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April 27, 2015

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Let the interim superintendent stay

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Pat Skorkowsky has been named interim superintendent of the Clark County School District. He will hold this position until a permanent replacement can be found.

Skorkowsky has been in education for nearly 25 years here in Clark County, starting out as a first-grade teacher. He has a master’s degree in education administration and has been an assistant principal at three schools, as well as principal at three others.

In 2006, he became assistant superintendent for what was then the district’s southeast region, working with 108 schools. Skorkowsky is quite familiar with the district reforms and he knows people in and out of the School District.

It would be wise to save the $50,000 it would cost to find a permanent replacement. We have Skorkowsky, who is more than qualified to remain in this temporary position he was selected to hold. We can bet our bottom dollar Skorkowsky will not leave us for a better position somewhere else if the situation came to pass. Promote from within; we have the talent right here in Las Vegas.

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  1. Mr. Skorkowsky should definitely be considered as a candidate should he choose to apply for the job. Local knowledge has its advantages. On the other hand, we need the best available in the country, not just the best in southern Nevada. Spend the $50,000 and make sure you're getting the best.

  2. I second Jim's motion. All the best and qualified candidates should be considered not just the locals.

    Besides, then we have to fill Skorkowsky's position as assistant super.

    Carmine D

  3. I should have added Future's motion too. Seems there is a consensus so far to at least look outside CCSD before giving the nod to the assistant.

    Carmine D

  4. Politics and education is a dichotomy.

    Education reforms lay on the dirt, decrepit balloons deflated and popped from too much air.

    A superintendent cannot be an educator and a politician. One can only serve one master at a time.

    Leave politics to politicians and education to educators.

    Sadly, it is the state of affairs, have been for centuries, and perhaps forever, or until schools become irrelevant .

    Politics win. Children lose.

  5. Carmine,

    "I second the motion all the best and qualified candidates should be considered not just the locals".

    "Besides,then we have o fill skorkowsky's position as super".

    All the more reason to promote from within,Mr. Skorkowsky will know who is the most qualfied to assume his current position, from working with everyone in the CCSD for the past 25 years.

  6. You are absolutely right Sam, but Pat is not a politician.

    We should have:

    A superintendent-in-charge of politics and funding.

    And Pat in-charge of student achievement. His salary should be higher. After all, his responsibilities are why there are schools.

    After 25 years working for CCSD and five different superintendents, the systems and processes remain ingrained in every psyche at all levels. Nothing much has really changed.

    Are we really doing the same thing again?

  7. Let interim CCSD Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky serve out the remainder of resigning Superintendent Jones contracted position. In the meantime, let the CCSD School Board conduct their search in a thoughtful, not pressured for time, way.

    I really like Commenter Nancy Agustin's idea of spliting the position into having a superintendent for politics and funding and a superintendent for student achievement. Brilliant!

    Blessings and Peace,

  8. Enough of paying six figures to numerous administrators to politic. They need to concentrate on basic education. When they get that right they can politely ask for AP curricula. In the mean time CUT FUNDING until we get acceptable results. Like it or not, we cannot afford CSR and special programs. We need to fund essential government services like senior services, mental health dorms, Veterans assistance. We cannot put 10-15% or our GDP into education. We already skim off 35-55% of GDP for government. Leave something for us to live on.

  9. Tanker1975,

    "I would submit that Mr.Skorkowsky is known.He is respected by the teacher's,and administrator's and support staff.I would say let him have a trial period of a year or two.If it works out you have lost nothing.If it dosen't then you can have a national search".

    That is about the best idea that can be said about the current situation the CCSD faces.We are currently at the bottom of the list for ranking in the country for school performance.We can only go up from here with the right leadership. As we all would like to see our schools and students perform better,what better way then someone who has been in the trenches and knows the CCSD problems (Mr.Skorkowsky) ,let's roll with It.

  10. We have too many problems relative to teaching and learning. We should not be bothered about finances. We cannot be effective if all our actions and initiatives have a Damocles Sword that funding is, hanging over our heads.

    We must be concerned solely on how to provide education and leave the responsibility to provide for our needs to the state.

    We submit our plans and initiatives and their costs. The state provides.

    The state will get what it will pay for. No more no less.

    The current idea that 'this is what you get, deal with it' is a convenient way for the state to place blame, and the district simply accepts it.

    NO. The state should take the responsibility of funding schools just as the school district takes the responsibility of educating AND graduating children.

    Any expense that is NOT DIRECTLY related to children's learning is all fluff. Any decisions and positions that DO NOT DIRECTLY BENEFIT children is fluff. Get rid of them.

    Focus on schools. Let the school principal and school leaders be free to provide education without anyone above them acting like they know better. If a principal cannot, he or she has no business being one. Get rid of him or her. Give principals the authority to hire and fire teachers and support staff. If the school does not meet expectations, fire the principal.

    Education and politics should not mix.

    Oh, I'm dreaming.

  11. Sam:

    Dwight Jones lived, taught, and led in school systems in two other states before coming to Nevada. What makes you think Mr. Skorkowsky wouldn't leave or look elsewhere if he gets the super job here. He may decide in a few years that he wants and needs more than what CCSD pays.

    I believe CCSD should select the best and most qualified candidate for the super's job, regardless of where the person comes from. If it's Nevada, fine. If not, fine too.

    Carmine D

  12. "If he wanted to move, he could have moved a long time ago."

    Not necessarily true. He just hasn't been made an offer yet he can't refuse. Once he is a super here, if he is, school systems from around the country will be looking to recruit him if they need a super and he is the best and most qualified on their radar screens.

    Carmine D

  13. Carmine,

    "Dwight Jones lived, taught,and led in school systems in two other states before coming to Nevada.What makes you think Mr.Skorkowsky wouldn't leave or look elsewhere if he gets the super job here".

    Dwight Jones has taught in three diffreent states school districts when you count Nevada.That tells me he's a traveling man.

    Pat Skorkowsky has remained in the CCSD his entire 25 year career.That tells me he's a home boy.

  14. The average big city Supt stays about 3.6 years, up from 2.9 years five years ago. Realistically the Supt has to be a good politician to navigate the many competing interests.He/she needs good management skills to understand how to shape and direct the enterprise. Last she/he needs to have experience in the product or service. Skorkowsky appears to have many of those desired qualities. Like Sam I appreciate his "home" team loyalty, it should keep him in contention. At 25 years service in CCSD he probably has 8-10 or more years of active work left. The District does not need a super star, it needs a steady hand. That doesn't mean that the board should forgo a search as it is always beneficial to see who is interested and available. Whomever is selected, the Board should give him/her the opportunity to craft his/her own management team right down to the school level. Limit the "administrators" union to professional and technical staff only and make all District and school administration positions "at-will".

  15. Pat is perfect if we allowed him focus on improving instruction.

    If we also saddled him with playing politics, his attention to education would be diminished quite considerably. And, we would be still in the same boat, a few hundred thousands poorer.

    He is a people-person and he can talk to anybody, but playing with politicians drains anybody, regardless of strength.

    If the members of the board are REALLY SERIOUS about improving schools, they would let someone else handle politics.

    Doesn't anybody else see this?

    (Oh yeah, Star. Thank you for understanding.)

  16. Here are the three major divisions. Give them equal powers to wit:

    Superintendent of Instruction - Lays out a Five-Year Students Education Plan recommended by schools. (It takes from three to five years to see see reliable and meaningful data from any education program/initiative/approach with minor tweaks/adjustments every year or so.)

    Superintendent of Business and Finance - Puts the price tag

    Superintendent of Community and Government Relations - Secures the Funding.

    They all answer to the Board, equally.

    Clear expectations. No excuses for failure.

    Oftentimes we place too much importance on excuses for mediocrity. That is why we are where we are.

  17. Nancy


    You have posted Three excellent comments today.What better person than a teacher herself giving her views as how she sees things.Thank you for all your comments to your fellow commenters here at the LVS in the past year or so.I agree that you have a brilliant mind as was pointed out to us by Star earlier today.

  18. Sam and Chuck333:

    A homey is not always the best and most qualified. Think Pope Francis, the first non-European pope in over 1200 years.

    Many thought Cardinal Scola of Rome had the inside track for pope going into the Conclave because of his familiarity with the Vatican inner workings. And the need for the Church to reform the Vatican after the recent scandals. Instead, quite to the surprise of all, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergloglio from Argentina was elected by the Cardinal Electors. WHY? Sometimes an outsider, not influenced by the status quo, is just what is needed to see and make the reforms required.

    Carmine D

  19. Nancy and Sam: In theory the suggestion sounds terrific on paper. In practice, it's destined to fail. Many of the areas within these 3 categories overlap and are mutually inclusive. Defining which Super has the primary responsibility for decision making on each and every issue confronting the district would be a horrendous nightmare. There would never be agreement among all 3. And when you have 3, there are always 2 who gang up on one. The district would come to a virtual stand still on all normal issues let alone more controversial ones.

    If you want to divide and conquer, then break up the district into two or more. With each having site based oversight for the schools in their districts.

    Carmine D

  20. I don't know Carmine, but I see things very clearly.

    Instruction, acquisitions, and expenditures. Each one must respect each other's responsibilities and accountabilities.

    You see, there has to be a single vision and a single lens. There should not be allegiances except to the children. That makes it easy to make decisions.

    Our leaders have political, personal, and professional allegiances. That is why they are conflicted and we are where we are.

  21. Carmine,

    "A homey is not always the best and most qualified.Think Pope Frances the first non-European pope in 1200 years".

    Excellent point after 1200 years of European pope's
    A new pope has emerged from outside the box.

    This is what we are hoping will happen with the
    CCSD.To create thinking outside the box.An in house supertindent is just what we would hope to happen.

    The past few CCSD supertindents over the years have not moved us up one notch from the bottom of the list for school performance in our country.

    So yes it is a good idea to try something different,and look and think outside the box.This may be just what is needed to help put our school system where it should be.

  22. Yes, Ref, but as you can see, it is NOT working.

    There are too many cooks, many of them just Hangers-on, designing up things to make their positions indispensable. The positions you mentioned fall in one of these three. Get rid of excesses.

    Why do we need 20,000 something support staff and only 17,000 teachers, many of whom are paid as teachers, but are not in classrooms? Try and look up the school directory and you will see so many unnecessary jobs, and they're not in schools.

    I don't fault them. I fault a system whose values are skewed, showing what and who is important; certainly not education of children.

    Have you read this story? There was John who worked so hard and was efficient. Paul was hired to supervise John to make sure he continues to be efficient. So Paul designed several forms and put in initiatives to make sure John continues to be efficient. Paul decided he needs help and hired an assistant and a secretary. Ringo was then hired to supervise Paul and make sure he is doing what he was hired to do..... And, it continues. When money became an issue, they think John's salary must be reduced because he needs all these people to make him efficient.

    Really? Really.

  23. "I don't know Carmine, but I see things very clearly.

    Instruction, acquisitions, and expenditures. Each one must respect each other's responsibilities and accountabilities."

    Excellent. Let's work through your analogy with a potential scenarios and their solutions.

    Instruction requires books, materials and training. Books, materials and training require acquisitions. Acquisitions require expenditures. Now, you can have one person do all 3. Or 3 people do all 3. Which do you think is more efficient and effective in the short, medium, and long term for a school system?

    Now, break up that one school district into two or more. Use the same analogy and solutions. Which do you think is more efficient and effective in the short, medium, and long term for the school systems? Larger districts with a lot of schools? Or smaller districts with fewer schools?

    Carmine D

  24. "This is what we are hoping will happen with the
    CCSD. To create thinking outside the box. An in house superintendent is just what we would hope to happen."

    If your reasoning were correct Sam, Cardinal Scola, an Italian with close ties physically, personally and professionally to the Vatican, Holy See and Curia would have gotten the nod by the Cardinal Electors. Which is exactly what the media thought and said would happen. But Scola didn't. It went to an Argentinian "from the other side of the world" to use the pope's own words within minutes of his appearance on the central balcony in St. Peter's Square.

    Keep in mind that 77 or more of the 115 cardinals had to vote for him to be elected.

    Carmine D

  25. Sam:

    I haven't talked with the 77 Cardinals or more who voted for the Argentinian rather than the Italian. And if I did they are sworn to secrecy not to tell me. But I suspect they believed that someone responsible for the problems of the Vatican, Holy See and Curia [Scola] for all these dozens of years can't solve them. For if he could, he had the time and opportunity in the past.

    Do you think Sam that this thinking of the cardinals applies to Pat Skorkowsky too? If he was part of the problem, how can he solve it? And if he could have, he would have. Especially with all the years he put in at the CCSD.

    This is exactly the reason that hiring from outside not within is the best policy. Especially when the school district has been riddled and ruined by problems for years.

    Carmine D

  26. Small districts are easier to manage, hence can be more efficient. To implement this initiative, someone, other than the superintendent must start studying the break-up to minimize disruption of services. It will be chaotic if not planned meticulously.

    We cannot do it right away, what with the district facing its current challenges of poor graduation rate.

    Our priority right now is a leadership focus on instruction. The district cannot afford to give excuses anymore for its dismal performance. The natives are getting antsy. Pat must be free to do something to mitigate this need.

    I repeat, securing funding is a huge distraction, draining, and detrimental to creative conceptualizations of educational plans for successful schools.

    Making schools successful is an immense undertaking. It involves mapping out a course with a solid base on research, social and cultural considerations, demographics, human resource, teaching and learning, and efficient delivery.

    We are facing a challenge of graduating employable children. Important as it is, now is not the time for an education leader facing this challenge to be worrying where the district will get its next 'meal.'

    Let those who hold the strings of the purse take that responsibility.

    (Poor Mr. Jones. It must have been a bit too much for him. All for a lousy few bucks, any CEO possibly spends in a day!)

  27. Carmine,

    It would be a good idea for the CCSD to look at everything and everyone for a permanent replacement for the outgoing Dwight Jones superintendent's job.That includes Pat Skorkowsky and anyone else that may be suited and interested in this tough job.

    To go with the status quo (outside person) as the right direction for the super's job replacement is and has not produced any meaningful changes for the CCSD with the last 3 super's that we had.

    I remember many years back before he was assassinated Robert Kennedy said these words.Which was a quote he used from George Bernard Shaw.

    "Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not."

    This should hold true in all things that matter in life,for the better of mankind that bring about change.

  28. Sam:

    Perhaps the other 3 outsiders for Super should have been allowed to bring in their own number 2 person rather than keep Mr. Pat Skorkowsky.

    The Pope will appoint his number 2, the Secretary of State, as his first official duty as pope. This person runs the Vatican, Holy See, Curia. Cardinal Bertone who currently holds this position [also from Italy] is out UNLESS Pope Francis re-appoints him. I seriously doubt, with all the scandals, that the Pope will [re-appoint Bertone].

    On a personal note Sam, I have to think that Pope Emeritus Benedict XV1 realizes he has to stay in the background too now. Why? The Church scandals happened on his watch. He was the Cardinal in charge of the Confraternity of the Doctrine for the Faithful. He convinced Blessed John Paul 11 in 2001 to allow all priest abuse cases and files to go through him and his office at the Vatican. Pope Benedict XV1 has/had access to the records of priest abuse going back to the 4th Century when the Vatican first started to keep records on the matter.

    Carmine D

  29. Re continues to rail against the CCEA, the teachers union. That, of course is to be expected, as Re is admittedly an anti-union management consultant. In a traditional hierarchical management organization as is CCSD it is management which bears responsibility for results. The worker bees are there to receive direction and carry out orders from management. Re has never, to my knowledge, mentioned the effects of CCSD administration and management being represented by its own union. If a new superintendent cannot imprint his/her own philosophy, style and practice on his/her management staff because they cannot be removed, replaced, relocated, retrained or whatever then that new person will fail....just like Jones. The first step to success in changing CCSD from a failing to a successful enterprise is to take all administrators from the top down to individual schools out of the union and make them "at-will" employees.

  30. Carmine, why are you talking about the pope.The topic is the CCSD?

  31. "Carmine, why are you talking about the pope.The topic is the CCSD?"

    Sam: Did you see/read the article by Brian Greenspun about the two reasons for hope AFTER THE TWO RESIGNATIONS of note: Pope Francis and Pat Skorkowsky.

    The two RESIGNATIONS [Pope Benedict XV1 and Dwight Jones] occurred relatively simultaneously and are very similar in nature. But one on the local level [super] and the other on the global level [pope].

    Carmine D

  32. I did see that,however my thoughts were that it should be addressed on that thread.The pope's resignation does not line up with what we were commenting on in this letter to the editor.

  33. Wouldn't be the first time you and I disagree Sam. Or the last, I'm sure.

    I noted you didn't comment on the thread. Now I know why.

    Another similarity of the two resignations, not only coming at around the same times, both gave 2 weeks notice. Surprisingly the Super's contract in CCSD requires a 90 day notice. 90 days? The pope can resign with two weeks notice but the super of CCSD has to give 90 days. Unbelievable.

    Carmine D

  34. Carmine, I don't respond to all letters to the editor,only the one's that I'm interested in.I try and stay on the subject and not wander off.

  35. Well Sam, I like to think outside the box as my friend here on the this thread said.

    I like to broaden the scope and horizon of conversations and discussions. Especially when the Sun editor already wrote an article on the same matters and did so, although you did not comment. I did.

    A 90 day resignation notice is ridiculous and that's CCSD's contract terms with the super. Not God's requirement with the Pope Emeritus. God apparently accepts 2 weeks.

    Carmine D

  36. Well Carmine, It's always good to think outside the box on the subject that is being discussed.You on the other hand bring another subject from another thread and expect to roll that into the thread being discussed.And then try and switch over to the subject you want to talk about from another thread as if it belongs.

  37. Pat Hayes:

    Administrators, down to the principal level are at-will employees. However, in this district, that does not mean a whole lot of beans. They simply re-shuffle them.


    Blaming unions is a brilliant scheme concocted by the powers-that-be to camouflage the real issue which is the failure of public policies. Unions are allowed to 'win' some, but mostly lost on key issues when they 'forget' their place in the whole scheme. You, of course know this.

    Education is the biggest fallacy among many public enterprises, right along politics. The absurdity of it all is we play right along, especially the dedicated teachers, who actually believe they can make a difference. Maybe they do, but the powerful and mighty certainly make it so ridiculously hard, and getting harder each year.

    Schools are supposed to be a haven for children and teachers. It is no longer. The safety of children are no longer assured and politicians are dancing the jig on it. The noble teaching position is now under siege and worsened by criminal elements allowed to muck it; debasing it to the point of ignominy.

    I am almost ready to surrender. However, for some reason a glimmer of hope stays that maybe a superman does exist.

  38. Sam:

    When I was a youngin I use to color outside the lines too. It was a sign of things to come.

    Here's a hypothetical question for you my friend: You can provide a hypothetical answer. Do you think the 90 day notice period in the contract for the super's resignation is reasonable and acceptable?

    Carmine D

  39. Carmine:

    I am not sure what you are getting at, but that is hardly relevant at this point. A contract is a contract, the details of which were mutually agreed and came with a price. It's akin to bailing out on your wife and children; no reasons of which are acceptable.

    When a person of clear and sound mind signs a contract, aware of all the circumstances, known and unknown, then renege on it, is really unacceptable.

    There is nothing noble about breaking your word; not in my world, nor any decent person's.

    The mighty and the powerful gave him a pass, in fact praised him. We craft a different set of standards for the powerful and the not so powerful whom we simply kick to the curb.

    When do we stop making excuses for failure at the top?

  40. A contract? A fair contract? A reasonable contract with a 90 day resignation notice? Many here and others publicly critical of Dwight Jones said he did not abide by the terms of his contract to provide a 90 day notice for resignation. And because of this, should be penalized monetarily when he leaves.

    Do you agree? Sam hasn't answered here yet and I pose the same question to him? And all others who are critical of Jones' two week notice.

    Carmine D

  41. No Carmine, he signed the contract. Whether he gave 90, 60, or two days is beside the point. The length of notice is immaterial.

    It is the bailing out, do you understand? It's the trampling of the whole contract. He threw it on the ground and step on it with his boots. A slap to the district, to the Clark Country citizens, to the administrators, to the teachers, and most of all to the students. And, the powers-that-be are praising him. What a crock!

    Enough with ignoring the real issues. Enough with the evasive arguments. It degrades you.

  42. Good, let it degrade me. I'm not bothered and I'll gladly take it. 90 days is a ridiculous contract stipulation and should never have been in the Super's contract. Jones signed it because he's too nice a person not to comply even when the terms are ludicrous.

    Carmine D

  43. "Enough with ignoring the real issues."

    The issue is unrealistic expectations by the CCSD Board. A 90 day notice in the Super's contract is prima facie evidence of it.

    Please provide another case where an employer requires a 90 day notice by an employee for a resignation.

    Carmine D

  44. Please tell me the contract notice for a resignation for a teacher in CCSD.

    Carmine D

  45. Carmine,

    "Do you agree? Sam hasn't answered here yet and I pose the same question to him? And all the others who are critical of Jones two week notice."

    Well Carmine, I wasn't one of the people who you say were critical of Jones two week notice.As a matter of fact I don't seem to be able to find anyone else on this thread who was critical of Jones two week notice.Except your mention of Jones two week notice on this thread a couple of times.

    I didn't respond back to your post earlier today because Nancy's answer pretty much covered it with her response.

  46. Too nice to complain even when the terms are ludicrous....

    Oh my heavens...

    Sam, let us stop now. We are dealing here with insanity.

  47. Sam:

    That's why I said it was a hypothetical question. And you could provide a hypothetical answer. I know you didn't say that, you're right.

    BUT if you followed the news, Sam, there were many who are critical of Jones' short notice and said he breached his contract and should be penalized. Including the teacher above who can't answer a simple question: How much notice of resignation does a CCSD teacher have to give? It's not 90 days. I can guarantee that for a fact.

    Carmine D

  48. This is what she says Sam? [11:14 a.m. March 23] You missed it.

    "It is the bailing out, do you understand? It's the trampling of the whole contract. He threw it on the ground and step on it with his boots. A slap to the district, to the Clark Country citizens, to the administrators, to the teachers, and most of all to the students. And, the powers-that-be are praising him. What a crock!"

    Carmine D

  49. Carmine,"this is what she says Sam?(11:14 a.m. March 23)."

    I believe what Nancy is saying is, if that's what was agreed to in the contract.Than that should be a binding and legal agreement.No mention of 2 week notice,as you have pointed out.Present the signed contract to a court of law and Mr. Jones would lose.

  50. Carmine,

    You seem to think that a person can change their mind when they sign a contract on certain agreements and conditions.Suppose the CCSD decided that Mr. Jones after 2 month's in his position as super should only be paid half of what was agreed to in the signed contract,would he be justified in a court of law to getting full pay that was agreed to in that signed contract?

    Everything in the contract, is and should be held legal and binding.You can't take out certain things (90 day notice) and expect not to be held accountable for your actions.The law is the law,like or not.

  51. Sam:

    I have no doubt if the Board did [cut Jones' salary in half after two months on the job] that two things would most definitely happen:

    One: Mr. Jones would find employment elsewhere at the same pay/benefits, if not more. And it would not take him 90 days to do so.

    Two: The County would never, NEVER EVER, get another qualified Super to fill the job in the future.

    There are many reasons that legitimately preclude a person from providing a 90 day notice, regardless of the words in a contract. One of them was provided by Mr. Jones for his reason for leaving.

    As much as you think it is off topic I'll remind you again it is not: The Pope gave his notice on Feb 11 that his resignation would be effective Feb 28. [For reasons only known to him and God]. He leads 1.2 billion Catholics in over 100 countries around the world AND the Holy See of the Vatican in Rome. By tradition he should have served until he dies/murdered as ALL except 2 of the 266 before him did. On March 12, one month after the notice, 115 Cardinal Electors from all around the world convened in Rome, Italy for a Conclave. Within 24 hours of their Conclave, a new Pope was selected and was installed on March 19. If that can be done Sam, then anybody, that is anybody even the CCSD Super, can give a two week notice and be replaced temporarily until a permanent replacement is found.

    2 weeks. Just like any teacher in CCSD is required to do.

    Carmine D

  52. Sam:

    Here's a hypothetical for you.

    Suppose a Super in another school system, one of the 4 larger than CCSD, quits and gives a 24 hour notice. [It's happened recently]. The school district decides that Dwight Jones is the ideal, perfect, and best candidate to fill the position and offers him $100,000 more per year than CCSD and a brand new car every year for him and one for his wife. But, the stipulation is that the Super has to report to work NLT 30 days from the time of accepting the job [it's part of the contract]. Do you think it is fair and reasonable for CCSD to hold Jones to the 90 day notice period?
    Carmine D

  53. Carmine,

    Then why have contracts if we can't live by what we signed and agreed to? Maybe I hand shake will do,and a few words like my word is my bond.Try taking that to court,and see how far you get.

  54. I suppose moral and ethical obligations are a thing of the past. or are they relative?

    With so many of my teaching colleagues leaving, it appears that 2 weeks notice is the minimum. Trying to equate the obligations of a teacher versus a large school district superintendent is apples and oranges.

    Having cared for my Mother until she passed, I do understand the turmoil Jones must of had, and now feels somewhat relieved. We are only human beings who feel and have emotions, so the compassionate side of me wishes Jones well in his move towards sharing the load in family care.

    The professional side of me feels somewhat betrayed or let down, because he left the district in a mess, far from completing the job assigned to him. Programs were put in place that will be cut this fall. Again, people will be shuffled around, low morale, low motivation will prevail because of how teachers and staff are valued. Nothing is sure except that. Programs and people are routinely not given a long enough time to prove themselves, educational services are forever shifting with every wind that blows.

    This "hiring more teachers" is yet another ploy, that once the money is used, they will once again, repeat the well worn cycle of cutting hundreds/or will it be thousands, of teachers. Why would things change?

    And the way it sounds politically, Nevada teachers and staff will have to continue "to do more with less".

    I agree with CarmineD about breaking up the uber-large school district. They could use the CCSD Performance Zone overlays to determine how to break up the district, because it essentially is, into Performance Zones. Localized, neighborhood schools with district employees working closer with the public it serves will make each far more efficient and in all likelihood, successful. You can look to successful models as the Riverside County Office of Education that oversees all the many smaller school districts in Riverside County, California. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

    Blessings and Peace,

  55. Sam:

    Contracts are needed in many cases. Handshakes are just as good, depending on the persons involved. Contracts are not always fair and reasonable. 90 day notice in the CCSD Super contract is an excellent example. The Pope's case proves it is overreach.

    To its credit, the CCSD contract says the 90 day resignation notice can be waived if both parties agree.

    Personally and professionally, I would not sign a contract that requires a 90 day notice of resignation even with an escape clause. 2 weeks is the norm with 30 days for extenuating circumstances. The latter [extenuating circumstances] are comparable to acts of nature that are extraordinary.

    Carmine D

  56. "With so many of my teaching colleagues leaving, it appears that 2 weeks notice is the minimum. Trying to equate the obligations of a teacher versus a large school district superintendent is apples and oranges."

    I disagree. The personal matters of health and welfare that affect the workplace and workers are the same regardless of the level and pay of the employees' positions. A policy on resignation holding a super to 90 days notice and teachers to 2 weeks is bad personnel policy. The same policy for resignations apply to all employees. If a super is held to 90 days then teachers should be too. And everyone else who is in the school system. There has to be parity on matters of health and welfare for all employees regardless of pay and position levels.
    Carmine D