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April 21, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Biden, McConnell get things done

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If we learned from the “fiscal cliff” negotiations, then we should realize that the key to resolution through compromise is derived from the relationship of the parties involved in the process. In these recently concluded negotiations, the final negotiations were originated in the Senate and the final deal was consummated only when Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Joe Biden entered into discussions. The president, Harry Reid and the Republican-controlled House had to get out of the way.

Although the results were imperfect and did not gain acceptance from the extreme representatives on the left or right, the fiscal cliff was avoided because the right two people were involved in the main negotiations.

Based on the fiscal cliff negotiations, the next phase of fiscal negotiations should be turned over to these two long-standing friends and associates. The president’s place should be to lead by assigning these negotiations to the Senate and appoint Vice President Biden as his principal agent for reaching an acceptable resolution.

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  1. Biden and McConnell did get a deal but it was a very poor one. If we accept this level of performance from these two parties and our current elected representatives, our economic path will continue to trend downward.

    All that was accomplished was to make 'one' decision and push all others down the road. This will not get the job done.


  2. The fiscal cliff deal was small but successful. And the thanks go to Biden and Boehner, not the President and Reid.

    Reid is falling fast. He has two issues that the GOP will beat him over the head with.

    First, is gun culture and the President's latest actions for gun law reforms. The Senate, since 1994, has avoided it [gun controls], and still since 2007 with Reid as Speaker and an NRA top rated supporter.

    Second, is Reid and the Senate's joint failure to pass an annual budget for 48 months, AS REQUIRED BY LAW. Both matters [gun control and budget] will come back to haunt Reid and the Senate this year, and particularly in the weeks and months ahead with 3 triple witching economic events: The debt ceiling increase, continuing resolution expiration on March 27, and sequester on March 1.

    Stand by people. It's going to be a rocky ride for Reid and the Senate. And some of us will likely enjoy it and others not.


  3. Mea culpa: SB Senate Leader not Speaker. I hate when that happens.


  4. We are not going to default on our debt. What will happen if we don't get spending under control, is that other spending will be crowed out because the debt payments are so high.

    We still can't find the middle ground. We need more employment which can be assisted with some government spending. However, government spending in some areas must be reduced to provide for more spending in other areas and overall spending must be reduced over time until the economy is doing better.

    I view with dismay those that say we just have to cut spending, as well as those that claim we just have to spend whatever it takes until the economy improves. Both of those positions are wrong headed and they do not have to be mutually exclusive.


  5. If you can call the fiscal cliff agreeement a success,than everyone should be happy?

    When you try and negotiate a deal with Sen.Mitch McConnell on anything, he gives in to no one.It's only after he paints himself into a corner. That he himself ends up calling, V.P.Biden to bail him out. And we end up with half a deal,but half a deal is better than no deal.

    Sen.McConnell's main interest is keeping the teabag party together,at all costs.
    When the midterm elections take place, we will all see the "Let's ditch Mitch" replacement happen. It wiil be then that he will place a call to V.P.Biden, and ask Joe what happened? What did I do wrong?

  6. I marvel at those that say that since the defense industry makes a lot of money, we can't reduce spending anywhere. What kind of screwed up logic is that?

    The defense budget can and should be reduced. If one doesn't want to make any changes to Medicare and Social Security, the two largest expenses the government has, then make reductions elsewhere, or raise taxes to a higher level to cover the expenses.

    I blame the Republicans and the Democrats for being unwilling to make the above choices.


  7. One bad decision usually brings on another. Republican supporters stood idly by and also re-elected many representatives that cooperated with Democrats that are far to the left. As a response to that, the Tea Party came into being, and many Tea Party representatives decided to not cooperate at all.

    Having people that won't work with the other side is not productive, but I hope people also remember that to have people that really just mirror their opposite number is also fraught with peril.


  8. Our nation's bipartisan political bickering and political gridlock has made us the laughing stock of the world. Leadership and governance has become a real joke.

    American Lawmakers need to do their elected responsibility and come to compromise, come to terms, and get the job of setting a budget and taking care of our nation and its People!

    Both Biden and McConnell set an example, however miniscule it is, towards working together for the common good.

    Blessings and Peace,

  9. SgtRock,

    I'm glad to know that there are a few people out there that understand that the people representing us are selling us out, for their own benefit and that of powerful interests of all kinds.

    It's too bad there are many more dumb asses that believe that there are 'certain groups' of people that actually 'want' young people killed in wars and 'want' to see environmental degradation.

    It's mind boggling that people can so easily believe that a certain group of people are just 'evil' to the max, but can't recognize that our representatives (all of them) simply are a part of a corrupted Congressional system that personally benefits them, to the countries detriment, as long as they sell us out to powerful interests with money and lobbyists.

    It's amazing that there are this many absolutely dumb Americans.


  10. Oh, how I wish that McConnell would lose in the next election where he runs... along with with Boehner, Cantor, Reid, Pelosi, McCain, Schummer, Boxer and oh so many others. Perhaps then, we would stand a tiny chance of reforming Congress so that it wasn't just a bunch of elected representatives that play the entrenched corruption game that benefits them, the lobbying industry and those that employ lobbyists.


  11. But the "leaders" think the bickering works--allows them to mimic for the media and appear to be "fighting for" us. The sound bites are sickening and played over and over again AS IF we believe the pantomimes. We re-elect the worthless and unproductive when all they are good at is bipartisanship and playing the media.

  12. Anyone who generalizes and then actually believes and states that people who support the Republican party 'want' young people to die in wars and 'want' environmental degradation is half a loaf short.

    These are talking points spewed by people like Nancy Pelosi, who have an agenda that includes keeping her very nice job in Congress as a top priority. People who mimic but don't think, repeat this nonsense.

    It's the same on the right, with the oft repeated ' Obama wants to destroy America'. Either way, with either claim, the people who repeat this nonsense have stored what brains they have in a jar, and there is just a bunch of empty space between their ears.


  13. "Patriot: the person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about."
    -Mark Twain

  14. Right on, Commenter SgtRock, who stated, "The lobbyists and under-the-table also the politicans made a killing off the cliff deal similar to ObamaCare.

    Biden and McConnell are two peas in pod.

    Reid and Obama are right there with them along with Boehner.

    They are all there just to make money for themselves and their friends and family.

    It is all one big scam.

    The ideologs are just a distriction.

    The country is on path toward destruction under the weight of corruption and debt. It will happen somewhere between the next 20 to 40 years.

    You can't stop it.

    Sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Perhaps join the club and make a dime off the government. There are plenty that are doing it.

    They are printing money like it is going out of style.

    Don't worry about your children or grand children. They will just have to work harder and learn to live with less and probably with less freedom too."

    We all know, are fully aware, that Lawmakers are doing the will of those who line their campaign pockets. Citizens want action, not all the lip-service that seems to permeate government this past half century.

    Blessings and Peace,