the Sunday shows to lie for him.

    Never heard Bush2 use the race/gender card for Condolezza Rice when she was Sec of State. Why?

    Should we just appoint old white men to government positions so then it's okay to pick them apart when they screw up? That's what Obama's fake outrage and defense of Susan Rice suggests. And BTW, the GOP are going after Obama. He's the President and he's accountable for Benghazi and the murders of 4 American heroes.