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July 6, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Offer money for assault weapons

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I agree with John Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted” that ordinary citizens do not need assault weapons; only the Army needs them. But if we take them away from law-abiding people, only criminals will have them. I suggest we use economics. Have the Army offer $1,000 for each one, no questions asked. Crazy people and druggies often don’t have much money, and if you offer enough, you will get most of those guns out of circulation.

And the clips. Buy them too, register new ones and tax them high! I used to hunt rabbits on the farm with a single-shot Remington .22. (We got rid of the wolves that were killing our sheep and ended up with a zillion rabbits). I think that was more sporting than spraying a bush with 100 bullets, thinking there might be a rabbit in there.

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  1. Let's pay the deranged $1,000 a year to not kill anyone.

  2. Enjoyed the letter and agree.

    I just hope the people wake up.

    But I actually fear it's not gonna happen.

    Jon Ralston reports that tomorrow, Saturday, January 19, between 8AM and 11AM, the NRA is hosting a meeting somewhere here in Las Vegas with all the Nevada legislators.

    Money will line pockets. Money will be thrown around all over the place. And even political pressure will be applied.


    They will expend more effort on ad campaigns against any kind of gun safety regulations. More than trying to make sensible laws.

    The howling, screaming, frothing at the mouth rabid Ted Nugent pry the gun from my cold dead fingers types win the day.

    In their world, the only ones who make out are assault rifle and extended gun clip magazine manufacturers and.....undertakers.

  3. Violent people need to be locked up--prison OR hospital--permanently. We don't have enough prison space, and so many parole boards are making decisions based on their budgets not on VIOLENT BEHAVIOR of convicts. Until we get endless funding for SECURE hospitals (as if hospitalization will cure them), we must keep these people incarcerated. When medical arts "evolve" to 24/7 care for every once-violent person we can talk about alternatives. The horrendous costs for RX research and trials, this alone will take decades. We must build PRISONS. It is a growth industry anyhow--several years ago we had excess prison space we could have leased to California, the feds, ICE. Let's get convicts out there turning big rocks into little rocks and pouring the gravel into foot-thick prison walls--we have the real estate just northwest of Vegas. Let's not minimize the best DETERRENT: knowledge that the last guy who did that is IN FOR LIFE with NO possibility of parole. And, no one remembers his name.

  4. Charles: think food stamps. California exchanged weapons for food cards. Craig's list even has people who offer to use their EBT SNAP in exchange for rent money--seem to get snapped up right away.

  5. The problem with this suggestion is that it does not get the weapons covered by the ban. These weapons will be kept/sold illegally for much more than the local authorities can/will pay.


  6. I know little about guns and someone can correct me if I am wrong. I was under the impression that 'assault type weapons' were different than a regular rifle with a magazine in some way other than cosmetically.

    I was told recently that 'assault type' weapons such as the AR15 really are just plain old rifles that have been cosmetically altered to 'look like' a military assault rifle... without the rapid fire or full auto capability that is found on a real military M16 for example.

    A real military assault rifle, like an M 16 has a switch position on it called 'Full Auto' that sets the rifle so that if you hold the trigger down, it just keeps firing continuously until the ammo is exhausted. With a tiny few exceptions, only military has these.

    So, if 'any' rifle with a magazine can fire as fast as the trigger can be pulled but doesn't have 'full auto' capability, and that is also true with 'assault type' rifles, and we don't outlaw 'regular' rifles, why would we want to outlaw 'assault type' rifles?

    That doesn't seem to make a lot of sense.

    Comments welcome...As I said, I don't know too much about guns...


  7. If you watch a lot of the conservative pundits on Fox all they have talked about over the last few weeks is mandatory prison sentences for gun crimes and long incarcerations.

    I agree with this but keep in mind we currently have the largest prison population in the world. We have millions in prison, on parole and probation. It used to cost about $16,000 a year per prisoner to keep someone incarcerated. I don't know what it costs now. The conservatives also whine constantly about taxes. If you dramatically increase the prison population who the hell is going to pay for it if you don't increase taxes.

    Gun buybacks are fine. They have been doing it in California for many years and have gotten tens of thousands of guns out of circulation. Typically they give a small amount of money per gun or some type of gift card. Some high-quality battle rifles cost thousands of dollars. I can not imagine cash-strapped cities, states, and the federal government coming up with that kind of money for a gun. I might be wrong.

    my above numbers were off by a country mile. $47,000 per inmate per year in California. That's a lot of bread. Those that want to throw everyone with an illegal gun in prison need to factor in these costs.

  9. The NY Times ran a story yesterday on the difficulty in defining "assault" weapons:

    During the 1994 ban, a weapon qualified if it included two or more of the following features:

    Collapsible stock
    Pistol grip
    Detachable magazine
    Flash suppressor
    Bayonet lug
    Grenade launcher compatibility

    The last two, of course, are just silly. I don't think there's ever been a reported case of a gun crime involving a bayonet, and grenades (and launchers) have never been available to civilians. Flash suppressors may help prevent the detection of a soldier shooting at a great distance -- they're irrelevant so far as preventing gun violence is concerned.

    Collapsible stocks and pistol grips are truly cosmetic. A mini-14 fires the same round as an AR-15, and can accept large magazines, but comes standard with a fixed stock and traditional grip.

    That just leaves the detachable magazine, which is what separates nearly all modern firearms from their predecessors. Eliminating that feature would have a major impact on shooting sports, and I'm not sure what benefit it would provide. It takes about one second to change a magazine.

  10. Here's how fast an expert can change a pistol mag:

  11. The experts aren't killing everyone. It's the punks that can't get laid that take up mass murder.
    Anything semi auto needs to go. Revolvers, bolt action and lever action would be fine.
    The guns currently in circulation should keep the folks happy for the next few hundred years. Half the worlds guns are in the good old USA.

  12. Michael,

    You are basically correct.

  13. Jim,

    Thank you. I guess the rest of our wonderful letter writers to the Sun are too busy arguing their cemented in position to allow any 'facts' to get in the way.


  14. The Mini 14 killed the kids in Norway.

    When God was part of the national agenda we had labor riots, race riots, world wars and countless millions killed in pogroms around the world.

    I had to deal with the Watts riots, the LA riots and the drug wars. When I was growing up in the 50s and 60s they were hanging black people in the South and whipping them to pieces. God has very little to do with any of this.

    Does anyone remember the Civil War? The South lost a substantial percentage of all of their working age young men.

    This is probably the most peaceful time in the history of the world. My parents and grandparents grew up under Hitler. Talk about violence!

  15. Mr Gould may be well intentioned but he suffers from the same disease most of those offering opinions these days on guns... that is Lack of knowledge.

    What civilians can buy and own are not "assault weapons", the National Firearms Act of 1934 made it illegal to buy fully automatic rifles which a rifle must be to be an assault rifle.

    Also, the Army nor the other services use or have use for the semi-automatic rifle and carbines civilians can buy. Without special permission, criminal checks and the payment of extremely high tax stamps and fees a civilian cannot buy a Title II firearm.

    And lastly, none of the firearms under consideration for banning with the possible exception of WWII era semi-automatic M1 Garands use clips, in the case of the Garand an en bloc 8 round clip which has no physical or operational resemblance to a magazine, they use magazines.

    I doubt that any self respecting knowledgable and law abiding firearms enthusiast, hunter or owner would sell his carbines or rifles to the military unless they really needed them in a time of national emergency and then they would be first in line. They know that responsible citizens have the natural born right and responsibility to protect their family and property from criminals who don't respect the law and will take what they want and you can't do that if you sell them, to anyone.

  16. also to clear this up, I don't and never will belong to the NRA, they don't represent or express views I agree with. I don't have guns to prove a point, I keep up my skills and enjoy shooting at a distance, hence the rifle. I fired 250 rounds a week through each weapon I used in the miltary, it is a persihable skill. My agency requires i qualify each year several times with both handguns and rifles, so I srtay in practice. Don;t assume you know everything, itcan be dangerous and slanderous to do so.

  17. I'm pretty sure it's time for the moderator to wade back in and remind some folks of what the Terms of Use are for posting comments on their web site.

  18. I want to apologize to others for hijacking this thread. Sincerely it wasn't my intent, as I tried to inform the poster, I wanted dialogue, not the personal attacks he responded with. I let him lowere me to his level and it won't happen again, I've replied my last to him. Again sorry.

  19. Reading comprehension pleses. My post referenced my family's parctice of martial arts, not mine. Also good luck in court, I have pretty good knowledge of NSR so I will stand by all that was written. Never threatened you, never di. Never attacked you as well. You mock others faith while justifying it by saying you bled for that right. So did I and many others before and today. Don't worry, I can see you refuse to acknowledge the opinion of others matter just as much as yours. Yep, I have children and weapons, like millions of other law abiding respctful Americans. been that way since the country was young and will continue to be for a long time to come. Reasonable gun control will never remove all weapons even if some are banned. No matter how angry you get weapons will be around. No matter how many people you insult, weapons will be around. Sorry yuor feelings are hurt, truly. All I ask is for people to leave my family to me as I do for them. Apparently you are unable to do so yet I'm angry. Attack my family, I will respond, if you don't like it, don't do it. Your threats to seek any type of criminal complaint are laughable, if you truly were any atttorney better get updated on the elements of a crime. No intent, no crime. Veiled threats of which they weren't any are not criminal actions. I've never met you and you have no idea who I am. I merely offered you the chance to meet and exchange views, over coffe as well. You chose to see this as a threat. Tell me, when anyone offers to meet does that constitue a threat. Sorry, won't play ball with you. SInce you obviously will never rationally look at anything I write, ignore my post, is simple. I enjoy meeting new people, learning new points of view. In fact several posters have contacted me in private and I would welcome meeting them as well. As an attorney I would think debate would be ienjoyable to you. I enjoyed criminal justice studies as debates could be quite lively and spirited, but at the end, they were words and words don't hurt anyone. Many of my close friends and I have debated the gun control quandry over the past few months and they are opinions on both side that are very pointed, but we remain friends. I've admitted to changing some of my views over the past few months, while holding firm with others. Our dounding fathers debated this in a spirited manner without resorting to personal attacks without anyones feelings getting bruised and so should we all. I'm truly sorry anyone who disagrees with you is seen as the enemy. regardless, I wil share my points of view and carry on, I've served ny time in places as inhospitable as anyone, from Afghanaistan to Kosovo to Somalia, so I belive I too have earned that right. Good day sir.

  20. Again please contact any agency you like, I am not worried. Cap locks are simply typing errors. As you state I am as free as any to carry and own a weapon. Off duty I carry all the time, except when it is not permitted. Don't try and hide your angry words under the pretense of "saving" my child. She is happy and perfectly safe. That's what gun safes are for. At least I use my real name. So call LVMPD, NLVPD, CCSD, HPD, NHP or whomever you like.

    MS; Officer a man on the internet threatened me by telling me to meet him face to face for coffe to speak inperson.
    Officer; And.......
    MS: I was threatened.
    Officer: Did he state his intention to commit physical harm to you.
    MS: No, he imlied it.
    Officer: By offering to meet eith you.
    MS: Well, yes, he implied it with a veiled threat'
    Officer: Did he communicate verbally or otherwise his intent to harm you.
    MS Well, not exactly.
    Officer: OK.......
    MS: he has legally owned and stored guns that area threat to me and others includiing his own family.
    Officer: Keyword there is legal, Did he threaten to use a gun>
    MS: No he just said he owns them and stoes them at his house.
    Officer: Have a nice day sir 2 Nora to control
    COntrol: 10-8 unfounded, back in service. By the way, I have been backgorund checked for the past 35 years by federal and local law enforcemtn and military agencies, ironically the latest just last year. Nothing to see, no arrests or convictions, no mental health issues. I serve the community for a living, what do you offer other than complaints, criticism and vitriol towards others who don't see things your way. i challenge you to do something beisdes talk. I do, it's your turn.

  21. The President had no choice but to act after Sandy Hoo. It woukd not have mattered if it was a demcratic nor a republican president, they would have acted. Many gun owners, myself included began to question their beliefs. I have come to the conclusion that the averag person in an urban envriroment doesn't need an AR 15. The round travels at a high velocity and will over penetrate, traveling through drywall. it is not what I would choose in home defense, in fact I would not use for home defense myself. Shotguns or handguns are better bets, escpecially when using hollow points or frangible ammo. If a law is passed banning these ypes of weapons there will be a grandfather clause, just like last time allowing those who have them to keep them. I have decided that in this spirit, if a ban happens, I will donate my person rifle to one of the local law enforcement agencies I work eith for use as a patrol rifle. Se, I'm willing to change and alter my views. If both sides could agree to do this and meet in the middle, rather tha attacking each others views. I am a republican who voted the past two elections for a Democratice president, because I believe he is the best man for the job. Party lines don't matter to me. I never felt the NRA stated my views either, so I don't support them either. The NRA membership is only 4.2 million, and there are tens of millions of gun owners who feel the way I do about there views. Neither side is going to get everytihng they want, so we better find a way to common ground. I'm willing to take actual action by turning my weapon in, not just talk and criticize others. I challenge people to take action, whether it's debate, rallies. meeting, or simply taking a symbolic step. Together we win, divided we lose. Safe gun ownership is not going away and neither will CCW permits, so just as I may have to get used to the idea of 10 round magazines and restrictions, others will have to accept that by law, legal gun oownership will continue in this country for a long time to come. Change is both sides working together not one or the other winning a fight.

  22. The ironic part of all this is tha I enjoy debate with people. I like hearing how others see things, where they come from and their perspective on things. The poster who obviously dislikes me is sdaly somewhat like me in ways and not in others. I'm passionate about my views, about changing the country and making this a better world. I simply understand that I willnot get everything I wish for. Less guns, fine,regulated training, even better. Stringent laws on safey storing weapons, great idea. U just want to people to understand that guns aren't the only side of the problem. Evil is out there, I see it every day and it saddens. A poster suggested I might "go off" one day. That is truly funny. I have always belueved that violence is not a solution to most problems, talking and peaceful resolution work much better. My children have been raised to accept all, seek peace, but stand up for your views, And if someone attacks your family you respond. Stick to your beliefs but don;t be afraind to change or amend them and don't be afraid to share with others why you changed. Everyone has the right to an opinion, some have strong ones, but no one persons opinion is right and no ones is wrong, it's simply theirs. FOr the record, I've only ever used viloence as a response as a soldier and when needed on duty, I don't like it,hate the after effects and fully believe its never the answer, but you sometimes have to act. I chose to be a soldier and after retirement to serve the community I live in. I serve the public, not the other way around and am honored to do so. I've never disgraced any unifrom I've worn from cub scouts on and I never will. Service is a family tradition, an honor and a duty i take seriously regardless of what one man thinks. Las Vegans it's my honor to serve you and I will faithfully continue to do so.

  23. One last thing I'd like to address. A poster has stated that children are 10 times more likely to die in a house with a gun than not. Based on what. My gun is NEVER left unattened, When I return home the first thing I do is place the gun in the sfae, wher it belongs. I don't leave it anywhere my child could access it. The other sorce possibly mentioned is that I am more likely to have the weapon taken away and used against me or my family. I won't liemany LEO's have died with thier own weapon, when an attacker is able to get it from the officer.Thats why weapons retention is so important and somethimg I've trained in. Lastly. If someone breaks into your house knowing you are there, you are in trouble. Most don't want to break in if you are thee, preferring an empty house sans anyone threat from the homeowner. A home invasion will be done bt those who intend or simply don't care if you are hurt or killed, the same for your family. In these cases, the threat of death is already highly present, so if I retireve my weapon and engage the subjects, the danger provided by my firearm is farr less than doing nothing. My family has a plan, they have oracticed and know what to do. They will retreat to the closet, where I have hard phone lines and a cell phone, lay on the ground and wait for help, We have a safe word do that if I'm capruted the thugs can't use me to find them and gain entry. I placed reinforced doors on all of our closets, so entry isn't going to be easy. my wife, who hatee guns by the way, still trained with one to protect the family. She has her own in a safe for her, that I don't have access to. Protect and prepare yout family.