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May 3, 2015

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Playing politics with hurricane aid

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Perhaps the most honest thing Mitt Romney said during the campaign was at a fundraiser in Florida. He was captured on tape saying, “There are 47 percent who are with him (Obama), who are dependent upon government, who believe they are victims ... my job is to not worry about those people.”

He was not only giving his view but also the view of the GOP as well. House Speaker John Boehner, refusing to allow a vote on the Superstorm Sandy fund when he had promised to do so, is another example of not worrying about “those” people. Those people this time are people who live in Democratic states such as New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It has been over two months since devastation rocked the East Coast and still no appropriation of funds. When Katrina hit, it took eight days. Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama versus New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. You figure the math. Southern states versus Northeast states.

The House has an obligation to support all of America fairly, not give preferential treatment to some regions over others because of political leanings.

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  1. Expecting responsible adult action by the House of Representatives is the triumph of optimism over experience.

  2. Of the $60 Billion in hurricane aid, over one-third was for pork and plum projects added by Senators in a procedure called "filling the tree." This is where the majority party gets first dibs to add amendments to the bill to get automatic passage without a floor debate and hearing. If you're talking about playing politics with emergency aid, then "filling the tree" by adding superfluous amendments is prima facia evidence.


  3. Just another way to "redistribute" the wealth. Why is it the government's job to pay for the indolence and cheapness of those who don't have enough brains to insure their property? Year after year, the same scenario plays out where the same "tragedy" hits the same area and taxpayers are expected to pick up the costs. Quit "fixing" the situation by rebuilding in the same area and then "fixing" it once again a few years later. That's the definition of insanity! I remember a commercial some years back that admonished viewers that "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature." Well, we can't! But we can be smart and try not to.

  4. FYI:

    In my post above the majority party in the Senate is THE DEMOCRATS. They added the pork and plum dollars in the Senate by a procedural loophole called "filling the tree." Adding amendments with spending money for their own political gain to curry power and influence. Ah the tyranny of the majority. Heaven help us [as in US] if the filibuster rule gets changed from a super majority [60] to a simple majority [51] in the Senate.


  5. Jerry Fink,

    "Just another way to "redistribute" the wealth.Why is it the Government's job to pay for Indolence and cheapness of those who don't have enough brains to insure their property".

    Call it what you may.I'd rather see the Government help the citizen's of our country in times of natural disasters.Then spend a trillion plus dollars in Iraq. with the death's of 4,500 and nearly 40,000 wounded G.I's.Some things need to be unsaid.

  6. The people who had flood insurance got thier money becuase the part of the Sandy bill that passes was to loan more money to the national flood program to fund the claims. The remaining amount is money for people that did not buy insurance aswell as comunities for more clean up and recontruction, much of which is not critical. In the Katrina case levies were broken and serious flooding was emergency type relief needed. Think about all the flooding in New England last summer, many properties were damaged yet you did not hear those people crying. Same thing with the twin cities floods a few years back, even when 4 h'canes rolled thru FL in 2004. The money will be doled out to those who did not insure, towns will get massive new infrastrucure they never had, all they have to do is have patience and wait for the funding to be voted on.

  7. Sam, so the squandering of money in one area justifies waste in other areas? We should quit being the "world's policeman." Long past time to close down our bases in Europe and to bring our troops back from Japan and Korea. And, to reward folks for being too stupid or too cheap to protect their assets by "bailing" them out, should be a no-no. Enough already with a bloated government handing out "goodies" that are really stealth methods intended to buy votes at taxpayer expense.

  8. Can we get a grip on it. No one checks it out BEFORE A DISASTER. Disaster aid will not put anyone back to where they were before the storm. No one should expect the government to walk in and make everything all better. Further, it is ridiculous for State and local governments to expect the federal revenue to rebuild their infrastructure from the ground up. Sure it's nice when the feds spend our money to chip in and help but let's not expect the feds to manage all aspects of recovery.

  9. Motorsports 1:26: Pell grants are a need? College is NOT a divine right.
    WIC is more welfare for those who get pregnant without a means to support themselves. We do NOT need any more of that dna in our gene pool.
    VA: well maybe--but we'd need a whole lot less of it if they'd get us out of Afghanistan AND Europe within 70 years of the end of hostilities.

  10. Chuck: There is no need to build subdivision after subdivision in major flood zones. It's similar to Vegas. We have miles of open desert but we've got thousands of homes in flood planes--so every time it rains..... And every now and then, we get major flood damage. CITIES and States can ensure this does NOT HAPPEN by simply refusing to issue building permits for major flood zones. If they can't figure out a way to implement zoning changes maybe buying out homeowners as property is put up for sale (to save the court fights about eminent domain) then let the owners live there at their own risk.