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May 6, 2015

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Money can’t buy elections

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I read J. Patrick Coolican’s column for the first time in the Sun on Nov. 16: “Steve Wynn much better suited to casinos than politics.”

I have to agree with every word he wrote about Steve Wynn.

Money can’t buy love, it can’t buy immortality, and most of all, what the Republican PACs found out the hard way, it can’t buy presidential elections.

People in business should keep their political views to themselves because it’s good for business.

They should save it for the voting booth.

Mitt Romney is proving with his big mouth what a disaster he would have been if he became president. He and the Tea Party should use more sugar and less lemon.

Good job, Mr. Coolican; I will read your column from now on. I pray that the Republican Party comes to its senses and becomes a party not only for the chosen few.

A good start would be to get rid of the Tea Party.

If this happens, I might become an independent voter.

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  1. Truth be told money did buy the White House election. It's called the money of the incumbency. It is virtually impossible now for a candidate, ragardless of their merits, to unseat a sitting president despite how bad that incumbent may be. Americans have given a lock to sitting presidents for a second term. It's a guarantee from the voters. We may just as well make the presidential term 8 years and forget the presidential elections every 4 years.


  2. Tominsky will never become an "independent" voter. I grew up around guys like him and they were, pure and simple, leftists. They were, as I was, told by their parents that the Republican Party was "the party of the rich" and the Democratic Party was for the "working class." Well, I grew up and out of that ignorant mindset. Look around you and see the havoc the Dumbocrats have created with their drive to create a "dependency" class in the United States of America and it has happened. Success is routinely denigrated by the green-eyed parasites who make up the greater part of the Dumbocrats constituency. Functional illiteracy is the norm for those graduating from a public school system which prefers to indoctrinate rather than educate. Dumbocrats ring the bell for their Pavlovic dogs who drool at the thought of all the "Free Stuff" they'll be getting, never giving any thought to the consequences on future generations, even if it means their own rug-rats get cheated. But, then, their rug-rats will grow up to be just like them - indolent parasites - living off welfare and loving it. Yeah, I remember well the Tominsky's I grew up with. Most were hard core Socialists or Communists. They lived in the wrong country then and they live in the wrong country now.

  3. The world of gaming is quit different. Steve Wynn, as a private citizen is ok to be out front. As a major casino owner, you don't do or say what Steve Wynn has done lately.

    Casino companies or owners normally run silent during local and national elections. Openly involved in politics is not a tradition in the casino business. Not good for business, not good for the industry!

  4. "Money can't buy love, it can't buy immortality, and most of all, what the Republican PACs found out the hard way, it can't buy presidential elections."

    Tominsky -- evidently it can, does and has. The Democrats just put on a better show for their cash.

    "Truth be told money did buy the White House election."

    CarmineD -- I agree

    "Functional illiteracy is the norm for those graduating from a public school system which prefers to indoctrinate rather than educate"

    lvfacts101 -- nothing new, at least since the 70s. It's frightening how many high school graduates aren't literate enough to put together a coherent paragraph. Some friendly advice -- tone down the labels. It detracts from your reasoning which is actually occasionally sound.

    "As a major casino owner, you don't do or say what Steve Wynn has done lately."

    Longtimevegan -- really? Repeat after me: "Being a billionaire means never having to say you're sorry"

    "An election is a moral horror. . ." -- George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright, 1925 Nobel Prize winner

  5. Carmine,
    "Americans have given a lock on sitting Presidents for a second term."

    I will have to disagree with you on this one. In the past 30 years former Pres.Jimmy Carter lost a second term to Gov.Ronald Reagan in 1980.In 1992 former Pres.George H.Bush lost a second term to Gov.Bill Clinton.I'm sure if we dig a little deeper we will find other Pres.of the past who also lost second terms. Nothing in politics is guaranteed.

  6. This past election, many votes were lost because of money. The repugnants, a good many of them belong in jail for voter suppression. I'd say misrepresentation of the facts also, but both sides are guilty of that. The list goes on and on and on. Just think of the good that could've been done if all this money was spent constructively. Let's say by updating the casino's and putting people to work. I'm a leftist, who believes Carl Rove belongs in a jail cell, and that voting for a repugnant will send me straight to he!!

  7. Apparently it doesn't occur to some of you that the country no longer leans right. People today tend to be more tolerant than in the past and the GOP is far too restrictive for many. Money didn't win the election for Obama although the economy is growing slowly. The GOP stance on new voter fraud laws, taxes, abortions, contraception and immigration were in the equation when voters turned out to cast their votes.

  8. "I will have to disagree with you on this one. In the past 30 years former Pres.Jimmy Carter "
    @ Sam Speaks

    You missed the operative word: "now." I said uif you reread my post:

    "It is virtually impossible now for a candidate, ragardless of their merits, to unseat a sitting president despite how bad that incumbent may be."


  9. VernosB,

    Collectively, the new power voting block is Hispanics, Asians, and Blacks.

    The Republicans are too far right on the issues, they must move to center just to get a glimpse of anyone from the groups above. The Republicans are doubling down in States with Republican governors in pushing for Abortion laws, repealing Obamacare, and passing voter restriction laws.

    The party will change after 2016. This will allow the America People time to elect reasonable people in the Senate and House. Starting in 2014.

  10. Comment removed by moderator. Inappropriate

  11. Carmine,

    "Truth be told money did buy the white house election".

    Are you saying that Gov. Mitt Romney didn't get enough money from Rich people with billions? As an example of some of Gov.Romney's rich friends Sheldon Adelson said he is willing to spend 100 MILLION DOLLARS to beat Pres.Obama.This is just one of many billionaires who pledged to the Romney campaign.

    I believe it was the everyday people who re-elected Pres.Obama. The numbers speak for themselves,Pres. Obama 332 electoral votes with 50.6% of the popular vote,Gov.Romney 204 electoral vote,and 47% of the popular vote.Truth be told it was the regular folks who tipped the scales on this election.

  12. "I believe it was the everyday people who re-elected Pres.Obama." @Sam Speaks

    The 10 wealthiest counties in the USA voted for Obama, not Romney.

    Here's an excerpt from Ralph Reed on the election:

    "According to a post-election survey by Public Opinion Strategies, self-identified conservative evangelicals made up 27 percent of voters in 2012, voting 80 percent for Governor Romney compared with 19 percentt for Obama. This represented a net swing of 14 points toward the GOP ticket since 2008 and made up 48 percent of the entire Romney vote. Governor Romney, a lifelong Mormon, actually received more evangelical votes than George W. Bush did in 2004."

    "White Catholic voters, meanwhile went to Romney by 19 points, the largest margin among the constituency for a GOP presidential candidate since Richard Nixon in 1972. This was no doubt due in large part to their revulsion over the Obama administration's harsh mandate on religious charities to pay for health services, such as contraception, that assault their conscience and compel them to violate their faith. Catholics who attend Mass frequently (about 1 in 10 voters) broke 2-to-1 for Romney."

    "Contrary to prevailing stereotype, evangelicals and Catholics aren't single issue voters. They care about jobs, taxes and the deficit, and their support for Israel rivals that of the Jewish community. They played an indespensable role in relecting the republican House majority, and electing 30 Republican governors and hundreds of state legislators and local office holders in recent years."

    If you want the entire article, too lengthy to post here, let me know. I'll send it privately to you or you can google: Round Up the Usual Social Conservative Suspects, Wall Street Journal Monday Nov 26, 2012.


  13. Sam:

    I tried to post the link but it's not available yet. The Journal waits several days before making it availble to the general public probably due to preference for its paid subscribers. It should be available in a day or two. It's worth the read. I think, my opinion, it shatters your belief that the everyday person voted for Obama. But again, it depends on how you define everyday person. Certainly, women and latinos went with Obama. But, if you read the article, not by the numbers that the media and the Obama staff would have you believe. And married women went with Governor Romney over Obama.



  14. Carmine,The numbers speak for themselves,no matter who says what.A win is still a win.The majority of voters decided to re-elect Pres.Obama.

    "On 10-22-12 7:14 am in your post you predicated a Romney-Ryan win with 310 electoral votes,all the swing states,and 53% of the popular vote. Start planning for 2016".

    These are your predications and words on your post that day.
    Point being people say all kinds of things,the end results are what counts.

  15. Sam:

    You digress and divert. Predictions are just that: predictions. They are not always right. If they were, they would be called facts, as I quoted from the article I excerpted.


  16. Carmine,

    You still have not answered my question I posted on Nov.27,2012 at 12:08 pm.

    "Are you saying that Gov.Mitt Romney didn't get enough money from rich people with billions?".
    (costing Romney the election)
    I asked this guestion in response to your post (nov.27,2012 4 am) that,"Truth be told money did buy the white house election".

  17. Here's one you forgot Sam:

    By CarmineD (Carmine DiFazio) Oct 27, 2012 5:09 AM

    "If all the veterans in Nevada vote for Shirley Berkley, a fine woman with terrible political judgment, it won't change the outcome of the election: Dean Heller wins."


    By samspeaks (sam pizzo) Oct. 27, 2012 7:46 a.m. Flag

    "Shelly Berkley will win re-election in her district.Ms. Berkley's help in getting the new Veterans hospital,and the Kidney Dialysis ctn. are just two things that she has done for our great state.Without her help we would still be needing both of these new facilities that we currently have in place."

    See Sam, predictions. Not facts. Not to worry. LVSun predicted Berkley would win too. You both were wrong.


  18. Sam:

    It's a fact that President Obama as the incumbent had money to spend on negative campaigns long before Governor Romney. The Obama campaign spent hundreds of millions of dollars on negative ads about Governor Romney long before Romney won the party nomination and had party funds so he could respond. In fact, 7 months before. I said here several times, and will again, in August 2011, the White House issued a memo that stated the strategy to defeat Romney, who wasn't even the GOP presidential nominee yet, was to "kill" him personally and professionally. The White House proceeded to do just that.

    By the time Governor Romney was nominated and had funds to respond to the negative ads, it was too late.

    That is the power AND MONEY of the incumbency.


  19. Carmine,

    "By the time Gov.Romney was nominated and had funds to respond to negative ads,it was to late".

    If that were the case why did you and others make all those predictions that Gov.Romney would win in a landslide.

    If he felt(Gov.Romney) it was to late he should have backed out, and let someone else run who felt more confident about winning.

  20. Sam:

    Hind sight is 20-20.


  21. Carmine,
    Sam: Hind sight is 20 20.

    So is everything else.

  22. Sam:

    Romney's mistake, one of many during his campaign, was not to respond to the Obama negative TV ads with his own money until the party nominated him and he had access to its funds.

    BTW, 85 percent of the Obama ads about Romney were anti-Romney personally and professionally, not on policy. It's a fact that negative ads accomplish their objectives despite people saying that they abhor them.

    Take a clean clear glass of water. Add a drop of food coloring to it. Then try to get the food coloring out and the water crystal clear again. Can't do it. Once it mixes, it's contaminated. Same with negative political ads.

    Well Sam, Romney will go back to private life and recoup the $2 BILLION [plus more] in personal wealth that is estimated he lost from bowing out of Bain to be a public servant.