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July 6, 2015

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Who’s holding up job creation?

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I have a question for presidential and congressional candidates about the high rate of unemployment. My question has to do with the complete disappearance of jobs due to both modern technology and the greed of corporate America. Undoubtedly, the economy in general has a lot to do with it, but, in my view, the completely unchecked American capitalism that no one is willing to put under control is the mother of all problems that we face today.

So my question is: How can a president — regardless of party — create private-sector jobs when the workers have been replaced by robots and corporate America, along with Wall Street, is moving factories and outsourcing jobs to foreign countries to avoid paying taxes and to fill its pockets at the expense of the American worker?

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  1. I totally disagree with the letter's premise. If the writer starts with the premise that capitalism [free markets, private business and operation] is the enemy of jobs, rather than the creator, then you made up your mind already. You won't listen to reason and believe the centuries of evidence that prove it and you wrong.


  2. He did NOT say that capitalism is the enemy of jobs! He said evil capitalism with greed smacked between it's eyes MOVED jobs overseas thus worsening American unemployment.

    By the looks of it, you are the one who made up your mind already and refused to listen to reason and would not see the evidence that prove you are wrong.


    Rome rose and fell because of its traitors within. The traitors in America are housed in one big conglomerate called FOX, feeding off other big conglomerates run by white old men.

    America will fall and will rise again with a version of the 'Vatican' not for the Catholic Church, but for the Church of the Latter Day Saints. They have the wherewithal to succeed and the funds of the white old men.

    Baaaaaaaaa. Baaaaaaaaa. Baaaaaaaa

  3. "He did NOT say that capitalism is the enemy of jobs! He said evil capitalism with greed smacked between it's eyes MOVED jobs overseas thus worsening American unemployment."

    Not capitalism, which is neither good or evil, that pushed jobs offshore. Government regulations and interference did. Since its inception and still, the US tax code penalized American companies' profits at home by taxing at higher rates than most countries abroad. Voila. US companies relocated abroad to pay less taxes. Then, if the US companies abroad brought these profits back to the US shores, they are taxed again. So US companies abroad don't [repatriot profits].


  4. "...the Church of the Latter Day Saints....[They] have the wherewithal to succeed and the funds of the white old men."

    You forgot to include their wives and children. Mormons are marriage and family friendly.

    Did you notice after the final debate in Boca Raton. Michelle Obama joined her husband on stage. Ann Romney and a large contingent of the Romney family, children and grand children, joined the governor. It took 20 minutes for the Romney family to get introduced to the Obama's who afterward promptly left the stage while the Romney's were meeting and greeting the audience members. Hint: Winners stay, losers go.

    PS: I am not one [LDS].


  5. Carmine, stay on topic, please.

    Don't pick and choose words.

    Forget it. It's hopeless to engage you.


  6. It's interesting that Republicans claim out of one side of their mouths that Government does not create jobs yet out of the other side of their mouths hold the President responsible for ....wait for it.......job creation.

  7. President Obama clearly understands the problem of jobs for the future. That is why education is the top priority in helping Americans graduating from college and trade schools.

    Education is the key. Education is America's door in creating jobs. This is the single item that has convince this independent voter to support the President. Education, Education, Education.

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  8. @RefNV

    " Obama has had 4 years to understand this fact but has failed to provide an environment for businesses to make long-term business investments decisions. Obama has failed to create a stable environment for job growth in the private sector." (ReFreemam)

    Mr. Freeman, this is not an attack, but an observation of you current and past postings. I like your logic when you present facts, not opinions or conclusions.

    Take your last post. Good information, quoting a national news source, good! However, you provided no backdrop on "how or why" of the condition we are experiencing today. You stated in your conclusion, its because of President Obama polices why CEO are not moving forward.

    Look, President Obama did not stop Steve Jobs or Apple from developing products and creating markets.

    I say, the CEO's that were commented in USA Today are lazy, my friend. They have had it easy because of real CEO's like Steven Job and Bill Gate! These lazy CEO's are not creating markets, or helping the current markets. These lazy CEO's can't lead the companies they are responsible for, instead they the blame the President for there lack leadership and creativity.

    The shareholder have listened to the CEO's weak excuses each quarter. These weak CEO's need to be replaced. You cannot keep blaming the President for their short coming.

    Get off your butts you lazy CEO's and do your jobs!

    Banks are making bigger profits than even before. Jobs have increased each quarter the last four years. Money lending is at the best rate in our lifetime. Domestic oil production is at the highest in the last four years. We are importing less oil in the last four years. Companies that have productive CEO are making it happen.

    Yes, world market conditions have an affect. However, the job of a CEO is to create a demand for the company's product of service. America has lazy and soft belly company leaders who complain instead of creating wealth for the company. These CEO's are only concerned about themselves, their bonus, telling the shareholders it somebody else fault, but not theirs. Lazy complaining CEO's my friend.

    As an owner of a company, anyone making the top dollar in my company and complaining and blaming someone else and not creating business for my company and my employee, I would fire them in a heart beat!!!

    Stop being a narrow thinker Mr. Freeman. You seem smart, be smart! Articulate the larger picture, stop letting noise dictate an obvious good mind like your.

  9. Mr. Weber you are correct in one aspect. The President can have a very dramatic effect on jobs. While the federal government does not create jobs it can create a climate that will stifle jobs and job creation and that is where we are today.

    longtimevegan you sound just like a politician that speaks what appears to be sound words yet are just meaningless. I will agree with you about education yet all of those graduates need someplace to go once they are ready for the private sector. All of the education in the world is not going to create jobs. A proper business environment creates jobs.

    A final word about education. One of the best things that could happen for education is for the federal government to get out of the education business. It's "one size fits all" approach is a terrible model that we have adapted. This is another example of States being able to provide better for the people than the federal government.

    If you consider these factors then your statement has merit.

  10. Nancy,

    It you feel it is useless to engage with Carmine, try me instead and I address this to all people who feel as you do.

    I was a call center director in the 1990's. My agents were paid between $ 10.00 and $ 12.00 an hour. They were mostly young people but I had some with families where there was a 2nd income. It took some skill to do the job, but mostly it required patience and a basic understanding of computers and software.

    My boss came to me one day and ask me to investigate outsourcing the call center to an outside company. I did as I was asked and found that these companies all used agents based in India that were paid alot less than $ 10.00 an hour. I also informed my boss that the quality of support they provided was less than what my agents provided. In the end, my job and all my agents jobs were outsourced. Was it 'evil' capitalism that was responsible. Some would argue yes but I would argue no. The company I worked for had competitors that outsourced their call centers. If we'd kept ours in house, our product would have to cost more than the competitors. Our in house support was better, but not by enough to offset the price difference. Americans want and buy the least expensive product they can if quality is 'roughly' equal.

    My up close and personal story has been repeated millions of times.... and here we are. People who view the world like you don't like it, and neither did I, but I have to ask you and others: Other than throwing capitalism out the window and going with a different system, what do you suggest as a solution? Does the government restrict outsourcing, tax outsourcing, erect trade sanctions; what exactly do you suggest?

    We live in a global economy now and there is no going back. Other nations have offered a less expensive way to produce goods and services than exists here. Jobs have gone there and Americans buy the goods and services. We can try to reduce this phenomenon to a cliche called 'evil' capitalism', but the truth is much more complex than that and no 'simple' solutions are available.


  11. @jrtsr,

    "All of the education in the world is not going to create jobs. A proper business environment creates jobs." (John Thompson)

    With all due respect Mr. Thompson, having an education creates the environment to develop products and services. Jobs are the by-product of such.

    Without access to a good education, our future is doomed in regards being a leader in new markets in America and around the world. I challenge you to provide information supporting your view that education is not a priority in job creation.

    For the matter, what is the one reason why job are created? What comes first?

    Thank you for your response.

  12. "Carmine, stay on topic, please.

    Don't pick and choose words.

    Forget it. It's hopeless to engage you.


    I excerpted your words and responded to them. If I'm off topic, then what are you?


  13. "Hats off to Carmine for trying." Tick

    Thank you.


  14. "Nancy,

    It you feel it is useless to engage with Carmine, try me instead and I address this to all people who feel as you do."

    Mr. Casler et al:

    You may recall the issue of Romney's off shore businesses came up during the first debate in Denver. President Obama accused the governor of taking advantage of tax breaks and credits to reduce taxes on US businesses oversees.

    The Governor had a wonderful comeback. He asked what exactly were those tax breaks and credits for US businesses overseas. He said he was in business for 25 years and never heard of these [tax breaks and credits] from any of his accountants.

    Romney was right and President Obama could not rebut. The reason American businesses relocate overseas is because most industrialized nations around the world have tax rates that are much lower than the US corporate tax rates. Businesses relocate to the countries with the lowest taxes. Not just the USA. All countries. Just like Americans relocate/retire to states with lower taxes. It's cost effective.

    Add to this that if the businesses repatriot the overseas profits, the US government taxes the profits here again. It's a no win situation for the American businesses.


  15. We need to just stop with the myth that there are "job creators." It's nonsense.

    What entrepreneurs do is look for areas in which consumer demand is not being met -- and they work to satisfy that demand. No one "creates jobs" for the sake of creating jobs. Hiring people is a means to an end.

    If you want to increase jobs, you need to increase consumer demand -- and that means implementing economic policies that put more money in the hands of average Americans. That's why income inequality matters.

  16. longtimevegan: My point was that our current environment is not conducive for job creation. We read that our companies are sitting on billions. Why? Mainly because they are afraid to invest that money because they do not know what faces them a year down the road.

    Our college graduates are finding employment difficult. A portion of this fault, if you will, is on the institutions themselves. They seem to be able to get the student to run up huge debt for their education but then cannot find employment to repay that debt. The institution itself has been made whole and goes to the next student and facilitates more borrowing.

    My point being that even though the students selected major is a subject worth studying it is not something that employers are looking for today.

    When I went to university, fine arts majors were able to find good employment. Not for their expertise in fine arts but in their displayed ability to endure a 4 or 6 year curriculum. The fact that they would stay the coarse to receive a degree was sufficient in many cases.

    I don't disagree that jobs can be created without education. Much of our problem with education starts at home and the lack of proper parenting. Personal responsibility is at the core of that teaching.

  17. Carmine,

    No need to defend yourself or Romney. What I said was not a criticism of you or Romney. I simply asked Nancy what she suggested as a remedy to outsourcing.


  18. People are over thinking the issue. Contractions brought about by a severe financial crisis take many years to resolve themselves. They occur very infrequently. Once or twice every hundred years. After the 1929 debacle we didn't get a full recovery until 1954.

    Everyone wants to have all the jobs back that were lost and all the wealth back that dissolved. It's going to take a very long time.

  19. @John Thompson,

    Mr. Thompson well state. I agree. Well stated.

    You discribed one of the core problem with our education system, if not the main problem. Especially with student loan. The program is suppose to help students, instead it burdens students right out of the gate.

    This is the kind of discussion we need from our elected leaders. More so at the State and local level.


  20. Mr. Casler:

    I did not take your offer to Nancy as criticism of me. Quite the contrary.

    I posted here that all the evidence I could provide would not change the mindset of the letter writer because his mind is made up. Perhaps this is true of others too.


  21. This constant argument about why billions is sitting on the sidelines as businesses hoard cash is foolish.

    It isn't regulation as the R's claim. It is the same reason people are not spending.

    High unemployment, very low growth, continued deficit spending, and huge debt.

    Until we get control of that, most people, business or individuals are afraid to invest or spend .... because they are too uncertain about the future.


  22. The reason there isn't more hiring going on is because the rest of the world is sliding back into recession. The US economy is one of the few industrialized economies in the world that is still growing.

    Were dead bang in the middle of earnings season. Companies like DuPont that rely very heavily on overseas business are getting killed and they are laying off thousands of people.

    Companies like Harley-Davidson that do most of their business in the United States are doing well. Harley-Davidson stock had one of his biggest pops in years after reporting earnings and beating analyst estimates on both the top and bottom lines.

    You can not have rapid growth in the United States and have the rest of the world sliding into recession. This country does $1.5 trillion in exports. Many industries rely very heavily on overseas business.

  23. The only reason student loans are major problem is because of the hyperinflation that has existed in education. Every kid needs loans and grants to get through college. My parents were of very modest means and I used these tools to get through UCLA in the 70s.

    The difference is I paid 600 bucks a quarter. Kids today have to pay $52,000 a year. That's a hell of a difference and a burden no one can afford.

    If you don't have money coming out of your ears you can't afford to get sick or send your kids to college.

    To the letter writer. Study the above simple chart. Job creation is a long slow process. One of the main ingredients is strong population growth. Weak foreign economies combined with the lowest birth rate in recorded history and an anti immigration policy portend slow growth for many years. Slow growth adversely affects job creation.

  25. longtimevegan if you have read my previous post you know that I lived in Europe for a number of years. One of the bright spots of their education system was recognizing the students that were not going to continue their education. These people still have to make a living so they will steer them into vocations that will allow them to earn a living after school. Vocations such as welders and painters, etc. Then, because of the positive atmosphere for small business, they can apply to local banks for financing to purchase vans, trailers and other equipment to get contracts to repair infrastructure. This is all championed!

    They realize that not everyone goes to university but they still have to earn to be self supporting.

    Many on the left like to tout the wonders of the social safety nets of Europe and the fact that few are left wanting. What they must realize is that those safety nets are a miniscule portion of the real picture. The real picture being provide the fundamentals for people to be self sufficient. Then the safety nets are only required incase of accident or illness not apathy or lack of understanding personal responsibility.

    Now, all of that said, their view of family is still strong like our country when I was growing up in the 50's. Proper education starts at home and cannot be emphasized enough.

  26. On September 19, 2011, the US Senate, under the tutelage of dirty harry, citing its high costs, SHELVED the Veterans Jobs Corps bill. If passed it would have provided ONE BILLION DOLLARS over 5 years to hire VETERANS for PUBLIC SAFETY and OTHER GOVERNMENT JOBS.


  27. Read the 10:35 post by LastThroes. Dead on. An auto worker in Germany makes $70 an hour. In the south they start at $15 an hour. How many German car companies have needed assistance in the last 50 years. The workers that build the cars can also afford buy the cars they build.

  28. I agree - LastThroes' comment was spot on.

  29. Mea Culpa: Should have typed 2012 not 2011.


  30. Mr. Hageman you of all people should know that comparing Germany to the US is a non-starter. The differences socially and politically are manifest. It is not just the GOP and the 1% that cause the differences. It is not just corporate greed that the difference in wages exists.

    As I have said many times, we must be honest in our discussions if we are to understand why we are where we are.

  31. Mr. Hageman with respect to your comment regarding educational cost I have to agree with you 100%. You are absolutely correct. The question is why has this cost escalated so dramatically? Why?

  32. Ms. Agustin, when did it become an attack item to be an old white man? Did I miss that announcement or was it only featured on Chis Matthews show?

    Guess what? I am an old white man and I take offense to your comments. Please enlighten me. Why am I so evil?

  33. Aren't the Republicans more about firing people than hiring them ?

  34. Mr. and Mrs. Romney (and families) do seem like nice people, very nice people. Michael, Re call centers, I haven't had the pleasure of dealing with an overseas (customer service)phone call is several years. Perhaps the big companies aren't using them so much any more. I had heard that some companies were bringing those jobs back home.
    jrtsr: Because I look White, I am also attacked. It's not PC to be of pure White blood. As it happens, I'm Mixed but they still bash. The White crowd is still supposedly the majority but Mr. O. keeps treating all of us like White trash--and he thinks we'll vote for him again? I like the commentaries when "they" compare someone making a Black or Hispanic push for minority businesses (or whatever) and the commentator points out that if it was a White group pushing for White businesses, it'd be considered RACIST. So who is racist? The "action groups" for EVERY special interest--prioritizing a race, religion, or whatever OVER QUALIFICATIONS.

  35. Educational costs are hype-inflationary because STARTING instructors (college level) generally make six figures and go up from there. While it is true that some "lecturers" of freshman classes start at $65K plus benefits (=$100K), most professors get $300,000 up to 7 figures.

  36. Last Throes 10:35 a.m. We pay for Germany's national defense. When the U.S. can cut defense spending (including Homeland Security, State Dept etcetera) we can more closely follow their government financing plan.

  37. El_lobo I do not consider that a "little criticism". Perhaps you think so, I think not.

    RefNV: The reason I posted my comment was my invitation to have Ms. Agustin explain why she said it.

  38. Roberta,

    Some companies are bringing them back, but many are not. A friend of mine who worked data security for a large bank had his position outsourced to another country. The technology today is allowing so many jobs that used to be tied here to be done anywhere in the world, that the trend is hard to reverse. Some jobs will come back; others will leave and many will never come back. President Obama was right about that. America will have to find ways to adjust. Personally, I don't think the President has any real ideas on how that adjustment must happen.


  39. El_Lobo perhaps your comment would make sense if Henry Ford was content with selling about 1000 Model-A Fords. See the problem is that would not even begin to pay for the investment capital that Ford had at the time. But don't let that get in the way of your fantasy.

    The $5.00/per day was for a totally different reason.

  40. El_Lobo, no it is not hot in my kitchen but perhaps my dumb cracker a$$ can't understand that!

  41. El_Lobo,

    Some regulations were relaxed or done way with, such as Glass Steagall, which was repealed under former President Clinton and I believe an R controlled Congress. That was probably a mistake although banks would argue that with Glass Steagall,US banks would be kept too small to compete with foreign mega banks in a global economy.

    The larger problem, which few acknowledge is that the regulators failed to enforce the regulations that were in place. Just about EVERYBODY was benefiting during the good times and there was tremendous pressure on regulators, to look the other way, and most did. Congress was warned but as usual, the lobbyists for banks, realtors, mortgage associations, mortgage brokers, etc were right there saying to Congress....'just don't blow the whistle, don't change anything...and we will provide the money and support to see to it that you are re-elected. And Congress did exactly as they were asked.

    As much as many don't want to see it, this wasn't a failure of capitalism or a single political party; it was a failure of Congress and the regulators to DO THEIR JOBS.

    It's the same today and it will remain the same, no matter the party that controls Congress, until we reform lobbying and go to a public financing method for Congressional campaigns.


  42. Michael it was 1999 that Glass-Steagall was repealed. It was during Clinton and I believe you are correct again about the Republican Congress. I am not defending the repeal by any means but I have read many argue that the financial instruments that facilitated the financial melt-down were not covered under Glass-Steagall. To be honest I do not know. I also have read that the regulators were not doing their jobs when this happened.

    I am not a financial expert but to me the fact that we eliminated the separation of commercial and investment banks is just wrong.

  43. Where ever this discussion leads about "jobs" - I just read another LV Sun article today entitled: "While waiting for work permits, young immigrants consider the future" - that reports WHERE Obama intends to provide 180,000 [shovel-ready?] JOBS for the sons and daughters of Illegal Immigrants; NOT TO AMERICAN CITIZENS!

    The story expands on this point by talking about the quest of an Illegal Immigrant, pictured in the on-line story.

    This young man is in Obama's DEFERRMENT PROGRAM for the youth of illegal immigrants. This program allows them to get a WORK PERMITS, etc. The young man in the subject story, is going to college now, and plans to get a Drivers License.

    THEN HE CAN VOTE, because his Drivers license will suggest that he is a resident. And this will be, as the story unfolds, an opportuity for a future GREEN CARD.

    It is noted in the Deferrment story that "...the Obama administration (by Obama's Executive Order) would STOP DEPORTING and give WORK PERMITS to undocumented immigrants - [Illegal Aliens, as defined in Federal Law] - who had entered the country as children."

    SO, the questions that people are asking herein in this JOBS STORY story coments - can be partially answered by asking: WHICH AMERICANS will be disenfranchised - and skipped over - by the 180,000 Illegal Aliens, favored by Obama (just so Obama can gain votes)?

    It would seem that a VOTE for OBAMA now seems to be a vote for JOB OBSCURITY for AMERICANS, or an ENTITLEMENT for Illegal Aliens - depending on your citizenship status.

    Whatever your political leaning - isn't Nevada, and the rest of the United States hurting enough already, that we DO NOT NEED TO SUFFER MORE by allowing the President to remove 180,000 JOB opportunities from American citizens?

  44. El_Lobo first of all I apologize for the sarcasm. I usually never let myself get upset like that.

    Being an old Detroit boy my understanding of what Henry Ford was doing then (even I wasn't around then) was to help build employee loyalty. The confrontations between the companies and the unions back then was ruthless. His purpose was not that he was going to thrive selling to his employees. I am not saying that is not a good idea. You cannot build a business model around that.

    It was a very interesting time but it was over 80 years ago. We need to address what is happening in our country today and it is not all greedy Repubs and the 1% and that is the crux of my comment.

    My parents moved to Detroit in 1941 to take advantage of the jobs. Detroit was instrumental in manufacturing the items that were provided on the lend-lease programs for Europe at the time just prior to our involvement in WWII. I was born in '45. They both worked in the car plants in Hamtramck. I worked for Chrysler when I was discharged from the Army in '65. Cars have always been near and dear to my heart. My son just opened his own auto shop (please if anyone needs work email me PLEASE) and things are tough right now.

    I am not an expert on auto business history by any means but I have lived the life from childhood and have heard the stories.

    Again, I apologize for my outburst. It should not happen again.

  45. John: I am not referring to you, unless you donated millions to Romney's campaign. I am referring to the 17 white old men who did: Adelson, Koch brothers, etc.

    Why do people in this forum think that everything is all about them?

    I really wish that people won't stoop so low as to lob personal attack because they do not like the comments.

    Carmine: You did not include the whole sentence. I said that another "Vatican" will rise in the US, but this time it will not be catholic, but Church of the Latter Day Saints.

    Instead of commenting on that, you heaped praises to the LDS church and proceeded to attack Obama as a loser for leaving the stage unlike Romney who stayed, etc - which was not even an issue. Maybe he had other urgent things to attend?

    I know that you are certain Romney will win. What happens when Obama wins. What are you guys going to do?

  46. Ms. Agustin I knew that you were not referring to me specifically. I am not sure why it was important for you to include race. I do not understand why a group of people that are so enlightened are always accusing another group of people of being racist. Republicans in particular are always accused of being racist. Ever since I had the crap beat out of me for helping a black man in 1962 Georgia while in the Army I have a problem with people including race in an argument when it is not necessary.

    If I were to make an unfounded attack and say something about stupid teachers you might be offended even though I did not attack you specifically.

    Perhaps I am over sensitive because of Chris Matthews and his stupidity. A man that sees racism in weather patterns!

  47. El_Lobo you are correct of course that the unions officially did not come until later but understand that the underpinnings for the union movement was there for a long time, a long time. Any attempt to organize anything was met with great force from the companies. In some cases the working conditions were so abysmal that it is hard for us to fathom today.

  48. El-Lobo,
    "There will be a lot of crying and complaining going on and there will be a run on the color black".

    When this election is over and Pres.Obama wins. We have at least two shills who will after a few days of mourning, and belly aching will dry up and wait for something else to drag out and complain about in their everyday posts here.
    We all know who these shills are,no names need to be mentioned.

  49. "I know that you are certain Romney will win. What happens when Obama wins. What are you guys going to do?"

    Assuming for hypothetical purposes of argument you are correct, and you're not, and President Obama wins: I have said here before and will again now to you. The US moves by its own momentum regardless of who's the president. But after 4 years of this, it's time to move forward faster not slower and barackward.


  50. "We all know who these shills are,no names need to be mentioned."

    Mr. Pizzo:

    I don't know.


  51. "Carmine: You did not include the whole sentence. I said that another "Vatican" will rise in the US, but this time it will not be catholic, but Church of the Latter Day Saints."

    Unless I missed your very well disguised and hidden point, your opinion above about these religions is not in any stretch of the imagination related to the letter writer's topic. Except that opinions about politics and religion are usually heated and spirited. And when combined even more so.


  52. Teamster,
    You are on the money,four more years of Pres. Obama.

  53. @RefNv

    "Sorry LongtimeVegan, at some point someone has to point out the fact that the type of argument you utilize is weak" (ReFreeman)

    "On average, only 15% of branch office jobs require a degree and at a home office it's 45%." (ReFreeman)

    Your missing it! However, I understand based on your response.

  54. Jeffery:

    It was a typing error. I corrected it here with the following post at 11:22 AM yesterday long before you posted.

    "Mea Culpa: Should have typed 2012 not 2011."


  55. WRT the Veterans Jobs Corp Bill, it was SHELVED in the US Senate. dirty harry made that call. He is the majority leader of the US Senate. He decides what bills get to the floor and what bills get tabled. Him and him alone [albeit not for long].


  56. Jeffery:

    I admire your ability to say so little in so many words. It's a characteristic I will never perfect like you.


  57. I didn't see any of the President's family except for Michele. The Romney's had enough family members to fill the debate stage. My point for posting this factoid was that Mormons are an extremely family friendly religion.

    Did you note how Ann held the waist of Mitt as he extended out into the crowd to shake hands. Gives real meaning to the phrase.."behind every great man is an equally great woman." Michele didn't follow Ann's lead. But by then, the Obama's had already left.


  58. BTW, the president has a brother named James, who lives in Kenya. James lives a life at the opposite end of the social ladder from his brother. On numerous occasions President Obama has said that he is his brother's keeper. Yet, in the last 4 years, and for years before, President Obama has had no personal contact with James, who by the way looks almost like the president's twin. I find that very sad. His brother James is his closest living blood relative. My brother died many years ago. I think about him every day of my life. I can't imagine not wanting to see him and be with him if he were still alive.

    What do you think?

  59. Carmine,
    "I didn't see any of the president's family except for Michele".

    Perhaps you saw most of Gov.Romney's family because Gov.Romney's kids are all grown up and married that makes for a big family,5 sons, and 5 wives, plus their sibblings.

    Pres.Obama and his wife Michele have two young school children who need to not be in another part of the country with classes the next day,that's the difference.

  60. Carmine,
    The President's brother and the relationship he has with him is none of your business.So why bring it up? That was low.

  61. "Some people have penis envy, some wish they were famous, did you secretly wish you had been born black?"

    I grew up in Newark NJ, went to public schools and graduated from Rutgers University in Newark, often awarded the honors for the most diverse student body. Guess who were my neighbors, school mates, and friends.


  62. "Carmine,
    The President's brother and the relationship he has with him is none of your business.So why bring it up? That was low."

    Haven't you heard the President say time and time again: I am my brother's keeper.

    We all are our brother's keeper, Mr. Pizzo. It is my business, and yours and everyones.


  63. Mr. Pizzo:

    Don't know if you saw the end of the debate at Boca Raton, many of the Romney grand children were there. I presume they had school too the next day. What do you think?


  64. Carmine,
    There are 2 things that you do not attack one is another person's religion,and the other is a person's personal family background. You seem to bring up both.

    Somethings are sacred and off limits to most of us,but not to you.

  65. Carmine,
    "many of the Romney grand children were at the debate.I assume they had school too the next day.What do you think"?

    I think it is in parenting and what a parent thinks is best for the young child.The Romney's didn't think it was a concern.Pres.Obama and wife Michele thought it was in the childs best interest not to have them attend at such a young age.What do you think Pres.Obama and wife Michele should have done?

  66. "Somethings are sacred and off limits to most of us,but not to you."

    Not when you are president. Everything is on the table.

    Governor Romney chose not to release his 1040's for 20 years instead a certified summary only and the two most recent years' 1040's. Why are his 1040's for 20 years your business and Obama's brother not?


  67. "What do you think Pres.Obama and wife Michele should have done?"

    In my humble opinion, for this the last presidential debate, Michele's Mother, who resides in the White House and serves as the primary guardian of the Obama daughters, should have been in attendence with the president and First Lady's daughters. Just as many of the Romney grandchildren, some much younger than the President's daughters, were.


  68. Mr. Pizzo:

    The question I posed to you is rhetorical. I know your answer. No need to.


  69. Bychuck333,
    You must have me mixed up with someone else.I have never attacked a candidate's family nor will I ever do so. If you have something to show where I did such please provide proof. I'll wait for your response.

  70. Carmine,
    "Michele"s mother resides in the white house,she should have been in attendance."

    Like everything with you, you seem to know Michele's mother's location at the time of the debate. No need to answer I already know what it is.

  71. Carmine,
    "Not when you are running for president.everything is on the table"

    I'm glad you brought that up about Gov.Romney's taxes.I have repeatedly brought up the fact that Gov.Romney should produce more than 2 years taxes.You have said more than once that it is no one eles is business about Gov,Romney's taxes.

    Are you flip flopping on me? Did you learn flip flopping from Gov. Romney or did he learn it from you?

  72. Good one Sam.

  73. "Are you flip flopping on me? Did you learn flip flopping from Gov. Romney or did he learn it from you?"

    You didn't answer Chuck333's question about the left and attacking Romney's religion and family, subjects you say are sacred.

    Why is it relevant to your question above. Simple. President Obama flip flops all the time. Look at his explanation on the scandal in Libya. Look at his stand on gay marriage: As junior senator from Illinois he was for it. As presidential candidate he was against it. In May 2012, he changed once again and is for it.

    The liberal left media says that the president's position was "evolving." Were it Governor Romney, the liberal left media would say, like you, he's flip flopping. Did you learn the attack technique from the liberal media or it from you?


  74. "Like everything with you, you seem to know Michele's mother's location at the time of the debate. No need to answer I already know what it is."

    You asked me a question, I answered. If you don't like my answer, or your mind is already made up, don't ask me.

    There were 3 presidential debates. First on October 6 at the University of Denver in Denver Colorado. Second on October 16, at Hofstra University in NY. Third on October 22, at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. It would have been ideal for the Obama daughters, and Michelle's Mother, to attend all 3. But with both girls in A PRIVATE school in Washington DC, probably noy feasible. Surely one debate attendance would be fine and able. Again, if you or they need an example to drive home my point, look at the Romney grands.


  75. Thank you Nancy.

  76. Carmine,
    You did exactly what I thought you would do and that is wait until this letter to the editor went into the archives.This is what you do when you get caught with your pants down.Not many commenters research the archives,and you know this.

  77. We have too much education but it's not being utilized. We try to educate those who seem incapable of performing afterwards. Education alone will not instill a work ethic or even reasonable job performance especially when students are not shown that one must show up on time, defer to supervisors, show enthusiasm, and exert to get the job done. We can have highly educated employees but they will still not have appropriate jobs if we continue to discourage business. Mr. Nick might want to consider the positive impact if we STOP EXPORTING our know-how and technology. Then foreign companies can buy American products for applications to their manufacturing.

  78. "Carmine,
    You did exactly what I thought you would do and that is wait until this letter to the editor went into the archives.This is what you do when you get caught with your pants down.Not many commenters research the archives,and you know this."

    Sorry Mr. Pizzo I fail to understand your point assuming that is if you have one. You and I have exchanged posts well after letters are current both here and offline. Why is this time any different?


  79. Interestingly, Mr. Pizzo, Dick Morris, a former top aid and advisor to President Clinton, made a very astute observation about the Obama campaign. He says for 7 months the Obama campaign played on the Governor's "flip-flop" on issues with negative ads. President Clinton advised Obama that the negative ads weren't working and should instead in the last few weeks attack the Governor for being too conservative. Now, according to Dick Morris, the Obama campaign ads have reversed course and gone back to the "flip flop" theme. Morris asks the question: Why? And his answer is very clear. At least to me. Obama's campaign is desperate as the Governor closes in on Obama's lead in all the swing states with just 10 days left.

    Most close elections are won and lost in the last fews days up to the election. And the momentum right before decides who the next president will be. It's clear to me and Dick Morris who has the momentum and who will be the next president. Surprisingly the biggest momentum builder for Romney is the scandal in Libya and to his credit the Governor never mentioned it in the foreign policy debate.

    BTW, Shelly Berkley loses to Heller despite the new VA hospital and veterans' support.

    Finally, I'll tell you why the Obama daughters were not at the last debate. He and Michelle didn't want them to see their father as an angry, belligerent, snarky person. The Governor had no intention to be so, and hence his grand children were welcomed.


  80. Carmine,

    "Sorry Mr. Pizzo I fail to understand your point that is assuming you have one.You and I have exchanged posts well after letters are current both here and on line".

    I always go to the archives after I answer a comment to you on the open discussion. Because I know you don't want all the other commenters to see your response back to me. So you try and hide in the archives.You got caught with your pants down(flip flopping). This is why you hide, and that's my point whether you except it or not.

  81. Sorry, Sam still don't get your point. Commenters, if they are trusted here as we are, can go to the archives and read and post regardless of time. Just like we have done. They can't see our "offline" comments. If I didn't want readers to know my comments, I would do so to you offline only. As I and you have done in the past.

    I have posted several comments to you on the SS thread. I trust you and others have read them. They are very informative and instructive IMHO. The thread is in the archives. I just got around to posting too late to be current.


  82. Carmine,
    Sorry, Carmine as I stated a few posts ago,a majority of commenters don't ever go to the archives and you know this. This is why you give late answers after posts hit the archives.Sorry Carmine but I do know what your

  83. AS I said Sam, I just don't get to responding timely. And have to resort to the archives or offline comments when I don't. I opine that's the reason the Moderators and Sun have these features.

  84. Carmine,
    Nice try but you won't convince me.

  85. Not trying Sam, not trying. That's on you. Not me.


  86. Carmine,
    You are trying to hard my friend.

  87. Never, Sam. Just making a simple point. Here we both are still posting back and forth to one another on a thread that has gone into several stages of archives after appearing first almost a week ago. Sound familiar.


  88. Carmine, Sure does.

  89. I'll drink to that Sam.

    As soon as it get's past breakfast.


  90. Carmine,
    My drink will be orange juice.

  91. Sam:

    Put a little Champagne in that OJ and then you're talking more my kind of breakfast drink.


  92. Carmine,
    I guess I'm a light weight when it comes to drinking.I do enjoy a beer or a glass of wine now and then,but not to often.

  93. I'm the same Sam. Although every Thanksgiving in memory of my Father-in-law, who passed at the age of 58 after serving in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam, I schluck 2 Texas size shots of bourbon. His favorite. The head nurse at DeWitt Army Hospital in Ft. Belvoir Virginia, asked him, after he suffered a major heart attack at 53, what he drank with his bourbon. He looked at her somewhat confused and said: I drink bourbon with my bourbon. She told him he couldn't anymore. He didn't listen. He did for another 5 years until he died. Thinking every day it was one more day he was thankful to have.


  94. Carmine,
    Your late father in-law was a true patriot,and a great American.Not many citizens served in 3 wars and lived to tell about it.

  95. He was a CSM: Command Sargent Major. Buried in Arlington National Cemetary with full military honors. He was a combat soldier. A career warrior. 6 tours in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Shot twice, bayonetted once. More decorations than Macy's during Christmas. Rarely talked about it.


  96. Carmine,
    Your late father in-law sounds like my kind of man.I salute him and all the brave men and women who gave so much for all Americans.Next time I have a drink I will make a toast to him.

  97. Please do Sam. He'll like that. His name is Robert Darrell Duffitt. Big as a grissly bear and twice as tough.


  98. Carmuine,
    He would have to be tough in order to survive 3 wars.If John Wayne were alive I could see him play your father in-law in in a movie.

  99. Sam:

    His son, my brother-in-law, an Army second Lt., received orders to go to Vietnam, as was the case with most young Army officers during Vietnam. He was a 90-day wonder. Are you familiar with that term?

    My father-in-law went instead of his son by pulling some strings in the Pentagon. Years later I asked him why he did that knowing the answer but wanting to hear him tell me. He told me that he knew he could go and come back alive. His son couldn't. He was right. His son resigned from the officer ranks after 8 years and achieving the rank of First Lt. Not too shabby. But nothing spectacular.

    BTW, my father-in-law was one of the first to become a CSM when the rank was added to the chain of command. He did so after 14 years in the Army. That is a feat that no one else I know ever achieved.