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April 25, 2015

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Deportation is the best answer

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Ever since the 2012 election and the thorough defeat of Mitt Romney, many Republicans are reacting to the overwhelming trouncing from the Hispanic community by supporting immigration reform that enables illegal immigrants to remain in America.

The fact that 11 million people illegally entered the U.S. represents a complete and egregious failure of our elected representatives to uphold their obligations to protect the border. Now these elected representatives, such as Sen. John McCain, are attempting to cover up their failure under the banner of “immigration reform” and expect the American people to go along with this failure with impunity.

The correct response to the mass lawbreaking is deportation. Bending at the knees on this serious mess, this nation succumbs to its incompetence, fails to uphold the rule of law, sends out the wrong message to future lawbreakers and places a huge financial burden on America.

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  1. "sends out the wrong message to future lawbreakers and places a huge financial burden on America."

    Exactly what Jeb Bush said.

  2. "The fact that 11 million people illegally entered the U.S. represents a complete and egregious failure of our elected representatives to uphold their obligations to protect the border."

    Absolutely true! But, those 11 million didn't come here to play dominos in a cooler climate. Most came to work and work they have even though it was not only illegal but also unethical for American businesses to hire them. Shame on those illegal immigrants for breaking our laws and shame on American businesses for their greed in enabling that.

    That said, deportation is not a solution. Even a police state would be severely challenged to make even a small part of that happen. Judging from the recent Second Amendment debate more people seem to fear a police state than illegal immigrants.

  3. Annex Mexico, with the consent of the government and Mexico's people if granted, to be the 51 st State. Over 100 million new citizens. Hard working people, vibrant Mexico economy, and already assimulated into the American culture and language. It's a win win.


  4. Just because I covet my neighbor's house and life style is no reason to uphold my moving into it with my family and being allowed to stay there.Just saying guys.

  5. Seems none of you get it. The United States is NOT the culprit here. It is the corrupt governments in South & Central America. They have kept their citizens ignorant and have denied them opportunity for eons and that's why so many flee to the USA. If the US has any fault in the matter it is for having propped up those cruel and corrupt governments for far too long. We must insist they clean up their acts or we will not aid them in any way and will cut them off from trading with us. Make it so hard on them that those stinking governments fall and are replaced by governments that actually care about the welfare of their citizens. There will be no need to build fences after that occurs. Folks with national pride and opportunity do not flee their countries illegally. Quit blaming the United States of America for the travesties committed upon their own citizens by other governments!

  6. lvfacts 101 - Yeah that's the ticket. Let's fix other countries' corrupt governments. We can't fix our own but maybe we'll have better luck with Uruguay's.

  7. Lemme see...for years , as our economy expanded and Americans wanted cheap ag, household, construction and manufacturing labor, we tolerated undocumented workers and their families with a wink and a nod. Juan, the roofer; Lupe, the maid; Armado, the WalMart warehouseman were all tolerated because they were a brake on wages and kept goods and services reasonable priced. Now that it's tougher times let's deport them all as their no longer convenient to have around. rather than punish the powerless victims how about we punish the perpetrators of this massive human trafficking schemes: the capitalist Board members, owners and operators of businesses. A well-placed jail sentence or maybe even an execution or two would send a strong signal that we really do want American citizens put first in line for jobs.

  8. Bob Jack and IV 101 and others like you that believe in what you are saying--please be sure to write your representative many many times. If you continue to push this ill-fated philosopy of Deportation in any form you will soon be completely irrevelant in National politics. This is good news for America.

  9. Comment removed by moderator. Inappropriate

  10. There are practicalities no-one has addressed. Illegal immigrants don't pay taxes? Oh, really? They certainly pay sales taxes on everything they buy, they (or someone on their behalf) pay gasoline taxes on every gallon they use. All live somewhere: a somewhere subject to property taxes, they pay either directly or through a landlord. Deport them. Who makes up for the local tax losses?

    To be illegal, one has to have, with intent, violated a law. What law has an infant, brought across the border illegally by his/her parents INTENTIONALLY violated? Can an infant be said to be able to form an intent to violate a law? What about a 5-6 year old? A 10-12 year old?

    Eleven million illegal immigrants - assume half are employed. They quite commonly fill jobs that are low-paying, strenuous, distasteful, in unpleasant conditions. They CAN be replaced by legal residents/ a price. Are you willing to pay perhaps $4.95 per pound for chicken? $2.95 each for tomatoes? $25 an hour for help in your yard?

    I don't necessarily support legalization. I don't have ANY definitive answer. All I have is a caution - beware the Law of Unintended Consequences!

  11. "Carmine...Annexing Mexico and all of Central America would be a sterling idea." Rough

    Just Mexico for now. With Mexico people and government consent of course. Once that happens successfully, and it easily can, Central America will volunteer.