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April 25, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Washington is ignoring jobs

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Mike Smith was right on with Wednesday’s cartoon about Washington. The president and Congress spent two years ignoring the economy while pushing Obamacare and are again putting it on the back burner and arguing gun control, Benghazi, etc.

Until the economy picks up and jobs are created, social problems will worsen. Once again, our politicians are putting their own self-serving agendas ahead of what benefits the country most.

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  1. Welcome to the bright new Comminist/Progressive world. It only goes downhill from here and at a much faster rate.

    Parasites rule!!!

  2. You're absolutely correct letter writer. BUT...consider this thought: President Obama dealt with the lack of jobs in his first term. He signed an Executive Order that gutted the welfare to work requirements of the 1996 Welfare Law. Rather than let Congress amend the law through legislation during the reauthorization process.


  3. Other than increasing the size of government, Washington doesn't create jobs. The private sector, which the Obama administration has brutalized, creates the jobs.

  4. It's not on the back burner. There have been no proposals from the Obama administration, no request for legislation. Instead, Obama wants to expand social welfare so you don't need a job. We see action after action to support the career-indigent and nothing to support those who have been productive workers.

  5. 24 million illegals STEALING JOBS from Americans. Nevada has more than 12% of illegal employes and that's increasing every day. And, we keep asking large illegal families to move here and further drain our government programs. Example: Illegal Daddy working off the books in Vegas, Mom and 6 kids claiming youngest two are birth-right citizens but mom was here illegally when they were born. Anyhow, Mom and 6 kids get MEDICAID, EBT SNAP, housing, food bank carloads of food, free cell phones, free clothing at non-profits, free Christmas at non-profits--but from American TAXPAYERS who donate. Mom's bros are here too--they do home invasions and robberies to get rent money and trucks.

  6. Illegal mommy's sister is here too. She learned the language and now prepares fraudulent tax returns for illegals by making up SSN's and claiming refunds for dozens of dependents living anywhere in the world. Each return gets $5,000 to $15,000 refund check despite never paying a dime in.

  7. Anti-immigrant Roslenda is at it again. Larry Kudlow did an interview with Haley Barbour just before Christmas. Watch it! Barbour was talking about how poultry is one of the biggest industries in the South. Nearly everyone in that business is Hispanic. It's the biggest industry in Mississippi in which Barber was governor.

    They need more Mexicans to maintain the food supply and keep it cheap. 24 million illegals? Probably closer to 10 million and we probably need 30 million to 40 million.

    10 million illegals making 10 bucks an hour is adding $100 million an hour to the output of this nation.

    My son lives in Providence. They are building hundreds if not thousands of homes up there currently. I ride my bike through there every week. You won't find one person in a non- supervisorial position that speaks English.

    The meat industry, poultry industry, construction industry,food preparation, landscaping industry, domestic work are all industries that are completely dominated by Hispanics. The people in this country are so fat they can't tie their own shoes much less do hard backbreaking manual labor. If you don't believe me go to any construction site in this town.

    In terms of job creation the Philly Fed came out with a report last year that stated the devastation brought about by the financial crisis was so massive that even if we could get economic growth rates back to 3% it would take 11 years at least to get unemployment back down 5%. We are likely to see higher than trend unemployment for decades.

  8. The stock market is at multi-year highs, industry is sitting on trillions in cash and real estate in places like Vegas is booming. That darn anti business president. Shame on him.

  9. The right is at it again!!! Obfuscation!. "Facts" that aren't! Red Herrings!

    Per Future: "Obama raised the payroll tax on everybody..." FALSE! There was a TEMPORARY reduction in payroll taxes that Congress let expire. Obama ratified the Congressional decision. Look up the meaning of "temporary."

    Per Joan Respondi: "The private sector, which the Obama administration has brutalized, creates the jobs." FALSE! In 2004, the Republican Congress and Administration allowed businesses to repatriate billions of dollars from overseas profits, free from standard taxes/penalties. Once it was brought back, by far the greatest portion was promptly paid out as dividends to stockholders. Pfizer, alone, repatriated $37 Billion - then promptly turned around and dumped 10,000 jobs in the following 2 years.

    Per Roberta Anderson: "24 million illegals STEALING JOBS from Americans." FALSE!. The number of illegal residents in the US peaked at 12 million in 2007 - before Obama was elected - and has been declining ever since. And that's 12 million present in the US, not 12 million actually working here.

    Per Heretic" "Since Obama doesn't even try to develop a budget all these points are moot. He'll spend and spend and spend." FALSE! Budgets are no more than wish lists: they're not actual expenditures. Only Congress can authorize actually spending money. Once it does so, the President MUST spend as directed: he cannot legally refuse. His only means to avoid spending is to veto the entire bill authorizing the spending, regardless of whatever else may be in it.

  10. Jobs have never been n the Democratic agenda. Jobs (other than for their campaign donors) has been on their target. You can't have the socialist system that Obama presents, with people working and creating wealth.

  11. Mark.. The socialist system that Obama presents?? Since he took office America has gotten back nearly $5 trillion worth of the $15 trillion that was lost in the financial crisis. As of December there were about 143 million people working out of the labor force of 155 million people. These folks are producing $16 trillion worth of output. GDP has gone up every year since Obama took office and corporate profits have been nothing short of spectacular. Companies are sitting on trillions of dollars in cash. General Motors alone has a $16 billion cash reserve as of last month.

    The facts get in the way of your argument.

  12. Zippert et al: We take in a million LEGAL immigrants each year--many do not speak English. It is inherent that immigrants, drop outs, and those who can't speak the language will be looking for work in the less-skilled occupations. No correlation with illegal invasion.

  13. zippert: How does a corporation having more-than-adequate profits, unspent, on its books equal something illegal or unethical? Businesses do not have any obligation to create jobs. People create businesses to create jobs when there is a profit potential. No potential or no-known potential and people don't risk their wealth and time trying to fight the odds.

  14. How can Americans find jobs when so much of our manufacturing has been offshored to foreign nations, like China, India, Mexico, etc ? Try finding consumer goods today that are made in America. Now, THAT is a challenge !!

    When workers don't have jobs, they don't have money. When they don't have money, there is reduced demand for goods and services. The economy stagnates. So, employers have no reason to hire new employees. It is a "vicious cycle". No jobs, no demand. No demand, no jobs. And so it goes, on and on and on.......

    The idea behind Obama's "stimulus" in 2009 was to "jump start" the economy by getting money into the hands of workers. The hope was that this would create a demand for goods, which would get us out of this "vicious cycle" that we find ourselves in. Right now our economy is like a car with a manual transmission that has a dead battery.......we have to push it until the "engine" kicks in, and then it can run on its own.........the way it's supposed to.

    Many economists believe we would have been in much worse shape without Obama's stimulus in 2009. Of course, its always difficult to prove a negative.

  15. "Carmine, cut it out, at least try some new lines of attack, the ones you use have been thoroughly discredited." @ Jeff

    On this, which I presume you are referring to:

    "He [President Obama] signed an Executive Order that gutted the welfare to work requirements of the 1996 Welfare Law. Rather than let Congress amend the law through legislation during the reauthorization process."

    No reason is provided, including by you, to explain why the President did not allow these changes [gutting the Welfare Law of 1996] to be made through the normal legislative reauthorization process. Rather than Executive Order, which the Government Accounting Office ruled was beyond the scope of the President's authority.


  16. Keep in mind Jeff, I have said here and will again for your benefit, that my hope is that the President will use Executive Order to reinstate the federal weapons assault ban that expired in 2004. Then, ask Congress to make the necessary "tweaks" to the law through the legislative process.


  17. I guess I'm a communist since I think we low lifes ought to have jobs - this is why I really dislike conservatives it seems to me that if government doesn't create jobs no one will.

  18. If history harshly judges this administration it will be because of Geithner and his tolerance of high unemployment. I'm glad to see that weasel go !

  19. Jeff:

    Clinton's is not a subjective opinion on the matter. GAO's ruling is.

    The States always had a process for waivers for the welfare to work requirements. A waiver procedure was already stipulated in the Welfare Law of 1996. In fact, if reforms/revisions to the waiver requirements were needed for efficiency and effectiveness, the proper way is through the legislative process during the reauthorization. Which BTW is this year. Not by Executive Order. As GAO said in its ruling on this matter and I paraphrase: The President has no legal authority to affect the welfare law by circumventing the legislative process through Executive Order.


  20. Correction to my post Jeff. I should have used "objective" rather than subjective. You're slipping. You should have caught it.


  21. Bill, the fools refused to regulate and encouraged real estate to inflate or boom. (And insisted those who couldn't afford a house be given all-but-free mortgages.) Then with the first discouraging r.e. news, they let it drop like a rock--dropping endlessly while they sat on their back sides. Obama STILL hasn't asked for ANYTHING to help with jobs or for productive workers. Just keep handing out UC and food stamps--about all productive people qualify for--unless they chuck out a few unsupported kids and squander whatever assets they do have. So now that formerly productive Americans have much less income, far fewer assets, less potential (in this economy), we wonder why they're not spending? But, we keep giving away tax dollars to those who will keep squandering it and never do a productive thing. What's wrong with this picture?

  22. azsk8fan 2:30: Well ja. It seems many are not at all concerned and even think poorly of you and me. Guess they won't be interested until our life style and economy hits rock bottom, until we have the SAME STANDARD OF LIVING as working poor in Mexico. True, this country is a dna mix, keeps mixing, and has perhaps the strongest gene pool in the world BUT we also have the most porous borders and NO INTERNAL SECURITY to preserve the nation. So we'll just keep giving it away to everyone who wants anything that we have. Makes no sense but that's what we're doing.

  23. Jobs? We don't want jobs. We want government programs to take from everyone else and give it to me.

  24. @Last Throes...

    "We'll be in the ditch until teabaggers lose control of the House."

    He's not just whistlin' dixie.
    The rabid right-wing Obama-hating NutJobs have laid waste to the U.S.A. with their vile, hateful, anti-anything-Obama campaign. Well done! Well played! Now what???

    @ Roberta Anderson...

    You should write copy for Sharron Angle; you'd be PERFECT together!
    Such xenophbic egocentricity that burdens you both. Such a cross to bear!

    The 'border invasion' is long over. Do try to keep up.