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May 5, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Time for us to leave the U.N.

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United States sovereignty is under siege by “one world” United Nations socialists. America should exit the U.N., cease all financial support and kick the world organization out of America.

Most of the nation members are aligned against the U.S. and its interests.

The only rationale keeping us there is a diplomatic connection with these countries, many of which are rogue nations.

Security Council decisions are typically blocked by China and Russia and are contrary to American interests across the globe.

What the U.S. requires is a smaller international organization that consists of members who share common interests in global economic and defense matters.

A collection of allied nations similar to NATO. If necessary, a U.N. coordinating arm could be established in the new international organization.

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  1. I would advocate staying in the UN, but I would reduce our funding of it to a much lower level. Bob Jack and Future are correct in that our interests do not align with many other nations in the UN.

    The UN is like PBS. It has some positive attributes but the amount of money we spend on it is out of proportion to its importance and we need to find every way we can find to reduce what government spends.


  2. I second Mr. Casler's motion.


  3. The U.N. is not only the antithesis to what America stands for, it is totally ineffective when it comes to preventing the slaughter of innocents anywhere in the world. It stood by as slaughters took place in Rwanda and the Sudan; it can't do a thing about the situation in Syria; and it twiddles its useless thumbs over the threat posed by Irans nuclear ambitions. Because the U.N. is composed of a host of rogue nations hell-bent on destroying freedom & Democracy, the U.S. is frustrated at nearly every turn. Why do we cede our sovereignty to nations such as China & Russia, Cuba & North Korea, all of whom desire our economic and political demise? Who needs enemies when one has friends such as the U.N.?

  4. I have read all the posts above and totally respect what all of you have to say. Jerry Fink captures the essense of my main concerns.

  5. Mr. Jack,

    I concur exactly with your idea. It certainly is not in our National interest to either belong to or host the United Nations.

    However, my sense is that this old adage holds true here: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


  6. US share - 516 million for regular UN budget; 2.1 billion for peacekeeping budget. Like most of what our government is doing, we are spending more than we can afford on the UN. The spending needs to be examined and reduced.

    I know that many people think everything is 'vital', but logic tells us that just isn't true.


  7. It seems that the most effective thing that the UN does is make money disappear.

  8. TeaNutz...

    I'm sure you've heard the old adage;

    "It's not what you say, it's how you say it."

    Your personal attacks at all things 'liberal' is both out of touch with reality & quite intended to be slanderous.
    Additionally, your neo-right-wing rantings & ravings paint you as an absurd caricature of the quintessential 'TeaNut.'
    Perhaps a more adult approach would be in order.

  9. The UN is not only the Security Council, but much more.

    The main complaints seem to come about the Security Council with 5 permanent voting members: China, Russia, France, the UK and the US.

    The other 15 can put in their 2 cents but are non-voting countries.

    The functions and power of the UN Security Council is not all bad. Had people been paying attention to what was going on in the Security Council before we attacked Iraq, they would have know that Iraq had no WMD's. Bush was so intent on attacking that he lied to the American public to accomplish his goals. Our ignorance is no reason to blame the UN.

    In that instance, France and Russia vetoed because they had a contract for an oil pipeline to be built. They were protecting their interests, especially in light of the fact there were no WMD's.

    We circumvented the UN Security Council vote and did what Bush wanted.

    I think the UN Security Council offers a good process at trying to reconcile differences between countries.

    In addition, it does many other things to help humanity in development, human rights, humanitarian support, and international law.

    The US does not only have interests in war, and has the ability to add it's voice on other issues in the global community, even if we don't respect others in the global community.

    I support the UN efforts, and hope someday the US attitudes can evolve into a cooperative one rather than demanding everyone do as we want and think like we do. It is worth the investment, especially now.

  10. Translation "They don't play the way I want to play, im taking my ball and going home!!!" ~Bob Jack

  11. "Get us out of the UN" was the first political battle cry I remember, circa 1960. The equivalent existed in the 1930's through the organization called "The America First Committee", with it's most outspoken member, Charles Augustus Lindbergh.

    Chuck was a non-interventionist, also called an isolationist. His speeches claimed that Hitler would never cross the Atlantic and only Europe was involved. Chuck hobnobbed with the Nazis, drank with the Nazis, beer fested with the Nazis and Hermann Goering in particular, his flying buddy. From his speeches, he was an Aryan and race was of supreme importance because it foretold of great power.

    Chuck warned American that they should not mess with Nazi Germany because of the superiority of the Nazi's discipline and fighting capabilities. The America First organization demanded that Europe be left to it's own politics.

    Allowing world politics to evolve on their own has been the premier failure of the conservative (Fascist) mindset since the 1930's, but here it is again - being presented like a new idea.

    The next thing you will hear is how Moses crossed the Delaware, in the second boat behind Washington, who was too involved with the landing ahead to notice.

    Conservatives have little capability of original thinking which is why they continually revert back to 3500 year old thought in the Bible and regurgitate the thoughts of a dead past. Their premier objective is Armageddon, where the world is rid of everyone who is not of the Body on behalf of the Prince of Peace.

    That includes Big Bird, America's number one feather bedding Socialist.

  12. RefNV,

    Better than YouTube, I watched the live Security Council meeting on CSPAN when Hans Blix gave his final report on the inspections in Iraq, looking for WMD's.

    His verbal report was to be followed by a written report in 30 days.

    He reported that NO WMD's were found, nor the capacity to create the super gun that was rumored. The Nigerian uranium tubes was proven to be a fake, as well as Saddam being involved with Al Qaeda, and no evidence that he had been involved with the events on 911.

    All of this was before we attacked Iraq.

    I told my husband at the time that the US wouldn't wait for a written report and would hastily invade Iraq before it was published. Bush attacked Iraq 2 weeks before the report came out.

    I did an exhaustive search to find media coverage of what I saw on CSPAN and found nothing.

    It is likely that had the written report came out before we invaded, the nation would have learn there were no WMD's found in Iraq, which was confirmed after we invaded by our own military, and questions might have arisen about why we were talking about invading Iraq. What a waste!

    It wasn't the UN who was at fault, it was the US alone. We ignored the process and did as we pleased, sending our military into harms way for no reason.

    Even if one defends the action for the purpose of getting Saddam, we stayed beyond that. We should have let the Iraqi's handle how they wanted to proceed with their country, without our self interested meddling.

    Had we done that, it might be that we would have an Iraq friendly to us, and not bitter.

  13. It is time to back out of the UN. Would make some sense to do this in stages but within 5 - 10 years being completely out, unless other nations and the UN change their tunes. Americans fund so much of the UN and then America steps in and adds to any and every UN "effort." Ditto with NATO. Why do we have a bloated State Department when we don't utilize it correctly? We don't need to double-stream and triple-stream every effort to redo every place on the planet outside the U.S. We should NOT be intervening in the economy and culture of every tribe on the planet. Let them evolve and progress within their cultures and stop generating "approved" societies and nations that become like dependent children, dependent social welfare programs.

  14. Anybody else notice that Great Britain now, others over the past few years, have decided to WITHDRAW THOUSANDS OF TROOPS from Afghanistan pronto but will seemingly leave a token presence for however long we screw around there--end of 2014. Let's save 2 years of financial stupidity and GET OUR TROOPS OUT NOW. And do not send ANY contractors, advisers....

  15. Could WW2 been prevented if the Senate ratified the league of nations ? Could 911 been prevented if they had counted the votes right in Florida ? Houston is an example and a reminder that Republicans are just plain bad for the country and the world.

  16. Mr. Kelly: In all probability, without Republicans you wouldn't be here--or should we say the nation wouldn't be here. The country would have imploded long ago from endless social welfare and no one working to pay for it.

  17. We can, for now, remain a member of the U.N., if they cut our dues and funding to what others pay. However, we need to INSIST that nations cannot bring an entourage of terrorists/spies with them to "attend" U.N. functions in New York. Let's move the U.N. meeting building to Brazil.