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May 5, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

America not fooled by Republicans

Regarding Stephen Rosin’s letter, “Republicans will win next election”:

So a Republican administration started a war in Afghanistan but the Democrats have not been able to end it quickly enough, and the Republicans let big bankers and mortgage lenders run amok and bring on the worst recession since the Great Depression — millions of people lost jobs and homes — and the “hated” big government had to bail these same bankers out. And Rosin expects Republicans to win the midterm elections in 2014 and the White House in 2016, arguing that Barack Obama’s mess is so bad that they will not be able to fix things in two terms.

Don’t you think the American people are watching how the Republicans have stopped every effort to create jobs, lower the interest rates on student loans to the same interest rate paid by big banks borrowing from the government and stopped reasonable gun show background checks? Republicans have also slowed immigration reform to a point where it probably won’t pass.

I think people see obstruction when it rears its ugly head and understand that Republicans would rather bring the country to its knees than give Obama and the American people a win of any kind. I believe people will correct the mistake made in 2012 that allows obstruction to continue and vote in an overwhelming Democratic Congress followed by another Democratic president to straighten out the mess the Republicans gave us in 2008.

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  1. Parrish,

    Your analyses is pretty lightweight -- just kinda rehashed silliness without any point. Enjoy your Saturday.


  2. Enjoyed the letter. And judging from comments of the ultra-conservative ilk, it seems like the truth hurts.

    But they are only fooling themselves. Just like when a poll doesn't say what they would like it to say, the Tea/Republicans have a nasty habit where they just make their own poll. A flawed poll that makes no sense.

    Right now, the Tea/Republicans are in serious political mode. Which is almost laughable. Because they are ALWAYS in political mode. On everything.

    But this time, it's different. You can see desperation. And, we are actually seeing some of them acting like they are victims. Which is incredible. That NEVER happens. Only when things are out of hand do Tea/Republicans act like everyone is picking on them.

    To show you how ridiculous it is getting, there are ultra-conservatives collecting money right now to fight against Hillary Clinton running for President in 2016. There is even a website called "Stop Hillary 2016." She hasn't even announced she is running for President yet! And they are already mobilizing against some kind of imaginary candidate?

    Besides the fact this shows the abject fear they have of her running as President, the funny thing about their fight against Hillary Clinton is they really don't see what is happening right in front of their noses.

    Even as I am typing these comments, there is a grassroots campaign in America that people are committed to adhere to. And they don't need no website nor money to accomplish it.

    It's called "Destroy The Tea/Republican Party In 2014 And 2016."

    With votes.

    Get out there, people. You're needed. Because you let the radical Party of No continue with their madness, there's nobody to blame but yourself.

    And don't think you can vote other Tea/Republicans into power and expect a different result. You can't. They have serious internal problems within. And they have exhibited a willingness to turn a blind eye and not fix a thing.

    There are even multiple cases where Tea/Republicans have campaigned on something, then when they get voted in, they do the opposite. One good example of this is the Governor of Wisconsin.

    So, it's up to us.

    Destroy them with our votes.

    They will end up thankful too. Rip it apart so they can re-build conservatism that don't over reach with radical and extreme agendas all the time.

    Scorched Earth. I'm voting straight Democratic Party ticket from now on. Period.

    I don't care if Hillary Clinton has her Vice President pick as a guy by the name of Ben Gozzy, I'm still voting for her.

  3. Charles, Republicans and the rest of the world sans the liberal fringes are all for jobs for AMERICANS. Just expel those who have stolen more than 7 million jobs from us--the long-term unemployed WANT THOSE JOBS. Expel the other 13 million illegals who are bankrupting us and our government at all levels. We will cut taxes and stimulate the economy when we expel 20 million illegals, millions more anchor babies, repeal the last three unconstitutional amnesties. Rethink the 1986 amnesty.

  4. Parrish does what many on the left do: fudge the facts to meet their loony agenda and omit information that does not support their distortions. It wasn't Republicrats that brought on the housing collapse. It was caused primarily by two Dumbocrats - Chris Dodd & Barney Frank, both of whom chaired their respective banking committees and blackmailed financial institutions into making spurious loans to borrowers who were never going to be able to repay them. As a reward, both Dodd & Frank have retired with fat government pensions and, as a result, millions of American homeowners, perhaps even the ignorant Parrish, lost most of their home equity and/or are "underwater." A little truth isn't too much to ask for leftists such as Parrish, is it?

  5. Mr.Fink,

    You forgot to mention who was watching the store during the housing meltdown,none other than Bush/Cheney.Who were also watching as 2 wars went south,a near collapse of the banking and stock market,and millions of lost jobs due to their lack of knowledge or insight on what to do next. A little reality is the true eye opener.

  6. Victor_Eismine - "The cities have Democrats, Republicans, and Independents while the rural areas are nearly homogeneous (that means uniform not gay, conservatives) and vote Republican."

    Thank you, for years I've said that people who move to and live in large cities are not nearly as tight arse as others. Those people Sarah Palin and her ilk call "real" Americans live in smaller cookie cutter communities and don't get the exposure others do. When living in a large city a person is exposed to many more variations of race, religion and language. I grew up in neighborhoods where I heard Yiddish and Italian spoken and just a few blocks away you could hear Spanish or Patois. You will ride public transportation together, work along side each and have lunch or dinner together. I know of many a person from a rural town that moved to New York and were forced to drop all of their preconceived notions because they were unfounded. When on the way to church a person might walk past a synogogue and a mosque within a few blocks of each other.

    Tight minds and fear is what causes many of our problems and apparently there are far too many paranoid people in today's society.

    I was asked by a conservative buddy of mine, "what is the difference between a liberal and a conservative?" I said conservatives usually operate out of fear and are afraid of change. If they don't have something to fear they will manufacture some sort of boogeyman. Liberals look forward to change and fear little by comparison, they are not nearly as paranoid. By the way that friend voted for Bush both times and then Obama both times. I asked him why and he said "Republicans have gone off the rails, it's not the same party." By the way, he grew up in Texas.

  7. Mr. Parrish

    I'm in agreement with you but would add other reasons than obstruction. Republicans are alienating many voters who are minority by trying to deny voting rights. They are saying the stupidest things about rape and the female anatomy. They will spend billions supporting corporate welfare while cutting food programs for the very young and elderly. This party is like the Newt Gingrich self destructive Republican Party, but on steroids. I can't believe some of the completely assinine statements many of them have made.

  8. Charles Parrish pointed out that "Republicans have stopped every effort to create jobs...." Yesterday in the Sun, Los Angeles Times columnist Doyle McManus wrote that "Obama chief of staff Denis McDonough met with Senate Republicans to try to revive progress toward a bargain, grand or otherwise." An unnamed official told McManus, "'Six weeks or so later, they haven't done so--not an entitlement proposal, not a revenue proposal, nada, he complained.'"

    Mitt Romney's and Paul Ryan's "campaigns" guaranteed us that support for them meant job creation and a signifiicantly decreased deficit. They were unable to offer details at that time. Post election 2012 the only thing new is that apparently "they would rather bring the country to its knees than give Obama and the American people a WIN of any kind" as Charles Parrish stated.

  9. Future opens his/her mouth only to change feet. He rants about the IRS "...targeting certain people and non-profits based on their conservative beliefs " when the latest study of what happened suggests that a group could DOUBLE it's chances of enhanced scrutiny by NOT associating itself with the tea party.

    Cherry-picked data can prove ANYTHING! And the Republican'ts are expert at cherry-picking data!

  10. Future like others ignore the facts about the so-called IRS scandal.

    Fact, Douglas Shulman was appointed by GW Bush and after he retired in November of 2012 Steven Miller automatically became acting commissioner.

    Fact, when interviewed it was a conservative Republican manager who initiated the investigation into Tea Party 501c4 applications. He WAS NOT directed by anyone in the White House to do so.

    Fact, the manager said he and a low-level employee set aside "Tea Party" and "patriot" groups that had applied for tax-exempt status because the organizations appeared to pose a new precedent that could affect future IRS filings. The man was doing his job, as he should have been.

    The truth and facts elude those whack jobs on the far right because the truth no longer matters. One needs to ask themselves if they have a problem with reality because of a mental deficiency or is it just fear and hate the shoves them over the edge of reason?

  11. Gee, Sam, what you're saying is "there's enough blame to go around for both sides." How refreshing! Anyone you know that is perfect? Me neither, so cut the BS about blaming only Conservatives for just about everything. When it comes to politicans, none of them are to be fully trusted to do what's right for anyone but their friends, family, cronies, contributors and, of course, themselves.

  12. Sam:

    Didn't many of the same cast of characters under Bush/Cheney stay on board at Obama's request? Panetta, Gates, Mueller, Petreaus etc. etc. As well as Obama following the same Bush policies like drones, GITMO, NSA surveillance etc. etc. Doesn't Obama, and you and those who think like you, have to own up at some point to the responsibility for these judgments? Or continue ad infinitum to blame Bush/Cheney?

    Carmine D

  13. PS: Even Obama's recent appointment of James Comey as FBI Director is a Bush man. He served as Dep AG under Ashcroft in the Bush administration. If he screws up, blame Bush/Cheney? That's what I hear and read from your posts here.


  14. Mr. fink,

    There is no BS on my part I call things as they appear.Unlike you I can honestly say that since I was a loyal Republican for 44 years and watched the decline of this once great party. I no longer am loyal to just one party.For me it's whats best for our country,not whats best for the party.

    This past years Pres. election was the first time I voted for a Democrat in all of my years of voting. I also have voted for some Republicans during this same period. My respect for the office holder who is elected by the people is different then yours.If Gov.Mitt Romney would have won the election last year I would address him as Pres.Romney not align him with the worlds worst terrorist as you have done.Calling Pres. Obama ( Osama Obama ) is not something you or others should be doing,your lack of respect is evident and is not just worn on you sleeve. Sometimes it's better to think before you write.

  15. "Didn't many of the same cast of characters under Bush/Cheney stay on board at Obama's request? Panetta, Gates, Petreaus etc.etc."

    That is correct.This is where we have to give Pres. Obama credit for keeping key people on board who are interested in the well being of the country and not the party.And have the brains to continue on with doing the job they were asked to do.I think it was a brilliant move on the part of the President.

  16. "This is where we have to give Pres. Obama credit for keeping key people on board who are interested in the well being of the country..." Sam Pizzo

    Who led the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan under Bush/Cheney that you posted above went south?

    How about the Obama policies on drones, GITMO and NSA surveillance that emulated Bush/Cheney verbatim? Is Obama smart for being in lock step on these too with the Bush/Cheney policies?

    I'm a little baffled by your posts above. You blame Bush/Cheney and credit Obama when their key picks and policies are often morphed together. If Bush had a twin president, it would be Obama. But you like Obama and despise Bush/Cheney. They [Bush and Obama] are clones on the 2 wars, the war leaders in charge of them, and the policies governing them.

    Carmine D

  17. I have been baffled when you on different posts said you were against the wars before you were for the wars, sound familiar.

    I am also baffled on one post you call Snowden a hero,yet on another post you refer to him as a rogue spie.These leave us all baffled,not just me.

  18. You're being cute again Sam. It doesn't work for me. The same people in charge of the two wars that you said went south are the smart picks by Obama: Petraeus, Panetta, Gates, etc. etc.

    Snowden was a hero until he defected. Then he became a traitor and a criminal.

    Carmine D

  19. I was against sending U.S. troops into Iraq and Afghanistan. Once troops were sent, I supported them and the wars. Why? You can't support the troops and not support the wars. You have to do both.
    Carmine D

  20. Your denial dosen't work for me either.

  21. Just as they don't for me!

    Carmine D

  22. You can't label a Snowden a HERO on one post,and then call them a Rogue SPY on another post.He's either a SPY or a HERO,he can't be both. Now that's being cute, and it don't work for me.

  23. I'm not as cute as you, Sam, BUT, I'm accurate, correct and truthful. Snowden is both a hero and a traitor. Sadly, the traitor in him negates the hero. As Wm. Shakespeare wrote: "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones." That would be Brutus speaking about Julius Caesar.

    What can't be true is saying that the same cast of characters who are responsible for the 2 failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are smart picks by Obama to keep as holdovers. Wm. Shakespeare would agree with me. The quote is: "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Romeo and Juliette, if you want/need a source.

    If the picks were smart for Obama, and they were holdovers from Bush/Cheney, then the wars couldn't have gone south as you say. For if they had gone south, it would not be smart for Obama to keep them on board. That would be dumb. Right?

    Carmine D

  24. How come you don't mention of Snowden as a rogue spy in your posts? After you said he was a hero on one post and a rogue spy on another post .The two different titles don't match.Your evasion of the words rogue spy in your posts being replaced by the words hero and traitor are a clear indication of how you try to avoid using rogue spy and hero on the same posts.You have been caught with your pants down.changing the subject won't work anymore,we are on to you..

  25. Sam:

    A traitor is a rogue spy.

    You changed the subject of the exchanges. You said Bush/Cheney started 2 wars that went south. I responded that Obama kept the same war leaders and policies under Bush/Cheney. You called him smart for doing so. I said how can he be smart if these leaders and policies went south according to you under Bush/Cheney. When you were backed into your own corner, you switched topics to Edward Snowden.

    I'm happy to post on either.

    BTW, Snowden is being indicted in the Federal Court of Alexandria, Virginia which is part of the Eastern District of Virginia. This is the same court that indicted, prosecuted and convicted Aldrige Ames, the CIA spy in the 90's. He went to jail for life. I was a member of the grand jury that indicted and charged him.

    Carmine D

  26. FYI Sam:

    "The United States is braced for a drawn-out effort to capture Edward Snowden, the rogue spy who dramatically exposed its domestic surveillance apparatus, as President Barack Obama was urged to prosecute him for treason."

    An excerpt from another source, not me, calling Snowden a rogue spy and his crime of treason [aka traitor].

    Carmine D

  27. 4:56 a.m.

    "An excerpt from another source not me, calling SNOWDEN A ROGUE SPY and
    his crime of treason [aka traitor]."

    June 16,2013 6:12 a.m.

    "The real problem is that the U.S.Government classifies way to much information that should't be. Then hires consultants and contractors, who receive government clearances with access to way to much sensitive classified information.THIS BREEDS ROGUE SPIES LIKE SNOWDEN."

    It was you who wrote it and posted it on the date listed above.He can't be a HERO as you also called him on one post and then you called him a ROGUE SPY on another. Even when you are caught you fabricate and switch roles, caught is caught, try being honest for once.

  28. Sam:

    I opine that I have a failure to communicate with you on a variety of levels. I suggest we leave it there and agree as gentlemen to disagree civilly. As we have. And follow the unfolding developments of Snowden, a hero turned traitor and rogue spy, as he is apprehended.

    On the issue of smart Obama holdovers from the Bush/Cheney Administration, I agree with you in part. Although in the aftermath of the Panetta controversy over sending rescue and recovery forces to the Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and former-General Petreaus' less than role model officer behavior, I have second thoughts and doubts. I say that after having great respect for both men at one time. Again the quote from Wm. Shakespeare from Brutus about Julius Caesar comes to mind: "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones."

    Thank you my friend.

    Carmine D

  29. Or perhaps another quote you can attribute to me:

    All the good that you can ever possibly do, never makes up for the bad.

    Carmine D

  30. I also opine that I have a failure to communicate with you on a variety of levels.
    I feel it would be best to let sleeping dogs lie.

  31. Jeff,

    Thanks for all your support in the past and now.I don't view Carmine as traitorous. I believe he loves this country as much as you and I. I just think he is afraid to declare himself a true Republican. He says he is a independent and that may be true. Having worked for the government for 33 years would explain why Carmine he is registered as a independent,job security.

    In truth his heart and soul belong to the Republicans and there's nothing wrong with that. Now if we can only get him to admit that,and quit hiding. LGBN

  32. Sam:

    I'm retired. I can declare whatever party I want. I vote the candidate not the party. Always have and always will. That is the best reason to be an independent and the reason I served presidents of both.

    Carmine D

  33. No one says you can't be a registered independent. The main reason for this was for your job.Without being a registered independent you would be gone after the outcome in each election if you were registered as a Republican or a Democrat.Even you should know that.

  34. The Voting Rights Act was demolished today by Republican appointed judges. It is clearly obvious that these judges were appointed for their conservative political philosophy and not the preservation of equal rights or equal protection under the law.

    They say that because this is 2013, not 1965 and that Jim Crow laws which were prevented by the VRA will not return when the VRA goes away.

    Does that mean that if the Thirteenth Amendment, a law which abolished slavery, were itself abolished, that slavery would not return because this is 2013 and not 1850?

    That's what the Court is saying and it is clear the Court hasn't been listening to the National Rifle Association.