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July 6, 2015

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Send liars to the ‘Copacabana’

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Many voters feel that all of the money spent on the presidential election was wasted. While a lot of it could have been better spent, especially here in Nevada, it wasn’t wasted.

First of all, that money didn’t just disappear; it went somewhere and helps keep the wheel going round. What has always been terrible are the obvious lies told about the candidates.

I suggest that a designated panel rules on these lies and fine the guilty parties — maybe $100,000 for a first offense, $500,000 for a second, and if this is done three times, the guilty must attend two Barry Manilow concerts.

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  1. Money oils the wheels of commerce and politics. And the two [commerce and politics] go hand and hand. That's the reason the GOP in the long run will always win over the Democrats. The GOP knows business and its relationship to politics. Democratic party doesn't have a clue. They are too star struck by Hollywood celebrities.


  2. "Figures don't lie, but Liars figure"

    The reality, money is a tool of corruption. Comparison and history, reveals the truth about numbers.

  3. No, people are the tools of corruption. Money is the medium of exchange. Like all good things, money included, they can be used for purposes of good or evil depending on the intentions of those doing the using. No party has the lock. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty.


  4. "Money is a tool of corruption." So, what do you use to pay your bills with, Vegan? It's thinking like that which tends to pull the USA back into the "Dark Ages." Money is merely a way of keeping score and to enable decent, honest and ethical folks to trade among each other. Money is not "evil" in and of itself; some folks who covet it are. I never met anyone who did not want to prosper and better his/her station in life. That is a positive attitude (the glass is half full rather than half empty approach) and gives a person a goal to strive towards. To denigrate the successful among us is a negative and destructive attitude and, in the long run, does a person no good.

  5. lvfacts101,

    Aaah, Jerry, are you living a Bubble? Read the again. It reads, Money is a tool of corruption. A tool, Jerry. People use all sorts of tools. We can do whatever we want with a tool or tools. Knock knock Jerry.

    Too much coffee so early, no problem.

  6. Carmine wrote,

    "No, people are the tools of corruption. Money is the medium of exchange."

    Longtimevegan wrote,

    "The reality, money is a tool of corruption. Comparison and history, reveals the truth about numbers."

    One of the tools to corrupt people is money. Like you said, Money is the medium of exchange.

    Thank you Carmine for the validation.

  7. Kipp - I appreciate the humor in your letter. No doubt if your suggestion was retroactive, Manilow concerts would be SRO for the next four years.

  8. Anyone named "Kipp" should NOT be making fun of Barry Manilow.

    @PISCES41: Manilow's concerts WERE pretty much SRO when he was appearing for the 5 years he was in Vegas. You shouldn't knock things that bring tourism $$ from all over the world to Vegas. Manilow did his fair share of bringing revenue to the Strip.

  9. "Thank you Carmine for the validation." @LTM

    The validation that is true and certain is that ALL MONEY is fungible. It's all the same. When it's put together, whether the source is Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc. it's all the same. What's different is how people use it. People are the culprits or the heroes, not the money. People have the consciences that determine how and why they use the money the way they do, not the money. The people deserve the credit or blame, if due, not the money.


  10. "We can do whatever we want with a tool or tools. " @LTV

    Then why blame the tool[s] and not the people using it/them? Tools are only as good or bad as the hands of the people using them. Take a chisel and hammer in your hands and try to craft a David. Then, put the same tools in the hands of Michaelangelo. Is it the tools that craft the masterpiece or dud, or the people using the tools. It's a rhetorical question, I know [and so should you, if you're honest] the correct answer.


  11. Carmine,

    Your post, well, your post. I don't know what to write in response. I believe your trying to offer an honest response to my original post on November 22, 2012 at 4:40 am.

    Kipp Altemaram, article brings up money, and raised the questions effectiveness and accountability. Your going off board with your responses. It's like your making stuff up as your going along, without addressing the original item of this so called discussion.

    You have been way off base on many items. You have been wrong on many, many items. I have not responded to your post in the past, thinking, your adding humor to much of what you write. But now, you have made it clear, your way out of touch with much of what you write. It's not humor your writing, your writing what you believe. How you see thinks. If only you expand your area of knowledge you can be offer a balanced response to the articles on the Sun.

  12. Ironically, LTV you epitomize exactly how I feel about you and your posts.