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May 4, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Pandering is a Romney strength

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Are you tired, feeling run down, pandered to? Need a cure? Then please take two aspirin and plan to wake up after the presidential election.

When it comes to panhandling for votes, especially from the now-disenfranchised 47 percent of Americans, you won’t find a more accomplished panderer than Mitt Romney. Which Mitt Romney is running for office? If you like Barack Obama, then hey, vote for Romney. They are both the same; or then again, maybe not.

Well, for heaven’s sake, vote — at least pick one of the three candidates, Obama the Democrat, Romney the Democrat or Romney the Republican. As one pundit said after the presidential debate, “Romney is offering everyone a hot fudge sundae diet.” Fat chance this will work. It’s just his ploy to get votes.

The Romney economic plan is so good that, just like his taxes, he doesn’t want to share it with the middle class. Really? If elected, he wants to drop some incredible, most likely copyrighted, plan on Congress and for all Americans to see at Christmas.

Congress gets to write all the federal laws, not the president. Romney’s approach harkens back to the days of yore when Republican President Herbert Hoover gave us a chicken in every pot. Unfortunately, during the Great Depression that Hoover initiated, he didn’t provide citizens with any pots. So it is with Romney.

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  1. And now we have the Romney military industrial complex entitlement plan to replace Social Security and Medicare. Will we ever be free?

  2. Mr. Rychtarik writes 'Congress gets to write all the federal laws, not the president.

    He's right about that and until the day comes when Americans demand Congress start to match tax revenues to government spending, neither Romney or Obama or anyone else will be able to help us.

    All this drivel about pandering and lying can be applied to these two candidates and all candidates. That's what politicians do!

    At some point, higher taxes are going to be required of all Americans, no matter who is in the White House. Romney won't admit that and neither will Obama. That's pretty disingenuous of both men.


  3. Michael -

    I'm sure you're aware of the "fiscal cliff" at the end of the year where the 2003 tax cuts and the temporary reduction in payroll taxes expire and the sequestered reduction in Federal spending take effect.

    Make the call!. What would you see as the best immediate action to take. I ask, not to start a debate, but I'm really curious.


  4. Mitt Romney seems to have chameleon-like qualities that enable him to morph his views to the audience he's trying to impress. He has one set of views for the somewhat liberal voters of Massachusetts and another for the tea party dominated electorate in the Presidential primaries.

    Does this make him a good leader or a highly skilled follower?

    I also found it amusing that he has used his experience as Governor as proof that he can work in a bipartisan manner. Except for Romneycare his record was quite different. "I like vetoes; I vetoed hundreds of spending appropriations as governor," he said. Romney issued some 800 vetoes, and the Legislature overrode nearly all of them, sometimes unanimously.

  5. Jim,

    It's a tough question and my crystal ball is broken, but I would lean toward letting us go over the cliff or mitigating it only slightly. I'm sure everyone will go... OMG!

    I'm of the belief that we cannot successfuly grow our way out of this debt, either with tax cuts or government stimulus and small tax increases on the wealthy. I think if we follow either path, we are simply delaying the inevitable financial catastrophy. I'd prefer to start the required pain sooner rather than later.

    As I've said previously, somewhere, sometime, Congress discovered it could spend without taxing and Americans would accept that. For millions of Americans, life is still pretty good, even with trillion dollar deficits and a 16 trillion dollar debt. Until things are not that good anymore, Americans show no appetite to force Congress to more closely match taxes to revenues and until we do that, we can't fix anything.

    More personally, I'll turn 60 soon. If I actually though we could ride this debt and deficit wave until I was dead, I'd say screw doing anything and let it ride. Unfortunately, I think we are going to crash before I'm in the grave and I am selfish enough that I'd rather suffer some real pain at 60, than be totally broke, living in a totally broke country when I'm 75.

    We need to take the caster oil today, not years from now, when it's going to taste alot worse.

    Perhaps luckily for everyone, I won't be making that call.


  6. Jim,

    Make that 'taxes to spending'. My bad. And if you want a debate or others do, I'm fine with that. I could be completely wrong in what I believe and I know that, but logic tells me that even as big as we are, we're in too deep, and all the positive words, the patting ourselves on the back about all the good things America is, this time we are going to have to take a few steps backwards in order to start moving in a positive direction again.


  7. Hoover may not have given every American a chicken and a pot but he gave them a vacuum in every home. Even if he didn't invent it.


  8. Romney and Ryan are rising. Obama and Biden are tanking. Get use to it. Start pondering those glorious comments about cooperation and working together. You'll need to follow them for the next 4 years to get the nation back on the right track with a moderate republican president.


  9. Michael

    Thanks for your views. I have wondered myself whether we should just take our medicine now and get it over with before it gets worse. My hangup is not about making sacrifices but that I believe it should be shared sacrifice. The "shared" part is a big challenge.


  10. Richard Rychtarik, Las Vegas you are too kind. Good piece.

    You know, Mitt Romney is abusing power and trust given to him by the Republican Party. The Republican Party expected Mitt Romney to be the champion of their agenda. Mitt Romney has shown he has no loyalty to anyone or any organization. Mitt Romney has lied, distorted the facts as we know them, and given misleading statements to groups of supporter who believed in this man. Believed in his words.

    You know, the worst thing a person can do to another person or group, is betrayal! There is nothing worst in ruining a relationship. You see, when trust is broken, and lies follow, and then your exposed to those who have believed in you...this is betrayal my friends. You cannot come back from a betrayal of trust.

    Being misled, being lied to, over and over again. Pretending to believe in what you believe in, and all the time going against your house, going against your friends,going against your family. This is Mitt Romney the President Candidate of the Republican Party.

    Take a bow Mitt Romney.

  11. When Weber uses the term "share," he really means, "you produce, we share."

  12. When Fink uses the term "share" he really means "I don't wanna".

  13. Jerry is probably the biggest moocher out there.

  14. Jim,

    I hope with everything I have that tax cuts or government stimulus with a small tax increase on the wealthy will be able to grow the economy enough to cover our spending and pay down the debt. Logic tells me neither one will. I have lived awhile and experience tells me that when you spend more than you bring in for long enough, very bad things happen eventually. That's true with individuals, with small business, with large business and with governments. I don't see us as an exception.

    I'm ready to take the caster oil, but I don't think enough Americans are at this point.


  15. NOTICE: Those supporting the incumbent out of a need to be on the winning side: It's time to jump ship. R & R are leading--latest Pew Poll. I see a landslide a coming, as intelligent Americans, even those with good jobs, see enough of the R's to realize they say what they mean and mean what they say, unlike unfilled promises of the incumbent camp.

  16. Being a Canadian, I don't comment too much on American elections. Since the "horror" of the impending fiscal cliff is being debated in these posts, I thought I'd throw in my own two cents worth of opinion. I seem to think in a very similar manner to Michael Casler, and believe that in fact plunging over the fiscal cliff will benefit America in the long run. How else can your country even begin to tackle its obscene overspending binge?
    Since both presidential candidates are diametrically opposed to jumping over the cliff, and since their advisors appear to uniformly agree with them, then it doesn't matter which party wins control of Congress or the Presidency. Insane overspending mixed with expensive promises will continue to occur, with only the targets of the overspending being tweaked depending on which party seizes total or partial control.
    Both parties pray for a magnificent burst in economic activity to painlessly solve the deficit and accumulated debt issues. Mr. Casler and I see those dreams as absolute baloney.
    The letter writer perhaps has it right. Just go to sleep until after the election. Both parties are shovelling the horse manure with both hands.

  17. Jim: about that fiscal cliff:

    "The size of our Navy is at levels not seen since 1916. I will restore our Navy to the size needed to fulfill our missions by building 15 ships per year, including three submarines."

    -- Mitt Romney, speech at Virginia Military Institute, Oct. 8, 2012

    Just what we need - more submarines!!! There is no fiscal cliff when it comes to military spending and military diplomacy, is there?

  18. SunJon,

    You make an excellent point that is impossible to counter. We cannot afford to do what Romney calls for. What do you expect the guy to say at the Virginia Military Institute? Do you expect him to say we can't afford to expand our military? Should he say, in fact, we probably can't even really afford to keep it at its present size?

    Obama tells us entitlement spending is not really a problem and a few small tweaks will fix it. He tells us that a small tax increase on the rich is all we need. He says we need to spend more to increase the size of government so employment in the private sector will pick up. What would we expect him to tell us? The truth.... perhaps?....just maybe?

    Both these guys are spinning fantasy tales. Whichever one we elect, we'd all be well advised to tell him, loudly and clearly that we no longer believe in fantasy tales and we want the real truth at this point.


  19. I agree with Mr. Chapline that we are politically different yet similar in many respects.
    I, however, find it upsetting that some can attack Romney on his Mormonism because they do not like the religion.
    I find it upsetting that Big Bird is in the news as something that needs to be saved by the government.
    I find it upsetting that the fiscal cliff is facing us and our military could suffer with the current situation in the world.
    I find it upsetting that we have a dead ambassador and our State department is pointing fingers at our intelligence and our intelligence is pointing fingers at the State department while Susan Rice and Jim Carney stand in front of the media and lie to us.
    I find it upsetting that some think the government needs to spend more money to get the economy going but rail against any defense spending which employes our sons and daughters just as much as anything else.
    I find it upsetting that our education system can not seem to educate nor feed our children in school but if we just throw more money at it it will right itself.
    And finally, I find it upsetting that we are borrowing $0.43 for every federal dollar we spend, cannot put a federal budget together, but the WH can spend $1.4 billion to run itself (note: GWB spend $1.6 billion which is just as bad) but we cannot properly defend our ambassador in the middle east (I know I have mentioned that twice but some do not see all the implications associated with this action).

    I think all of this makes us look like petty, squabbling children. We need to start making some adult decisions about our country.

  20. <<I don't mean to disrepect any of our citizens who choose to support our country through military service, but sadly, many of these soldiers would be unemployable in the private sector. Military service for pay is a far better solution then welfare, section 8, and food stamps, as at least we are getting something in return for our tax dollars>>

    That is the most ridiculous thing yet I've read on these boards (and there have been some doozies over the years).

    SO what you are saying is that the military only takes those who are too dumb to get employment? Are you saying that our military, who have sacrificed in so many ways fighting in wars over the last 10 years, that they are too stupid to get jobs if they were not in the military??

    THe Air Force, Navy & Marines have set very high standards for their enlistees, and that includes educational background. They do not just take "anybody". In fact, the Army was once notorious for accepting anyone, but not any longer. Unfortunately, they found too many young people were too stupid to serve and therefore, were not accepted. And my guess even they are "employable".
    But to lump all military personnel into the category of "unemployable" if not in the military is just plain ignorant.

    Honey, I'd like to see YOU take the aptitude test for the military. Bet you would flunk and deemed "unacceptable for military service", therefore "unemployable" by your own calculations. BTW - tell that to all those members of the National Guard who were called up since 2001 to fight Bush's wars and had to leave their jobs, good jobs, behind to go and fight. Go tell them they are "unemployable".

  21. @Future,

    I see you have learned well to lie, distort, and to use misleading statements using the Romney example he displayed in the first debate.

    You know, you took my words and twisted them just like Romney has done, and is doing to the America people.

    Good job Future! Now you take a Bow my friend!

  22. Our letter writer is wrong. Pandering is to gratify or indulge a person with an immoral or distasteful desire, habit, or need. It requires providing the immoral or distasteful thing. What Mr. Romney is doing is not pandering, since he has no intention of doing anything except cause people to vote for him by any means he can. If he thinks you want Conservative, then Mr. Romney says he is a "Severe Conservative." If he thinks you want a Moderate, then he utters words of Moderation. If he thinks you want a tax cut, he has a $5 TN tax cut. Then, if he thinks you want a balanced budget, he offers the Unicorn of a tax cut that is balanced by "closing loopholes". In doing this, he is not pandering, for he will not actually deliver on any of this. Rather, Mr. Romney is doing the political version of a Fan Dance. All of the juicy parts are covered by a fan at all times, the fans flutter and flicker raising spectators hopes that something important will be discovered, but those parts always stay blocked from view by a fan. Mr. Romney is a tease, but he never delivers.

  23. One thing for sure, Mitt Romney will change positions on the issues. The Obama campaign can count on this one thing. This is the one thing that will take down Mitt Romney once and for all.

    The highest Office in Nation deserves a person of good character. The talk around Washington coming from both sides is about Mitt Romney lying to the America people. The question being asked, would we want the Mitt Romney example of character be the model for our democracy?

    The third and final Presidential debate will reveal the whole truth to the American people. It will be a hard truth for many people who have a different reality from the facts. The facts as we know the facts.

    In the each the 2 + 2 = 4 group will confirm an accepted universal fundamental. The 2 + 2 = 3 group will have a wake up call. Some of them will see the lights, some will refuse to accept the truth. I worry about the ones who refuse to accept the truth. We must pray them.