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July 3, 2015

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Let’s put an end to homelessness

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Great column about the 9,432 (and counting) homeless in fab Las Vegas (“In a sobering effort to count our homeless, this man knows where to look”). The question is: What can we do about it? I think about the billions of dollars that were spent on political campaigns. I could do so much for the homeless with only $1 million of the billions that were spent.

I urge Nevada’s elite and wealthy to take a stand to better our state by giving their money to the betterment of humanity as a whole. Let’s build shelters and affordable housing, doing all we can to help our fellow men get back on their feet; it’s not a handout but an act of compassion. If I ever hit the lottery or come into a lot of money, eradicating homelessness is at the top of the list. For I only pass through this way once in life and I want to do all I can to make a positive impact on it.

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  1. I recall Christmas 2012, a NYPD officer purchased boots and socks for a homeless man sleeping without any on the street. It was a heartwarming story and made the national news. Within days, family of the homeless man said he has the financial means and an apartment with monthly VA income to live comfortably. In fact, after the family told the man's true story, a photo appeared of homeless man in a suit looking more like a NYC lawyer. Is he counted as homeless?


  2. Puleeze! It's easy to ask others to fork over the time, effort & money to "eradicate" your "cause;" whatever that may be. Homelessness is but one of many. Many of those out on the "street" are there by choice. They are loners, malcontents or addled by drug & alcohol. You willing to invite them to stay in that empty bedroom or two in your home? Or how about all those "big hearted" Hollywood celebs who make those nauseating public servce ads, then go back to one of their many mansions feeling good about themselves? Or our "progressive" leaders in Washington, DC who are busily larding their wallets while peddling influence and crying crocodile tears over the homeless? Ted "Lady Killer" Kennedy was a prime example. The inheritor of a huge ill-gotten fortune, he had homes scattered throughout the US and the world, most standing empty day after day, which he never opened any up to a homeless family. Typical of the left and it's BS. So, spare me your "concern." Go do something real about it if you care so much!

  3. As with all other facets of our economic environment, the single most important action that could be taken would be to bring jobs back to this country. Jobs could either get some homeless off the street directly, or provide for greater tax revenue/charitable giving to help those who can not help themselves.

    People can perform individual acts of charity, as several who post have mentioned, which is good, but that will not address the underlying problem.

  4. Homelessness and mental illness go hand in hand.


  5. I second Bradley's praise of Gloria, and his very wise insights.

    RefNV has some good suggestions for encounters with some homeless.

    I have met many homeless in the outdoor patios of the hospital I worked at. It is important to listen to them and try to get to know the mentality that they are presenting. Ask questions when appropriate to get to know them more. There is no one size fits all. Knowing the homeless culture is important because there are a variety of reasons for homelessness.

    Safety is important for anyone trying to help. As a woman, I would never go any place of homeless people alone. One cannot count of the help of the general public if you get in trouble either. It is best to be with a brave and knowledgeable male companion. Or work within an organization with a site to serve the homeless.

    I do think there needs to be more shelters where the homeless can go for personal hygiene needs. This would also be a good place to manage clothing donations for them. Food could be available following use of the facilities. Referral services could also be provided.

    Bradley brings up the needs of abused women and children. I think there is a need for more Safe Houses for immediate needs, and perhaps a step up, some rehab halfway homes where more focused help can be given to get them to a healthier self perception and independence, preparation and support in finding work, as well as legal services, so they can try to avoid falling back into abusive relationships.

    There are so many people who have led the way in organizing help for the homeless, the abused, the mentally ill, etc. Anyone interested in such work or volunteerism should do some research and learn where they can be effective.

    Some people are fund raisers and others are ground workers, there is room for all in helping people in need.

    Involvement is a two way road. Compassionate giving is also compassionate receiving, when free of ego.

    Bless you, Gloria!

  6. Met a homeless guy last night outside a convenience store in Henderson. He had a long beard and a fancy bike. He asked for a buck, I gave him two, then because I had bought a six pack of beer, he asked for a beer. I gave him one. Sadly, the first thought I had was that he was like a lost puppy, and will be back for more. It was cold but he had a nice jacket on. Definitely a mental case. Very sad...

  7. Gloria, we can do this: Prioritize social services for AMERICANS instead of illegals. And prioritize those services to those who have been and can be again: PRODUCTIVE AMERICANS. Enough spending on unemployable Moms with several kids. We spend endlessly to feed, cloth, vaccinate, house, ER illegals while are veterans are unemployed, homeless on the streets. Our seniors are cold and hungry because illegals get the LIHEA utility welfare because it's based on household size.

  8. Dormitories. Stop giving our social services to illegals and teen Moms and provide SOMETHING for others who can transition back. Shared locking rooms with a common kitchen / day room. Perhaps start with those who get a check--VA, SSI, SSDI, small pension....and those with severe medical problems on Medicaid (Americans only). They should be able to afford something for "rent" and community. No need to have lots of rules like the shelters. Some would still take their meals at St. Vincent's but OK.