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July 7, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

You have a right to fire off an opinion

Words used by single individuals — such as Hitler, Pol Pot and many others — have caused more innocent deaths of men, women and children than any single individual with any kind of gun.

So, it’s only common sense to propose, for the safety of our children, that everyone needs to pass a government background check to qualify to talk.

Everyone will be restricted from using words that look like assault words.

They’ll also be restricted from using more than 10 words at a time, and they’ll have to get a tag and pay a fee to use automatic words.

Only government officials will be allowed to talk at schools and select public buildings and properties.

Sounds ridiculous, right? It’s no more ridiculous than doing the same for a gun.

Background checks have never been shown to stop any kind of violent crime — just the opposite is probably true.

The Second Amendment is there for one main reason, along with the First: To be free, the people need to always reserve the right of free speech and reserve the right to be as well-armed as the government.

If the people do not agree with this, then there is a right way to change it: Repeal the Second Amendment. Otherwise, there shouldn’t be any more government involvement to own a gun than there is to talk. Background checks do nothing except allow government to know who has a gun, for government’s safety, surely not the people’s.

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  1. Let's face it, Pete. The leftists are "gunning" for your right of free speech and will take it away with their politically correct agenda if you let them. Paula Deen is the latest example of leftist terror tactics. While one may agree or disagree with her for saying what she did, to take away her job for doing so is fascism at its worst, but that's the crazy American left for you. I cede my free speech rights to no one. As far as I am concerned, anyone trying to squelch that right can kiss my shiny butt! I am gratified to see the huge outpouring of rage from those opposed to the Food Channels idiotic choice to end Deen's contract! It shows there are a great number of American's who understand there is more at stake here than just one cook show hosts job. The undermining of our basic liberties must come to an end. Oppose the leftists agenda. Let's start a fund to buy one-way tickets for them to emigrate to Cuba or North Korea. I'm sure they'd be much happier living under those regimes!

  2. Apparently the right to be ignorant will continue to be preserved.

  3. The Second Amendment exists so people can be as well armed as the government? If that's the case I want my own aircraft carrier and ballistic missile submarine.

    Dictators cause the death's of people with words? Well armed thugs rounded up and murdered people by the millions. I have a picture of Sachsenhausen concentration camp on my wall that was taken in the late 1930s. Members of my family were in there at the time. It's belt fed machine guns and men with rifles that kept them there.

    I wonder what Pete's done that makes him worry about this so much.

    Background checks don't work? So let's just let every pimply faced psychopath and recidivist felon go into his local gun store and buy whatever the hell he wants. Great solution!

  4. As far as I understand no one wants to take guns, which is the bullcrap rant by those on the right. Stopping a felone or mentally unstable person from purchasing weapons is why we need background checks.

    The authors attempt of comparing free speech to weapons registration is a false argument.

    A note to those idiots who believe an armed civilian populace can compete in combat with our military, I suggest you join the military before making an idiotic statement like that.

  5. Personal responsibility is at the core of all rights. That includes accountability and liability for actions and words which result in harm.

    Among the rights given by our Creator, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it is understood we have the responsibility to respect these rights which all people have been given.

    Those who don't are accountable to the Creator and under the laws established to protect the infringement against the loss of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Justice applies to all.

    Society finds it's way to protect itself from those who are mentally a danger to it. Perhaps the definition should be broadened.

  6. What "creator"?

  7. Hello boftx,
    By "Creator" peacelily must mean The Great Spaghetti Monster...

  8. The speech "Nazi's" have shown up once again, right here and right now. Given the chance, they'll chip away and chop away at your right to voice your opinion and then they'll move on to your other rights. In reading the U.S. Constitution, I find no "right" to not be "offended." However, I do find the rights of free speech, religion and assembly clearly spelled out, even for the Commie-lites on the left who, if they even made it through grammar school, graduated as functional illiterates!

  9. To Jeff, The points you make are exactly the way I was taught in College, and after much study still what I believe today. I couldn't have said it better.

  10. OK, chuck the Constitution on the basis of it's use of the word "Creator".

    Personally, I think every thinking person can come up with their on interpretation.