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May 6, 2015

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Tricky pollsters are a distraction

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Are political polls run to accomplish the pollsters’ agenda or get a true picture of reality?

I received three phone calls — two within an hour of each other and one the previous day — and they had a very interesting ring to them. The first question asked was: Do you think the economy is headed in the right direction? On two occasions my answer was yes, and the survey ended. When I decided to say no, further questions were asked.

Are some pollsters trying to dupe the public and scare voters off?

Get serious. People vote their choice, not some idiotic pollster’s creation.

Seems to me the polls change at the whim as to whom has the most money to waste on annoying millions of households daily.

These polls may energize Congress that has a 10 percent approval rating, but they haven’t stopped Congress from displaying its ignorance.

The latest example of this is the political posturing on the Libyan violence. This type of posturing is so sickening it makes a true American want to throw up: Let’s create a big stink about what happened in Libya and show no initiative for protecting our homefront or solving our unemployment problems.

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  1. Congressional hearings are dog and pony shows for the most part and that is because those appearing are often not put under a legal oath. This allows them to lie, and so they do.

    Mr. Ellis doesn't like talking about the attack in Libya because it makes the Obama administration look bad. It does appear that the administration knew the attack was a terrorist attack but wanted to call it something else because a terror attack flies in the face of a narrative that the terrorists have been defeated. That was a bad idea and they got caught. It's still unknown who knew what about a request for additional security. Sorry, Mr. Ellis, but the issue does deserve being looked into, if not for any other reason, at least for the relatives of those killed. Is it politicized? Yes. Would it be if the President were an R? yes.

    And finally, are polls skewed ... on both sides? Yes. DUH!


  2. The people calling are not pollsters. They are political operatives for a candidate or party. In the trade they call it push polling where they pose as a pollster but the objective is to ask questions worded in a way that's designed to push you toward a candidate or party.

    As an example they might ask something like " Do reports that Joe Schmo took bribes make you more or less likely to vote for Schmo?"

  3. Bengahzi-gate. 4 Americans are dead including a US AMB, first in 39 years. Murdered on US soil and property. State dept employees were watching the sacking of the Consulate in real time. The USA has fighter jets in Italy just hours away. They were never dispatched to Libya. The loved ones and family of the dead deserve to know the truth. What happened and why. Not a bunch of lies and political speak.


  4. "Congressional hearings are dog and pony shows for the most part and that is because those appearing are often not put under a legal oath. "

    Mr. Casler et al:

    Wood, Nordstrom, Lamb and Kennedy appearing before the House Committee on Government Operations and Oversight were sworn in and under oath.

    When VP Biden claimed that "we" didn't know that the Benghazi Consulate asked for more security in the months and weeks before Sept 11, he was directly contradicting the sworn testimony of these 4 State Dept witnesses. A point of fact I fully expect Governor Romney to point out to President Obama on Oct 16 and Oct 22.


  5. "They don't care that that Obama's adminstration for political reasons have been lying about that Libya incident."

    Lying is a harsh word, although it may, based on the facts in evidence, apply. What's more likely is that the Administration, much like its reaction to FAST & FURIOUS, is trying to delay the official report on the events of the murders until after the election. For obvious reasons. The FBI which was supposed to be sent into Beghazi to investigate has not. The crime scene has been degraded and becomes more so with time. Prima facie evidence that the Obama Administration is stalling for time.


  6. Carmine,

    I didn't say these specific people were not put under oath. The fact remains Congressional hearings are mostly a dog and pony show, regardless of which party holds them.

    I think a fair minded person would conclude that the Obama administration knew what the attack was while still trying to call it something else. It's also quite probable that security was lacking, people on the ground in Libya knew it and requests were made for additional security that was not provided. What we are never going to learn is at what level all the decisions were made.

    This was clearly not the Obama Administration's finest hour. Each of us have to decide just how important these events and how they were mishandled are in our decision on who to vote for.


  7. My solution is to say "I don't do polls or surveys."

    I also hang up on campaign robocalls.

    I keep my own empowerment by refusing to cooperate with this garbage regardless of the source.

  8. "Democrats don't care."...

    That's the height of political nonsense.
    Why even bother to throw it out there?
    It serves no purpose, unless for some silly reason it makes you feel better...

    "Democrats don't care because just like Obama they will do get political power."

    Again, too silly; and the ultimate of pot meets kettle;

    Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan are above reproach, and NEVER lie...

    They're both SERIAL LIARS.

  9. About Libya, I believe the Obama Administration knew about the threat and the source, which was a different terrorist group with a connection to Al Qaeda, and probably coordinated with them.

    I also believe that the Libyan government was not supportive of this and trying to work with Washington on how to deal with it.

    The circumstances were chaotic and Romney's politicization didn't help at all, especially since he had no access to the actions being taken nor the intelligence information. He exacerbated the situation. It was a terrible action on his part.

    Still, that doesn't offer clarification on all the aspects of what occurred, and the questions need to be investigated and answered.

    Romney needs to learn some patriotic restraint in such events, since he, as a private citizen, has no role in what is going on.

  10. The reality, the people who will decide this presidential election are "not" being polled.

    The un-polled are the people who will not vote for Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan. The elections deciders do not know who Paul Ryan is, and they do not trust Mitt Romney.

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.