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April 28, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

DOJ surveillance is a big problem

Three events embroil the Obama administration: The Internal Revenue Service targeting conservative groups; Benghazi, Libya; and the Department of Justice’s secret surveillance of news reporters.

The DOJ is most troubling for the president while least important to most Americans. Why? President Barack Obama’s political assets have been his left base and the press corps, the two groups most outraged by the attorney general’s assault on the press.

Attorney General Eric Holder invited the news media to a meeting about the DOJ press surveillance. Several news organizations declined, both liberal and conservative. The organizations wanted the meeting to be on the record. Holder conceded partially to these demands but not enough for all the news media to acquiesce.

Obviously, Holder wanted to use the meeting to woo back the press. He wants to keep his job while there are calls across the political spectrum for his resignation. President Obama, who re-asserted his belief in the unfettered freedom of the American press by publicly supporting a “shield law,” hears the cries.

Inevitably, the president will have to take Holder up on his request last year to resign. The DOJ story is the most significant personal and professional setback for the Obama administration to date.

Whether and when Holder goes, one thing is sure: He can rule out an appointment to the Supreme Court, probably his most coveted career goal.

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  1. I know that you keep hoping for a decent scandal Carmine but these three just aren't working out. Benghazi collapsed slowly as the entire factual timeline has been examined, then imploded when Republican staff were caught doctoring e-mails. Perhaps the Committee can investigate and prosecute them. The IRS investigation is going nowhere as it's purported star witnesses didn't support Darrell "Grand Theft Auto" Issa's selective version of events and his leaking of selective bits of the report. When the full report was leaked the wind went out of the windbag. The press is, of course, p'o'd that they are being monitored. So are the rest of us. But you conservatives have told us time after time that it's the price we must pay for our liberty. There are plenty of people who should be concerned, but only a few were when FISA was initiated in 1978, then the Patriot Act followed later. Weren't you an integral actor in national security back then?


    Food for thought if you're still hungry and have an inquiry mind.

    Carmine D

  3. As the GOP continues to look for and tries to manufacture a Watergate type scandal they will keep having trouble getting out of the starting gate. Should they keep forging ahead in this same direction it will seal their fate with another huge loss in the midterm elections which are coming in 2014.Scratching their heads won't help.

  4. bite - "If he is ever indicted and convicted Obama will pardon him anyway."

    Convicted or indicted for what? What law has he broken?

  5. Do any of you wingnuts understand or care to understand why Holder investigated James Rosen's reports about North Korea?

    Once again the radical right has been trying to hang another "conspiracy" on Obama via Holder, and once again they screwed up.

    I'm a bit upset that the media was attacked in the way it was, but you can throw just so much "pasta" at a wall attempting to make something stick. You'll end up with nothing more than crap in the fan.

  6. Future: The Lie or scandal that most caused me to LOSE TRUST in your government? Just a few...

    1) Failure to prevent terrorists crashing airplanes.
    2) Lies about WMDs
    3) Invading a foreign country because our President doesn't like its leader.
    4) Promising to capture bin Laden, then going off and ignoring him.
    5) Criticizing Iran for "developing nuclear weapons", a claim it denies and ignoring North Korea's attempts to develop nuclear weapons, a claim it flaunts.
    6) Praising FEMA for a badly botched relief effort after a Louisiana hurricane.
    7) Allowing banks to crash our economy, then doing noting to rein them in.
    8)Reducing our taxes: but only when "our" means those in the top 1%

  7. bite - "Quit watching Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton"

    I don't have cable so I dont watch Chris Matthews, and if I had cable I wouldn't watch Sharpton because I don't like him. I haven't read about charges being brought up against Holder for lieing to Congress. Where do you get your information, or should I say propaganda?

    By the way, when Bush pardoned Scooter Libby that was a far more serious crime, outing an active CIA agent who had access to other agents in the field, and Rove safely skated away. I would call that treason.

  8. The problem when a President chooses a friend to hold a high cabinet position, or it becomes a friendship rather than a boss-employee relationship, the President loses objectivity over the the person's job performance. As a result, the person's performance [Holder] becomes mediocre and over time abysmal. Holder is now, and until he steps down which he will, a major political liability for President Obama AND the Democratic party. He's damaged goods. The question now is who will President Obama appoint as AG. The answer is obvious, at least to me. Hint: She's a woman.

    Carmine D