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July 6, 2015

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Amnesty works around the law

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Section 212(a)(4) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, first passed in the 1950s and still the law today, states:

“Any alien who, in the opinion of the consular officer at the time of application for a visa, or in the opinion of the Attorney General at the time of application for admission or adjustment of status, is likely at any time to become a public charge is inadmissible.”

However, our government today gives instructions to immigrants in the country illegally about how to obtain welfare benefits — namely food stamps, free medical assistance, housing vouchers, unemployment benefits, free school lunches and books for their children. The first amnesty under President Ronald Reagan included about 3 million people illegally here; the second amnesty under President Bill Clinton included about 5 million. And a gigantic third amnesty for some 15 million people is being cooked up in Washington right now.

After that, we could expect that 10 years from now there will be a fourth amnesty for 25 million people in the country illegally.

In 1957, I escaped a communist country, found work and settled in France for five years waiting for the U.S. immigrant visa. I finally arrived here in 1962, equipped with a special conditional two-year immigrant visa for legitimate political refugees, with conditions. Every six months, I had to visit the immigration officer to give proof of gainful employment. After the fourth such visit, my conditional immigrant visa became a normal one, and finally in 1967 I became a citizen.

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  1. What is now occurring in our country regarding "immigration reform" is the egregious political rape of America. Both parties are to blame. America might as well annex Mexico. The government has absoutely failed from top to bottom to protect the citizens of the U.S. against the onslaught of illegal immigrants from the Mexican border. As with so many problems we face today, our politicians cover up their gross incompetence and failures by attempting to pass legislation which absolves them of any blame for these unthinkable massive failures. The letter writer is the classic example of the immigrant who responsibly and legally enters the U.S. and goes through all the procedural steps required but which our government refuses to enforce in the case of illegal immigrants from across the Mexican border. The current movement toward immigration reform for those from across Mexico's border is a disgusting example of America's failure to uphold justice, and just another case in a long line of examples of America's societal decline in which the rule of law is being undermined for political expediency.

  2. This letter should be titled "I'm in! Close the Gate!"

    This letter begins with a number of false assertions. It falsely claims that information the Government provides on obtaining benefits is specifically aimed at illegal immigrants. In fact there is a 5-year ban on even legal aliens obtaining these benefits with only a few exceptions.

  3. Bob:

    I'm in favor of annexing Mexico, if the Mexican people and government are willing and consent. It is the best and final way to resolve the border issues between Mexico and the U.S. once and for all. And acclimate a large part of the population from Mexico, who are already here and those wanting to come, into the U.S. culture, language and life.

    Carmine D

  4. Jim

    You need to seriously wake up!

  5. I'm a believer that a good yarn livens up any story and Mr. Jeric sure does liven his up. Food stamps, free medical assistance [Medicaid/state aid] and housing vouchers are not available to many classes of immigrants let alone the undocumented. Unemployment insurance is just, if you pay the required premiums and meet the terms you get the benefit. Free school lunches...yes, if the kid qualifies and free books....good God, what will we do for these pathetic wretches next. But wait Mr. Jeric, did those French just let you in? How did you "escape"? Under or over a fence, through the woods. while on a "cultural exchange"? Or were you an anti-government trouble maker? Tell me, just what's the difference between your tale of escaping communism and that of Mexican immigrants escaping drought, famine and capitalist-inspired cultural genocide? And please don't start with the croc tears of the horrors of communist countries of eastern Europe. Having lived there and in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia I'm quite familiar with the comparisons.

  6. Carmine was just being sarcastic! It is a cute idea cuz they have all the great beaches in North America not to mention the hot peppers and blue agave. But he knows it is just a joke...after all no rational country on earth would consider joining a country that has no leadership whatsoever. Until congress and party line voters learn that compromise is not a dirty word, we are in BIG trouble, as so many of you commentators warn us every day.
    O.D. Nelson

  7. The letter writer states the he went through a immigration process which took him 5 years before he was allowed to enter the U.S.And finally becoming a U.S. citizen a few years later.I'm sure when he was being processed there were not 12 million people who were here illegally.
    Times have changed and so have immigration problems.

    Do we have enough trained people to process 12 or 15 million immigrants at this time? What country would want to, or can tackle this kind of a immigration problem? There's only one the good old USA.

  8. Carmine,

    "I'm in favor of annexing Mexico"

    Saddam Hussein tried annexing Kuwait in 1990 and look where it got him.

  9. Amnesty would be burning our Constitution and forfeiting the nation. We cannot afford to adopt 15-20 million illegal invaders. So many are here for 24/7 free care, FREE FOOD for life just for jumping the border..... Our economy is NOT on the mend and would face additional headwinds for each illegal we allow to feed off Americans. Our safety on our streets is gone. Our safety driving is gone. Our safety in our homes is gone. Our dollar is imploding. Washington has NO CLUE that they have to allow and encourage a return to self reliance and working for what you need to live. We have to stop giving it away to career-indigents, illegals and foreign "governments." There is no free lunch, not even from D.C. Many illegals are not interested in citizenship and voting. Individually, they are striving to better themselves and their kids but AT OUR COST. We simply cannot afford it.

  10. LEGAL immigration means we take in a million a year. That's enough. We do NOT need any more. We need for the illegals to leave on their own steep. Stop feeding them. Stop medicating them. Stop housing them. Stop adopting them.

  11. How do we ensure, expedite and not stalemate a means to expel violent illegals, new arrivals, those driving without licenses/insurance, those refusing to embrace our culture, those refusing to assimilate, those refusing to speak English...?

  12. Roslenda--your posts are a dose of reality!
    Note the Koolaid drinking bleeding heart defenders of the illegals also criticize the letter writer who complied with the law. That's how dysfunctional society has become. No wonder we are going under.

  13. Roberta and Bob....I sure hope that you back up your reality with your money. You don't shop at WalMart or dollar-type stores as they have very poor records of hiring; you don't eat American-grown fruits and vegetables; you don't eat pork, beef or especially chicken all processed by undocumented workers; you don't patronize restaurants and casinos; you surely don't eat at the taco trucks or neighborhood cantinas; no lawn boys or nannies. The biggest problem with xenophobes is their sheer hypocrisy. BTW, my Native American friends would like you to leave so that they can have their land and values back.

  14. The United States of America has a path to citizenship already on the books. There already exists immigration policies, it is just that they are selectively enforced. Those who refuse to follow the laws of the land are engaging in criminal activity. Should that be tolerated?

    Yes, "Amnesty works around the law". Amnesty is unacceptable when there already exists a path to citizenship. What needs to happen: Lawmakers need to streamline the immigration process, fixing any glitches that create excessive waits for work permits and naturalization.

    To Pat Hayes: As I was growing up, it was far easier to get a job mowing yards, working in the local fields, and doing odd jobs for restaurants and local businesses. That is NOT true now. Our own American children must compete with these folks. That has created its own set of issues. Maybe if the indigenous Native American population wasn't so preoccupied with tribes infighting, they would have joined together to fight off colonists and settlers and maintained their lands...maybe. I say that with great hesitation, as I have nothing but respect for their culture and peoples since childhood. Call it fate or destiny.

    The United States of America can no longer have unlimited immigration as our country is going bust with trying to support an infrastructure that is overwhelmed and underfunded.

    Blessings and Peace,

  15. The United States is an aging society with millions of elderly people retiring every year, and the lowest birthrate in recorded history. We need millions and millions of these people to do the backbreaking work that Americans are no longer able to do or want to do.

    The Mexicans provide affordable services in the fields and slaughterhouses. They do millions of construction jobs, raise our children and clean our homes.

    We scare these folks away and be prepared for an explosion in food prices and construction costs.

  16. Poultry is the biggest industry in the South. Last year Larry Kudlow did a television interview with Haley Barbour who was the governor of Mississippi. Barbour stated that 75% of poultry workers are Hispanic. They're starting to see severe shortages of Hispanic workers in the southern states.

    We were bringing Chinese, Hispanic and Eastern European workers into this country to do the dirty work 150 years ago. The old obese folks in this country aren't going to start doing it now.

    The only thing worse than having a cheap labor force at your disposal is NOT having it. The scales are about to tip.

  17. Law breaking undermines civil society. In this case our government, and a number of you support it. You justify your position by concluding its OKay to break the law because we need the cheap labor and there are too many old people in America. What a crock. It's not okay. Is there any question why American society is going to hell when its goverment and many of its citizens no longer have any regard for the law?

  18. This discussion of immigration and both documented and undocumented immigrants relies heavily on stereotyping by ethnicity/race. With that in mind let me add fuel to the fire. Star....many of those small town jobs are still available, in small towns and kids still mow lawns, bus tables, and [where I live] fix fence, help with rodeo clean up and visit elders. But rural populations are a third of what they were fifty years ago and urban populations are skyrocketing. From being in the classroom as I have been you know that [stereotypically and anecdotally] the white kids are focused on college and post secondary opportunities, the asian/pi kids are all Key Club overachievers, the hispanic kids have or are actively looking for after school jobs and the black kids just glide through life. Few understand thrift, hard work, proportionate rewards. etc as they see many of their parents living on borrowed money and expensive credit. The messages prominently displayed by Las Vegas culture are of sexuality, greed, and excessive consumption with no consequences. Many kids believe that they are owed products from star-driven brands without understanding the costs. The Hispanic kids I had in my classes were, as a group, more aware of the necessity for achievement in the economic world. The biggest difficulty I had was convincing many of them with brains that education was as important as the immediate return of work. Those kids [and their parents] will contribute far more to this society in the long run than many of the native-born kids and parents currently living here. I know that my comments are generalities and are my opinion, but I have yet to see any hard facts backing up the notion that undocumented immigrants are a drag on the economy or on culture. As a believer in science and rationalism I also understand the notion of hybrid vigor.

    As for your comments about Native Americans....the white settlers, individually, collectively and by government policy carried out a genocidal war of extermination against native populations of the Americas actively encouraged and abetted by Christian churches.

  19. To MootheCow: Ditto here with what you said on,"I'm having a problem giving the undocumented class an easy path to US citizenship and voting privileges. Extend them a green card to continue working, pay any back taxes owed, get a health checkup, subject them to a background check, report any changes in work and resident address and learn english would be a minimum of requirements we should demand if they desire to stay here. If not, give them 6 months to move back to Mexico."

    If any one of us, gained entry into another country ILLEGALLY, what would we expect in consequences? The choice of becoming a legal citizen or resident or be deported. Why should it be any different here in the United States of America?

    And yes, Pat, the Native American population was nearly decimated, in part to settlers, but also in part to their own inter-warring tribally. Some were quite territorial.

    Blessings and Peace,

  20. I agree that the Mexican people are hard workers, and from what I have observed do not cause much trouble. They risk their lives' savings and lives to get to this country to do back breaking work, while many able bodied US citizens sit around and collect payments because they do not want these jobs.
    Three things should happen.
    1. Expedited immigration for Mexicans who apply to come here to work, they should not have to sneak across the border risking life, no US government support can be available, either work and support your family or go back to Mexico.
    2. Cut the payments to the able bodied US citizens after 180 days and let them take jobs or move to another country or move to a US government compound of a share crop type situation to learn a trade and sustain themselves. The Chinese seem to do something similar to this and everyone has a job.
    3. The millions of illegals here should be able to apply for immigration and it be processed as in #1.

  21. We should not rest until every single illegal has gone back to Mexico. and applied for entry in accordance with the law. No exceptions, no special favors.

  22. EBT SNAP food stamps is given to any and every illegal. And when they have their first anchor baby or "borrow" a relatives birth certificate, they get the entire array of social welfare benefits. They get free LIHEA utilities right away--based on family or household size--while American seniors get zip especially when they are still trying to maintain their homes. Many, many illegals don't want the citizenship pathway or jumping thru hoops. They just want the handouts. Time was that LEGAL immigrants could not get any welfare for at least 5 years. GWB and O. give EVERYONE food stamps--except Americans who don't have dependent kids. Legal immigrants had to pass a simple physical exam to preclude contagion. Not illegals--we get to bankrupt UMC (not enough taxes, huh?) to pay for dialysis at upwards of $120K per year per illegal who wandered in for the free health care. Any chance they'd deport those ones? You wonder why "our" health care keeps rising exponentially? Add in the "assisted living" paid by Medicaid for those who never qualified for SS benefits--we call them low-income seniors. Many of these seniors are not immobile--just without SS benefits so we put them in expensive 24/7 homes. Wonder why "our" health care is increasingly costly? You think our economy can stop the downward spiral when we officially adopt 15-20 million illegal invaders and all the kids they want to have? 100,000-plus illegal students in CCSD already. 60,000 still to learn English. Another 60K or so that are no longer referred to as ELL's since they have English "competency" paid for by you and me. (Houstonjac is on the right track.) The feds refused to enforce our laws and federal agencies must deal with the results--but they are forcing the costs down to local government and citizens--think you're safe in your home when the community illegals want or need something you have. Think your kids and wives are safe. So many Hispanics think "sex" with young girls is normal--YOUNG girls.

  23. Roberta clearly states the illegal immigration fiasco in easy to understand language. What part of it do you supporters of illegal immigration not understand? We have an immediate problem. The politicians are running away from the problem to protect votes. Many of you posters above live in a dream world. Wake up!

  24. Reagan's 3 million turned out to be what 8-10 million? Amnesty was Regan's biggest mistake--per his former adviser Ty Cobb--see Nevada Newsmakers archives online or email Sam Shad. Now ICE is saying there are AT LEAST 15-20 million illegal invaders. Say what? That means the real number will likely exceed 25 million--add that to our welfare programs, K-12, low college tuition, unlicensed/uninsured drivers playing bumper cars with our lives.....

  25. Mr. Jeric appears to be THE example of what we want in a LEGAL immigrant. One set of my grandparents did the Ellis Island thing LEGALLY. My other grandparents were from dna here prior to Lief Ericksson. My immigrating grandparents WORKED endlessly to provide for their children--during the Depression. They had no option. They did not get handouts, free food, Medicaid.....

  26. Who is speaking of amnesty? So far I've heard paying fines and waiting out several years before being eligible to apply for citizenship.

    "Under the draft legislation of 2013, the illegal immigrants would be required to learn English, pass a criminal background check, pay back taxes and pay fees for entering the legalization process. Illegal immigrants would not receive expedited treatment and would have to wait years to get their green card or U.S. citizenship."